DeSantis Must Go

I think that there is one man who could easily find a way to get rid of DeSantis and his name is in the news all the time now. Are we talking about a “coup” to overthrow the government of Florida like the January 6, 2021 attack? Not really! But G.S. has the imagination to accomplish that mission if he wishes to gain a position that is higher than the one he currently has. He could really turn things around as he holds drag queen events in the Florida House as another Republican governor. Yes he is a member of that party and he has been seen dressing in drag in photos from his days in Brazil. Georgie Boy could figure out what to do where the rest of Florida could not. Hey there Georgie Boy, please give this idea serious attention while you walk the halls of Congress as a Republican trophy of diversity and inclusion in America.

And it has now been reported that The Proud Boys were planning firing squads to remove people that they felt had stolen the election from Trump. Stalin and Hitler would be proud of that.

With that said, the Florida governor is calling for more “Law and Order” in the “law and order state” which is really confusing to me. Just as DeSantis announced that there was a massacre in Florida and it made me think of the governor’s visit to New York to support Lee Zeldin before the Election of 2020, an election where Zeldin did not succeed. I wrote before the election that there is more crime in Florida and we later found out that voters did not buy into the “law and order” theme in New York, a period where crime was going down just before the November election in New York. Maybe it’s time for Floridians to wake up? And now that state Florida) wants to give people who are unlicensed access to guns. I have just made a call to Florida about that. I later learned that the massacre is the 7 th one in the last year. And the governor calls that “law and order?”

And there is more going on to reveal. In California a school district has raised Black Lives Matter and transgender flags in support of its students and community. I read a Fox News report which was just that. It was reporting the news, but I read another article where the word “woke” in the headline got my attention. Floridians are paying attention as I am and I decided to share this.

So, what do I wish to report? I had no clue about what being “woke” was or is when I wrote in Jewish Business News in Israel and nor am I comparing myself to Elie Wiesel who I wrote about in my last article days ago.

BLOG/ Black Lives Matter Flag Raised In Vermont: Black Students Feel Burned

It’s Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont where the “bern” was launched?

By Martin Danenberg Published February 12, 2018

And notice that was before DeSantis started all this stuff. And this was at the end of that article.

“I cannot see a Confederate flag being raised at Montpelier High School, but I can see a French flag to honor the role the French played in helping the colonies fight for freedom. The French flag was raised in Connecticut over the killings in France in 2015. Jews could easily protest the raising of the French flag, a nation that gave Jewish people the infamous Dreyfus Affair where a Jew was railroaded by the French Army or the Vélodrome D’Hiver where Jews were rounded up and arrested by the Nazis and French collaborators in 1942 and sent to death camps. I wish that a Jewish Lives Matter flag would have been raised before the Holocaust took place and a Puerto Rican Lives Matter could be raised tomorrow to express the poor performance of our government in helping citizens of the United States on that island. There are positive expressions of symbolism and there are negative expressions of symbolism. The Nazi symbol should not be raised as well.”

And how can I write about things that should never happen to people while others either cannot or choose to not see and/or take another course of action. Ideology? Propaganda?

That type of messaging slipped by people like Dennis Praeger and his conservative supporters who want everyone to think that we must conform with DeSantis and others because we like living in this country. There is a lot of history always to talk about. Note that DeSantis took office about a year after my article appeared on the internet. Praeger is often deficient in his response to current events.   I am not a communist or socialist nor have I ever been one, but I have been actively engaged in my own way in the fight for social justice and for a long time.

Of course, I wish to present more information here since there are lots of things to discuss. It will have to wait! Okay, one more thing on my mind. This is the moment for Jews to actively do much more to fight the anti-Semitism on campus in our nation. I have learned about the latest statistics for the New York area, but I read articles about Jews feeling that colleges and universities are experiencing more anti-Semitism.  I wish to share ideas and we can do that quickly. The goal is to defuse hostility in a quick lesson or two. So, let’s do it! And perhaps the ADL or Anti-Defamation League can tell US more about the research involving anti-Semitism in France among the various ethnic groups there. And what is taking place among Jews in the universities of France? Everything matters!

I noticed that the ADL is about to launch a new Twitter site to help in the fight against anti-Semitism. I have recommended that the N.A.A.C.P. do the same thing to help fight hate since much more has to be done. The sharing of materials by those two organizations reaching communities across our land will be of great help. And that is why Evangelicals (also in español) who have opposed the worst elements of M.A.G.A. and those gardens of hate nurtured by American fascism in our democracy have to be eliminated. And this is a moment for all governors who oppose the direction Americans are being taken in speak out and join with other groups mentioned here. Wake up everybody is my music, my song, my inspiration!

Let me refer to something that I wish to convey in greater depth since it ties into being “woke” so to speak. It’s 1948 in the Soviet Union. It only took two paragraphs at the beginning of the chapter to reveal what I have noticed in Florida under DeSantis (but we see signs of it in other states even under African Americans).

Solomon Mikhoels killed, crushed to death by a truck by Lavrenty Tsanava who was head of the Soviet Belarusian state police.

Okay digest these details and share them on a national and international level.

Mihhoels was Jewish.

Mikhoels was director of the Moscow Yiddish Theater and chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.

Mikhoels went to Minsk to judge a play in the Stalin Prize.

The head of the state police invited Mikhoels to his country house.

The head of the police was also an historian “finishing a history of the Belarusian partisan movement, which ignored the special plight and struggle of the Jews under German occupation.” In other words, the Jews were fighting to be heard and the state would not allow them to tell their truth just as African Americans want their truth to be very well known in Florida right now under you know who.

Soviet suppression of Soviet Jewish partisan history and that suffering had not been brought to an end under the government in the Soviet Union.

Mikhoels opposed Stalin on issues.

Stalin wanted the suffering of the Jews to just be abandoned as part of the overall suffering of the Russian people (White Lives Matter of Russia).

Mikhoels wanted the publication of the Black Book of Soviet Jewry about the mass killings and other crimes.

Soviet culture could not endorse that publication.

Postwar Soviet Union could not have the Star of David on memorial obelisks (only the 5 pointed star of the USSR).

Lenin’s monuments were placed on Jewish tombstones used as pedestals.

Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Allilueva, overheard the arrangement to cover up the murder of Mikhoels.

Okay I went beyond two paragraphs to make a deeper point to show to people in the United States. But there is one more thing to share from the reading.

In 1943, Mikhoels was in discussions of making Crimea (Ukraine) a Soviet Jewish homeland which had backing by some American Jews.

Perhaps this is an example of Jewish-African American math? I do see a parallelogram there. Do Soviet Jews and their families in Brighton Beach and Miami Beach see it? And did Joe Biden learn this history from one of the leading professors that I took this information from? All of this should shed light on what is referred to as the US Culture War taking place in places like Florida and American fascism is an integral part of the problem as those fascists or fascist leaning people act just like Stalin and the worst of communism. Things did not get better after 1948 for Jews under Stalin and the rest is well…history.

Trying to Make a Difference Right Now

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

There will be more about this quote which was placed in this article at the last minute.

Blood flowing on the streets of East Jerusalem. Seven dead in the attack outside a synagogue. And Netanyahu was talking about more gun licenses. This connection rings loud and strong from Jerusalem to Brighton Beach to Miami Beach. The killing took place on Bibi’s watch, and it is doubtful that it could have been prevented. And then there was a thirteen-year-old taking the law into his hands.

And there was the six-year-old child taking the law into his hands in Newport News, Virginia. There the community does share some of the blame. Administrators were either fired or forced to resign. And I learned at the last minute that one principal has been transferred to another school in the district.

What could have been the lead item or maybe should have been the leading one is Tyre Nichols being beaten by police and more police probably will be named shortly as I have seen a presentation detailing that there is more to come. We shall see. I was advocating better training in The Force 2020 DDT back in 2019 and we have to ask what did those 5 men learn from the George Floyd Affair? We could also learn from a study of just what things prepared them to do the things they did to Tyre Nichols to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. A report was made about Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, so why not one now? This is a huge country, and that beating can be just the tip of the iceberg. And we know that even after George Floyd that other incidents had taken place where police should have handled things differently.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

My work took me back to education where I found out more about the Biden plan to bring 250,000 tutors into communities in our nation. I am working behind the scenes to try to make a difference right now. And I believe that parents who find out about my efforts will be delighted since the numbers are huge of students who need help.

Keep in mind that this. I knew a man who was born in Poland. He told me this. He was saved by Stalin as Stalin attacked Poland after Hitler. Where did Stalin send him to save him? SIBERIA!  I have read The Gulags (3 volumes) and I assume that he or others like him were the “free” people that the author referred to in writing about how people were being sent to prison for almost nothing in violation, often, of the Constitution. That man left for Israel, and I cannot provide the date for that. Then he ended up in the United States of America where he revealed to me in one sentence his prejudice against Arabs (around 1980). I wrote The Sacred Oath over a 20-year period and that statement is in the screenplay. On a train to Grenoble, France I met a young woman who smiled at me as I started to remove two heavy bags full of personal items and got to know her. She was an Arabe or Arab whose family came from North Africa and she and her friend faced prejudice in those days just walking through the streets. Grenoble, for me, has several great memories including just walking outside the hotel and smelling the aroma of the boulangeries or bakeries in the morning air being trapped by the Alpes. And now I am spending far too much time reading and absorbing the deaths and the sight of a large pool of blood shown in the news.

