The American Reichstag and More

I am almost done writing an article about the Kremlin style behavior of 45, but the current news is certainly not news to me at all. January 6, 2021 was the attack on The Capitol that featured a cast of characters including The Proud Boys without Enrico Tarrio, Trump’s man in Florida.

In today’s news we learn about the Reichstag moment from General Milley. We have never communicated but I have been at my command post watching Donald Trump from the beginning and my reports and opinions have more than often hit the bullseye of American politics. I was highly concerned about Trump from the beginning and there can be no doubt about the poor handling of our government under Trump which was not the triumph that we would be led to believe by his supporters. This is from December 2020 as we noticed critical things around our nation, but first General Milley.

Trump ‘Reichstag’ power seizure: book is making headlines. General Milley who knows Trump had told aides in the Pentagon about a “Reichstag moment” and he was not talking about Hitler and the Nazi Party. And the Fuhrer was mentioned. I might have written about that critical aspect of Trump a dozen times since I started blogging.

The Cuban American Vote and the Dangers of Anti-Semitism and More

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Under “strongman” Donald Trump, Cuba should have been freed. But it is not!

And I have included this important paragraph. “Combine all of this and more since November 3, 2020 and the election of new Republicans to national office, we can call Trump’s efforts to undermine our democracy (in a way that Castro and others have used throughout the centuries of democracy) as something that we should unite against. If AOC and her people are The Squad, then we can easily pick up on that name to symbolically portray all of Hitler’s (I mean Trump’s) most ardent supporters and advocates as The Reichstag Squad. Not an SS yet, just an RS for the moment and we hope that Trump peacefully leaves the White House on time.” And the RS was for Reichstag Squad.

And as I wrote earlier, the Kremlin style article is almost done and should be published next. It’s just that I could not lose this opportunity to write more. I also wrote this on December 5, 2020. “The four years of Trumpism will most certainly portray him as the Reichstag Squad Fuehrer.”

Hitler Trump Warning Clear and Present Danger

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The rule of evidence is down and our nation is being ruled by emotions.

And this as well. “We have been down this road with Trump and even though only weeks remain in his term, he should have taken the time to denounce the violence in the streets of Washington, D.C. since violence results in more violence. Trumpism cannot refuse to permit denunciation and strong actions taken at a moment like this. We all know that Trump’s behavior is a threat to American democracy and the divisions now in the Republican Party are now deeper, but things could easily get out of control. Since there is no political party in America that can take the place of the Republicans, that party has to clean up the problem and keep America safe for democracy. There is clear and present danger caused by Trump.

I have been told by a contact in Georgia who has spoken with Republican friends who say that the time has come to set aside differences and move on. That is positive but the problem is that the Repugnicans who dominate the tweets feeding our nation have not spoken about curtailing the violence and does not recognize it as a party problem. AOC and her squad are not committing violence and making threats as have Trump’s Reichstag Squad of supporters. Trump’s Proud Boys, classified by the F.B.I. as an “extremist” group, are doing more than standing by right now and that problem has to be crushed. There is a feeling that in a year and a half or so the problem will go away. It is expected that it will take our nation a year or a year and a half to recover from the COVID-19 mistakes made by Trump which I have written about, but the political non-pandemic problems created by Trump must be dealt with severely or they will not go away even in five or ten years.”

And very often in the news particularly news that has consistently backed Trump, we see Russians and other immigrants that can only see the communism in history and not see the fascism and that threatens US more. It’s the same mentality that threatened the Jewish people in the United States as police, military, intelligence, industry, and a large portion of the public preferred to see the dangers of communism and turn their backs on doing something against the fascists and their cooperating partners in America and around the world. Hitler was admired!

And once again my classic piece long before COVID-19 started to afflict US and the world. The first death was still about three weeks away.

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

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“There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.

I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.

Actually that quote at the beginning of this article was not “Anonymous” at all.  The quote is attributed to Adolph Hitler around the time that the St. Louis was turned back.  The Nazi newspaper reacted as well with this “Aren’t we savages better men, after all?”  That was the response to the world being “cold” in not taking in the Jews.  And history keeps repeating itself as Trump has implemented many of the obstacles put in place to keep out Jews.

The vote to acquit Donald Trump without witnesses and the turning of backs on the evidence which was substantial is boldly and coldly similar to all decisions that have hurt the progress of mankind in the United States since its inception by those Founding Fathers.  Democracy has been undermined in the name of keeping the Republican Party together.  Trump brought on much deeper divisions than we had prior to his election and there has been denial there as well.  And for those Repugnicans who chose to declare that the impeachment should only be a “last” recourse acting as though that impeachment is millions of miles away, we must declare that statement wrong as well as statements made that it is up to the American people to decide in an election.  Trump should have resigned, but because he chose to stay he has to be defended in court by his Repugnicans who are not even his lawyers.

We, the American people, will not be brainwashed nor will we allow Trump sins against the United States and the world be forgotten.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, LGBT members, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, immigrants of all nations that have been afflicted by Trumpism, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of good faith are not going to perish nor will they allow our nation’s moral position to perish in this so-called One Nation Under God and Trump.  Let the Re-Impeachment of Donald Trump take place soon.  Germans were in denial of what Hitler and Germany had done and it took decades to wake people up there.  With November quickly approaching, it is urgent to wake up Americans to the importance of re-impeachment and the ouster of Donald Trump.  The Corona Virus must not destroy Trump’s record and the truths about all the terrible things he has done to US.  This is not a nation for “Norwegian types only” as this nation is For All of US.

We are The Force 2020 DDT.  And One Nation Under God to the Repugnicans is not the loyalty that is needed right now.”

And Trump just shot himself in the foot again as he has revealed in books about him that he chose not to wear a mask because it would make him appear to be weak. Weak he was and his weaknesses mattered in the last four years or more. I have portrayed him continuously as not strong on patriotism during the pandemic in which I also wrote that he was weak on Jesus by not choosing the pathway to save lives. Just as in communism people should open up their eyes and unite more and it can be stated that the probable reason that Trump wears the flag on his suit is to appear strong. He raided his doctor’s office to take out documents about his health and that event must be finalized as well, especially since it has reported also that their fears about his health when he contracted COVID-19.  I have had my vaccinations and I continue to wear a mask and try to keep my distance when I don’t have a mask on outdoors. In fact at the first tee where I golf, I noticed that there was not a single senior golfer wearing a mask the other day (about 15 men waiting around) and it really bothered me because I feel that it is the wrong choice as new variants are breaking out and people just do not know about that or do not fully understand that they may still need to protect themselves. And the unvaccinated are taking great risks, many of them had their minds made up before the arrival of the pandemic and others followed Trump (actually they did not since Trump secretly misled them), and then there are other explanations to explore. There continues to be a clear and present danger that must be resolved at the workplace, the hospital, the home (personal), and across our land. At this moment it really appears to me that the resisters are calling for others to get sick or may require a system of “separate but equal” that will not work as they have separated themselves and will be demanding Constitutional protections if there really is such a thing in this matter. People who are dying from COVID-19 are suddenly asking for the vaccine which will not help. Life, the greatest gift of all, was taken for granted by those people and those who are Christians diminished Jesus by their lack of knowledge. They were weakened in many cases by Trump Mania. Trump Mania is not gone and it is not forgotten.

