Today’s News: Trump’s Nation Revealed

The American Federation of Teachers Texas and the National AFT got together to protest children being held in detention in Texas.  There were about 12 comments as I watched people speak out during the FACEBOOK live meeting.  I checked up on one person on FACEBOOK who made a negative comment about what was going on.  He had a photo with that infamous red hat on.  You know the one that says Make America Great Again.  That is significant.  A few comments wanted the teachers to follow the law.  But that is exactly what they were doing.   They weren’t storming Fort Sumter you know.  I would like the reader to contemplate for a moment that those children are Jewish children being detained as history has recorded.  And we know that children everywhere have a great way with words which show their intelligence.  Can you for one second imagine that Jewish child saying out loud “Are they going to deport us again?”  I can.  Doctors are reporting that there can be trauma to the undocumented immigrant children (to everyone since there have been suicides by adults).  So what are those comments all about?  Acceptance that people are experiencing pain even though they should not be experiencing it.  Other comments were about Randi Weingarten spending the time helping the teachers in our nation, even though our union has been in the forefront of helping others since I was a teenager.  And I am 74.  In my article about Bulgarian Jews Saved from Deportation I spell out things that could be done to fight Trump.  Trump is behind all or most of this just as the leaders in Europe were behind what was done to the Jews.  The Catholic Church could have stopped all of this since Catholics are more powerful at the polls than Jews and other groups.  Read about Bulgaria.  And it is not too late.  There has been no twelfth hour and Jews were saved in the eleventh hour.  Cardinal Dolan can be the one to devise the plan.

And things are getting much worse due to cops being shot in Philly and people splashing water and noodles on cops in New York City.  These are things that almost everyone would never do.  But there are people around law enforcement speaking out who probably should be terminated.  The shooter in Philadelphia had not even indicated if he had ever heard the former District Attorney’s message about “racist” police, but it made the news as though the William Mc Swain, the US Attorney for the Eastern District had already mentioned Krasner and placed the blame on Krasner.  At least in several of the cases of mass shootings we know about either that red hat, ties to White Supremacists, and other related things.  In New York City there is the Policeman’s Benevolent Association president going well beyond his duties to defend Officer Pantaleo in the Eric Garner case.  It’s time for everyone to start using their “noodle” to provide us with the best law enforcement instead of just law and order.  Noodle does mean intelligence.

It is time for another hypothetical situation that will explain my point.  Imagine instead of a child, a police officer who is 7 feet 1 inch and is one of the most powerful men in a gym working out with body builders, including Arnold Schwarzenneger.  And that this fictitious officer picked up Eric Garner and Garner landed on his head killing Garner.  And there was no choke hold to talk about.  The case was decided based on reckless endangerment and that could be the basis of the firing of Pantaleo.  That tall story about the tall man in the gym was revised a lot and you should know that it was Wilt Chamberlain who Arnold called the strongest man in the gym.  And please keep in mind that lots of police are under investigation in Philly for racists posts.  And that there are racist police in New York City. 

I think that Mayor de Blasio did make a mistake in saying that the “police are racist” years ago but policing in general has to change and get better.  The police themselves cannot make the rules even though they send a message to conservative people who cannot think deeply that they know how to handle things.  I can assure you from my readings of history that the police and the military have joined together to rape, terrorize, and kill people all over Europe.  Could that happen here?  You never know.  There are cases of rape and other things that have been reported, but things are not out of hand.  The police and military are paid well which wasn’t the case in the history that I have absorbed.  Before World War I and later, those men could rob from people and do pretty much whatever they wanted to do. 

And then there is Attorney General William Barr who wants everyone in our nation to follow the instructions of police as though we were living under martial law.  A call to a former federal prosecutor led to this piece of information.  People are not required to follow unlawful directives of the police.  And I have seen a video where a police officer wanted to arrest a man in front of his wife.  What they did was slow down the process, make a call to the officer’s superior, and the man never went to jail because there was a mistake in identity from the start.  I feel that we need more police and better training for police.  People just cannot follow all of the instructions of police in communities and we do need more police at incidents where backup is immediately called for.  Often we need another brain at the scene because often two heads are better than one.  And that depends on the heads if you know what I mean.

With several suicides by police in New York City recently, people should take a look at this article about Blue Lives Matter.  Has Trump even taken the best actions to help the men and women in blue?  He’s probably doing better with the Taliban.  And police could get help through someone I know in Israel who is waiting to help people in the United States.  Let’s also take another look at my article on The Holocaust and Black Lives Matter which was published in Jewish Business News.  In today’s article about the national crisis of police suicides in the New York Daily News, it was written that Trump has put some funding in place for the problem and Patrick Lynch wants the cops to get the highest level of professional help and comments that twitter posts and posters are not enough.  It is time to go to Washington, D.C. about this matter.  Federal help is needed, especially since the program set up in New York City a few years ago did not work well.  Everyone should have access to high level mental health professionals including those people on the streets that are killing cops and others.  Killing a cop or the suicide of a cop is one death too many for law and order, creating law and disorder.  And the poor judgment by police that lead to the killing of people in our communities must be prevented.

Then we could turn to Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar being told that they cannot enter Israel.  Of course it’s up to Israel to decide and face any consequences resulting from its actions.  But those women are just as American as Trump is.  What if a right-wing Republican were told that he could not enter Mexico for making horrific comments made about Mexicans.  Trump just reinforced what we know about Trump and that is all political.  He is supposed to defend Americans, all Americans, but his politics cannot allow that.  Tlaib and Omar and Trump may have to go out from government.  Did I write that Trump may have to go?  And I look forward to certain Jewish organizations writing about all the bad and evil things that Trump has either said or done and to do it before the election of 2020.  And let’s not forget all the lies as well.

Oh I am not done.  I tried helping a youth a year ago to obtain his T.A.S.C. High School Equivalency.  He or she entered a program on Long Island in the winter of 2019 where the administration thought that it had to send him or her to take the test.  He or she is 19 and can take the test on his own.  That person working for the program called the local college and learned that the student could, in fact, make the date to take the test himself or herself.   At one point the person said that I was “lecturing” but I was just explain the correct regulations.  Anyway this youth has been held back by that and something else as well because people in charge lack knowledge.  I made a call to the youth who like many youth was not even upset to find out about being held back. This is a true story.  I just wonder how many youth have been held back by this program that I heard about twenty years ago.  Spread the word in the South Bronx that help is on the way.  If you feel that you are being violated, you just have to get in touch with me and I’ll tell you the real deal and what solution is possible.

Look carefully at what people are doing in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. and it reveals a lot about this Trump nation in power.  Those people have to be removed from power and that could also be part of a national conference right now.  It’s not just about Trump, but it’s all about Trump.  And Trump says that you have no choice, but to vote for him.  I feel that it’s possible the way things are heating up that voting for him just may mean only writing his name in instead of voting for the candidate of the Republican Party.