The New American Business Model: From Rosie the Riveter to Rosie the Robot

In 2017 the poverty percentage in America was 12.3 percent affecting 45,950,000 people.  Elvis Presley was portrayed an article that I read as a “poor white” from Mississippi.

This article really is about what has happened to the United States since World War II.

And things were not too good before World War II.  The Great Depression-Jim Crow South-Anti-Semitism that kept Jewish immigrants out-Poverty all over America-Isolationism that did not work-And more.

Women went to work during World War II and Rosie the Riveter became famous.  There were Rosies everywhere.  The world started to change in relation to women’s role, but not completely or equally. Those women that went to work helped our nation as young men went off to war.  They helped America, but I will not say that they helped America to become great.  There are great things about America, but the whole leaves much to be desired.  Women helped make the driving engine of our workforce continue to work and many women today are in their own business, are executives of major companies, and are labor leaders, the latter should be important all over our nation, but labor unions are not in all states.  Some of the states where unions do not exist are still controlled by forces in our government and there is no freedom of choice.

Let’s look at the history to understand the present.  In 1950, 20 percent of people in the United States was living in poverty.  Things started to get better over the next twenty years and extreme poverty was eliminated.  The deep south has extremely high poverty rates: Alabama 16.9 percent, Mississippi 19.8 percent, Louisiana 19.7 percent, Arkansas 16.4 percent, South Carolina 15.4 percent, Georgia 14.9 percent, and North Carolina 14.7 percent.  Maryland (2 with the lowest poverty) and Virginia (11 with the lowest poverty) have far less poverty and that is largely due to government jobs located near our nation’s capital.  Among the 100 places in the nation with the lowest income, the states that were in the Confederacy have 66 such towns as we add Texas. Tennessee, and Florida to the list provided before.  And there are ten cities (250,000 people or more) with very high percentages of low income and those cities are not in the South with the exception of Miami, Florida. 

Rosie the Robot was just mentioned to me last week in one of our nation’s leading supermarkets.  Robots will be doing the work of people shortly (perhaps right now or by the end of the year).  People in the store are wondering about layoffs and I wonder what layoff protections they have.  It seems to me that a few losses of jobs per store nationwide will bring upon US losses that will make the loss of auto jobs look tiny.  And if this change in delivering service to consumers continues unchecked by the American people and/or their elected officials and the president, there will lots of long-term unemployment.  Take this in account not only for 2020, but also for the near future up to 2024.  Interventions are needed, particularly by Repugnicans who stirred up the idea that we are stupid and China is smart because it took jobs away from America (therefore we were given Make America Great Again).  What is about to happen and we’ve had warnings on television and in the media is that a tornado of automation may be taking jobs away from US and that tornado will be generated by the very same business people who were an integral part of the global effort to establish free trade agreements.  The message is loud and clear that workers fear losing their jobs right now and this isn’t even the third year of the four year Trump term of office.

Mexico and China are not responsible at all for the Rosie the Robot tornado that is approaching us.  The time to wake up is now and not in 2024.  And the global economy that Trump fought against is making itself heard loud and clear as companies are moving from China, but not back to the United States. This is classic economic history that I have read about and some of that history led to the downfall of the British Empire as Germany and other countries started up production of goods that the British had dominated.  And by the end of World War II, the British and people around the world began to acknowledge that Great Britain was losing its top status position to the United States.  The loss of America’s leading world position may be happening right now under our noses.  Important parts of the decline of Great Britain were its inability both financially and politically to maintain domination or supremacy over its colonies around the world and today Trump has only been a leader for White Supremacists.  We have situations that are modern day versions of the British Empire, including the Trump lies and efforts in relation to Puerto Rico and our nation’s minorities.  If Trump is true to form, within weeks or months you will be hearing that companies are coming back to America in the millions.

Since job growth in the Trump Administration has lagged behind the first Obama years by at least 700,000 jobs, some people are celebrating that they are working and others are not working and not celebrating.  The economic engines are in the cities, in Texas in four cities, but people are really continuing to suffer even in this so-called Make America Great Again period of our history.  We can see the same thing taking place in many countries around the world.  Jobs should be reaching people in rural areas, but they are not.  So all these people were left out of the debate in 2016 even by Trump who broadcasted that he would create 25 million jobs or more.  Unfortunately for our people the pace was not picked up and perhaps it will be unfortunate for Trump as the Trumpian economy is revealed to the people in 2020.  The stock market is truly way up, but not job growth and income for most people.  Much of the growth due to the rise in minimum wage has nothing to do with Donald Trump.  That was started well before he started campaigning.  Even the minimum wage has not gone up at the federal level.  Even many workers who had protections for overtime had those protections removed by Trump.  And he brought about a hiring freeze during good times.  So what can America expect of Trump when things get bad again as they did under George W. Bush?  And today I learned that the House of Representatives has just passed a $15 minimum wage bill that probably will not pass the Senate.  Open your eyes and see that Democracy Matters and workers who deserve pay increases who are not getting the raises should put this matter at the top of the list.