And around our nation, tutoring is taking place to bring the students “back” from falling through the cracks on state tests. I had to write about this. Fourth grade reading scores and fourth grade math, too, had dropped. There were various reasons for this. Resilience for many and high dosage tutoring as well as other supports are needed to restore the students to where they were before the pandemic. College work study students was mentioned among other things which is an idea that I gave to Tom Suozzi of New York in his run for governor in 2006. That was a long time ago as we keep in mind that in New York we learned that the tutoring didn’t work. And the report said that we are going to see results in the next year or two, good results. I say we can get great improvements quickly and that is why I had to intervene in this important matter.

Also bear in mind that President Barack Obama in office once said that we’ve made improvements in 42 states and if we can take that as “gospel” why wasn’t anything done immediately after the pandemic to intervene, and we had to wait until now to see something going on? Also keep in mind that when I make calls to people in other states including education organizations that they know nothing about the 250,00 tutors that was mentioned on the broadcast that I listened to. Click for more on that! I am not expert on training police, but I have my deep concerns about their training. As an educator, I know that I have major things to share, but nobody listens to me. Since the tutoring is already in place, wouldn’t it make sense to check up on the training of those tutors to see if they are trained for immediate and great success as students learn just why they didn’t succeed? Shouldn’t parents be involved in this? Or are we just going to continue to pay attention to this mother 4 liberty or that mother. And what has Governor DeSantis actually accomplished for the hundreds of thousands of Floridians who have fallen through the cracks? And we can take this into Huckabee Arkansas and other states. And nobody in government here in the United States should do things that Stalin and others did to people in any locality or state. Stalin murdered Jews in his last years, but part of his work was to diminish Jews by nullifying their rights and that means that we should never had things like “Don’t say gay” and “Woke” because that is just how the whole thing started under Stalin and Hitler. And the nerve and stupidity of Donald Trump who now calls for all people to be declared in law as “loyal” citizens of the United States as knowing that people are being diminished in Florida and elsewhere. Americans should be told where that is going and the picture is not pretty because the level of intolerance will be much greater any the groups already mentioned and others.

I have just read, by the way, that in Ohio there are children who are being homeschooled to the tune of Adolf Hitler and others. Hitler and homeschooling and the parent claimed, according to the site Vice that “nobody can do a better job than we can because it’s our child. We are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi,” she said. Shouldn’t mayors and governors everywhere start mentioning this? And if this continues to a point where the thousands of children who are being taught that way become the hundreds of thousands of children, what will happen then? Will there be even much more blood on the streets where minorities walk? I cannot fall into a trap that everything being presented by “Dissident Homeschool Network” is racist and anti-Semitic, but who would spread the word about Indiana Jones being “Jewish revenge porn” and going to school with diverse people including homosexuals is “Jew factory that is public school.” And these are people that like to eat cake or “Führerkuchen,” and I wonder how many school vouchers are going to be accessed by this group and others. And what is going to be done about this in Ohio? Kanye believe all that? Kanye? Remember his thing about loving Hitler? Martin Luther King, Jr. was diminished and General Robert E. Lee was to be esteemed. White supremacy is to flourish with that kind of education.

So you want to know about that quote which could have come from a discussion of communist theory. Those words stood out in a Pennsylvania school district where it has also been reported that Jews are bullied there. The quote is from Elie Wiesel and will more Jews now decide to stand up against this oppression being handed to teachers and communities by our nation’s governors and legislatures. In Florida the Queer Theory that has been rejected by Governor DeSantis and his education people includes information about James Baldwin and his life and work. When he debated the well-known conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. many decades ago, the people who watched, listened, and voted for the winner of the debate chose Baldwin over Buckley. It seems that DeSantis has chosen Buckley here. The article that I read about Pennsylvania details fact. The principal ordered the school librarian to remove the quote and any materials related to Wiesel. Fact. The decision was made because of school policy. Fact. The union rep was later called into a meeting about this, and it was clear that there were “consequences” involved in the breach of policy. Fact. There is now outrage in the community about this policy and its implementation. Fact. The quote was restored after review and the Anti-Defamation League of Philadelphia laments that the policy still exists.

And in Florida, Professor Marvin Dunn of Florida International University and others lament the things going on there with an authoritarian governor that recently won election in a landslide. Fact. He, too, objects to how James Baldwin and others are being diminished and states that the problem is partly or largely the result of an outgrowth of teachings even within Black churches. How then will this problem be corrected without assurances and protections in the schools? Why is Holocaust studies now finally going to be taught in Arab nations that forbade it before? I would like to see Governor DeSantis begin to teach Critical Race Theory in a school in Florida. He has to learn and grow up! And please please please Mr. Governor. Do not hand out any “Führerkuchen” or even MAGAkuchen in class.

Before completing this article, I remembered helping a youth from Ohio with the GED over the telephone. She was taking the GED the next day and felt she needed help. I can assure you that I have no way of knowing if I helped her pass or even do better on the GED. Honestly! She had the right GED book at home. I asked her about her methodology of studying and was able to advise her in those last hours before she took the test and passed that test in Ohio. Parents think about this. You called me to ask for help with your child in the fourth grade. If that child (children) has the right book and the methodology is poor, immediate help can be given at the last minute to help your child (children) pass the state test. I told that youth to do the practice test in the beginning of the book, correct her paper by looking at the answers in the book, and then read the explanations about why she had gotten the wrong answers. That is how we can empower parents and their children. Can you imagine if I had helped all those people who had failed in those 22 states, making a great difference to society. The youth called me from Ohio to thank me after finding out she had passed.

I just had the opportunity to share with an agency connected with the governor of Connecticut this. I looked at my list which can be found in the Joe Biden Fair Shot article. In 2013 that state came in 50th in the nation out of 51 jurisdictions (Washington, D.C. and the 50 states). Not only was the state one of the worst for delivery of GED diplomas, but also the largest gaps for African Americans (31.8 percent) and Hispanic (25.8) percent in the nation. The smallest gaps are found in the state of Iowa which was 27th in the nation and the gap for African Americans (2.8 percent) and for Hispanics (2.1 percent), but I warn you not to even think about copying the system. New York state has a system that benefits the person who wishes to take the entire test at once (based on what was or used to be). New York needed lots of help to mobilize people more toward taking the test.  And there were 22 states that had that poor delivery of GEDs to African Americans ranked by a gap of 20 percent or higher.

Florida is a state where a student could just drop out of school at 16 and take the test and get on with life. Florida is also a state where it appeared to me that the Spanish GED was underutilized by communities and where the French GED test was eliminated as it was in Massachusetts, a state that has a sizeable Haitian population like Florida. I am advocating for progressive changes in Florida and in our nation. But in Florida, the drone attacks have to stop against the gay and Black community immediately. I am also waiting to hear from news media reporting about Broward County and its schools.

I have never written this before and didn’t even think about it. Only 4 states had a gap of less than 10 percent on the GED for African Americans (Idaho, Utah, Iowa, and Kansas so that means of the 51 jurisdictions in the last report 25 had gaps of 10 percent to 20 percent. Four states had 19 percent. I just decided to throw some more fuel on the fire. For Hispanics 27 states had a gap of 10 percent or more (3 states had 20 percent or more).

And there are problems in Virginia that is very concerning to Jews at and around George Mason University and Jews there feel that the university took “a giant step backwards” in planning a Holocaust celebration. And complaints there go much deeper than that.

Classified Documents Found in My Home

The Department of Justice and the F.B.I. should do an investigation since these documents are or seem to be top secret. My readers know that nobody listens to me.  I don’t feel that I will be in trouble at all as I see lots of trouble in New York City and other places.

City hall, the governor’s mansion, and The White House must learn where the mistakes are to educate more people and reduce crime. A free media is needed now to learn from the mistakes of the past and to point out decades of mistakes made by people in government and those who wished to be in government.

My articles spell out the great need for change and I still see only incremental change taking place. The focus this morning was the crime in New York City and the Department of Education leadership under Mayor Adams and in Northern Virginia where an anti-gang task force was just eliminated or so it seems. There have been multiple references in articles online about the MS-13 because of a recent horrific crime there. Chancellor Banks is reacting strongly right now to the violence caused by underage youth who cannot be sent to Rikers, the city’s jail.  Services that were needed last January are being implemented or will be. I warned the city that never sleeps. Here you will see material that I have copied and pasted which includes material before the pandemic.

Idiots and idiots (uncapitalized).

I just wrote to Eric Adams and Bill de Blasio yesterday, putting idiots in the subject of the email.  Idiot is capitalized at the beginning of a sentence (but it refers to the long list of Repugnicans and their leader Donald Trump…idiot is a lesser human form of Idiot and needs no capital. I have […]

Posted June 22, 2021

The news is full of material about the surge in crime. The governor of Georgia is against the mayor of Atlanta. There have been investigations of crimes committed by looters and gang members. Cases have been dismissed and cases are still pending. The Democratic candidates for mayor in NYC are getting tremendous publicity as the voting will be completed soon and the results announced. There is a commercial for NYC Comptroller telling everyone that a candidate is a “Latina” to vote for. She is already a Repugnican in her own way. I can just imagine my new and old friends down south who would react to a candidate’s ad by saying that he is just a Southern White Boy looking to make a difference in his community. There is a lot going on and there is still a lot that is wrong, including Curtis Sliwa now calling for 5,000 police when he just wanted the cops to do their job when the first sign of looting started. Fernando Mateo, another Republican candidate for mayor, is right in calling for jobs for students now, but that increases the size of government, a Republican creed that would be defunded or dispossessed here.  Where was he all along?

