Forrest Trump : Stirring the Pot of White Supremacy

A prominent Republican organizer was shot by the KKK in 1868.  Oh my things have changed.

The White House silence about Nathan Bedford Forrest and white supremacy in America hurts African Americans (and Jews in my opinion considering the recent massacres in our temples), but Trump appears to know the Holocaust without really knowing it.  Actually his inaction here has affected far more African Americans than the pot stirring of Congresswoman Omar and her talk about the Benjamins and Jewish dual loyalty and this alone should disqualify him to be the leader of the American people and the free world.    A Trump tweet would have put Republicans on notice in Tennessee, but there was no tweet.

You saw the movie Forrest Gump and loved it.  You watched it over and over and didn’t get tired of it.

All eyes will be on Tennessee soon which just gave a proclamation to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan who is considered a great man among Republicans (but we thank Senator Ted Cruz for speaking out against the proclamation).

Robert E. Lee is a Donald Trump favorite (another great general) who lost his citizenship due to his role in secession and the Civil War and its aftermath. 

Republicans in Tennessee are the majority there and I would imagine that some Democrats voted for the legislation as well, but my how the so-called Party of Lincoln has changed or has it?

I can see a Forrest-Lee-Trump statue in the making coming to the USA soon.  The South has not risen enough.  Keep in mind that Hitler used the South’s play book against its Negro citizens to develop everything that led to the Final Solution or the total annihilation of Jews.

Trump is for Israel and now the Department of Justice has given us an anti-Semitism event, but not the kind of event that I have been hoping for.  I was not represented and I speak out against anti-Semitism.  Most Jews were not represented either.  But that is the kind of trumped up event we can expect these days.  There were the slave masters in the slaves states and the we have people controlling the strings in the State Department and its sister Department of Justice. 

Where should the holy trinity statue Forrest-Lee-Trump be located?  There is a place right in the center of the action and it is a Trump preference called the Hermitage, which was the home of President Andrew Jackson.  Poifect!

Since Hitler cooperated so well with the South and its culture, could a Hitler statue be coming soon?  Will that statue be in Germany or in some Make America Great Again location where the Nazis of America organized?  Maybe we should have a national poll of a great location?  There was that rally in Madison Square Garden that I have seen the video of.  There is Chicago and the radio broadcasts of Father Coughlin.  There was a stronghold on Long Island not far from where I live.  What kind of world have we suddenly made with that Make America Great Again stuff foisted on US?

And we have read that Congressman Abrahams of Louisiana wants to pay to send people elected to Congress back to their homes (Somalia, Palestine, etc. where they were either born or where their parents were born).  I see the possibility someday of getting a one-way ticket for myself to Austria-Hungary.  I see a ray of hope among Republicans and to me that means that all undocumented immigrants who were incorrectly or unnecessarily deported will be brought back to the United States to continue the process for asylum.  This is a legal part of the process that some people have taken advantage of through court decisions.  Congressman Ralph Abrahams, by the way, is supposed to help veteran Floyd Hamilton III of Alexandria, Louisiana.  The matter involving the Hamilton family and the family of other veterans in Louisiana is about a doctor who did not complete the licensing application and who has been practicing in a VA hospital in Louisiana.  The doctor, according to Floyd Hamilton, took his father and others off of life support without permission, terminating their lives.  Mr. Hamilton has appealed to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and others to help him, but due to congressional protocols the handling of the matter was turned over to Congressman Abrahams who has done nothing.  Is that how justice is supposed to work in our nation?  Shouldn’t that protocol be removed finally so justice cannot be blocked and will prevail?  Congress should stop sending people back to their home jurisdiction for this kind of help.  Justice cannot be served that way.

It was a short period of time ago when people were telling Colin Kaepernick to leave the country if he did not like it.   That was over the kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.  Now we see that normal political discourse by people who want to change America is being attacked by Congressman Abrahams.  Abrahams wants to be governor of Louisiana and we hope that the people of Louisiana will give him a resounding defeat.  Republican Steve Daines of Montana is on board with Abrahams and he deserves dishonorable mention.

The Irish blew up statues of the English that helped subjugate them in their history.  The people behind the “Iron Curtain” destroyed statues of communists that they hated.  Some Americans still wish to go along with permitting the South to have its culture and that was and still is a dangerous culture.  It’s time to burn the Confederate flag forever.  .    From my own point of view as a Jew, there is no way that I would want Bill Lee in any office.  Jews and African-Americans stand together on the issues that concern us.  The Nazi flag and the Confederate flag should be removed from the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

And the Great Instigator-In-Chief wants Democrats to take on duly elected Democrats right now.  The elections in their districts that come every two years may take care of that, but we have to put up with the most idiotic conduct for four years that we have ever seen.  Where is the White House statement on the Nathan Bedford Forrest that I have waited for?  We recently listened to Trump’s idiotic comments about the press and his spelling and grammar instead of the substance that a presidency should be made of.  And do right-wing Jews think that Forrest was Jewish and deserves the proclamation?  Trump could call a national conference of White Supremacists and right-wing Jews in America and maybe Jared Kushner can devise a $50 billion plan to end White Supremacy.

I would love to see someone better than Congresswoman Omar replace her.  That is always a good thing when a person who has made mistakes is replaced by someone who will do much better.  And that also means that the orange haired one must go.  It would be really something great if Repugnicans would soon vote for impeachment and restore some normalcy to America.