Trump: Make Baltimore Great

Looking at the top 100 places for crime in America, you could easily conclude that the red states are doing a lousy job of helping their people.

The Baltimore Sun is right!  Donald Trump is a modern version of You Dirty Rat.  Trump has helped make Baltimore worse.

It’s not just about Baltimore or Chicago as cities across the United States need more funding to be great or better than they have ever been.  This new gunfight at the O.K. Coral between Donald Trump and Elijah Cummings is very old stuff combined with Twitter to reach the public.  It does remind me of those old Your Momma or Your Mother jokes that we used to tell each other back in the 1950s.  One of my old best friends once told a joke in front of a large group in high school and that joke was directed at me.  He picked me out and said “your momma rides shotgun for the knish man on Orchard Street.”  I had no reply, but this was a teenager that I used to help in his business of delivering the New York Daily News Sunday edition in the housing project where we lived.  I got a quarter to walk around with him and protect his shopping cart filled with newspapers as he rang doorbells to deliver the news.  Everyone laughed, but it really wasn’t that funny to me.  After all he was talking about my mother.  But there was no revenge in my heart and I knew that he really did not have any corrupt intent.  Now Trump is another matter.  Just ask Mueller and Comey and others.

The people of Baltimore need more money to take care of the problems.  Funds could have been distributed nationwide (Baltimore included) so that the war against rats could be fought with the zero tolerance that Trump fights against on other fronts.  Billions of dollars that he earmarked for the military has now been set aside to pay for repairing his much-needed wall.  There may be lots of Americans who agree with him, including African Americans, but the money to fight the rat population can help prevent disease and is a part of disease control.  The big question is how to get a divided nation to Make America Great (and Baltimore).  The solution comes at the ballot in November 2020, but no change is going to take place quickly to take care of the rats and other problems without the support needed by other states.  There are Baltimores across our nation that need lots of help and Trump has not addressed the issue at all.  If we look at the ten most problematic places for crime in America, we see Bessemer, Alabama, East St. Louis, Illinois, Monroe, Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Camden, New Jersey, Flint, Michigan, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Chicago is number 57.  America does not need racial and personal attacks.  It needs help that it is not getting.

Congressman Elijah Cummings can take action and look for that support in Congress to divert badly needed funds back to communities that need the funds instead of watching the shuffling of funds by people like Trump who budget something and then prove that the funds weren’t needed (military funds taken for the wall).  I have been in close touch with Eric Stevenson who is exploring a run for Congress (15th Congressional District) in the impoverished community of the South Bronx in New York City.  Stevenson proposes free G.E.D. testing for everyone in our nation and taking that test away from states’ rights controls.  He advocates for psychological evaluation for police (more than a few have just committed suicide in New York City), and a proposal is being worked out to have a new federal partnership between the federal government and local police as well.  Trump is surrounded by hypocrites, one of whom got funding for 1,000 police in New York City from Bill Clinton in the 1990s. 

Trump has prided himself for doing more for African Americans than anyone I know of in recent American history.  His attack on Baltimore has opened up a can of worms and rats do not eat worms.  This attack on Baltimore is an alarm for African Americans all over our nation and a great reason to unite to make things better. Trump cannot even stick to a consistent game plan.