And this is for Eric Adams to digest and share with all his campaign people since my ideas should have been shared with him already. His recent comment about the shooting (under de Blasio in the city) where two children were caught on video at that scene under the feet of the assailant and the victim got my attention. The communities where I live had its own version of street violence that so horrified a nation that Trump exploited it repeatedly to scare Americans into submission.  I am referring to the butchering of two high school students on the street.

Published On: Sun, Sep 30th, 2018 Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Extra Extra: Read All About The Police And The MS-13

In this article “I called upon Lebron James to join forces with Parkland parents and I wanted the parents of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens to be there too. Lebron James has been contacted and we hope to discuss joining forces this coming week. Trump has provided them with publicity but that is not enough. The community has to be cleaned up in many ways and that he won’t do to Make America Great.”

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

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Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

And now in 2023 we get to this which I had my concerns about.

Fuggedaboutit: Keeping My Eyes on Eric Adams and David Banks

Here are some words in Spanish that people should know. Para mi es una travesía. Click here. Bloomberg made major cuts and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez protested in Upper Manhattan. If you just read the New York Post, you could easily draw the wrong conclusions about what is going on right now, now that students have […]

Posted January 24, 2022

I see the mistakes and like an umpire standing near home plate during a  baseball game, I call the play and I say “you’re out” to things that are happening. With that said, a man I know in Brooklyn who I cancelled a few years ago has told people that in life you can’t get to second base unless you reach first base. That comment was not actually about baseball since he was highlighting the importance of earning a G.E.D. Much of the work we did together was in Rikers Correctional Facility and I spoke about his own efforts wherever I went including important meetings in the Dominican Republic.

Eric Adams, for the record, just stated on camera that 80 percent of the men and women locked up in Rikers do not have a high school diploma (or GED) and that 66 percent have dyslexia. Where is his plan of action right now? Fuggedaboutit “you’re out at home plate.” I had to start this way. A staff member of Brooklyn’s District Attorney also told last year that “we are not in the business of helping people with their GED” as I proposed providing information for the communities in need in Brooklyn before Adams was elected to his new position.

With that said and knowing that the city is not as safe as the schools are, change is important. That does not mean change one chancellor for another. And with that said I know and now you know that New York State is and has been one of the worst states in the nation for high school equivalency and people in our government must finally wake up. The people in power have not done a good job! And the new title of my book is I Accuse but in French. The old title symbolically had something to do with my birthday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The new title came from my youth and learning of the hate and discrimination against Jews in France and Germany at different times in history.

I was looking in my closet for something and I discovered that I still had copies of some of my books including Fuggedaboutit. That top secret has to be revealed to our nation just as this has to be.

The Washington Examiner and other such outlets posted that the gang task force of Northern Virginia has been wiped out. Funding has diminished since 2012 and a new rape-murder has taken place by a member of the MS-13. Trump’s name is mentioned, but you will not see any funding granted by Trump to Northern Virginia during his administration. In addition, keep in mind that Virginia is now a “Red” state where Youngkin defeated McAuliffe. And that means that no funding has been put in place by the Republican governor to help.

And there is more that has been forgotten that I am sharing here.

As all these things were going on, Joel Klein could have insured greater success in New York City by providing the knowledge that Geoffrey Canada finally obtained to get his students in the Harlem Children’s Zone to pass their state tests. Neighborhood schools failed far too often and much of that blame should be placed on Bloomberg-Klein because the knowledge was there. Klein didn’t have that knowledge and he had other priorities. Just read his book as I did. And I knew that after I retired because as a G.E.D. teacher I knew what was needed.

The New York Post never writes about education the way that I write. David Banks is qualified for the position, but was he the best choice? Eric Adams chose a man who fits The New York Post mode. There is a new city council (lots of new people) and this is a new day. It will take ideas that should have been implemented a long time ago to make New York City safer. And when I helped put together a G.E.D. meeting on the senate side for the education department, I found out after taking documents home that not one single person in Rikers had passed the G.E.D. in a year. I called Governor Paterson’s office to report that. Will that even create a spark of interest in the eyes of Mayor Eric Adams?

And what you have just read was also published a year ago.

The Bloomberg-Klein mistakes that I wrote and published about in the book reveal that the focus was on training principals without even helping the teachers to understand how huge numbers of students could pass their state exams. Some succeeded and most did not. And as time passed by, more and more students were pulled out of neighborhood schools for safety reasons and for that other bad reputation that called those who were not proficient “illiterate.” I have something important to share about this and can be contacted about it. Let’s

So where do we go from here? Please tell me or should I tell you. This is only an example to think about. We have noticed governors doing the worst things in the name of democracy across our nation and I am thinking about education and other issues of importance to some people. In Florida there is a governor that has superficially talked about getting back to teaching the basics (social studies and history basics are never enough nor were they ever enough. With 119,000 thousands students in Broward County that tested either poorly or not proficient that does not even tell US the reality of the numbers in the state and that governor can proudly claim a mandate in his state due to his landslide victory. And now Trump wishes to codify much or all of what DeSantis has done into national law and that is if he and his party succeed now or in the future.  And that takes US to NYC or even Rochester where the same thing is going on, but we are not the state where “woke comes to die.”  And right now, Manhattan Institute policy papers are taking over education in Florida, Arkansas, and other states. With the yeshivas (yeshivoth) in mind, I can state that since Chancellor Banks has taken the position that there will be no new charter locations (and I approve), that if they wish to have more students let them take in those students that are really at risk in the city and not just cite students who are at the poverty level for school lunches. I told Charles (written as Michael) Sahms of the Manhattan Institute years ago that the proof of the pudding of the charter schools would be that a regular school that was doing poorly would be taken over the charter school (Success Academy) and prove that they could make the great majority of those students proficient on state tests. That has never happened and it is was and is totally unfair to even compare charter schools with neighborhood schools. Take in the students or youth, that have recently been involved as perpetrators in shootings. I want The White House to acknowledge this as well as the Department of Education of NYC and NY State. Those are things that you should know and learn. Let’s finally be fair! If you need any clarification, just contact me. And I would never ask the yeshivas to do all the things that I have outlined here because they were conceived as private religious institutions. Charter schools were not started that way.

And I look forward to sharing more information with communities and will do whatever it takes.

Lack of a Safety Culture

Genesis or a facsimile of it. Lack of safety makes things dangerous for people in our nation. Read more about the beginning of that danger that people were placed in. Learning more matters as we have learned that COVID is not over. And what will happen if and when the next pandemic strikes US. I have always worn a mask in businesses outside my home and if I forgot a mask, which hardly ever happened, I drove back home to get one. Now to be even safer, I keep some masks in the car, so I don’t have to even worry about not having a mask.

Trump’s White House in mid-March 2020 holds a talk with Jews in Brooklyn, calling for social distancing and respecting Jewish law demanding that Jews focus on saving lives.

Trump holds a meeting with Christian leaders and talks about the economy instead of saving lives.

Mask choice is granted as though hardly anything would ever happen to the American people.

June 29, 2020 article indicating that Trump has resisted pressure to wear a mask during the pandemic. Mike Pence who should have known better about Jesus Saving Lives spoke instead about the U.S. Constitution.

Well the constitutions of more than a million Americans gave out and people died. And that was before long COVID. Governor Abbott of Texas and a staff member greeted Pence at the airport at that time in Texas and all of them were wearing masks. Did you know that? And that was on the tarmac of the airport.

Mike Pence also spoke at a huge church in Dallas and said that such gatherings could be super spreaders because nobody was wearing a mask and people were singing. Dr. Birx was asking for 100 % compliance with mask mandates at that time.

385,000 deaths were reported in 2020 due to COVID-19. The effort to contain the virus failed as leaders failed in their duty to keep Americans alive.

Trump later said that 85 percent of mask wearers were getting COVID-19 and that more people wearing masks were getting the virus than those who did not wear masks.

Could that apply to the United States at the beginning as people fought the Coronavirus in their communities? Do you remember the hoarding of large numbers of items in stores and then empty shelves. And empty shelves for days. This was the “genesis” of a big problem. Everyone knew that things were not going well, and the nation started to divide on the issue as well. And it was reported that Trump had stripped that safety net, and it was done repeatedly. And Trump opened up the skies to people coming in from Europe even as he was vehemently opposing China in many ways. And that was repeated many times. Did it even matter to people to find out just how that “safety culture” opened up the skies to enter our nation in places like New York and Miami? Oh it was revealed just how that happened, but it took a long time to know the truth. I read about it in a book by Bob Woodward and it all came from the Trump Administration.

The Spanish Flu and Now Corona Virus

Posted March 16, 2020

“Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised.”

Deb Riechmann, Associated Press

The Corona Virus is serious business worldwide and it takes great leadership to navigate through it.  Unfortunately we lack that to counter the political, economic, and social problems that will increase because of the virus.  I’ve written that Trump is the Corona Virus.  Trump has really watched an increase in all sorts of crimes in America rise as he has demonized the MS-13.  We could go back to the Great Potato Famine in Ireland which existed in other countries of Europe and learn from what took place.  Life became much more destabilized than it had been and the Irish who suffered greatly under tremendous discrimination were destroyed by a plague with little help from the outside world.  America can become a minefield if the right actions are not taken and we do have the wrong people in power right now.

Yes I was writing about the Irish Famine because I knew about the deaths, the crime and violence, and the insufficient amount of help provided by England back then which clearly resulted in great migrations of Irish to our nation, Canada, and places like Australia. But nobody listens to me.