Gulag 45

The book The Iron Curtain was published in 2012. I read this and had to share it. Marxist Theory was important in the Soviet Union and there was discussion of The People’s Colleges in Hungary which the Hungarian communist leader condemned because there were no such institutions in the Soviet Union and because the “founding fathers” Marx, Lenin, and Stalin knew nothing about. So those institutions along with others were destroyed because of all that and a man who felt that there was no need. In other words it was “constitutional” to defeat institutions that were a threat to the Repugnicans. I mean communists. It could very well be that those communists learned from American Constitutional Law as Hitler learned much from America’s racism and segregation.

So here were Hungarians hoping to define their lives in Hungary after World War II and the new government refused to recognize their history (and this played out in Poland and other places) as the leaders said no…no…no. The new order meant going by the history of the founding fathers. And what does this say of the United States today which is embroiled in this CRT mess that Trump helped to provoke? Does this history help at all to straighten out the mess?

This made me think of a Russian woman who once commented about my post on the internet and she felt that I had no knowledge of the Soviet Union treatment of its people. I quickly sent her a copy of a coupon that people in Gulag’s had to show to get their daily meal. She thought that I had been in a gulag at that point. Of course I had never been in Russia or in a gulag. I’m from the Lower East Side and I prefer Western European countries for the most part. Poland is beautiful and it has always been great to visit.

Now we turn to the lone prisoner of Gulag 45. Gulag 45 in my mind is an American gulag for people who deserve to be in prison for political reasons. Of course he (it is not a she) can have visitors who can stay in the gulag for a while.

One month will be in a motel that I stayed in on a trip out west. It had a pool and it cost about $29 a night. That motel had a number after it. It was Amarillo, Texas and I can almost taste the hydroxychloroquine (hot dogs) and bleach (French fries) that 45 sold by the pool (under the boardwalk) of politics along with thousands of lies and other misinformation.

One month in a homeless shelter in any Democratic controlled big city in the United States.

One month in tent city in Los Angeles.

I am pausing for a moment to reveal one of my latest creative ideas. We have to secure the insecure island of Cuba and its people. I recommend to the President of the United States, the Congress, the people of our nation (Cubanos) that a pathway should be created to make Cuba the 52nd state of the United States. We also should consider foreign policy objectives meaning that once Cuba is part of the United States we are obligated to protect life and property in Cuba. This effort will at least mean that no corruption will be tolerated by any Cubans wishing to take advantage of an independent Cuba. So economically and politically help will be given. I know that there are divisions among all people, but I just came up with idea two days ago and had to share it.

One month in a “concentration camp” created by Repugnicans at our Southern border. I will call AOC to ask her to go there to check up on 45 to see how he is doing. Let’s continue with Gulag 45.

One month on a naval ship loaded with COVID-19. It is clear to me that 45 put our military at risk and that he really was unpatriotic even as he wore the American flag on his lapel and placed the blame on his favorite target China immediately. His successful attempts to help were severely limited in those first months. His possible replacement who has governed in Florida is in big trouble now for the doubling of cases in hospitals there and for having 20 percent of our nation’s cases when as a large state the percent should probably be around 5 percent or so.

One month in Guayama, Puerto Rico in a house without a roof due to Hurricane Maria, a house that should have received federal funds right away, but the money was held back by 45. He can spend time there learning about witches to perfect his knowledge of witch hunts. And Trump can learn some Spanish while he is there, recalling his criticism of Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail. And Trump’s lack of knowledge of Spanish was not his biggest problem. Hay un manicomio en Puerto Rico? Manicomio is insane asylum.

One month in the forests of California for not doing enough to help put out forest fires there.

One month in Minneapolis stirring concrete to rebuild a police precinct.

One month outside Trump Tower in New York City telling all the people that he has wronged just how sorry he is.

One month at the IRS in chains as he answers all tax questions under oath. And a lie detector accompanying him.

One month in Chicago using his genius to stop the “carnage.” He is strong, brave, and fit, according to his self evaluation and he should be able to survive the streets.

One month in a medical facility with COVID-19 patients in Mississippi who were deceived by 45 since March of 2020. Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi have had large surges because of his politics.

A pause as we think about Pastor Tony Spell of Louisiana who is a candidate for the next month of Gulag 45.

One month will be divided between two places studying the Bible instead of just practicing “An Eye for An Eye.” The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and The Temple Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina are the places. Targeting homosexuals, feminists, and all others shall be liquidated. After completing the class Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell, Sr. will be invited along with their families to learn more. And they will finally learn about Jesus saving lives and healing people during pandemics and be reeducated so that during the next pandemic more lives will be saved from the very beginning instead of just opening up the economy and churches. And they will learn that helping save lives was the patriotic thing to do.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 months.  Mmmmm. There must a little bit of Kaminsky in me, Melvin Kaminsky. Should I drop one of the months? Who would care if I did?

At this moment a visitor’s list is being prepared to keep tight security at Gulag 45.

Ted Cruz

Kevin McCarthy

Mitch McConnell

Mo Brooks (no relation to Mel)

Ron DeSantis

Greg Abbott

Louis Gohmert

Rudy Giuliani

Sean Hannity

Tucker Carlson

Marco Rubio

Dan Bongino

Candace Owens (the darling of the G.O.P.)

And the list is growing fast. There could be a cast of thousands, including men and women convicted in The Capitol Insurrection and those who went along with Trump about the “stolen” election. And Candace Owens is in the news today exposing the Democrats for not being interested in truth and only caring about power. This is Candace again at her best reminding US of her comments that Hitler was a (good) nationalist before he had global aspirations. He had authored Mein Kampf long before taking control over Germany and Hitler was planning to take over the United States. And she sat in Congress next to a Jewish man on camera who didn’t even protest (Mort Klein). And we should take note of all those “nationalists” in our nation who are people of color who quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke about “not judging a person by his skin” who cause the Civil Rights’ leader to turn over in his grave by leaving out the context of his comment which was mostly about integration which Repugnicans have not helped our nation achieve. Yes that is what Dr. King wanted most as he rejected John F. Kennedy who wished to grant a huge education effort. Kennedy knew he could not deliver integration, even in Repugnican communities around our nation. And just as important is the fact that Dr. King did not wish to take the slow route toward the advancement of the “Negro” which means it was the obligation of the nation to do much more for an entire group of American citizens who had been denied access all across our nation, access that was systemically denied.

