The Revolution That Could Have Been

But nobody listens to me!

Julián Castro says that we have to help Central America.  Trump, as you know, mentioned at one point that he would rather give the people of Central America money so they wouldn’t make the journey here.  What happened to that?

I would strongly suggest that the State Department of the United States issue a report right now about the five major things that it has achieved in Central America, taking into account that a large portion of the population of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala have left their countries during the Obama years and right now under Trump.  We have to ascertain through a thorough investigation just what has been accomplished.  Jean Manes’ just resigned her office as ambassador to El Salvador.  Prior to her term in office there was Mari Carmen Aponte, but also take into account that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was responsible for the work of the State Department and US Aid in those countries.  I want to know and I think that the public has a right to know.  We also have to ask President Nayib Bukele and his foreign minister or chancellor just what are the key things that have been discussed between his office and the Trump Administration.  Ditto for Honduras and Guatemala.  Those nations are very important, more important than ever.  Don’t you wonder what Donald Trump knows about those countries and what his state department is producing?  He never appears intelligent to us even though he claims he is.  Shouldn’t a reporter ask him critical questions right now that require lots of good answers at this critical time in our democracy?

Jeb Bush pointed out in 2016 that his brother did a good job of protecting US and Trump fired back that 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch.  Trump have said that Clinton did a better job, because it didn’t happen on Clinton’s watch. Oops I just read about the Domestic Terrorism watch as July 4th is approaching.  Could it be that Trump, our liar-in-chief is going to have his very own 911?   Right?  Joe Biden now points out that Obama did a good job in Central America.  I beg to differ and this is something that I paid attention to for a long time and I know what to bring up and what to do.  I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and things that were happening in El Salvador.  I had met Mari Carmen Aponte in Yonkers when she worked for Puerto Rico and I later met her at HITN-TV in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  I should also tell you that I met with Ambassador Raul Yzaguirre in the Embassy of the United States in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I shared a table with him in Washington, D.C. at the OAS and talked to him a lot.  Since I had the meeting at the embassy and it is part of the record, I can reveal what happened.  I wanted to help the Dominican baseball players obtain a G.E.D. to satisfy the Major League Baseball requirement that they needed a diploma to play ball in the big leagues.  My proposal included helping more than just the signed players who were about to get help as part of the collaboration between MLB, the State Department, and the Dominican government. Keep in mind that Bryce Harper signed after passing his G.E.D. and attending college for a year ($10 million contract).  His parents made the decision for him.  And there was

ings went nowhere with the State Department in other words.  So what makes you think that the State Department can rise to the challenges with a wonderfully funded Marshall Plan for Central America which was just suggested by Julián Castro or with no such plan.  My point is that the people in power, whether Republican or Democrat do not know what to do.  Democrats evidence that I could count on the support of Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic to help the Dominican people.

The Republicans can be vetted in relation to the State Department and I hope that someone in the presidential debates will call upon me for my input and expertise.  Now that all of that is behind us, I can tell you that I did a Colin Kaepernick in 2016, but I finally launched an effort to help Hillary Clinton.  Kaepernick did his thing in another state and I assume that Clinton carried that state.  And please remember that the children crossing the border without adult supervision did happen under Obama.

When I went to El Salvador in 2005 to participate in the Presidential Forum there, it was my goal not to be a spectator.  It was an awesome event to attend, but now thinking about things I can see that I was led astray some.  I asked what was the graduation rate from high school, knowing already that Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic had about a 25 percent graduation rate.  Things were worse in Haiti in the public schools, but the private schools were doing fine.  This week I learned through seeing something online that almost 50 percent of Salvadorans were leaving middle school.  I have to get a clearer answer on that, but it was very disturbing to me.  What is the graduation rate from San Salvador where Bukele had been the major and what is the national graduation rate?