And my concerns were there even before the pandemic as I wrote this.

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

Posted October 10, 2019

Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.

Officer Kroll is from the city where George Floyd was killed during the pandemic. Trump could have done more to help the police that is if Rudy Giuliani had successfully reminded him of what happened under Bill Clinton.

And back then there were no masks at first and soon we were buying boxes of masks, masks that we had never even learned anything about before Corona morphed into COVID-19. There were “White House” essentials coming forth, including “mask choice.” Blue states had the most victims in those days. And more “news” from Trump and his people included hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, injecting people with bleach, and more. The key to understanding this period is that Trump knew better than his medical team and he had to even replace or diminish those who contradicted or diminished his views. And all this was long before the vaccines which is another period in American history, but essentially a continuation of that earlier era of several months. By February 10, 2020 I knew that we were in big trouble and wrote about it. The first death in our nation was only about three weeks later. And today the vast majority of Republicans want Trump to return to office. Trump is attacking his “evangelicals” right now in the news precisely how he has attacked Jews for being “disloyal” to him and to America. There are reasons for that that you should be thinking about. Even in Israel, important Jews in powerful positions are stating that the evangelicals do more for Israel than most American Jews do. And support for Trump is in the fore there. That kind of pressure is designed to promote change, change that I find repugnant. This is Critical Repugnant History to me.

And back then, I made a call to The National Council of Churches in Washington, D.C. and I was told that the position of that organization was
“Jesus would have worn a mask.” This is what was being told to people. Think about Jesus and the masks for a moment. Think about Jesus on the cross as well. I think about conversations and readings about pastors who were lost to COVID-19 and my outreach went into religious communities to try to save lives. Have you even thought of the possibility of COVID-19 in the Holy Land which I had not thought of (in Jesus’ days)? Thinking about Jesus and a protection against that virus.

My readers should know that I have something up my sleeve right now. So what is it? That title Lack of a Safety Culture keeps drawing me back as I write.

Let me take a break from COVID-19 and write about the decision of the court in Florida that says that Governor Ron DeSantis violated the “free speech” of Andrew Warren who was the elected state attorney. Emphasis on elected. The decision also states that under law the governor has the right to remove an official In New York someone just got elected after being so fraudulent that his own party is out to get him or so it seems. But what about “free speech” in Florida and I knew that the governor was in violation of “free speech” weeks ago because I read about an important case from the 1960s involving Julian Bond. And now, it seems, that the decision will be made by the state legislature which is Republican and Repugnican leaning in this important matter. Does that even seem fair? That decision looks like it will be going to a higher court. But for the moment, we would think that the legislature would have to vote in favor of Andrew Warren and against the governor that so admire and love because “free speech” should reign. I have written before that I am not a 100 percent supporter of “free speech” because of things that have happened in Jewish history, and I wish to share with you that a similar situation is brewing in the state of Illinois over the spread of gun violence, guns, and Constitutional protections. There is a new gun law that Governor Pritzker has signed and sheriffs in counties in Illinois state that they will not enforce the law against the wishes of the governor and the legislature.

And this just came in on the news Tom Hanks has no respect for people who won’t wear masks. And there is much more on my mind right now, but back to Lack of a Safety Culture.

Lack of a Safety Culture did not come from our battle against COVID-19 and those repugnicans in the United States. I can recall people, sometimes, in restaurants in Suffolk County, taking my temperature before allowing me to enter. No this “Lack of a Safety Culture” was about Geiger counters and the problem took place in 1986. It was a documentary that revealed how lies were being told to the people and finally there was great opposition to the lies and treachery. What happened was the opposition was eliminated by trumped up investigations and death. Workers everywhere denounced the people who went to trial as traitors and wished those “traitors” death. Support against change resonated throughout the land as there was no reason to even try to Make Russia Great Again since there was no turning the clock back to the czarist era. This was all about a strong man that Trump admired named Stalin and the Lack of Safety Culture was Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster that took place in Ukraine. No masks were worn, at first, as workers were cleaning up the disaster, workers who were told that things were safe. Then we can see that masks were worn. The workers went in and were timed at their jobs to avoid radiation. The nurses told those workers each day that they were safe. Yes “Soviet-Stalin” safe and the truth or Pravda was that they were being infected with radiation and many were going to become sick and lots were going to die. That was the health system working with the administration under orders. People knew the truth. And there was danger. And the people believed that they were free and safe, protected by their great leader. And notice that as usual that there is no discussion about socialism or Marxism here because it is not needed. It’s about citing the worst of leadership in a democracy and a communist dictatorship.

I have written about masks in the mining industry of the Soviet Union in another article and even though the masks were created they were not to be used under orders and under orders Trump said masks did not have to be used. Soviet freedom=American freedom is depicted here in another way, a disastrous way. That was and is Trump’s way for lots and lots of things. Even the attempt to take out Stalin leading to those “Moscow Trials” ought to be viewed by all Americans in assessing Trump’s attempt to keep power away from Joe Biden and the Democrats. And there was violence that “The Party” continues to downplay as Trump’s hand in that history has been carefully revealed. Communism=Repugnicanism is the equation to remember. So this is not about Marxism since it is about how similar people of different political theories can act the same when given the opportunity to. And now we conclude our own Moscow Trials known as January 6. Trump lost the election and he lost the opportunity to overthrow our government and he was no Stalin, just an admirer of the man’s power. And this warning about Trump and his supporters goes out to all of Eastern Europe and other regions of the world that are now more at risk than before. Trump’s DNA seems to be American DNA, but that DNA will confuse you even as he tells Republicans now to not touch Social Security and Medicare. Am I to support him right now because of that statement? What do you think after reading all the things I have written about since 2016. He belongs in an American institution after all he has done.  In the Soviet Union, he would have been sent to The Gulag just by thinking he could de-classify anything that Stalin had written or done. And he would have had a trial of all trials quickly where in Washington D.C. he is not even on trial. And Trump gave US the same enemy of the people theme that Stalin and his party gave to people under the Iron Curtain.

Essential workers, containment, illness and death and people supporting all that. Stalin yes Stalin would have been proud of those Americans that aligned themselves with Trump, DeSantis, and others. Hitler, too, would have been proud of that response as well. And what I am writing about happened with Trump, under Trump, and because of Trump. There were Chernobyls all over the United States from Alabama to Wyoming. And things would have been much worse if we had not worn masks. And I am alive and well and I will continue writing. And I add that it may now be beneficial to call Donald Trump “Comrade.” No Trump did not allow a huge number of synagogues to be destroyed like Hitler. No Trump did not allow a huge number of churches to be destroyed like Stalin as I think of The Spanish Holocaust and the Spanish Civil War readings that I have shared. And right now the news is that Ron DeSantis wishes to make a law in Florida that there cannot be any mask mandate. There must be mask be mask mandates and people have to know their responsibility to each other.

I happened to watch a Billy Graham You Tube (1971) yesterday on a day where he was speaking about truth in America. He was telling his audience that Jesus was not White and that Europeans knew that. The Black Madonna was shown in the video. He also stated that Jesus was the color of the people in that region which we have heard about before. I wonder what Billy Graham would say today about DeSantis and the people of Florida and “no mask mandate.” I would hope that Christians, Jews, and Muslims (non-believers as well) would demonstrate by wearing a mask in the communities. Remember “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” which I have even written about. Click! And I sent that article to California to be given to Tony Orlando (Orlando, Orlando, Orlando and the rest of Florida wake up now). Governor DeSantis, also, will not tell you that Florida, our nation’s leader in COVID deaths is the place that people go to die from that virus (he has to wake up if he can). And there have been hundreds of attacks on Catholic churches recently in 45 states and in our nation’s capital and the F.B.I. is investigating these attacks. And another synagogue was just reported damaged in an act of vandalism in Staten Island, New York.

And here is some interpretation of history. Hitler lost his life and Berlin. Stalin died and Moscow’s communism fell. Trump lost the election fair and square and Washington, D.C. If we had a place to send Trump right now to remove him from American soil, would it be Berlin or Moscow. I have to go with Moscow because Trump gets along well with Putin.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Jews Were Prevented from Seeking Asylum

The nation is extremely divided on immigration, but for almost 20 years now I have been speaking out. There are 1,500 mayors connected to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, an organization that represents cities of 30,000 people or more. How divided is that organization? Governor Ron DeSantis is a major part of that problem along with other governors. Does Florida teach its students that Harriet Tubman and others had to create and expand an “Underground Railroad” for people to be free. And hasn’t this immigration history been playing out since some Americans had to create and expand what is known as “Sanctuary Cities” in our nation. So whose nation is it? Mayor Eric Adams has become almost the center of attention about immigration. He recently went to Texas to see what was happening at the border and immediately attended the U.S. Conference of Mayors event which The White House participated in. And the mayor got lots of attention and he spoke out. How many cities really heard him and how much new support did he get from those 1,500 mayors?

How many of those mayors were not even present to feel the energy in the air at the event? And how many of those mayors wish to run for governor or even president (it seems that the mayor of Miami wants to be one of those). It is repugnant to think of just how poorly the immigration issue has been handled by our governments and the people. And I suspect that Democratic mayors are also taking issue with asylum and entry into our nation. How many of them? Your guess is as good as mine. I suspect that Mayor Adams really didn’t learn very much or even enough to convince anyone of anything. I know that the finances of the cities are hurting the cost of helping the immigrants is high. It would have been cheaper to send them back on buses to Texas and those other states. Of course, most of those people would never ever have stepped on the buses. In the name of freedom why would anyone do to them the things that were done to them. Remember that no one took the Jews after The Evian Conference. That was the American democracy then and that is what the American democracy is now. People like DeSantis and Abbott were in power back then.