Could it be that a new motion picture called History of Gulag 45 is in the making? And one more thing. Gulag detention rules state that no one being held may arrive at the designated destination by private jet, economy class or Greyhound or similar transportation will be the only way to attend. No appeals are permitted.

From the Election Campaign of 2016 (and long before that) right up to the stolen election theme and beyond both that and the insurrection where 45 did nothing to protect the people in Congress, we have a case against 45. I wrote back in 2018 in Jewish Business News in Israel that he belonged in Hebron, but knowing that a “gulag” is not American culture today maybe we could have made a trade with the Soviet Union decades ago and had him sent to Siberia where his “genius” could have been utilized in the name of freedom in a communist nation. And I think I know the chief reaction of those people who are on the list. They will probably tell me that they are proud to be Americans (patriots) and support everything that 45 has done.

Education: Chicago’s Gangs

My reaction to an article about Chicago and its school closings made me think more about Chicago. The article appeared in the Sun Times. Community people were upset then and they are even more upset now because the violence has escalated. That violence may have spread into communities that were safer back then. In my article this month, I wrote how I reached out to the most powerful people in Chicago as early as 2004. Nobody listened even if they heard me. I watched the mistakes taking place and I actively tried to prevent a school closing in New York (Alfred E. Smith) and direct the attention of people in communities there about helping youth get their G.E.D. They failed and I failed. The numbers of youth who took to the streets kept growing and growing, hurting communities everywhere. I knew the numbers by 2003 or so and things looked bad. I called back then for the March of a Million Hispanics toward the G.E.D that made news in Hispanic newspapers.

Parents and Activists Warned for Years appeared in the Chicago Sun Times, but what did those parents and activists do to help the youth on the streets to earn their high school equivalency? This has happened everywhere including around the world. There was a pandemic then and the vaccine was being cooked in my lab in New York. But nobody listened. And today I write about Idiots and idiots in our government (visit The Force 2020 DDT).

This was published by N.B.C. News in October 2009.

“You have a trail of blood and tears ever since they launched (Renaissance 2010),” said Tio Hardiman, director of the anti-violence organization CeaseFire Illinois. “There’s a history of violence associated with moving kids from one area to another.”

I have met and spoke to Tio Hardiman and he knows my work well. We met when I was told things by Malik Aziz of the National Exhoodus Council. We attended and spoke at the National Black Violence Convention many years ago and one man did listen to me and came to shake my hand for speaking out. He did much better than the National Exhoodus Council members who I was there to support. There may be a video recording of that small talk since the speakers in the auditorium were filmed. The contents of that talk will be forthcoming.

That article documented that people around Mayor Richard Daley (who I met in 1976) including Arne Duncan made the decision to close schools and send students elsewhere. The dangers were documented. That decision was the almost the equivalent of starting charter schools but placing the students together in the same tough school to handle (neighborhood schools get tougher to handle in both situations). By 1999-2000 I was trying to warn about that kind of violence in New York concerning three murders that a student told me about in his school. Could it be that I was ahead of my time? I never learned about the details, but I trusted the student who was not even in my class. I lacked some of the skills then to help, skills that I developed.

Yes there were murders taking place among gang members at school while the vast majority of gang members did not experience death. Did anyone in Chicago schools or neighborhoods find out the real situation and need for diplomas of those people (youth and adults on the street or those warming up their sneakers to be part of the streets? Did they do anything about it? If they did, what did they do?

Looking at the word “march” here, nobody should confuse that usage with the usage in 2021 whereby protestors were going to march to The Capitol (and help those who never obtained a diploma in any country?) and try to take back their country (meaning the Trump government). When I joined the march against violence in San Pedro de Macoris where the co-founder of the Guardian Angels joined us, there was no march to take back the government of the Dominican Republic either. Beware of misinformation by Curtis Sliwa and those “angels” in New York City.

Education, opportunities, and new strategies are needed to contain gangs and the violence.

Let’s begin with a conversation that I had about jobs.  I have been told by the National Exhoodus Council that typically getting lots of people away from gangs will require about $10 an hour (and that was in Philadelphia).  Of course there are other tiers where gang members would need more money to live on that tier would require $17.  Much of this is realistic.

The educational plan is not the plan that is currently being exercised in major cities.  To contain the problem, helping the incarcerated quickly and the youth in middle school or high school are integral parts of the same plan.  Gangs are popping up everywhere in the schools and the schools are fairly dangerous.  Maybe the schools are safer than they were last year and maybe they are not, but the problems exist.  Charter schools have not taken their fair share of gang members so the builds up the problems in the neighborhood schools and in the neighborhood (the zip codes feeding the problem). The public has to be informed of this or else.  It is that important.  For years schools have retained students who are older, but without parent involvement and without the best advice.  This is a practice that has to be looked at and it was developed to show a higher graduation rate and may also have contributed to greater problems in the schools.  At the same time, hardly anyone earns a high school equivalency diploma as students drop out.  I told that gang unit of the Department of Education of New York City that we (all of us) could help students earn a GED or high school equivalency faster through the guidance departments of the schools cooperating with the parents and I was told “that would do it.”   Mayors have left the progress up to the schools that continue to fail, from students failing state tests from the third grade on up to failing through middle school and high school.  Parent involvement has really been a huge failure.  In Far Rockaway where lots of arrests have been made in New York City, the parent leaders communicate with the parents who are absent from the meetings by placing the minutes in the back packs of the children to take home to the parents.  Would you like be updated about important things that are taking place in your political jurisdiction by the minutes placed in a backpack?  If you could not be present at a meeting, would you not wish to be involved through technology?  View a video of the meeting or listen on Skype and participate to promote solutions that you have in mind.  Gangs are popping up all over and as some gang members go to jail others can take their place.  The Nassau County PD just announced weeks ago that about ten percent of gang members have high school diplomas.  This is another way the schools have set gang members up for failure.  That low percentage seems to be about the norm across our nation.  Neglect!  Neglect!  Neglect!  New York State is the worst example where the NY State Legislature started funding the GED for the state (now 2.85 million adults without a diploma) and there has been great losses as the testing has been underfunded and people across the state cannot be mobilized because the state office would receive far too many applications to process in a timely manner.    Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his staff knew my work, but after closing down the GED programs of New York City under mayoral control and reorganizing the programs, his own report showed an increase in diplomas from one year to another of only 200 diplomas when the general public mobilized itself and had an increase of about 2,000 including a slightly higher passing percentage.  Nobody should be held back and those programs have consistently held people back.  In addition a United Federation of Teachers rep heard Bloomberg touting that they had the best results ever.  That sound bite only indicated the Bloomberg administrations own success at a time when the truth shows that diplomas declined in every decade and there were very weak numbers beginning in 2002 when mayoral control became a reality.  The New York City Housing Authority programs were shut down years before that.  I was the last GED teacher in the Astoria Housing and the South Jamaica Housing and I taught GED only a block from where Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols and Howard “Pappy” Mason ordered the execution of rookie NYPD officer Edward Byrne.