Just hearing Senator Warren speak about the matter made me think about solutions.  What could be a way to start without digging into my personal stock of ideas?  Since we need people to come forth and help, now would be a great time to meet with important players from Central America.  I know a psychologist from El Salvador who wants to set up a national program, but she was ignored by the Bukele Campaign.  The churches are important, but I reached out to a church that had hundreds of members of Calle 18, the other major gang of El Salvador, but nothing seemed to happen and the last correspondence from the pastor indicated that he needed money to start programs.  I left him on that note.

I just started up a conversation with the office of the new Nassau County Executive who replaced Ed Mangano.  When Tom Suozzi lost the race for executive the country’s program known as CASA had a G.E.D. programa and Mangano cut it out.  No change has taken place since.  I have recommended the restoration of that program so that residents in the county can get help again, but my exhortations have been ignored.  CASA is located in Hempstead which is the worst school district on Long Island.  In other words the people in the community need an enormous amount of help and they are not getting it.  There are conservative thinkers in both leading parties and that is the problem., conservative and slow thinkers.  In El Salvador we have to know what percentage of adults who did not attain a high school diploma earned the equivalency.  Ditto for the other nations!  Alaska has been the best example of success in the United State as it had numbers that were four time greater than most other states.  The states that had majority White populations also did well and states with large numbers of African-Americans and Hispanics did poorly, including New York.  That is one reason why those countries should think before following New York.  And remember that gang members are gang members and they are adults in the United States and in Central America and they should not be ignored by conservative thinkers, liberals and progressives included on this.

When should Julián Castro start helping?  He should have had things in place already?  Doing things is part of the preparation for debates for president.  The press doesn’t know this also and I have tried to reach out to the moderators since Bob Schiefer moderated the debates years ago.  It doesn’t matter who moderates because it’s the same old same old same old.  It has been 14 years since I went to El Salvador and it really help badly back then.  That probably means that with all the minor progress, things have gotten much worse as they have right here in our communities.  The big question is are Castro’s comments great theater like watching the Apprentice in the White House?

What did I expect?  Did I have personal ambitions through all of this?  Yes.  After retiring I hoped to influence the Cortez brothers in Philadelphia to help get me a grant to travel around the United States to wake up communities to help them.  That didn’t happen.  The Cortez brothers had a faith-based organization which was influential in the Bush White House.  And I was ready to stay in two-star hotels across America to make the money last.  Then when the HISET and TASC high school equivalency companies came into play against the newly formed Pearson G.E.D. Testing Service, I asked if I could be the liaison for all of Latin America where I would travel and help people.  Nothing worked!  Today I just want to stay home and continue to make trouble for leaders and help the people to the best of my ability.  For example at this time I was waiting for CBS News to contact me about the exposé that I wrote about the Carolynn Gusoff documentary about Hempstead Schools.

We could back to 2008 and I was there in discussions with the head of ASPIRA, Ron Blackburn Moreno, who told me that Professor Linda Darling Hammond headed the transition team for Barack Obama and I was optimistic about having great impact to help this country.  Nothing-nada happened.  And that was almost a dozen years ago.  Barack and Arne Duncan did nothing.  And I was in frequent touch with Duncan’s office.  There’s a lot of explaining to do.  You will see Assemblyman Jose Rivera dancing there, but he is not from Brentwood, Long Island.  He is from the Bronx.  I like Jose, but he has held the community back along with Assemblyman Phil Ramos for a long, long time.  In that video you will see Luis “MC” Mendez who pushed then Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi to get me involved in his campaign for governor.  We put together a great platform and this it was forgotten.  And Jose one more thing.  I am supporting Eric Stevenson in the South Bronx congressional race and hope to hear his official announcement soon.  Look and learn!

And we also learn how bad Donald Trump is from his own Secretary of Education who revealed that Trump really is not interested in education.  And that could mean that the Republicans are causing the United States to fall farther behind the rest of the world.  It surely could explain an important reason why tremendous violence continues during these two years where our economy has been roaring for the most part.  Trump is a failure!  A bankruptcy!  Trump, in my opinion, is nothing more than a Republican puppet at the very least.  In terms of foreign policy, he seems to have control panels moving him from certain foreign sources. 

