Laura Ingraham of Fox News: Truth Challenge

Laura Ingraham of Fox News has been supportive of right-wingers, but it concerns me that she has expressed her objection about eliminating the electoral college.  So she believes that the total democratic vote is not so important and that the system where small states hold power over the people should continue. 
I have a plan of action for her and those who think that peculiar form of Americanism.  She should put up or shut up (US money).  I have already written that we are in a civil war and secession may be a great solution, but not without expounding a bit more on how Ingraham relates to Democracy vs. states rights-electoral college.  Mark Levin and others should take note of it (I read about his interview with patriot Rick Barry, the NBA legend).  What I see are a bunch of extortionists on the right wing media talking about saving the union through upholding the Constitution. 
At this stage of my life, I feel that we can support the concept of empowering those small states desiring exceptional power over all of US.  I would propose legislation with a Democrat Congress and a Democrat president to empower the Laura Ingrahams and those states by splitting the national debt and permitting secession in the same act.  
Call it an act of treason if you wish to, but the treachery of these right-wing intellectuals has to be exposed by a different kind of logic.  If they love this kind of undemocratic power so much, they should step up to the plate and be responsible for paying the debt by the same method.  More power comes with paying more of the debt.  Be consistent! And remember always that I am applying only time honored Constitutional instruments in a creative way which is neither progressive nor socialist.

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