Let us start to look even more deeply about what is going on.  New York City has the largest African-American population by far in our nation due to its over eight million residents.  There are approximately two million two hundred and twenty-five thousand African-Americans in New York City.  African-Americans have lost seats in the elite schools of New York City and hardly any African-Americans attend those schools.  Those elite schools are turning out excellent students that help New York and our nation, but African-Americans are being left behind.  This does not represent White domination because Asians fill huge numbers of seats well out of proportion with their population.  African-Americans are clamoring for many more African-American teachers in our urban settings but they are clamoring in the desert as African-Americans choose other professions and the serious lack of high school graduates and poor results on the high school equivalency prevent more African-Americans from going up the professional ladder.  Obtaining a high school equivalency does not PROHIBIT that person from obtaining a high school diploma and there lots of valid reasons for choosing the alternative path at the age of eligibility including the high teenage pregnancy that often requires the youth involved to obtain a good paying job with the diploma. 

My own failures since 2002 when I started a campaign to help New York City that has since resulted in a few GED reports including one by the Bloomberg administration and the total failure to help people in that city.  I met with influential city councilmen who did nothing, I got the support of a New York State Assemblyman who was the director of the New York City Central Labor Council representing over two million workers in the City of New York and he quickly got arrested for embezzlement.  I wrote a proposal that was submitted to the Justice Department of the United States in time, but my so called cooperating partner in a non-for-profit could not get the door open to his office on the last day to submit the proposal so that it would not be rejected due to eligibility.  That proposal would have mobilized gang members and other at-risk youth and adults from Long Island to New York City and would serve as a model for future programs around the country.  Even though I was called upon to advocate for the New York State Education Department where I made Governor Eliot Spitzer aware that $2.1 million dollars were needed in the state budget to keep the GED test free in New York and he did transfer the money but testing money was soon cut restricting access to the test.  This situation has continued for the last decade.  A wealthy state with over 2.85 million adults without a high school diploma or equivalency turned its back on its own people each year and fewer than 30,000 people earned a diploma and New York State has been at the bottom of the barrel for the success of African-Americans on the GED, ranking it with Alabama and Mississippi at the bottom of the barrel.  I knew what to do to correct that, but I was not given the opportunity to correct that situation.  The gap between African-Americans on the GED in 2013 in Illinois was 22.7 and the national gap was 24 points.  This does not mean that the gap was 22.7 in Chicago where we might expect the results to be poorer than the state and national average.  The poorest performing school districts and neighborhoods that are feeding our penal institutions have needed aggressive help that has not been there.  From the White House down to the community or from the community up to the White House we have had complete failure to help the community in the best way possible and prevent crime and the violence that goes with gang territories.  I recently held conversations with the office of Father Pfleger and his adult education program and I can tell you that the church offers GED.  What you have to know about is I have noticed that the passing rate for African-Americans since 2014 has been particularly and significantly low (under twenty-five percent).  I am connected with the CEO and President of all GED testing in the world and I have given helpful advice to him.  Creating a test that results in fifty percent fewer diplomas for those who take the test and turning off communities by that kind of failure have resulted in less hope and opportunity for people over these last two years and was far worse than anything our nation has experienced in any two comparable years. 

Parents need to protect their children better and that is why the Title 1 Parent Involvement programs have to be radically changed now.  The drug, heroin, and opiate addiction problem is not being addressed by everyone.  Seventy percent of foster parents are on drugs.  People need extra help and parents should look out for other parents.  My Brother’s Keeper is far from hitting a bull’s eye.  There are lots of other mental health issues that have to be addressed to make the city of Chicago much more productive.  Parent involvement can help increase the number of students to pass their state tests, pass their college placement exams, and help families what has been termed “Summer Melt” which was the subject of a webinar by the White House.  Summer Melt refers to the large number of new high school graduates that decide not to attend college by the end of the summer of the year they graduate.

In 2015 I sent information from my book, now called J’Accuse to Arnie Rivera and Forrest Claypool who was in charge of Chicago’s schools. I guess nobody listened after I detailed the failures of Bloomberg-Klein in running the Department of Education and New York City. I may just send a copy now to The White House to see if anyone is listening.

Crime is on the rise including the killing of police. I designated Trump as SPOTUS and that means that mayors become SMAYORS. The S was for Stupid. I have written a huge amount over the years and nobody (few exceptions apply) has listened to me. How about SGOVERNORS as well? Unfortunately even the education reports have not known enough to make a difference anywhere in our nation. It’s time for change. Get the vaccine ready, although I know that there are always people that will resist taking a vaccine (the test).

The Repugnican Curtain from Stalin to Trump

The Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956 by Anne Appelbaum is the inspiration for this article. With that said of course I am thinking of Jews, Israel, Cuba, and more.  My readers know how many predictions I have made that have manifested themselves in reality. Even the stabbing of the rabbi outside the synagogue recently was clearly on my mind when I discussed protecting Jews. The attack did not happen immediately after the Tree of Life massacre, but it did not take a century either to reveal itself. With that said let me get to Appelbaum’s book.

“If one person’s disaster benefits somebody else, an urge appears to persuade oneself, and others, that the disaster was morally justified,” she quotes Stanislaw Ossowski (English alphabet provided here). So there was compassion for Jews and the opposite, leading to pogroms, discrimination, fear, and ethnic cleansing (and flight by Jews to remove themselves from the horrible places where the Holocaust took place and where they sensed that they would disposable in communist Eastern Europe.

Jews as well as all other people have been on both sides of history which is the story of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” As an example of that among African Americans, we can quote those Conservatives who quote Dr. King out of context when they cite the great civil rights’ leader when he spoke about judging people by their character. The context that was missing is the history of his work and his plan of action. It surely was not lifting up African Americans “conservatively” or at a time. As a theologian he had to know the Bible’s application for saving people which was two by two in Noah’s ark. I went way beyond that by demanding that we mobilize communities and I called for “Million Man March to the GED” almost two decades ago, but nobody listens to me. When Dr. King spoke up it was in relation to segregation and he demanded integration which would not be granted to him. Today’s segregation speaks volumes to that, but I also know that that African Americans with financial means have chosen to live among people of color as well. But Fox News will keep sending out that message to people that is clearly out of context and it is done pretty much in accordance with the statement made by Stanislaw Ossowski, but backing those Repugnicans in America never should have happened.