People don’t learn well and do not wish to learn. Have I not written before about Frederic Douglas, Daniel O’Connell, and Benjamin Disraeli meeting together to help liberate people. And just before Hitler’s attack on Poland, the American attack on African Americans, Catholics, and Jews was picking up steam as Republicans and others were blaming Jews for communism all over our nation and fascists were meeting to support Hitler’s objectives including racial purity. Of course that history gave Hitler what he needed to know. Even Jazz was considered “pornography.”

And back to Adams, the fighter for justice. He is not doing poorly, but I know that the public grows weary of things that are important as Americans grew weary of World War II and wanted to make a deal with Japan before Hiroshima and the dropping of A-bombs in Japan. And these truths will not be published in newspapers in New York City either. Then what course of action is needed? I believe strongly that my views should be appropriated by all the mayors of all the cities in our nation. I want to see 1,500 mayors learning more through Zooming now. That is unless the actual minutes of the US Conference of Mayors had an equal or better way of explaining that I have explained here. When do I want it? I want it now! I have already sent to the US Conference of Mayors my intention to provide our nation with conferences to help students everywhere with empowering information to uplift them because we now have an immense population where students are not proficient from elementary school to college placement. And this applies to England and other countries as well. And if a mayor cannot attend the virtual event that was described, he could designate others to be there as part of the process of informing our nation some of these ideas laid out here. And it is plain to see that the call now across our nation is for people to reject things like Critical Race Theory or a facsimile of that theory by leaving America’s schools. These are the schools that did make America Great in the past. And I have known since 2002 that parents should have gotten great tutoring for their children in their children’s schools. Which did not happen and only got worse during the pandemic. My call to provide educational conference(s) has not been answered yet by anyone in New York City.

In thinking more about this article and after speaking to a reporter based in New York City. I decided to seek out very old material and now I present it here for the mayor and others to see.


The decline in GED’s in New York State has affected Rikers Correctional Facility in New York City.  The violence is escalating across New York State and people are holding community meetings to address the issue of violence.

2007      207 tested     155 passers   75% passing rate

2006      311 tested      214 passers   69% passing rate

This was the poorest year for GED in Rikers since 2002 and maybe even before 2002. 

Mayor Adams, I repeat again, said 80 percent of the people in Rikers have no high school diploma or GED. What percentage of the total population in Rikers in 2007 or even in better years earned a diploma there considering that thousands and thousands pass through the jails in a year? Perhaps the mayor can ask for the numbers all those years so that what was taking place can be explained or exposed to the public. My point is this. Showing a 75 percent passing rate when so few diplomas were earned is a major deception. And the public everywhere has been deceived and deceived a lot. And is The White House paying attention?

And this attempt to shape current events should be in classrooms across our nation. This is not an attempt to indoctrinate as some Floridians would say. This is about educating the people, all people.

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

Education Conference(s) for the American people

“In addition to all that I have had a few words published in the past about how universal pre-k for the entire nation needs to be balanced by the education of adults or the parents of those children (young and older), but nobody listened to me. Former mayor Bill DeBlasio got a lot of credit starting that up and the education of adults has since suffered greatly. And it is still the same under a new mayor and a new chancellor in New York City and elsewhere.”

I quote my own published article. This is from

Guardrail of Anti-Semitism Middle School S.O.S.

Posted December 15, 2022

You can click here!

I have just placed this keystone of support for our nation’s children and adults right here after sending this piece out to school districts in Ohio and Florida. I am making this available to New York City now and the rest of our nation. It is time to wake up everybody.

In this report and request for important educational conferences for our nation, statistics will be provided. The range of success among the states varies and the 2013 statistics show success of delivery to the people from 4.8 percent down to about 1 percent. The reader of this report may look at that as only 3 percent difference or so without realizing its true mathematical significance which is a state that had 40,000 diplomas in a year could have had 80,000 to 120,000 diplomas in a year. New York’s mayor now realizes that 80 percent of the men and women in the jail of New York City have no diploma. That is a message for all states and all jails to consider. Just think of those numbers as interest earned in another state where the interest is higher.

When I was teaching G.E.D. before 2001 in New York City, I realized that I was not just teaching a course I was helping people make up years of work to graduate. I wanted students to know more. At no time did I ever think about the “social welfare” costs to society which were in the tens of billions of dollars. Those costs may now be in the hundreds of millions, especially as crime is spiking around our nation.

And among other things in my retirement, I wrote a grant proposal for The Department of Justice to help gang members from Long Island, New York to New Jersey obtain the G.E.D. through my methodology. That proposal was rejected immediately because the non-for-profit that I was coordinating things with did not come through at the last minute for me.

The question is just what is Mayor Adams of New York City with his team of people including the Department of Education doing to make things much better? And this goes for mayors across our nation (Republican states where Trump won in 2016 must be examined carefully because 12 of those states have been among the worst in the delivery of diplomas to African Americans where only 8 states were states where Clinton won that year). The worst states had a gap of 20 percent up to 30 percent which is probably not known by the people and the elected officials. And I call those states “plantation states.” Click on my article about that here. Two years have gone by since the publication of that article.

And keep in mind that back in the days when David Patterson was governor, I was handed information at a meeting on the senate side in Albany that I had helped put together. The information showed that in one year nobody had taken and passed the GED in Rikers. I quickly called the right-hand man of the governor to find out what had happened, and he called the education department immediately. Shouldn’t the public be informed of the success or lack of success of that program. I would like to know what the reports contained for other years, and we should compare the most recent results to look for improvement in the delivery of diplomas.

I have written about the ineptitude of Michael Bloomberg and Bill DeBlasio in the past. Will I be writing the same things about Eric Adams in four more years or more? Bloomberg and I spoke on a radio program, and he told me that NYC could not get gang members into GED classes because they came from “dysfunctional families.” How about that?

In New York City some or all the district attorneys’ offices are sending young people who are caught with guns to study for the G.E.D. How successful is this attempt to help and how has the program done in the past? It would be great to know what is going on so I would recommend a study of that. It’s the public’s right to know! And thinking about that Bloomberg comment, just how many of those youth are or were gang members?

I recently watched The City and State Education Conference attended by the key players of education in New York and there was only a brief mention by Chancellor David Banks about Rikers without presenting any other information and any great news. I later asked most members of the City Council of New York to watch and analyze that educational forum. What has happened since?

I have made calls to The U.S. Department of Education and read about the slide in graduation rate in Florida since the pandemic in the last 24 hours. So what is going on to make things better? How many of those Florida dropouts have not earned their G.E.D. because they are not trying to for one reason or another? And I learned that state tests there were suspended during COVID-19 and that is a form of lockdown and students graduated even without taking their tests there (in 2021 16,000 students graduated who would not have because they were not required to take state exams). My research took me to a presentation of a few leaders of Broward County where community concerns included the criminal justice system and the pipeline to prison and GED access. I also learned that the charter schools are lagging behind the neighborhood schools of Broward County as it was mentioned that the graduation rate of 83 percent could have been 93 percent if the charter schools had not been included. I noticed a long time ago that the charter schools were having problems.

And in Broward County alone there are over 100,000 students who were not proficient on their state exams and there was no lockdown there by unions or anyone else. And that state is approaching 100,000 deaths due to his mishandling of COVID-19.

And a major part of this warning is this. I have seen school boards that never learned how to do the right thing from 2001 to today. And now governors wish control over school boards and other key education decisions. Both are wrong! They are both wrong because the essential thing is to do the right thing. None of these governors can be compared, for example, to Solomon the Wise. And there was a Wise who was governor whose state was one of the worst in the nation for high school graduation. The key thing for governors right now is to learn much more and to have education secretaries learn more. I am asking people to look more closely here right now at Arkansas, Florida, and Ohio and reject outright the wishes of powerful people who don’t know enough. This list could be expanded to include even more. Illinois now gives out a GED as a high school diploma. It was the right-hand man of Jeb Bush who told me about how Florida was doing that in 2001. And at that time, Florida did it because it had the highest passing marks on each part of the GED test (5 points more each test). But, now get this. When the new test came out and Florida did not raise those 5 parts at all, it continued to give out high school diplomas to people. This fooled the people of Florida. Why has Illinois decided to do the same thing? I dunno!

And this is a short picture of Florida today “where woke goes to die” but I say it is the state where far too many people and people in power Watch Our Klan Excel or another kind of woke! And you know why I have placed the emphasis on the hateful atmosphere there, its leadership, and the legislation.

And there was an article about police detailing how morale has been a problem, mentioning bail, but not demonstrating just how large the problem is in relation to total crime. What was mentioned in relation to schools though was truancy which impacts on student growth. That problem was evident in GED classes as students were taken off the class roster, sometimes returning which was a welcome sign. And we know that truancy was a significant problem around the United States during the pandemic. My question is just how many youth who fit into that category were helped by being given the green light to get their GED? Do we know if schools everywhere reacted well to that challenging situation or not?

Right here is what students need in either G.E.D. or state tests so they can catch up fast. I had a G.E.D. Practice Test program from 2003 to 2014. Each subject had 25 questions which were all multiple-choice questions. And students had to know critical thinking skills back then. The students who got lots of questions wrong could learn from the program what they had to know from the start of the test. Learning everything does not mean that the student is suddenly equal to a person who can get everything right from the beginning. It does move the needle for the student to become more proficient. And that is badly needed among high percentages of students who do not perform well on state tests.

