The South Bronx is Waking Up

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Eric Stevenson

I started working hard in New York City in 2003 when there was time.  We all need time.  Years went by and I was still doing my best to help the people of New York City.  I started a You Tube account and put some very interesting things online.  Not one went viral and you have seen viral videos.

These presentations are my favorites.  Of course they are my favorites because I planned them and shot them.  Let’s start off with Mr. Excitement if you can remember him.  This video was shot in a nightclub in Brooklyn.  Pay attention to the number of views and see what happens to wonderful ideas that seem to go nowhere.  Now is the time for the videos to go somewhere.  Why?  Because the South Bronx is waking up.

Here is the Mr. Excitement video.  Please click on it.

Here is William Bell, the father of Sean Bell whose life was taken away in a shooting in Queens.  He had a bachelor party going on and he had just learned over the telephone that the Los Angeles Dodgers were going to sign him to a contract.  Please click on it.  That’s my man Bud and I took him to the 100th Convention of the N.A.A.C.P.

Here is the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council and the NYPD, an event that I drove to Queens to do.  Please click on it.

Here is a GED student who used to play video games and find out what else was going on his life.  He attended my Save the GED Test Rally at City Hall where I briefly spoke with Eric Stevenson who had business to attend to there.  Please click on it.  A great message in only 34 seconds.

Here is Adriano Espaillat at a rally to help immigrants who were illegally stopped in Arizona.  Please click on it.

Here is a rally uptown Manhattan to restore huge budget cuts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  I know the music well because in those days I was eating a lot of Dominican food and learning culture.  Please click on it.  It was una travesía.

I know that you may not have enough time to view all of the video, but you can surely share it or post it on your FACEBOOK.

You can let me know what you think by emailing me at  We are going to do great things together to help people. And just when I thought I was done, I thought of more to share through technology.

Go to minute 2 to start listening. 

After the telephone conference call I had the pleasure of talking to Mark Cohen who told me that 35 of his students have already listened to the conference call.  Let us all strive to share the information with youth who can almost assure us that their friends will find out and listen as well over the telephone.

Artist Mark Cohen has a collection of Black Lives Matter artwork including one of the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston.  Here you can study his work called The Charleston Nine.  At the end of his paintings are the photographs of Red Morgan who has devoted 40 years of his life to photographing African-Americans.  Red Morgan has many photographs of church life and even one of Busta Rhymes.

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