Now I can present information to illustrate the point even more. Salomon Morel lived through the Holocaust and the war in Europe. “He was a Holocaust victim, criminal, a man who lost his entire family to the Nazis, and a man consumed by a sadistic fury against Germans and Poles….” He was “profoundly violent”and “vengeful.” This was a man who had a long career as a “communist.” After communism in Poland, he was prosecuted there. He surely would have needed a great lawyer for that one, a Polish Dershowitz. Did I just write that? What he was afforded after a half century of doing the things he did was to be protected by Israel and he emigrated there. What? And he had never ever expressed the desire to move there before. Prosecution matters!

Here was a man who believed in “An Eye for An Eye” which is the very same thing that Repugnicans including a huge amount of evangelicals voted for and supported for four years. Trump cited it on national television as his Christian viewpoint. And this story gets worse as the Cuban crisis heats up or appears to heat up. Stalin and Trump have given the world crises to deal with. My national outreach to expose Trump and the way he diminished Jesus in March 2020 and after has not taken hold anywhere. His America First immigration policy which was initiated before the Trump Corona Virus when the virus was just a flu is impacting as well. No more immigrants in America. No open borders! No boat people! Nothing! No Israelis who are not Americans asking for asylum here from the dangers of Hamas pointed missiles. Nothing! Nada! So what takes place? Marco Rubio and others talking about freedom to cover up Trump’s mistakes. And Repugnicans by the millions who cannot see what I see. Cubans may need to adjust to a flow of people here as they fight for freedom on the island of Cuba and around the world.

Biden is in the middle of this with Democrats who are Cubans and there seems to be no way out of this. I expect that Biden will come forth with changes in the near future, just the way that Obama changed his mind about gay marriage. Persuasion by someone important! So no “Exodus” for now by Cubans or so it seems. Politically the protestors are in great danger and protestors in Florida in the Cuban community are currently restricted by the demonic DeSantis law. This is a moment for Mark Levin to step forth and anoint DeSantis is the next world leaders, a strong man just like Stalin, Trump, Putin, and the others. But he will not back off. Why? Go back to the quote from the Iron Curtain to see the application in this Repugnican Curtain.

Yes Cuban immigrants have to be qualified like all others in history. Nazis were let in. And some paid the price for lying on their applications, even decades later. We must fear communists uniting with other communists who are extreme, fascists who would harm US including Jews and others, and criminal types. But we must process those people yearning to be free that have not been corrupted in some way. I suspect that we will see Cubans coming by boat and others going to Mexico when they can to cross our border. Es una leccion importante a todos los hispanos en Florida ahora. Abren sus ojos, porque no son Repugnicanos verdaderos. You can either translate those words into English or learn from what we learned decades ago. Someone wrote that kittens were born in the Soviet Union. The writer stated that they were no longer communists. Why? They opened their eyes. You know the expression “heaven sent” and this is a great opportunity for Biden to turn things around in Florida. De Santis made his bed and now he must lie in it.

I get blasted by Repugnicans, but I have to share with you the comment that I just got which I have gotten before and probably gotten for a few or more times. It is from someone who is concerned about the appearance of my blog and knows a way to make it better. I am not concerned about the appearance because it’s the content that matters to me. Content and character!

It’s amazing to me just how those Repugnicans keep talking about saving this city, state, or our nation at a time when we know that their own people are talking about seceding from the United States. Only they can save US when Republicans have a history of only saving themselves, documented by isolationism, anti-immigration in 1940, segregation in 1964, the Watergate scandal under Nixon, and Trumpism which is falling apart more all the time. As we turn toward Florida, I can predict massive efforts by Republicans to keep it in the fold, even though Florida gave Trump a landslide victory. Fear will take over. Fear of losing power. And the lies will continue.

The chapter on Ethnic Cleansing sheds much light on what was going on in Eastern Europe. And there was anti-Semitism taking place even by Jews. The “ethnic cleansing” part has a familiar ring in our news today which I plan to tackle some other time. The very worst of anti-Semitism, it appears, happened not so much from following “internationalism” as from following “nationalistic” appeals to people that had led to The Holocaust. The flag was an issue just as it always becomes an issue among many patriots in America. Communists in Hungary insisted that their followers carry the Hungarian flag with the red flag at celebrations. German communists did the same thing. And it was not just about patriotism as it was in the United States in the 1930s. It was a way of attracting more followers to them. Just as hate groups (fascists, etc.) attracted Christians to their cause to remove Jews, Catholics, and African Americans from America.

What colors are the curtains? The Iron Curtain could be painted red of course, symbolizing communism. And the Repugnican Curtain could be colored red as well, symbolizing the Republican Party. They sold Americans red hats and a red curtain that has not been totally understood. They are more alike than the eye would notice.

There is news that Donald Trump was asking for a missile attack on Iran before The Capital Insurrection. He had high hopes of a take over of the United States. His target was Iran, knowing that Iran was a huge challenge and a huge risk. But think of what a Trump missile or a well planned drone attack on Cuba could have been during those days. Could not that have been what is needed? An attack on Cuba’s communist regime to make up for the Bay of Pigs Fiasco? The people backing the regime may run as fast as Batista fled? Trump knew what he was asking for. But do Cubans in America really know or do they just hope. Eastern Europe went through it all and more, much more. England never came to help Poland and other countries to be free.

I was in Poland before communism fell. It was predictable at that time, but I have never been in Cuba and its strength has to be assessed differently. In other words, what is actually going on under the surface of its government that makes it different from Poland back in the late 1980s. Poland had strikes and other protests that helped, but the leadership was ready to pack up and become rich. And that is essentially what took place. How do we assess Cuba? I don’t know. And tough talking Ronald Reagan was president back then and Castro survived.

It’s rather interesting that the Cubans sing a song called Patria y Muerte which is how I feel about Trump’s handling of COVID-19. An eternity with Castro and communism does not compare to a year with Trump and COVID-19, but we have had hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. At this time Florida under DeSantis has 20 percent of the new COVID cases and he is still in denial.

We have had four years of denials from Repugnicans and that does not compare with what Cubans have had to put up with. More has to be done now. Perhaps much more. And keep in mind always that the Republican Party is in denial just as the communists were.