But back to education and Central America.  This is the educational picture for Guatemala in the last couple of years.   “While primary school is technically free and compulsory in Guatemala, the reality is that the government spends less than 3% on education. As a result, the majority of public schools are overcrowded and lack proper resources. What’s more, families are expected to pay for their children’s uniforms and school supplies, a prohibitive expense for many Guatemalans as more than half the population lives below the poverty line. As a result, only four out of ten children who enter the Guatemalan school system graduate from primary school, one of the lowest completion rates in the Western hemisphere. Additionally, Guatemala’s high school graduation rate is less than 20%.”  Here is the educational picture for Honduras as well.  “These challenges have negative impacts in terms of the country’s human capital. Specifically, a. One in ten Hondurans are illiterate, and in rural areas, this increases to two in ten; b. Sixty-three percent of the Honduran labor force has only a primary education; c. Performance in primary and secondary school is remedial: less than one in ten achieve a milestone goal in reading, math or sciences; d. Eighty-one percent of the Honduran labor force is concentrated in the agriculture or manufacturing sectors.  e. Twenty-seven percent of Honduran youth neither study nor work, and 39% only work but do not study.”  As you can see hardly anyone graduates from high school in Honduras as we evaluate point “e” carefully.  Read the entire report.  Now El Salvador.  “High drop-out rate plagues El Salvador’s schools

January 31, 2017

Statistics from El Salvador’s Ministry of Education show that the majority of students in El Salvador who complete sixth grade will not complete high school (bachillerato).   (As reported in La Prensa Grafica), only 42.6% of students who were in sixth grade in 2011 were still in school in 2016.   The national class of approximately 135 thousand sixth graders had dropped to 58 thousand still in school.  This drop out rate creates significant challenges for the students to successfully earn a future living and for the country to have an educated work force which can produce economic growth.  There are two primary reasons that youth fail to continue school according to officials cited by La Prensa Grafica.  The first is poverty.   Poor students are often forced to leave their schooling in order to work and help support their family.   Rural youth in poor families may be needed to work in the fields.   The second reason is violence and the lack of security.   Threats from gangs and the perils of crossing gang boundaries were cited as causing as many as 14-15,000 students to drop out of school.” After the FMLM party gained power in El Salvador, I pretty much lost the power to help people.  One of Nayib Bukele’s closest advisors knows my work very well and after requesting to the former ambassador to the United Nations that I do a presentation at the United Nations things went nowhere. 

The problem is huge and it is problematic for all candidates.  Julián Castro for example over 3,500,000 (Beto too).  Kamala Harris 5,500,000.  Bill de Blasio who I have spoken to and written to 2,850,000 (Donald Trump too).   Corey Booker who I met after I passed a goat on the streets of Newark and I have written that I should have stayed with the goat (1,089,000) It’s really hard to trust any of those people.  I could have been the greatest secretary of education of the United States (thinking about Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront), but that was not what I wanted.  I just wanted to continue to be “El Quijote del GED” and cause a “Revolution” that Bernie Sanders cannot understand right now.  And I had no idea that things were that bad in Central America today.  Things are probably worse than they were for my grandparents when they decided to come to America in 1911. 

We need a free press in the United States, but a free press to do what?  Americans are not only a short step away from bankruptcy, but also are in much worse condition than that.  If the press does not finally tell the truth to the American people, things will not get better unless there is total revolution.  If there is no total revolution, things will not get better for the hundred million people and their family members just portrayed in this article.  Those people are happy to have a beer with a friend, but Make America Great Again was never about them or is it about them.

And this is not just about Democrats as Republicans control many states.  It is not just about Hispanics, because White people, Black people, Christians, Muslims, and Jews need help.  I question with the draconian Trump policies in HUD what is going on to our people who require better support systems and Ben Carson is a major problem there.  We need change in America right now and I hope that the press will do its fair share to expose things.  And you know what.  I think that the Republicans would take a 55 percent popular vote and Dump Trump right now if it could.  And Bernie the Revolution is yours to talk about tomorrow.