Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter: Eric Stevenson Explores Running in the South Bronx

Eric Stevenson had a plan to get NYPD more psychological help and it was turned down by the NY State Assembly.  Check it out here.  It is time to come together and learn from the mistakes of the past.  I have covered a vast amount of territory in American politics including talking to Barack Obama […]

Catholic Bishop Stops Anti-Semites : Holocaust Denier and Right-Winger

No sooner had the ink dried on my Laura Ingraham article when I noticed the article on Algemeiner about anti-Semitism and the quick action of Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. His actions show even more that shutting down two Polish anti-Semites is important and his work reveals just how complicit Fox News, Donald Trump, others in the […]

Laura Ingraham of Fox News: Truth Challenge

Laura Ingraham of Fox News has been supportive of right-wingers, but it concerns me that she has expressed her objection about eliminating the electoral college.  So she believes that the total democratic vote is not so important and that the system where small states hold power over the people should continue.  I have a plan […]