I started writing a new article called Gulag 45 and I was also waiting to publish this tomorrow, but I watched DeSantis on Fox News and this was traditional misinformation. The theme included people from Central America that may or will eventually become citizens here and vote for the Democratic Party. There was clearly an attempt to keep people divided. The interview was set up by falsehood that is typical and that is that Biden is welcoming the people from Central America who are seeking jobs and not escaping persecution and possible death in their countries. These are true criteria for asylum. DeSantis had the moment to shut down the comments, but he went along with them. Saving lives matters! Yes the Cuban regime has been repressive longer than El Salvador and the other Central American countries. We know that. Truth matters! Biden has told those people do not come here and he has said the same about Haitians and Cubans. Another repugnant event (Double standard it was called) on Fox News that undermines our democracy in the name of “free speech.” This is the Repugnican Standard. And I watched the news where two people commented on another show and one of the men said that having communism off our shores is like having North Korea only miles away. Keep in mind who was shaking hands with North Korea and making romantic gestures with that dictator. Double Standard is Repugnican Standard.

54,000 Gang Members 13,000 Police in Chicago

Chicago is overwhelmed right now, but those numbers I have never ever seen in the past as I reached out to important people in Chicago. It started in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention as I spoke to Emil Jones and others in the Illinois delegation in Boston. Barack and I spoke just for a fraction of a minute and I certainly will not hold him accountable as nothing concrete was discussed. And there were many more outreaches to people in Chicago at the Board of Education there, Rahm Emanuel, Saint Sabrina and the office of Father Phleger, and Chicago police. I held anti-violence conference calls with men and women that included people around Humboldt Park in which the former wife of Muhammad Ali and her lawyer Chris Mancini participated. Mancini is a former federal prosecutor. And my outreach there was much greater than I am letting on right here.

Geraldo is getting national attention and he seeks federal and state help now, something that I was requesting before the COVID-19 pandemic and before the George Floyd death as I had reached out to Minneapolis and people there. A person that I spoke with on the campaign of Phillipe Cunningham actually told me to keep out because New York has its own problems to straighten out. This was a city intent on defunding the police.

See my outreach there even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What […]

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You can quickly surmise that I was not interested in defunding police and Officer Kroll never contacted me after I sent my article. But this is America at its mediocre best. Mediocrity is everywhere! Click and open the article.

If you guessed that I have been concerned about gangs and gun violence for a long time, you are right. It started in a trip to Albany where the gangs of Buffalo were mentioned. The fit for those highly at-risk people was a good one and it pointed to negligence all over a nation. How was I to know that the problem was so large? And why should we listen to people on the news who wish to defy or almost defy the Constitution of the United States. Those who have been in the public eye all these years must share the blame and along with it the shame. I tried and I was almost where I had to be which was alongside powerful labor in New York City. And that quickly fell apart due to corruption. It wasn’t liberalism or progressivism since a crime was committed and the person was found guilty and went to jail. That was my last big opportunity until now. And we have heard so much about the “carnage” in Chicago from Trump and his supporters who never told US just how big the problem was. I learned this week that under Trump there were some terrible murders in Los Angeles by members of the MS-13 and we were not told about that either until now. And Trump told US that the gang members were “decimated.” Do I have to say more?

I was thinking of writing an article called Sweeper of the House of Representatives which makes me think of the stuttering of Porky Pig. You know the Disney character we used to see in a lot of cartoons. Speaker and Sweeper! Mmm! But then again maybe Trump is not even fit to be Sweeper of the House of Representatives after all the things he has done. Geraldo is better, but we sure do not know what Geraldo knows or what he has known all these years that could have helped. In fact Geraldo should now stay away from politics altogether unless he wants to volunteer to be Sweeper of the House of Representatives.

I read about Geraldo online and contacted the reporter who feels that this surge in violence is not related to COVID-19. No how could it be when Trump’s “genius” rose to the occasion. Let me tie this matter into an event we never learned about in World History.

Police in a single county recorded the following

20 murders

80 robberies

1,084 cases of breaking and entering

125 cases of “resistance to authority”

92 arsons

45 sex crimes

These crimes took place over two weeks during the summer in 1945 in Poland after World War II ended. There was no COVID-19, but we don’t even wish to know what Poland had gone through since it was attacked by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. Trump’s attacks are minor in comparison to any community in America.  And at that time even the middle class were involved in crime. But the desperation of people matters so it mattered then and it matters now. I am waiting for the journalist who wrote the article about Geraldo to contact me, but I am not holding my breath. And this paragraph is really something for everyone to think more about.

And there was no bail, large progressive groups vying for power or Leftists opposing someone like Trump and exposing him when he didn’t expose himself, and no Second Amendment to talk about. And one last thing.

Before the death of George Floyd I wrote this.

Trump’s Destruction

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“This article is being interrupted to make an announcement. Trump has been telling US that the people were not to blame for their unemployment and I countered with the fact, based on history, that by not supporting Americans through this crisis it could lead to the destruction of the United States. Trump touched up two things just now, potatoes and guns. The Irish famine comes to mind, disease, death, huge immigration, and the English plantation which kept the Irish down. Now we have a leader commenting that farmers had better keep their guns during this pandemic. To shoot potatoes? This is the American plantation that is refusing to support Americans through the pandemic (history tells us that it was US who sent Europe the infected potato tubers in the first place). Instead of talking about potato farmers calling the police, Trump has suggested that people defend their property themselves, especially with no threat to life included in his statement. I hope that law enforcement everywhere joins US in doing what is right for all our people. And for now Trump will not extend unemployment benefits.”

And what are the numbers in New York City (and elsewhere). I have been warning people that things are getting worse every year in the adult community and those numbers (Geraldo cited twice as much) may be taken with a grain of salt across America. My warning has been “govern well or gobiernen bien” and that has not taken place no matter who has been mayor. A word to the wise!

Declare Victory and Move On

I was just reading about Eastern Europe and the end of World War II, knowing a lot and learning a lot more. We know about Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meeting at Yalta and basically giving Stalin a green light to do as he pleased with Poland (and other countries). Those men sensed that he would probably not follow any word that he had given, but they allowed things to happen leading to the Iron Curtain years. But then we get to Dwight Eisenhower, war hero. He could have fought for Berlin, but he chose not to and Churchill disagreed with his decision. This decision had the domino effect of spreading Stalin’s power toward the East and building that curtain.  I have no exact quote, but basically Eisenhower said that he would not expose American troops, knowing that Germans would fight to the death. General Marshall also did not wish to expose American troops for “political purposes.” I guess that they both sensed that the war was over and the Russians would mop everything up. These men and their decisions made things bad for a world that had suffered greatly from 1939 on. And I will have more to say about Iron Curtain the book by Anne Applebaum where I got the information from.

