Declare Victory and Leave

Our nation’s military and veterans have some things here to think about.  A lot is going on in our nation and at the same time nothing is going on.  The Marines and Navy Seals have leaked important information about conditions in combat years ago and conditions in peace today. Another American was just killed in Afghanistan and another American veteran has just driven into a crowd of people that he thought were Muslims.  I keep telling people to leave innocent people alone in war and in peace.  Our nation’s men and women who have served still have things to learn.  And I am one who does not want to hear another person say I follow the commander-in-chief.  We are about to look at this man and how he makes his decisions to protect all of US.  I fear for everyone including the men and women who now have jobs in fighting crime and fires in our nation, because I know that Trump has led the fight against immigrants instead of doing more for our men in blue and the communities that need to reduce crime and violence.  And there will be more about all those veterans that are not being helped even though Trump has set up a hotline and permits “whistle blowing” within the Veterans Administration which is the law of the land.  For the rest of US he has provided zilch.  If you want to know why you should share this article with veterans’ associations, national, regional, state, and local, in a few more minutes of reading you will know why.

The next part if about how this man makes his decisions.  We learned in 2019 that Trump declared “victory” in Syria and spoke about immediate withdrawal or leaving.  How did he come to that decision?  Was he persuaded by the Pentagon and the military experts?  Now we can take a look at Trump in 2005 and I am going to make this easy for you.  It’s the Imus in the Morning Show and Trump called in.  This is about “declare victory and leave.”  How does satisfy the tens of thousands of soldiers who have sacrificed so much and who want to eradicate the problem?  This is not about more money to build new and more powerful weapons that can protect US.  This is about husbands and wives and sons and daughters that should be taking a deeper look at this man and how he makes his decisions.  Go to about the 1:30 mark of this 12 minute video and recording.  By the 7 minute mark you see Trump at his best.  So hang in there.  You heard him mention that someone that we do not know taught him how to handle these situations.  He is always talking to someone we don’t know who teaches him what has to be done.  In less than one minute you have learned what you need to know.  At the southern border, someone told him what has to be done, but Trump won even though he was not that popular.  Now after shutting down the government and leading US nowhere great, immigrants who were held in shelters are being released because the shelters are overflowing and that means more dangerous.  True he is trying to appeal to his base, but he is doing what Trump has repeatedly done.  Fail! And where is the Trump vodka that he talked about in the video?  Failed.  Have a drink on Trump (vodka of course) and find out more about what is going on around the country that is affecting veterans. 

I cannot see how our military can stand proud after all the talk that I have heard about the Vietnam War and how we should have stayed and won the war.  Richard Nixon yanked American troops out, but he did not foolishly declare victory.  Yes things got worse for a while, but we have no war anymore in Vietnam with its people.  Nothing!  And did Iraq get taken over by someone worse than Saddam Hussein?  Share this information with your children and your neighbors and do not let it die out.

Before I go into the very important next part, think about this.  Silence instead of speaking out!  Silence about what I sent you should not be tolerated.  Silence about the information brought to me by Floyd Hamilton III of Alexandria, Louisiana is an injustice just like that he will explain to you here.  I met Floyd because I was doing a national telephone call about violence and hate.  The former wife of the great Muhammad Ali joined us when she and her son Muhammad Ali, Jr. were stopped at airports for being Muslim.  I told Floyd that he would be the first speaker and I want you to know that I am good friend with the father of Sean Bell who was killed by NYPD the night before his wedding.  Let’s not be silent.  Share the information with people in your community.  America is at stake and things are dangerous.

Three churches were burned down recently in Louisiana, a veteran of our military drove his car into a group of people who he thought were Muslim, and as I began writing this there was another mass shooting in a Jewish synagogue in San Diego.  Hate is all over the United States and we need more veterans to stand up and speak out. 

