Catholic Bishop Stops Anti-Semites : Holocaust Denier and Right-Winger

No sooner had the ink dried on my Laura Ingraham article when I noticed the article on Algemeiner about anti-Semitism and the quick action of Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. His actions show even more that shutting down two Polish anti-Semites is important and his work reveals just how complicit Fox News, Donald Trump, others in the Catholic Church, and supporters of Fox News and Trump have been since the Campaign of 2016.
This was taken from Algemeiner and should cause even Jews to reflect more about their own opinions.

This was taken from Algemeiner and should cause even Jews to reflect more about their own opinions.

Rodriguez emphasized that “anyone who offers a message that discredits the horror of the Holocaust, and the genocide which sought to extinguish the entire Jewish people, is not welcome at our parishes or academies.” She added that Bishop DiMarzio “regularly remembers in prayer the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and offers intentions for peace in our world.”

Both Donald Trump and Laura Ingraham objected to the recent FACEBOOK decision to remove right–wingers. I have been writing that Trump and many others have been stirring up hate, but even Jews and influential Jewish organizations have refused to see the light.

Hateful speech was just stopped in Brooklyn, but the White House has been full of hateful speech which has been applauded as Trump hides behind his Jewish family, friends, and the American flag and military.

It is time to reject Trump, right-wingers, much of Fox News, and institutions and organizations that remain silent or blame others as Hitler himself did.

We should establish right now American Councils across the United States to open the discussion up to the American people. We cannot count on the candidates. It is up to people like Bishop DiMarzio and others who truly understand and who can get things done. Trump keeps failing as he appeals to his base. Perhaps Brooklyn, where I was born, will establish that first council to lead the way. Trump need not apply! Please contact me for my input.

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