Now we turn to Afghanistan and the decision by Joe Biden to pull out. Trump gave US declare victory and move on and the Biden decision does appear to be the same kind of tactic, declaring that we stopped Bin Laden and it is time to move on. The news contains information about the deaths of pilots trained to fight in Afghanistan and about translators who are at great risk due to the pulling out of the troops. It caused me think of an idea or treatment that I wrote for a motion picture that I will now share with you. Kathy’s DNA can be seen later. We need clarification from Biden about protecting people who helped US and people who are innocent, especially after our being there for twenty years

Lindsay Graham has jumped on Biden for his decision to withdraw and we have to investigate just how he approached Trump’s “declare victory and move on.” Is Graham or anyone else being partisan and are those men and women honest about it all? Yes there is danger lurking, but we have to wait a little to draw conclusions. Eisenhower basically declared victory and moved on as history has demonstrated. Clarification by Biden is badly needed.

This country has its problems related to nationalism, fascism, Trumpism, socialism, communism, Zionism, anti-Semitism, and much more. Trump put himself among powerful men including Stalin, Hitler, Putin, and probably dozens of others, but he was strong on talk and weak otherwise. The 4,000 missile attack on Israel is evidence of that combined with the fall of Netanyahu from power. His supporters have been wrong for a long time and will continue to prop up the Make a Deal-Steal the Election agent of theirs whose real value finally was demonstrated in handling poorly so many aspects of COVID-19 and the post 2020 election fiasco. Oh there were lots of moments in between including two impeachments. And now with extreme campaign to spread the word about CRT or Critical Race Theory, the party pretends that children will grow to hate each other when the fact is that it has been going on forever in this country. Also pretending that young children cannot absorb these important matters, we know that they do absorb them outside of school and they do it all over the world.

And children were doing it in 1917 in New York City. I will give you an example. A child not even ten years old named Sergei was listening to his father speak about events in Russia and learned that he and his family were returning to Russia and the child knew that the “Revolution” was going to take place. His father was Leon Trotsky who wrote that his son ”jumped to his feet and danced on the bed.” And that was a lesson in critical thinking as his son had been listening to conversations for years.

Sergei did not always see “eye to eye” later on with his father and refused to join him and the family in exile in France. Sergei spurned the “bourgeois” privileges that his father had accepted as one of the heads of the Communist Party. He actually left home at the age of 16 because he had had “enough.” He was true to what he had learned as a child, refusing privileges. Privileges, privileges, privileges!

Sergei was shot in Moscow in 1937. Leon Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in 1940. And M.A.G.A. is dead, destroyed by its founder.

And there was a huge celebration in Madison Square Garden by socialists and others where they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America.” The “New Russia” was celebrated because of its freedom from the oppression of the Czar.

M.A.G.A. Is Dead Along with Thousands of American Soldiers in Afghanistan

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“Forget impeachment since it most likely will not work with the United States Senate lined up to support Trump.  But the dust has not settled yet across America as a report has been issued about the lies of three administrations.  Yes Bush, Obama, and Trump have been implicated in the lies told about the War in Afghanistan but the problem is that Bush and Obama are not going to be candidates in 2020.

American soldiers and veterans will have an opportunity to show their true colors.  The number of deaths, the years of fighting a cause that could not be won, and the great expense demanded by people in Congress who helped orchestrate this mess will take their tolls.

It is true that the Repugnicans can put a spin on anything and it is also true that Trump said that the people are stupid but it is also true that people can learn truths and begin expressing truths.  I would not deceive myself or anyone else that I think that the vast majority of our soldiers and veterans will vote against Trump or even ask that he step down.  I know the various issues that generate the responses of soldiers and it is never unidimensional at all.  And I know that the Repugnicans will bring out any topic to avoid talking deeply and even honestly about what we have just learned.

Veterans will point to Bush and Obama and the Clinton Libya disaster is probably going to resurface and there will be talk about those “lies.”  But the news will affect enough soldiers and veterans to count for something, that “something” that affects elections.”

Click on Taliban Truce which Trump was proud of back in March 2020. Taliban Truce.

Republicans loved diminishing FDR for his “New Deal” sometimes called Commie Deal and 1945 was a time for them to speak up to protect US completely from the communists. Eisenhower later on was courted apparently by Democrats for political reasons, but when the dust settled Eisenhower chose to run as a Republican. You can see that he was both a hero and a man tainted by his decision not try to contain the Russians right away. That job was left to Harry Truman until 1953.

I was thinking about what Biden would do to prevent more bloodshed in Afghanistan. That might be impossible. I learned that people in danger are moving around or trying to move to protect themselves from danger. A real estate salesman was killed because of that and that reminds me on the days in Palestine when Jews tried to settle there by buying land. Palestinians were killed or threatened for that. I might add that a search of buying property in countries will turn up that there are and were countries where foreigners were not allowed to buy such properties. I have read no such thing about Palestine and the killings that took place are well documented. This information can be applied in thinking about the crises among Jews Israelis and Palestinians, but my purpose is to share information pertaining to Afghanistan. And there have to be sensitive security issues surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan that may not appear in the press. All things matter and have to be factored in.

The Republicans have given Americans a tax refund, tax breaks for the wealthy for the most part, moral protections that often do not make any sense, and Operation Warped Speed by the Warped Mind that has been much more than an embarrassment to our nation and the world. Also the Republican Party at its best has led US to a tiny victory in war which we studied in high school back in the 1960s. Otherwise there is not much to talk about. We got Puerto Rico and Trump treated Puerto Rico slightly better than the Taliban or did he treat the Taliban better? Eisenhower could have gone after China after Truman refused to do that. But he didn’t. And we have to put up with all the fake news put out by Repugnicans and their media. In my last article, I alluded to running for union president, but maybe I should become a squatter in residence in Florida at Mierd-A-Lago for a while and test the waters there (check mierda in your Spanish translator).

Okay take a deep breath now and continue on.


 Kathy Rigby is an intelligent show host whose show about fitness, health, and mental awareness has given help and hope to millions of women, mostly young and middle age ones.  Kathy begins to reach out to children telling the family that they should be active together.  One of her colleagues tells Kathy that she should start up a show for children.  Kathy declines telling her colleague “Marie Antoinette said let the children have fun.”

