Stephen Miller: White House Anti-Semite?

Breaking news first.  Border agents have confirmed that Trump has not built any new wall.  I wrote a series of articles about Trump’s wall in Jewish Business Wall, but I had no idea that after all of Trump’s fighting and talking that it was entirely made up.  I can hear him right now saying “We are building the wall” over and over.  Wrong grammar or tense or just another Hitler-Trump lie?  And his ratings go up over that kind of manure?

Stephen Miller could be an anti-Semite or anti-Semitic Jew.  His thinking is really quite unusual.

Donald Trump is not a patriot.  Allow me to explain.

We see what Ricardo Rosselló is going through in Puerto Rico for some or many of the same reasons that Trump may go through the same mass demonstrations.  Those demonstrations may soon take place against the greatest patriot of all. 

Trump could provide his tax returns to prove that he is a patriot.

He could take a lie detector test to prove that he is a patriot.

He could allow the C.I.A. to waterboard him to prove that he is a patriot.

He could even go to Afghanistan to fight alongside our men and women there since he is so great to prove that he is a patriot.

Stephen Miller says that the “racist remarks” are designed to silence Americans in connection with if you don’t like it go home patriotic comments being made which contradict the foundation of law about no discrimination due to national origin.  These comments, though popular for a long time, are similar to shouting fire in a theater.  It is not free speech that is conducive to the success of a nation, unless you are thinking about a White nation.  And the fact that Black Americans may go along with Trump is another story that needs development.

If a man shouted to a group of Hasidic Jews for whatever reason “go back to your country” would the Zionist Organization of America agree that it is patriotic?  I see a lack of critical thinking skills at ZOA, even though I know that the organization is doing some good things.  Where is the condemnation and denunciation from ZOA as of the publication of this article?  Keep in mind that Stephen Miller is the author of Trump’s speech about immigration and the designer of his policies.

The same anti-Semitic legislation that Americans connected with White Supremacy which charges immigrants as criminals kept Jews out of the United States as Hitler developed his Road to the Final Solution is harming human beings including Israelis that wish to enter the United States.  I honestly do not know if the Israelis who were reported for being detained at the border in a report were Jews or not, but I will not categorically state that they were not without evidence.  Does Stephen Miller make Talmudic sense?  He says that he is Jewish and so do I.  He worked for Senator Jeff Sessions and when I called Alabama and spoke to the only Jew that I probably have ever spoken to from Alabama about Sessions that Jew told me immediately (within 10 seconds) :

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

And this was copied and pasted from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

And then Trump invitees went by invitation after the deplorable conditions were documented in the detention or “concentration camps” that Trump set up that would not make the immigrants comfortable so they would leave.  Although we cannot compare these camps to the Theresienstadt Ghetto and what Jews were going through, we can highlight the same attempt to use propaganda to confuse the public and the world by not allowing the truth to be told.

I am tired of Trump and his supporters always spending time on words like “racist” when our nation is on fire concerning White Supremacy and the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh and San Diego are an integral part of that.  Hasn’t Miller even noticed that Muslims did not commit those atrocities?  He should speak out as I speak out.  This is not about Israel and Jews supporting Israel.  This is about exposing the evil of this nation.  Where are you going to send me back to?  Israel? No!  Galicia?  No!  How about Brooklyn?

Trump in the 2016 spoke about the “passion” that his supporters had as they went from chants to aggression at events and that was enough for me to profile him correctly.  Now those chanters are “patriots.”  Heil Hitler was certainly patriotic along with a lot of other chants.  Even if Trump is not Hitler, we should be able to see that he and the Department of Justice are taking US closer to the McCarthy era with all of this.  Conversely, I and others are not patriots, we (including the press and those four congresswomen) are the enemies.  The list is much greater than that.

Jews, as I have written about, have been divided throughout history, but people forget.  And we have fought conservatism for centuries and more.  In Galicia conservative Jews fought Zionists and had many shot in the back there by soldiers to maintain “order”, in New York City orthodox Jews fought against conservativism on the police force at the funeral of Rabbi Jacob Joseph and there were unnecessary attacks on Jews who were socialists who spoke to crowds in Yiddish by police as well (I can well imagine that the conservative Jews backing up “law and order”), there was the Civil War with Jews on both sides, and Jews in America and in Israel were on two sides in the 1950s when Eisenhower favored the Arabs over Israel and we were perhaps just steps away from watching Jews (there were Jews in the U.S. Army) fight each other in combat due to the Sinai War.  And the list goes on and on.  Israeli Jews are divided and we are divided at home and abroad. 

We are small in numbers and our influence is not really felt that much in red states where our system of government continues to thwart real democracy as the small states equal the large states in the senate.  So our problem is just not the electoral college.  And our problem is not just the Supreme Court as conservatives are appointed.  Our problem clearly exists among ourselves.  Americans are divided.  We are all Americans.  We stand behind the four congresswomen because we know that Trump’s poorly conceived thoughts do not point the compass north and the battle should be at the polls and not what is your country of origin or your color.  Trump’s compass was smashed a long, long time ago and he is incapable of guiding the American people.  Have you noticed that a cop has been fired after commenting that Congresswoman Omar should be shot?  That is the kind of support that all Americans need at this day in our lives.  This kind of toxicity has been encouraged by the Toxin-in-Chief.  Let’s eliminate the toxins everywhere including Stephen Miller.  And it really is time to defrost ICE to restore justice to people.  Even American hotel giants are pushing back against ICE right now.  Stephen Miller should come up with a detention plan that all Jews could e proud of, all people could be proud of or he should leave his position.

Stephen Miller has it made and he deserves nothing.  There could be a cushy position for him at Fox News.  He could be floated as vice-president one day.  Vice-president of what you may be asking.  Figure it out.  And that is just one step away from the office of President of the United States.  I am not really saying that Stephen Miller is an anti-Semite, but why can’t all of us just make him go away somewhere (in the United States or wherever he chooses).

Here is a good example of what Jews need to know.  Senator Cory Booker has been portrayed for being on the wrong side of the Iran Nuclear Deal and there has been a lot of history regarding that deal in the last few years that we should absorb.  But here Senator Booker, who I have met while trying to help Newark and I have written negative things about for what his administration there produced after I provided all kinds of helpful suggestions, states that he would not meet with Minister Louis Farrakhan which appeared in the Algemeiner.  That is important to Jews here in America and probably around the world.  And remember how Trump has portrayed the Democratic Party as being anti-Semitic?   Remember his call for Jews to quit the Democratic Party and the campaign that was started by his partisans?

Here is a quick quiz for my readers.  And as you can see Trump controls the court.

Trump’s remarks and policies that stir the pot of hatred in this country most resemble the remarks of

  1. John F. Kennedy
  2. Mitch Mc Connell
  3. Adolph Hitler
  4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. Ronald Reagan