And I have added here today that this effort can be and must be supported by technology as the exchange of information can reach a great number of students in need at one time, students who require remediation in any skill in their core subjects. This means communication between the school and the home (parents for children). Ask me more about that!

This information will appear again in this paper and the following material was written last.

Moving students along right away at full speed helps the students, makes the parents aware by communication that their children are accelerating at a strong pace which permits their children to catch up to others.

One of my students in 1999-2000 told me that a dean of a college told Oprah on her show that teachers do not get the chance to go over tests. Think of the state tests that the students have taken. And the same is true of GED tests and other tests.

Practice testing is the key to success in GED classes and it was the key to the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone, a charter school in Harlem in New York City. How do students catch up in other schools as they leave. One million students have left their schools in the last few years, according to reports.

When a student can retest on that practice test immediately (without any help from anyone or answers), we can watch the communication with the student. Students will remember answers that they gave on their answer sheet. And they will also see right away answers that they had not intended to put (wrong answers).

And as students redo questions that were answered wrong or reread the material, questions, and the five multiple choice answers and now see the light and get them right, they are moving along the road to attaining proficiency or better.

Looking back at those GED subjects (25 questions per subject, it was very common to see students get 13, 14, or 15 answers right. Immediately correcting some or all the answers in a few hours is just what is needed. The alternative is to put the test paper away, marked of course. And proceed by using other materials including books, but those materials are not fresh in the minds of the test takers. Using that test first is what is needed first. Some or more of those answers will be on questions that were easy to answer, and others will be harder to answer in all subjects.

Example: John, Mary and Joe walked to school together.

Incorrect because a comma is needed before and.

When the first Common Core test came out in New York State and papers were marked, a deputy commissioner of education told me in a meeting in Albany that 75 percent of that test was basic material and 25 percent was Common Core material. The students, it was known by the education department, failed because they did not know the basics. Educators were not informed of this. The same may be true in your state.

I like swimming, snorkeling, and to go hunting.

Incorrect because parallel structure demands consistency meaning hunting and not to go hunting.

Most students can learn these things quickly and do much better on tests.

This is that I shared at the end of 2022.

Ohio 2013 annual GED statistics showed 1.1 percent delivery to its people during a year when the test was going to get harder in 2014 which is very bad. 40th in the nation.

African Americans had a gap of 24.4 percent with White people and the gap for Hispanics was 9.8 with Whites.

I only see information about the G.E.D. in Ohio right now on the internet. The G.E.D. was created as a test of college readiness- pass it and be college ready. That idea was created by corporate Pearson Vue which deceived the general public before 2014. College readiness has always been a part of the G.E.D. as I will illustrate. In New York City teachers were informed by community colleges that the students did okay in college when the students were required to pass a series of practice tests (or one test) with a cumulative score of 245 or more. This was largely fallacious as my own observations in 1999 taught me. Obviously, a student who got 245 or more immediately on that practice test was included in the report. Others in my experience who obtained 245 could get only a 229 on the real test when the passing score on the test was 225. There was hardly any difference in knowledge and students were held back sometimes for an entire year so satisfy that 245 score set by the administration.

Colleges accepted students with college ready scores at that time. One college at 249. Among the four-year city colleges, the passing score varied from 300-350 points to be admitted. And there was your readiness even back then.

After writing everything you have seen and will see in the paper, I remembered how I learned much more than just about everyone in the United States and as I started a national and international campaign to help people, It was 2002 which was a very bad year for G.E.D. testing in the United States. I can illustrate by using just a few states (or more). The national average was 1.0 which means that one out of every hundred people who needed a diploma as a result of dropping out of school somewhere earned it.  Delaware was well below the national average with 0.3 percent delivery to the people and a 96.2 passing percentage (District of Columbia 0.5 delivery to the people and a 51.5 passing percentage). At the top of our nation was Alaska with 3.6 percent (83.7 passing percentage). And New York had a delivery of 1.1 percent (53.7 percent passing rate. Things generally improved after that until 2013 and then no more statistics were provided. Question Why did these jurisdictions achieve what they did or do so well or do so poorly?

Ohio in 2002 had a 1.0 delivery of diplomas to its people (82.1 percent passing rate).

Alaska had to be sending those candidates in large numbers who were minimally qualified on the practice test or they were mobilizing communities well.

Delaware was sending only the highest qualified students based on practice tests and holding back other students.

New York was sending students in both categories, schools raised the bar on the practice test and candidates who did not attend the classroom could take the test without those restrictions. What benefited New York State was that the test was given at no cost (free to the test taker) and low- income people could take the test unhindered.

Some states had success rates of around 3.0 and 2.0 (5) and many states had success rates between 1.0 and 2.0, and 14 states were below 1.0 in delivery.

Puerto Rico went from a 1.8 percent delivery to its residents in 2002 (passing rate of 76.9 percent) to one of the major disaster jurisdictions after that. It got so bad that Puerto Rico’s Department of Education decided not to send in the numbers each year.

From 2003 on, better preparation boosted those numbers.

I challenged the administration of the Board of Education of the City of New York (now the Department of Education of NYC) before 2000 by alerting the news media and more than a few articles in English and Spanish newspapers were written about deficiencies. I was transferred into a program that was citywide where all students had to pass the practice test with a cumulative passing score of 225 and my anecdotal record back then was the program was holding students back. In that last site just before my retirement in the Fall of 2000, I made it clear to students who had taken the G.E.D. in other programs that they had the right to take the test on their own without the issuance of a code by the school administration, that if they were 19 years of age it was their right to take the test unhindered by the administration, that if they pass the test and go to college and if they take and fail the college placement exam that they could and should wait until the summer and take the remediation course free of charge so they school finances would not be depleted, In calls to students made after my retirement, students told me that they had left the program and taken and passed the test on their own and that my instructions about the college placement program were adhered to by those students that I had taught up to 2000. The administration even held students back who achieved what scores it wanted because student attendance was poor. That administration was that rigid!

Things cannot have improved in Ohio over the last 8 years, and we must know just how things were playing out during COVID-19.

The Akron School District must know how many diplomas have been produced each year through the school codes assigned and written on the applications and the state education department should inform Akron of just how many diplomas have been earned in the city.

Students whose intention is to just find a job or go into the military are surely being held back by that raising of the bar called college readiness.

The great thing that I learned from the CEO/President of The G.E.D. Testing Service was this. Anyone who got a very high mark on the real test could earn 10 college credits through The College Board. That is surely an incentive for the very well-prepared student to take the G.E.D. But another test is needed.

With such poor numbers, the education of adults has been suffering for a decade or more and that means we are talking about parents. More parents need help so they can fight poverty by getting better jobs through education where that is possible.

Parent involvement. Should the school system strive to increase Title 1 Parent Involvement? I would hope so. How can that be done? Using technology to reach parents which I read years ago about the state of Ohio. Without my being there physically, I hope that is what the Akron School District is doing.

And the parents must know their rights when their children are not doing well in school, falling behind, and not realizing that taking the G.E.D. is their decision for their children. In my experience as a teacher and a retired teacher, I have helped parents whose children either dropped out of the best high schools in New York. One student was already 21 years of age when her mother approached me at a dropout prevention conference where the wife of the governor was the keynote speaker. Her daughter soon took and passed the G.E.D., obtaining the highest grade that I had ever heard of (almost perfect). Why didn’t her daughter take the test three years earlier? Poor parent communication!

The combination of the school district helping more parents toward obtaining their diploma and participation in the education of their children should be of great value to Akron.

The G.E.D. program. How is it conducted from the first day? The official G.E.D. practice test is the way to go. Then in a few hours build up the skills based on what the students could not get right on the test.

G.E.D. teachers can tell Akron School District where the students have been deficient since they have practice test results. That information should be shared with schools to open the eyes of the schools before students drop out.

Right here is what students need in either G.E.D. or state tests so they can catch up fast. I had a G.E.D. Practice Test program from 2003 to 2014. Each subject had 25 questions which were all multiple-choice questions. And students had to know critical thinking skills back then. The students who got lots of questions wrong could learn from the program what they had to know from the start of the test. Learning everything does not mean that the student is suddenly equal to a person who can get everything right from the beginning. It does move the needle for the student to become more proficient. And that is badly needed among high percentages of students who do not perform well on state tests.

In preparation for state tests in all subjects, do teachers know what the individual deficiencies are for their students? What is each student lacking before state testing? And if they know, where is the information for them to review? I had my students’ weaknesses right in front of me toward the end of my career and even those students who had been absent for days, or weeks, or more from class could come to class and work on something that they had failed to get right before.

Correlation to the state test! Simple words and a simple program for each student to follow. If the program is made available to the students (with parental involvement). Mastery of skills in each subject area and filling the gaps of each student so that greater success is possible. Helping students quicker, building much better rapport, and leading to much better student behavior. Parents need that correlation the way that a doctor’s patient must follow pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions that prepare the person and make him or her better. That correlation will be helpful, especially if the person has a tutor after class instruction.

Upon retiring, I visited Eastern Suffolk BOCES and my meeting was an eye opener for the director. I presented to her the Official Correlation to the GED Practice Test which she called a
“piece of cake” while telling me that the teachers developed their own correlation to the Steck-Vaughn Complete GED book. It was in the district office of the GED program that I worked in  that one day I noticed a box full of correlations to the GED just sitting there that could have been handed out to teachers who had come to the office. And when I was assigned to another program in the last year of my service in New York City, I spoke with a staff member about that “correlation” who didn’t even know what I was talking about. That effective tool was not used enough, a tool that could have been useful to the students in their homes while just being absent or even being truant. And keep in mind that a correlation is an individualized program based on the needs of the student.

