More Trump Termites Found: A House Divided Cannot Stand

Jews have been called “termites” among other things and I am sure other ethnic groups have been called the same thing.  Trump may have a DNA link to termites that has not been revealed yet, but let’s think of termites that invade your home.  A House Divided Cannot Stand! 

We knew that Trump was divisive and causing more hate in this country.  Who are we?  Oui or we said yes Trump is causing more hate attacks.  When a house does not have termites we have a sigh of relief.  Trump made his bed and now he has to lie in it and he does lie in it a lot judging by all the Pinocchios that he has received in the last few years for lying.

Long Island had its share of hate in the mid-2000s caused by resentment of immigrants from Latin America and Trump decided to get into bed with people just like that.  Steve Levy on Long Island and Lou Arletta of Hazleton were leading the charge up a virtual San Juan Hill to get rid of those immigrants.  This is another aspect of the Civil War that has been going on in this country.  Now we learn that there was a 225 percent increase in hate attacks in counties where Trump made campaign speeches in 2016.  What took so long to cite data?  The Anti-Defamation League provided the data of the attacks or incidents and professors analyzed that there was something significant that came up.  Trump’s name was used just as racists would site Jews, Muslims, African-Americans in their attacks or incidents.  Some proof is needed to be defined as hate.  But millions of people cannot define Trump as a hate monger for one reason or another.  The Republican label is one of those reasons.  Some people would use the word excuse!  Some people will continue to say that Trump is doing the right thing and even among people that I know the reason could very well be the lack of a secular education that is needed as those people have opted out for a religious experience.  In other words, God is on America’s side and God is on Trump’s side.  Yet Jesus and Moses talk to me in a significant way.  My Hebrew name is Moshe.  That is not Trump’s DNA.  The days of thinking that Trump is an Intelligent Termite must end now.  Much of Christian-America has set Trump as its default setting for faith and that was wrong and has to be dealt with soon.

We have to be fair to Trump even after learning about this news.  If there is only one attack or incident in a county and two more people act out and the percentage goes sky high, this is cause for concern but at the other end of the spectrum things will become supremely dangerous in places that have already had lots of attacks.  The prime beef (where’s the beef?) is that the Trump name has been used over and over.  Just now, today, minutes ago I read that a 16 years-old attacked a gay person 24 in Mc Donald’s and he used homophobic slurs.  That makes the crime a hate crime.  A man set himself on fire near the White House and has just died.  Trump is on fire and he immolated himself.  I’m on fire, too, which is another kind of fire.  And being on fire, it would be great to know if that youth who committed a crime in the Mc Donald’s had his read hat in the car that says Make America Great Again.

Getting back to the problem of hate and possible solutions in connection with the spike in attacks and incidents in Trump territories affected by the Trump red hats, one would think that Republicans and Democrats (fascists need not apply) would join together in an effort to bring about change in the worst of the documented counties so that we can sleep at night in our homes and have fair elections based on honesty and truth.  I have consistently stated until today that the F.B.I., the police, the ADL and the Zionist Organization of America have to do much more.  And I say those things because I watch what they are doing and not doing and demand more.  Check for the termites with orange hair in those counties and remove them.

In addition the Trump dictatorship is about to end as the dictatorships of others have ended.  The Trump road has to end now.   Have you noticed more than a few termites with an orange glow?