Jews: Still Learning from the Holocaust

With the call to boycott Home Depot because of Bernard Marcus’ donations to Donald Trump, Jews have to be on guard against anti-Semitism, although Jews will also be supportive of the boycott.  Of course I would write about Bernard Marcus as well, but with that important caveat about anti-Semitism.  The world witnessed Donald Trump’s quick support for the yellow vest protest in France and then we noticed the nasty anti-Semitic protests among some or many of those people.  We championed though the right of the yellow vests to fight for higher wages, which Trump did not support.  I also recently called for a boycott of Pastor Samuel Rodriguez for his visit to one of the detention centers in Texas which smacked of the propaganda that was an integral part of the Nazi Holocaust era.  And what he did was a Theresienstadt Ghetto moment in Texas captured by Kodak (I think you know what I mean). Things should be directed at Ken Langone as well who donates huge sums to reelect Donald Trump.

Trump has been pretty quiet about his wall lately and it seems to me that can be explained by this Einstein-like theory Trump Wall=Remember the Shutdown of our Government=Very Bad for Reelection Politics.  And the Democrats should be talking about this now, instead of waiting for that one great candidate to emerge (which may not happen).  The shutdown was a disaster and Trump brought it on himself. 

Here is an article in the Jerusalem Post in 2012 that Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and Veronica Escobar should read right away.  The Republicans around Trump may never understand what they are doing.  So they may take their politics to the grave.  The concentration camps continued to exist for Jews without the Nazi killings. We cannot even demand action from the Zionist Organization of America and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  That is why Jews need a national conference to discuss the actions that are needed to protect US all.  Trump should resign right now.  We do not need even one more year of his mistakes.  Fire him!  And boycott ZOA as well if we agree that there is a need to do that.

In Algemeiner Simon Butler, writing to an audience that he hopes to influence, makes his point about the use of the term concentration camps. He points to the dictionary definition that gives it an “especially” mention.  He does not state that it’s the only meaning, but he surely would like the reader to refrain from using it in other contexts such as Ocasio-Lopez usage in Texas (or any other camp as well).  I would throw out to my readers the word “exclusive” in that the term “concentration camp” cannot be used exclusively in connection with the Nazi concentration camps.  The term had been used for decades.  So specific does not mean exclusive.  The article that I read could only mislead the reader, but I didn’t fall for it.

Rabbi Shmuley says that the usage of the term diminishes the Nazi concentration camps when applied to other camps.    I propose that instead of giving Rabbi Shmuley Benjamins that we give him bubkas.  No I did not mean Butkis, bubkas meaning a small amount of something and not exclusively money or goonisht.  Ocasio-Lopez never mentioned the Nazi concentration camps.  The arguing can cease or continue.  I think that Ocasio-Lopez knows about the Holocaust and people have suggested that she visit a Nazi concentration camp.  She doesn’t have to do that and in time she will reveal if she knows about the Holocaust.  Just citing some statistic of a large percentage of people who do not know what the Holocaust is does not provide proof and implies a kind of association with AOC. 

In the Trump Fake and False News World that we are constantly reading about, almost everything will be denied and almost everything will have a Repugnican spin.  Even in the Rose Garden Trump at his most brilliant was complaining most about the press’ attack on his spelling and grammar.  With all of the world and national crises taking place that tidbit of information had to be revealed by Trump to his Twitter and Instagram supporters  And that is Jewish news, not spelling unless Trump misspelled mishuganah.

The Nazi concentration camp was started as a death camp and the Nazis found ways to kill more people and in faster manners (also making it much more cost effective).  The fact that it went on for such a long time made it the largest genocide of its kind that I have read about.  But I wish to impart to you that I have read about millions of people in other times being killed in a short period such as a year.  This should give you something to think about, but nobody should diminish what was done to Jews and others in concentration camps and outside concentration camps.

Then we have those Jews who want this or that person to resign for being seen with Minister Louis Farrakhan or someone else, but Mort Klein and others know that there are people around Donald Trump who go to the White House and who have said similar things about Jews including Robert Jeffress.  If Trump won’t resign for allowing that to happen at least Mort Klein should resign for allowing it to happen and supporting Donald Trump.  And now a well-known anti-Semitic cartoonist who happens to be on the right (wrong) who was invited to the White House and no opposition by Trump’s Jewish friends until the last minute?   These Jews do demean what it is to be a Jew when they wish to.  So who are the Jewish anti-Semites.  Although the man’s invitation was rescinded, did the artist who likened Barack Obama to “a skinny, ghetto crackhead” and that should remind you immediately of someone who might call our neighborhoods “shithole” communities And I beg your pardon, Trump also tweeted a promise of a walk in his rose garden. 

We should have a list of the people who hadn’t been banned but finally were banned.  We should not permit executive privilege from preventing the public from knowing the important details.  When were people who were finally banned banned.   Who played a role in waking up the White House?  What role did Jewish organizations or other organizations play in the banning of those people?  Is there email evidence and when will that evidence be shared with the public.  Or was it the free press that Trump has declared not only as “fake news,” but also the very same press that will be out of business if Trump is forced out of the White House between now and 2020?  And what role did Elan Carr, the Trump ambassador for anti-Semitism in this important matter since he is the eyes and ears of Trump?

Then we have the Israel Education Minister Rafi Peretz who calls marriage between a Jew a non-Jew a Holocaust based on the great number of such marriages and I hope that he was also thinking of two Kushner marriages, Ivanka Trump and Karly Kloss.  Could it be that the “Israel Law of Return” for Jews is going to be vetted much more now in the style of Donald Trump?

I found this in an article about Bolsinaro, the Brazilian right-winger.  He has to decide if he is going to forgive or forget or forget or forgive.  I personally have forgotten what he has forgiven.  This is a political leader to be watched carefully.

“The Jewish people will always fight anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Political leaders are responsible for shaping the future. Historians describe the past and research what happened. Neither should stray into the territory of the other,” said Rivlin. That is not the case with certain Jews around Donald Trump and all of his xenophobia.  Is that a lie then or just another misstatement or was Rivlin not talking about all Jews?

And in an article in the National Review the writer complained where Nancy Pelosi is just giving legal advice to immigrants.  I wrote about this recently because it is common knowledge that has to be shared, just as rights under the first and second amendments have to be shared.  The article gets away from a consensus on rights as Congressman McCarthy was interviewed.  This type of reporting does worry me as it should worry most Jews and other minorities.  Shouldn’t those Republicans spend time telling immigrants about their rights as well?