Before retiring, the students knew from my opening statement that I was there to help them improve and gain access to the real test so they could pass, get a diploma, and move on with their lives. And I told them to keep studying even after getting the diploma. When I had the chance to speak in communities and to write for newspapers, a key thing that I wrote was not to throw away that GED book and to keep it next to the Bible (God). I had noticed that one letter being different and loved telling people that.

In 2004 I gave The Central Islip Library in Suffolk County its GED Practice Test program in English, Spanish, and French to help the community. The event which was held there was covered locally in Suffolk Life and in the national newspaper of El Salvador, La Prensa Gráfica. The vice minister of El Salvador attended that event and “El Quijote del GED” was born in La Tribuna Hispana, the Spanish language newspaper, in Nassau County. Eighteen years later, there still is a Quixote fighting for the people here, around the United States, and in other nations.

And when 300,000 students had already dropped out of school in the United States and it seemed that they would not be protected under DACA, I contacted the Obama led U.S. Department of Education about that so people could be protected and progress well in our nation. And the immigrants moving into New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Chicago need much better help which will be part of this overall conference. I also think that Mayor Adams should sue Texas and the other states to secure the funding that is needed caused by leadership that thinks that sanctuaries should only be in certain places across the United States when people seeking amnesty should not be deceived and treated the way they have been. We know that the fight is taking place because of the DeSantis provoked flights to Massachusetts of immigrants, but more must be accomplished and fast.

Remediation in which the parents can check their phones or internet device and tune in to lessons that are needed to build up their children. This could be an additional school FACEBOOK where social events and announcements will not be placed as remediation reaches communities quickly and efficiently.

Education matters! All school board members and districts must learn much more about this important subject because it is still impacting adversely on communities across our nation even though the high school graduation rate has improved over the years. Silence is complicit!

Any follow up to me is simple. Just email and I will provide my telephone number where I can be reached almost all day.

I have talked to and written to The U.S. Conference of Mayors in the last 24 hours. And so far I like the response, but….I have been in touch with Newport News about another matter which is the shooting of a teacher by a six years old student (first grade student). Do you realize that if the student straightens out his life and achieves great things that he could even grow up to be president? Wake up! This report is an educational conference by itself, but I can assure you that there is much more to talk about. I am ready, willing, and able to move forward to move our nation forward. Before finalizing this report and adding content within it, I learned that Mayor Adams will be attending the U.S. Mayor’s Conference which was published in an article about his trip to Texas to learn more from people at the border, people that I have either been in touch with and or who I have written to. I noticed the divisions again in the city of New York that I have seen commented on by others. I am still waiting to hear back from the mayor’s office about these things that I have put before you and for other things that will be part of a conference to help New York City and our nation. There has been enough failure over the years caused by people in power and community organizations.

We needed better than Bloomberg and DeBlasio in New York City and this applies to others around our nation who have not helped the people to progress. How long will this kind of paper trail continue to exist after the education conference takes place? How long? Nobody listens to me! Just imagine, for a moment, that single word “truancy” and crime in our nation. And there are millions of adults who have never finished high school and who suffer from poverty. I want to thank Michael Bloomberg for his campaign to reduce poverty in New York when he took office. I noticed the posters in the subways of New York City as I made my way to meetings with communities and community organizations. And he knew that a lot was going wrong, but the expertise was lacking among the people he relied upon. I was writing about him in those days, even as he went out to Oklahoma seeking the Republican nomination for president. It was much more than truancy, because lots of mistakes were made by school systems and by others in power (governmental and non-governmental).

Martin Danenberg “El Quijote del GED” has done educational conferences and panel discussions in the office of ASPIRA New York, the Bronx Supreme Court’s Rotunda, the Consulate of El Salvador, the Congress of the United States, the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Samuel Gompers Conference Room in Washington, D.C., and Somos El Futuro Conference of the New York State Assembly.

Intifada Talk Gets Attention

In Michigan there is a call for an “Intifada” against Israel or death to the Jews. When I started writing about the Arab-Israeli conflict in the 1980s, there was no talk of an intifada. Fresh in our minds were wars between Arab nations and Israelis. How many Jews in New York City or elsewhere knew the history? I read a Jewish history book and spent lots of time hitting tennis balls from the late 1970s through those years leading up to the “Intifada.” And then one day an Israeli that I knew said something to me that I could never forget and it was laced with extreme prejudice against the Israeli Arabs. Click!

My last article in Jewish Business News is revealing. Congresswoman Omar’s Mistake: The Damage Is Done

By Martin Danenberg Published March 10, 2019

Among other things including something important about The Holocaust, I wrote this “

Ever since I watched the movie Exodus, I knew that Palestinians were divided during the war and I later learned about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who wanted to destroy all Jews.  I also noticed severe prejudice against the Palestinian people long before most Jews had a clue about what was going on.  From my own viewpoint, nobody should talk about the Nakba and the attack on Deir Yassin without mentioning the massacre of Hebron in 1929.  Nobody!  Events need equal time. And then there is this.”

The UAE or the United Arab Emirates has just announced plans to teach students about The Holocaust in its schools. The attack on Hebron was not The Holocaust, but it is required knowledge. So what about it? So what about it? Will that history be shared in the UAE? And who will take that message into Michigan right now?

And see what else was in that article! “Hugh Baver, the executive director and founder of Sosúa 75 has written to me from the Dominican Republic where he is concerned about this situation, but he is also recalling a past that took place in Michigan decades ago. “It was back at Southfield-Lathrup SHS in Lathrup Village MI (a Detroit suburb where the population there at the time was roughly 1/2 Jewish, 1/4th Christian & 1/4 Arab/Chaldean/Muslim (not Palestinian however I must clarify).

That high school, my former high school, has now since closed as the neighborhood over the years (Southfield, MI area) transitioned to all Black (close to 8Mile Road of “8 Mile” Eminem Fame).

It usually was the same two or three characters, but nevertheless we learned in high school back in the 70s what it felt like to be “terrorized” and to be immediately evacuated from the school premises with bomb threats as makeshift “bombs” were placed in the toilets in the high school bathrooms.

The deep-seated anger and hostility of these perpetrators was widely known and feared as many high school students would step very lightly around them.”

And getting back to the Hebron Massacre, I did research and added this. “Let’s briefly go back to Hebron in 1929.  The Orthodox community had sixty-four dead, including women and children.  Overall 133 Jews and 116 Arabs were killed (the latter mostly by British police).  Jews went from the Russian Pogrom to a slaughter that was not organized by the authorities.  Hundreds of Jews were given shelter by Arabs and survived because of their compassion.  That is the best part of the lesson of this history.”

Maybe this could be the first lesson for all students in the United Arab Emirates and for students in Michigan and around our nation?

As for Congresswoman Omar? I expected that she would improve, but I did write that just like Trump she had stirred the pot of anti-Semitism back then. “Finally we can give some thought here to the community that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar serves in Minnesota.  No she doesn’t have to go to Israel (yet) and visit the Holocaust Museum.  She can read the Holocaust Chronicles at home and not use her trip as a photo opportunity to prove a point.  She has work to do in her district.” And I wanted her to share my views with her community in Minnesota.

We are all concerned about what is being said in Michigan and making news. And remember that I sometimes call myself Emile Zolá. Death to the Jews was being shouted in France in the 1890s and there was violence throughout the French Empire against Jews. And those days led to Zionism calling for a Jewish homeland and The Balfour Declaration of 1917. Theodore Herzl was there and he led the movement. And yesterday I wrote to Meir Elran who is being attacked in Chicago for being attacked by communities there. Again I ask if all the people attacking him know the full history leading up to the formation of The State of Israel. Or do they only know half of it?

Donald Trump Hosts Adolph Hitler Fan Club?

I read this in the middle of the night and the source, Douglas Bloomfield, had his article published in The Jerusalem Post in Israel. Do Jared and Ivanka Kushner know about this and if so did it take place at his golf club? Does Michael Cohen know about this? The article is about Who Loves Israel more and it was published today, January 12, 2023.

I had been thinking about George Santos and writing about him. So I decided to add that George Santos is The Sacrificial Repugnican or so it seems. I read that there are security concerns about this new member of Congress who I could have called The Sacrificial Lamb of the Republican Party, but Republicans are divided on this one. New York State leadership, in the news, is against him, but Santos is moving things along. He seems so far to be just another “stable genius” of the party. If you think about it, Trump should have been sacrificed, but the party has elevated him to a sixty-five percent acceptance or approval rating even after all he has done. And keep in mind that I did not know anything about the Hitler fan club comment until after publishing yesterday that Germans applauded Hitler as a reminder to all.

We have to know when the “fan club” event took place, and I would love to hear Governor Ron DeSantis speak out against this in Florida. Remember how that governor took on The Mickey Mouse Club people at Disney over when the company attacked his gay policies? Who attended the Hitler Fan event? Were there well-known Republicans or others there? And how to Jewish Republicans feel about this? Have any known about this before its publishing? What is going on in our nation?

Among my readings lately has been how Jews called upon mob boss Meyer Lansky to knock some sense into Hitler’s supporters in New York. This took place at a time that Madison Square Garden had that famous Nazi rally in support of America. I wonder what Trump would have attempted with those Nazis back in those days as leader of the United States and commander-in-chief of our armed forces. Just sitting here, I imagine Paris being destroyed the way that Ukraine is being attacked and you know what that means. It means no more I love Paris. Thank heaven for little girls and for the fact that Trump was not president of the United States as Putin sent his troops across Ukraine to win, win, win.

