God’s Hand Played a Role on July 4, 2019: Trump Revealed by God

Can you imagine George Washington resting his horse during the Revolutionary War before going to the airport?

Donald Trump called for his Trump Parade in Washington, D.C. just at the moment that it was revealed that Obama leads Trump in job creation as Trump is 1 million short in job creation during the same period of time.  I will make a fair comment about that later.  There was no obstruction of the teleprompter nor was there any collusion by Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or even the Russians in the matter of the revolutionary airports.  Or was there some real collusion, American style?  God played a role in what happened.  How?  Do you have to be an Einstein to figure out what Evangelicals know across America?  And what Jews know about Jews, God, and History (and current events)?  God brought the rain and that rain combined with Trump showed Trump’s lack of preparation and fitness for the job as he made up the part about the airport.  This was a wakeup call to Evangelicals and others that Trump cannot do much more than read from a teleprompter and that does not make America great anyway.  It makes him great and world problems will not be solved under Trump and the same goes for most national problems.  God did not put Trump there to read from a teleprompter the way any high school student could have.

In Israel right now, we read the news about how an Ethiopian Jew was killed by an off-duty police officer and that 111 police were injured (not 11 but 111).  The President of Israel called for people to be orderly and there it was recognized that justice had to be brought forth or something had to be done to protect the community.  Here in America this week we see Alabama Senator Mo Brooks calling for the expulsion of Colin Kaepernick for interfering in the Betsy Ross flag-Nike venture.  And we noticed that a Black woman whose fetus was killed during a fight in Alabama was going to be charged with murder for getting into a fight knowing that she was pregnant.  Fortunately we later found out that the woman would not go on trial.  There is some order of reason in Alabama at times.  Alabama is considered a third-world country by the United Nations and Mississippi has to be pretty much the same.  This is Trump country and things have to change there quickly.  Evangelicals may be next group to be earmarked from expulsion from this country as the pendulum of politics swings.  Trump may be expelled as well.  Trump tried hard to expel Spanish from the Election Campaign of 2016, but it came back into view with Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker as they spoke in Spanish during the Democratic debates.  And here is the translation in Spanish about the airports during Washington’s time.  “Durante su discurso Salute to America (que se puede traducir como saludo u homenaje a Estados Unidos), Trump hablaba del año 1775 cuando dijo: “Nuestro ejército controló el aire, embistió las murallas, tomó el control de los aeropuertos, hizo todo lo que tenía que hacer.” 

From Alabama to Israel, racism has to be attacked.  Ethiopian Jews talk the same way that African Americans talk in the United States, but it seems that President Rivlin is doing a much better job than Donald Trump who did not speak out when it looked like the woman in Alabama would be charged.  Why speak out and lose his base?  Where were his African-American supporters when we learned about that woman in Alabama?  All of these things could even be read off of a teleprompter if Trump advisors would permit it.

I know that Trump supporters do not care what wrong he does and I can think of lots of reasons for that.  There are people trying to be fair about everything though.  For example, even though Trump is behind Obama in job creation it is apparent to me that the road was different back then when Obama was handed a recession-depression from Bush.  And once that economy started to move and people gained confidence and given the great number of unemployed things could advance to great numbers.  Obama was fighting for Americans.  And that emergency relief that Obama talks about was an integral part of making our economy strong, even if there was a slowing down at times.  And sure Obama made mistakes that I know about and you don’t.

And the news just now is that the Taliban have killed 14 people in Afghanistan and Trump is making peace with the Taliban.  England’s message about Trump being “inept” has just made the news.  Putin continues to make threatening statements against the United States which remind me of Iran’s threat against both Israel and the United States.  And Trump is not close to making a deal for the all the tea in China.

Here is very important information for Israel and El Salvador about making communities safer.  Bukele has already said enough that tells me that he is copying things that have been done in the United States.  In Brentwood, New York the legislator opted to fund the arts, for example, with Teatro Yerba Bruja and he could have helped all people including gang members to earn a G.E.D. so that they can get jobs.  After all the work of community and church, this community and others ended up with MS-13 and more violence.  In cities around our nation, it’s the same problem.  In Parkland there was a shooter who probably could earned a G.E.D. there at the age of 16, but school authorities probably never thought about that.  He might have gotten a full-time job and not killed 17 people.  In Haifa it has been reported that a youth the same age as the Parkland shooter had dropped out of school and had been in trouble with the police (what percentage of Ethiopian Jewish adults have dropped out of school amidst the racism that they face in Israel?) and how many of them have successfully finished a high school program later on?  Unless Bukele tackles the problem of educating the members of MS-13 and Calle 18 and their family members as he prevents others from joining gangs, he will be living and reliving the horrors of killings by machetes and other weapons since there are about 60,000 gang members in El Salvador.

I found this information on the internet about Nefesh B’Nefesh.  “Please note that a GED diploma earned abroad, before making Aliyah, will be accepted in Israel.  However, Olim wishing to earn their GED degree after making Aliyah are required to participate in a GED course in Israel.  El Salvador, unfortunately, has never offered G.E.D. testing, but I imagine that it could be offered to gang members at the local police station.

And the final piece of information is this.  In the United States we have a designation for students that act out in school and cannot perform at the same pace as others.  It is called Special Ed.  Is there such a designation in El Salvador or even in Israel?  I don’t know.  The important fact to recognize is that two-thirds of youth in jail are special ed designees.  When you combine that with poverty, poor parental controls and involvement, drugs in communities, racism or perceived racism, you end up with big problems for the nation.  If Israel and El Salvador cannot learn those things now, then when?  It will take exceptional effort by those two countries to make great progress and I am willing to learn more about what they are doing and share my ideas as well.

Trump got his parade or rally or whatever you call it.  He was exposed with such intensity by that airport statement and he cannot hide behind it by blaming a monitor.  A president is supposed to react great under pressure and he did not.  The hand of God was all over it.  I hope that the media and the general public begin to learn about that.