Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter: Eric Stevenson Explores Running in the South Bronx

Eric Stevenson had a plan to get NYPD more psychological help and it was turned down by the NY State Assembly.  Check it out here.  It is time to come together and learn from the mistakes of the past. 

I have covered a vast amount of territory in American politics including talking to Barack Obama on the phone just before he made his historic speech to the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.  I had met Senator Chuck Schumer prior to that at an event which was held at the City College of New York.  Internationally I have gotten to know two presidents of Latin-America, Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic and Elías Antonio Saca of El Salvador. Eric Stevenson watched me as I attended to his community in a housing project, bringing one of my best sidekicks with me to the event (William Bell father of Sean Bell who was killed by NYPD the night before his wedding to Nicole Paultre.

 Eric came to City Hall the day of my demonstration to save the G.E.D. test money and spoke to me, asking me to return to the Bronx to help his community.  He said that the community wanted me to come back, but by that time Eric was in trouble.  And one more thing extremely positive of Eric Stevenson was talking to me at one of the major events in Albany and telling me to come with him.  He moved me into the very important labor breakfast and sat me next to Lillian Roberts the president of D.C. 37, the largest union in the city.  I reached out to him and thanked him for the collaboration.  I have no doubt that Eric Stevenson can help his community.

Eric can bring people together.  He has the vision to accomplish that.  Among the things that he tried to do in 2011 was a bill to require more help for police officers.  Those were tense days between police and communities, but help was not given.  We hope to change things right now.  It is my view which I have expressed in articles that if a person cannot say Black Lives Matter and makes an attempt to bring all people under the same umbrella, something is wrong.  For me Jewish Lives Matter and I had to sit and watch as massacres took place against Jews in the United States.  Blue Lives Matter as I sit and learn about the three suicides in New York City.  Our men and women in blue still need help.  And their families have to learn the truth immediately.  Prejudices (racism) have to be put aside and we have to realize now just how people divide US.  They are all equal to me and easy to say.  Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter.

Just the other day a woman over thirty got my kind of G.E.D. help.  Judging from her last name I thought that she could be Puerto Rican, but I was wrong.  She was from La Vega in the Dominican Republic she told me.  I told her how I had been in the very beautiful town of Jarabacoa in the mountains and she said that was where she was from.  She did achieve her high school diploma there, but she told me that the college there held her diploma and did not return it to her.  I will do everything in my power to make sure that either the diploma is returned to her or that she will receive a notarized diploma so that she can get jobs with her diploma and enter college here (she only needs to pass the TOFL test).  Eric Stevenson and I are making plans to help the entire district which is the poorest part of the Bronx.  No community will be left out and I hope that my I Have A Dream of mobilizing communities will finally begin after 19 years of trying to help people. 

People from all nations and religions will be able to get help in the South Bronx soon.  Martin is now connected with the Bangladesh community in New York City.  People can visit his website to see his collaboration to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. 

My work as a teacher brought me in touch with the youth of New York City fighting drug abuse in both Daytop Village and Elmcor.  I was the last G.E.D. teacher in the Astoria and South Jamaica Housing Projects.  I worked at both Offsite Educational Services and Auxiliary Services for High Schools.  And among other things I was known for fighting for my students and providing important articles in El Diario-La Prensa, the New York Daily News, and New York Newsday.  I am a strong critic of people in government who have failed the people of New York City even today I am very critical.  One of my recent interventions is in the fight over elite school seats.

Former New York State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson Expected to Launch Exploratory Committee for Congressman of the 15 Congressional District

It is my constitutional right to run for office.  I am a man of conviction, but the public knows about my conviction (the truth behind it must be known as well).  So that is an issue, but I declare my intention to run because there are lots of public issues to address and hundreds of thousands of people who need help that has not been forthcoming.  Regardless of the past, Congress needs a strong voice with an open mind filling an important seat which I will fill with ideas that we can act on together.  The first days of this campaign will shock people as solutions will come forward that will help people immediately.  The United States government has passed criminal justice reform, but in its haste it surely has left out key components from that federal reform.  Jobs are needed to fight recidivism and if people do not have jobs they need other opportunities including business skills.  Did you know that they cannot take a business class in New York State programs unless you have a high school diploma or high school equivalency?   Why should people be held back this way, especially people trying to turn their lives around after being in jail.  And the one size fits all diploma needed to qualify for jobs where the job is sweeping floors is excessive and disqualifies lots of qualified people.  Here is where the heart and brain can make for much better government than we have had in the past.

Eric Stevenson is an experienced grassroots candidate to represent Bronx residents in Congress.  Grassroots means that all people will be able to approach Eric to share their solutions.  Grassroots means that new programs and outreaches will help more people including those living in poverty in the Bronx.  If you go back to even past presidential election campaigns, the focus was principally for the middle class and we cannot continue to make the mistake again that the poor will be left out.  Crime statistics are largely poverty statistics and used to be just that even back in the beginning of the 20th Century.  Education was and still is the key to success.  The children of immigrants can count on continued support as they compete for seats in elite schools, the children of all parents can count on new support as Eric will fight for doubling the number of elite seats through annexes, parents can count on Eric to do more for the uneducated.  Did you know that under the stimulus package of President Barack Obama people who took the G.E.D. test in another state with that money and additional money will permit more New Yorkers to take the test and move more rapidly along the path to better jobs and higher education.  And English language projects will be explained to everyone so that families can be more efficient in communication in English. 

And although there are vital issues that will save the world from self-destruction, unlike other candidates that have been selected from the party point of view, Eric Stevenson has the party in mind, but his constituents are foremost in his mind.  He will be there to fight for infrastructure jobs for his congressional district and serve the district better than anyone has served before.  Just spread the word to your friends and neighbors and start talking to him.  As Congressman Stevenson he will train his staff to attain the highest level of communication with his constituents, especially as amazing solutions and proposals are revealed.  The key issues involving education, the rights of men and women, taxation, keeping New Yorkers safe, rising debt, and justice require a fighter, but a fighter who has the vision to help more people in our district.  Let the campaign begin right now and the people will soon learn truths about people in power who have not done enough and about new people who are challenging but still lack the vision to help our communities to progress.

Eric Stevenson has strong commitments to education, justice, and community that can affect large sections of the South Bronx that are still not being served properly.  Just several years ago it was reported that 25 percent of adults in the city of New York do not even have a high school equivalency and the South Bronx may have the lions share of those statistics since it has great poverty.  There is a huge battle taking place concerning the schools and even though the Congress does not control the school matters, getting the best advice and help from Congress Does Matter.  Empowering both the children and their parents is one of the goals of Eric Stevenson for Congress.  Great change can be achieved in the South Bronx.

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