My readers know that my expertise is this. I am “El Quijote del GED” which means that I have made lots of history in helping our nation’s students. I am planning to do education conferences throughout the United States to help children and families where huge amounts of students have fallen short or far short of being proficient on their state exams and we can accomplish much more than that. I just made this offer to the Bronx borough president’s office, but my outreach took me to Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee. And I am waiting to hear from the mayor of New York City. I, too, believe in getting things done to help the people. And that is why I keep writing things that are important.

I chose not to write about George Santos in depth, and I have only mentioned him in a recent article. I felt that he won the votes of people in his district and that is what would matter. He was sworn in. If there are legal circumstances that could eliminate him from the political landscape, I know nothing about that. It’s regrettable that he even stepped foot in the Congress of the United States. Our nation needs better, much better and better depends on the opinion of the party. Why should people in Wyoming or Montana even care?

I searched the internet hoping to locate Douglas Bloomfield so I could ask him more about that Hitler fan club at Trump’s golf course. Shouldn’t learn more about that? It has been reported about Nick Fuentes, Trump, and Kanye West meeting in Mar-A-Lago, but I want to know about the golf course meeting. I guess I can ask The Jerusalem Post for clarification. I must say that what was chosen as my new title could very well be a creative moment to summarize what Douglas Bloomfield feels about Trump’s activities. Remember how I have often used golf the golf theme “putts” along with Trump’s right-wing activities including his putsch in our nation’s capital. If there has been some, new revelation about that fan club, I will acknowledge it and do my best to share it.

Repugnicans in the News

There was Dr. Ben Carson who we can recall telling US that if the Jews had had weapons to fight back with against the Nazis that there probably wouldn’t have been The Holocaust.  Jews actually had weapons and those weapons were taken away from them. And did he think that Jews were even a sufficiently large minority to fight back? Think about the millions of slaves in the United States that were overwhelmed by White people. And the entire paper trail that existed until people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. heard the freedom bell ring. And recently there was something similar said about Jesus Christ and the Romans and what if he had had a weapon to fight back with.

And now Carson is expressing the already famous or popular line about “freedom” in relation to COVID-19. He wants more Americans to listen to their doctors (and I recently did not) because he wants people to be free. Well freedom has helped kill more people than had to be. Mask mandates are now being discussed again around the world and I wear my mask and urge others to do so.

Ron DeSantis is governor of the “free state” of Florida which is also the “education” state. This state is resembling more and more a “Nazi free state” by copying what the Nazis did. Abortion, attacks on gays, don’t blame White people (which I just did) in school, anti-mandates including vaccinations, people seeking asylum in this nation, generously appointing the wrong people on school boards, interfering with academic freedom in colleges, and and and and. So much of this can take us back to the 1930s and he won by a landslide reminding me of the crowds that adored Hitler and others. And in Broward County alone there are over 100,000 students who were not proficient on their state exams and there was no lockdown there by unions or anyone else. And that state is approaching 100,000 deaths due to his mishandling of COVID-19. Two men have told me “you have to do what you have to do” as they walked around Fort Lauderdale without a mask on, inviting trouble. But in Fernandina Beach, Florida, a man walking around talking about religion and the Bible told me that I know more about the Bible than I had let on to him. What DeSantis did was un-Christian and un-patriotic. He did not focus on saving lives as his savior had done. And I can tell you what people are being fired all over the USA for speaking out improperly (on all sides of issues) and that means the laws that he crafted with the Florida State Legislature were not needed. And this is a governor that would normally denounce government interfering in the lives of the people a la Ronald Reagan. I hope that the National Guard members of Florida are reading this right now as they round up Cubans in Florida. I wouldn’t expect the guard to disobey orders, but everyone should be at the table to discuss just what DeSantis is doing and if it is the right thing to do. Remember just how that police officer had his knee and weight on the neck of George Floyd and nobody intervened? Remember what Hitler did to people upon taking office in 1933?

It’s amazing to me how many times Repugnicans have pointed to others as being “Nazis” and “fascists” and “communists” when the facts presented well show those very same people to be advocates of the same things as past leaders who oppressed people.

We could go back to this as a warning that is still not being heeded by enough people in our nation. When they came for me these words are a paraphrasing of the famous words from

Martin Niemöller, an anti-******, German Christian pastor:

“First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I wasn’t a trade unionist, so I didn’t speak out.

Then they came for the Jews.

I wasn’t a Jew so I didn’t speak out.

And a major part of this warning is this. I have seen school boards that never learned how to do the right thing from 2001 to today. And now governors wish control over school boards and other key education decisions. Both are wrong! They are both wrong because the essential thing is to do the right thing. None of these governors can be compared, for example, to Solomon the Wise. And there was a Wise who was governor whose state was one of the worst in the nation for high school graduation. The key thing for governors right now is to learn much more and to have education secretaries learn more. I am asking people to look more closely here right now at Arkansas, Florida, and Ohio and reject outright the wishes of powerful people who don’t know enough. This list could be expanded to include even more. Illinois now gives out a GED as a high school diploma. It was the right-hand man of Jeb Bush who told me about how Florida was doing that in 2001. And at that time, Florida did it because it had the highest passing marks on each part of the GED test (5 points more each test). But, now get this. When the new test came out and Florida did not raise those 5 parts at all, it continued to give out high school diplomas to people. This fooled the people of Florida. Why has Illinois decided to do the same thing? I dunno!

And the German people applauded Hitler! And look at support right now for Trump which is around sixty-five percent. Germany had a coup. We had a coup. And you know what! Enough is enough!

Nazism in Our Midst

“Biden just compared illegal aliens – lawbreakers who have been found to be terrorists, drug dealers and bad actors – to Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust,”

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona wrote on his Twitter.

And this kind of statement among others reaches tens of millions of people who just do not know enough to conclude how wrong Andy Biggs. His freedom of speech must be addressed in a way that eradicates the wrong he has done.

There should be no sanctuary cities anywhere in the United States just as there should never have been an Underground Railroad to freedom up North or even Jim Crow anywhere. Do you smell the freedom that people could have had centuries ago? Florida is moving quickly everyday toward fascism and Andy Biggs sounds like a Nazi to me and I hope that he learns more now. We should make our nation a Sanctuary Zone from coast to coast into Hawaii and Alaska. Let freedom ring!

And Donald Trump is now portraying Biden as the person who gave Putin the green light to attack Ukraine. Trump earlier this year called Putin a genius for the actions he took at the border and did not even protest the Putin invasion.

I took that information from The Jerusalem Post because it had this kind of inflammatory remark where other news media did not. This is Biggs doing Trump and Biggs is a Republican from Arizona. His remark should be read into the minutes of the Arizona state legislature and the Congress of the United States.

First, Biden did not refer to The Holocaust as he spoke about Nazism. Second, Biden, his administration, and border agents know that people have to be apprehended at the border and deported. Third, Jews including Einstein fled Germany immediately because Hitler was intent on M.G.G.A. That should appear to you as something familiar or Make Germany Great Again. And one of the chief ways to achieve that was to block the hopes, dreams, and progress of Jews (and others). How similar are the hopes and dreams of people fleeing danger and even death? There are volumes written about it in English in America. So all illegal aliens are lawbreakers, terrorists, drug dealers and bad actors, according to Biggs. According to Hitler, who diminished all Jews, how was that accomplished? There clearly were lots of ways, but the chief one that interrupted the tranquility of the German nation was World War I and that the Jews caused the defeat of Germany. In other words, Jews were the enemy because they were traitors. Donald Trump often got as close to that as some famous men got to Marilyn Monroe, snuggling up real close, and smelling the perfume. Trump claimed that about 80 percent of Jews were (and are) disloyal because they (we) did not vote for him. And he didn’t even lose the Election of 2016 a la Germany losing the war.

Any book about World War II and The Holocaust would have chapters detailing things that happened before The Holocaust. Had there been no “holocaust” and Hitler had been assassinated, it would have been as Biden stated well that immigration is a human right, and it is internationally recognized as such. Of course, there was a great exception to that because years before The Holocaust nobody wanted to take in the Jews (Evian Conference). I was asked to be a speaker in Evian several years ago at a conference of students who were basically keeping what happened then alive.

And people know that some Jews were able to enter places like the Dominican Republic.

Stephen Miller who created a Nazi type immigration system for Trump was featured in the article.

Trump and Hitler! America and Austria!

Posted September 11, 2019

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

Here is the entire article to read. Click!

And The Jerusalem Post staff should take note of my article in Jewish Business News about how a Jewish caravan of immigrants crashed into Palestine under the British and people were killed in that major event.

Exodus (1947) Under The Honduran Flag: The Illegal Jewish Caravan

By Published November 23, 2018

I hope that all members of Congress take note about what Jews had to go through before The Final Solution. Hitler knew about Kristallnacht and demanded that it be kept quiet. And today who knows what would happen to the Jews in Israel and around the world after M.A.G.A. Would Jews even be able to enter the United States today to escape persecution and death at the hands of others who wish to eliminate them?

Trump did give Israel more aid and he granted Israel an embassy in Jerusalem. The Abraham Accords is a trade agreement and not a peace treaty which probably could have been accomplished even in the Obama years in the White House. But Trump unleashed turmoil at the border for everyone.