What I see in New York are lots of building projects that were started before Trump.  I have noticed the growth in fast food jobs as the major companies have provided much better service to keep their customers.  Much of this has also been powered by technology that helps people order their food.  Then there are delivery jobs as new companies have sprung up to deliver fast food and other restaurant food.  Again this has nothing to do with the Trump economy except that records are kept according to calendar months and years.  That is the reality of Trump’s claim which means that much of what I have said here is “fake news.”

Politically our democracy is not working for all of the people and those of us who are upset with conditions in America are not going to move out of the country because Trump and his supporters chant it.  Democracy has to be restored to serve all the people, which is something that has never happened in our history.  History speaks for itself.  So restoring democracy is “fake news” within the context of this article.  But politically speaking we have to restore lots of things that have been eroded by Trump and his band of dirty rotten scoundrels.  Even at this moment in New York, there is a challenger to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez who is insisting that the congresswoman work on creating jobs instead of working on a progressive agenda.  Trump has epitomized that effort and his effort has fallen way short.  The Republicans did what they intended to do: tax cuts and tariffs and no miracle has taken place.  This new candidate has already misspoken as she attacks the congresswoman.  Someone should tell Scherie Murray that Obama is not the president right now and he cannot be held responsible for Trump’s ideas.  She says she is about building bridges in infrastructure and education which Trump has not done.  All over America school improvement is held back by conservatives who make sure that school districts that need more money do not get it.  This is happening right now in schools where I live that suffer from the lack of high-income residents who pay more school taxes. 

Trump’s tariffs have been tripping up industries all over America including Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana and they are not going to tell you the truth.  The Carrier air conditioner deal was just a small deal.  Automobile manufacturers are still closing up and moving.  Recreational vehicles in Indiana, among other industries, are now hit hard.  And we already know that the price increases on American made washing machines have resulted in Americans paying several hundred thousand dollars for each wash machine made since Trump started the tariff war.  In other words, Trump has taken Americans to the cleaners again. 

This is from an article on Poor Whites.  “Further evidence of the hostility of the ruling class towards the Poor White is found in the enactment by several southern states of a poll tax, which required an annual payment of $1.00 (equivalent to $28 in 2018),[15] to vote, in some cases, or at least payment before voting. The poll tax excluded not only African Americans, but also the many Poor Whites, from voting, as they lived in a barter economy and were cash poor.”

This is typical of lots of countries where the nobles and people they depended on kept back the poor (in many Europeans countries those people were peasants and were forced to provide a lot of labor for the nobles).  Conditions in those countries became intolerable and with the support of family members and institutions lots of people came to the United States.  With all the talk about how great America was or is, no such migration existed back to Europe.  Since there was neither any infrastructure in place nor marketing for people to go home, most people stayed contributing to the greatness of America and lots of American myths. 

Poland, for example, is a small beautiful country and deserves the same respect as any nation.  Americans who have visited Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and lots of other countries often do not want to come home.  And these are people of all races and backgrounds.  It happens that the United States with all its terrible faults is the greatest large country in the world (and that is just an opinion that we commonly share).  Those smaller nations are amazing.

Breaking news about Trump.  Trump is taking Americans down a road that has precedent and it went from a tweet to his political campaign.  Since he knows he is right (it could be the dye of his hair affecting his brain or something else called racism), he should order his own employees to tell people if you don’t like America go back to your country.  There should be no hypocrisy here.   Trump should go for it.  Here you can see how Denny’s had to pay $54 million to settle a racial discrimination case back in 1994.  Those 54 millions would be hundreds of millions today.  Run Forrest Trump run.  You can do it.  You can outrun all the good people who wish to see America improve greatly.  Order your properties now to be aligned with your politics.  Of course it would quickly become “fake news” if a group of people alleged that a Trump employee had told them to go back to their country or countries.  And Trump’s spin on this would be the biggest news since the Mueller investigation and the “clean” category that he determined the report gave him.  He was as clean as manure.  And I can imagine that some American institutions like Denny’s will soon have a major problem as well since Trump has stirred the pot and it would make sense for all businesses across America to put out the message that Trump should not be imitated.  And please leave my favorite chicken alone.  Scaramucci has been disinvited to attend from a G.O.P. fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Scaramucci works behind the scenes to get Trump reelected.    Now that we see that Trump himself has spoken about not liking the “send her back” chant and that Scaramucci has opposed it, it leads me to conclude that this is a scheme for 2020 to appear more moderate to build up the polls.  Not liking it is almost an apology for Trump and that is impossible.

Trump has been the send them back leader for a long time.  Whether it is Black people or other, it’s just plain wrong.  The presidential statement should have been we are going to see you at the voting polls in November and retire you from office.  That is what we expect about Trump and his attacks on Americans.  It would be great if Trump would resign and/or not run again.

Alex Acosta, the labor secretary, has just resigned and it appears that Eugene Scalia may be the next secretary of labor.  Scalia has already been accused by Democrats in the past as being “hostile” to labor, but he is a labor lawyer if you fully appreciate Trump’s comment about that in praising Scalia.  Shouldn’t we have an Equal Rights Amendment for labor? It really appears to me that helping the workers is really dead on arrival in this country.  And shouldn’t we know now what has happened at Trump properties.  How many more workers has he hired and did he raise or lower workers’ salaries.  And is he going to use orange haired robots to deliver drinks at the bar and provide room service?