Before I share the information, we must address the history of the world briefly.  All people deserve to be free, but how can we be free when people in power divide us.  When people in some places sought a nation, they were opposed by people who wanted empire.  And everyone in the middle suffered in those battles.  The United States passed the era of nationalism centuries ago and this country expanded from East to West and North and South to create a nation that included many states including California, Florida, Alaska, and even Hawaii.  And there were groups of people that favored an empire over the nationalists because of great oppression that was taking place.  We see the same thing today as the so-called “swamp” in Washington, D.C. is battling against people in states over power.  The swamp then was everywhere and today it is everywhere as well.  And we the people get nowhere.  Cher recently spoke about 50,000 vets who were homeless in Los Angeles and Trump naturally picked up her comment which appeared to be anti-immigrant.  Where is that higher standard of the Marines and other armed forces to stand together for America and not for its leader?  So let’s work together to keep your families together and our nation together.  One of those perpetrators mentioned was a veteran.  Is help on the way?  Donald Trump mentioned maybe an armed guard inside the Tree of Life Temple might have saved lives, but this last killing took place outside (which I knew would happen sooner or later).  We need help everywhere and prevention is the key to our success. 

The case of Floyd Hamilton III fits into many of the things mentioned already.  Nobody was listening to him for years and now veterans are supporting him in his cause for justice.  Here is what Floyd Hamilton has provided that veterans should share all over our nation now.

In Jan 2004 the VA Medical Center hired Shivani Negi, MD., knowing that she had inadequate credentials for practicing medicine. She was not required to complete the credentialing process, VETPRO, put in place to screen applicants; nor was information concerning her rejection for a medical license by the Florida Medical board considered; nor was the incomplete application for the Virginia license addressed prior to her hiring- available upon request.             

During Shavani Negi’s tenure at Alexandria-Pineville VAMC, dozens of veterans and their families have been adversely affected. Many veterans have died, others have been denied medications and others have sought medical attention elsewhere to avoid her caustic and aggressive behavior.

It is imperative that actions be taken to establish competent medical staffing at Alexandria-Pineville VAMC, removing all who do not meet VETPRO and national VAMC standards of medical care. Families of mistreated, maligned and killed veterans must be compensated for their suffering and their losses. I feel that I, Floyd  Hamilton III, should be awarded/ compensated for damages and the suffering and death of my father, the loss of my home and my business, and post-traumatic stress syndrome experienced by me as I continue to console my 88 year-old mother following the tortuous loss of her life partner.

Veterans have been moving to support Floyd Hamilton III in various demonstrations near highways, in meetings with others that have claims, and others who did not even know about their rights and are finding out that were entitled to benefits.  Everyone is fighting for justice right now and they need all the help they can get.  If you are not too tired, you should read on about history and what it takes to improve the lives of people.

On May 20, 2009, a World War II bronze-star recipient, my father Floyd Hamilton Jr, died at the Alexandria-Pineville VAMC after 2 1/2 years in an iatrogenic brain injury coma caused by Shivani Negi.  My father withered away in the VAMC, as opposed to an alternative facility, because the VAMC cover-up for Shivani Negi during legal action against her.

Letters submitted to my federal delegates from Louisiana were ignored by all except one, and that one was the chairman who referred me back to the State Congressman for the 5th District  Ralph Abraham (a Republican who is now running for governor of Louisiana) who held a congressional hearing in Pineville, LA. concerning issues at the VAMC. Prior to hearing I volunteered to speak but was denied the right to publicly address the injustice about my Father.

This argument for help is strong and includes the current discussion of Confederate statues and flags that represent history.  We can say our history since the Civil War is our history, but with a strong caveat.  Hitler and the Nazis were part of German history and its glorification is reprehensible to most people.  He had his admirers among Americans including German, Irish, and others in our own backyard.  John F. Kennedy stopped taking advice from his own father who had been an admirer of Hitler decades before.  American business was connected to Hitler and Nazi Germany as it destroyed free nations. 

We need this kind of growth to put out the fires of hate now in America.  Policies are needed that help us all achieve peace at home.  And we have seen the dangerous rhetoric and we know the silence of tens of millions of people about that.  When the Austrian Emperor wanted to help his people in the 1860s, he called upon his military to help people because local leaders could not be trusted and in that way the military became the eyes and ears of the emperor as complaints were made.  We need the military to stand with US now and forever.  None of this is “fake news” and we will make news together.  It is time to act.

Murder He Wrote!  Floyd maintains that the doctor did not have consent to take his father off life support.  He has new evidence in this case and is ready to take it forward.  He can be contacted so send me a message through the blog.  We want our nation’s eyes to read all about this important veteran news.