She has been voted the most beautiful woman in the United States.  She got married a year ago to her agent, Adam Rigby.  Adam is known in his profession as “the General.”  He is very bright and he has traveled the world in forging a great career.  He has hardly ever made a mistake in guiding careers.  Adam tells a co-worker that one of his mentors told him a long time ago that Cher did a great job on the Sonny and Cher Show.  She was so natural and he knew that casting her in “Moonstruck” would earn her an Academy Award nomination.  “Some of us knew that long before others recognized her talent. You just feel it,” he told me.  Adam is now talking to a client that he obtained after watching America’s Idol, a client that did not make the cut, but a woman that he saw something in.  “You can sing and you can do comedy the way Cher did.  We just have to shape your career if that is okay with you, he tells her.  The woman agrees.  “It’s amazing how many women advance from singing into the big screen or Broadway.  I’d love the challenge,” she tells him.

Kathy is talking with Adam about things that are going on in the country.  She mentions famous people in the entertainment industry including Freddie Prinze, John Belushi, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Curt Cobain, Chris Farley, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, men and women who should have gotten better help before their deaths.  These are people who should have or could been energized instead of eulogized.  She tells her husband that all of us have to be much more committed to community to keep the mental balance that we need in life.  Adam says, “That sounds like it would work.”  She goes on to tell him that she read about a man who has a tee-shirt that says L.I.P. or “Live in Peace” and his message is not to “Rest in Peace or R.I.P.”   His message is for gangs and violent communities to put them on the road to peace. 

 Adam is interviewing one of his new clients.  “We have good news.  This week we will be signing a contract with SNL.  Everyone will be finding out about you on Saturday Night Live next season.”  The client is happy and says he is going to go out drinking to celebrate, inviting Adam to join his friends.  Adam agrees.  He looks at his client and gets serious.  “There is one big concern.  “Everyone knows that you are a pot head.  I have an important question,” he says.  “What is it?” his client responds.  “Would you be willing to try something new and teach comedy in a community center in downtown L.A.?  You know, give something back to community and keep yourself in balance, avoiding a destructive path in life?”  The man reaches out with his hand, the men shake hands, and agree to work together.  Live in Peace and not Rest in Peace.  His client loves the idea.  Tony Danza recently spent a year teaching in Philadelphia, he points out.

 Their marriage made big news in the entertainment world.  After only a year of marriage, Kathy seems withdrawn and confused at times.  Under Adam’s watchful eye, the changes have become noticeable.  Then one day, Kathy is not there when Adam gets home.

 Adam makes several calls and does not find out where Kathy is.  He visits Kathy’s trainer who says that a lot of men were hitting on Kathy, but the feedback that I got from the men and even watching her was that she was off-limits.  The trainer said, “You could tell she wasn’t interested.  I’ve been around this business long enough to know.”   Her doctor says we must know the driving force of a person, there are things in a person’s heredity to learn about and that is so complicated.  Adam wants to know more, he says, but the doctor reveals that we have to keep learning new things and to be patient.  Adam says he understands.  The police are notified and there are no clues.  The police tell him to figure out the DNA of the matter.  Adam goes out to have a drink with two friends and they ask him what he has learned.  Know her DNA is what her doctor and the police have advised.  He begins to think about that.  His friends tell him that they will give it some thought and he tells them how much he appreciates that.  “If my wife could leave me without telling me, I can find her without telling her,” he says.

 Knowing that his wife was withdrawn recently, even he was ruling out foul play.  Still at this time, there is no information to proceed on.  He had to process information, other things.  She had been expressing feelings that the money and fame were not enough.  He continues to reach out to people that know Kathy, even people across the country and around the world.  He repeatedly has discussions with Kathy’s family.  One discussion does open up his eyes.  There was no talk about one side of her family until now.  Her mother who passed away in Kathy’s youth was Serbian.  Her mother came from a family of Christians and Muslims.  Adam thought about Michelle Obama and tells Kathy’s cousin that the First Lady has a Jewish cousin who is a Chief Rabbi (he lives in Chicago).  There were even terrorists in the family.  This was absolutely normal and sometimes there were even Jews in those families.  Adam goes home.  Adam sees a news broadcast about his wife being missing. The reporter states that there is the possibility that Kathy Rigby has been abducted or worse.

 Adam watches the latest presidential campaign news.  Donald Trump says he would be so tough on terrorists.  He has previously said that he would kill the family members of terrorists.   Adam shakes his head, rejecting Trump’s words.

 Adam had to find out more and he decides to travel to Serbia to Kathy’s mother’s town.  He calls some colleagues, asking one to get him in touch with Brad Pitt’s security people.  He tells his colleague that he will text him when he arrives to get the information.  His colleague says he will make the call.  Another call to a colleague puts him on the end of hearing something that he did not expect.  “Adam do remember that it was a Serbian who killed the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria that led to World War I,” the man says.  “That was a hundred years ago and I seem to recall your telling me once your theory, copied from “Love Story,” which was “love means you never have to say you’re sorry,” Adam says.   His colleague shakes his head remembering that fiasco.  “Just help me.  Damn it! Give me the best help that a friend could provide.”  Adam says.  Adam wants his colleague to keep on top of some of his clients who know Kathy and to tell him even any small thing if he finds out. He insists on knowing everything so he can determine what must be done.  “Okay!  You got it,” his colleague replies.

Before he leaves, he calls his pastor at the Assembly of God Church.  “Pastor John, pray for Kathy,” he says.  “I’ll pray for you both.  God will protect you and comfort you,” the pastor says.

 In Serbia he seeks answers in documents, in the streets, and in visits with family members.  He finds out about three related families as he visits them with a translator.  The first family has no pertinent information to share.  The second family remembers his wife’s mother better and finally makes a suggestion.  There is another family that knows lots of things because they talk about everything related to the family, almost like family historians.  Adam and the translator go there and he hears something that strikes a chord.  As soon as he enters the home of the last family, he is invited by the wife to sit down and enjoy some kifle with them.  The woman points out that some are with confiture and others with nuts.  She quickly prepares a Turkish coffee for all.  He learns that the family had roots in Syria before coming to Serbia.  He finds out about towns where they came from, towns such as Deir-al-Zour, al-Jafra, Aleppo, and Hama.  Adam walks out thinking about Syria and has a flashback of his home.  There was a note with something about Syria that he needs to check out.  That may be part of the DNA or part of the answer.

 Adam calls a friend at ABC TV news and provides him with the name of the towns hoping for some explanation from the newsroom staff.  He heads for Turkey confident that the newsroom will provide him with something relevant, something important. 

 He receives a text with the name of the security company and the contact information.  From Turkey he takes a bus to the Syrian border.  Two men who have been hired to help him find Kathy are with him.  They are there to protect him, guide him, and translate for him, because it is dangerous.  “I want to know about everything that is going on,” he tells them.  They tell him that they are professionals and that he should trust them and their judgment.  “My wife would say Marie Antoinette says that three heads are better than two,” he tells them.  They don’t seem to understand.  Money is no object in his effort to find Kathy.  One of the men says, “I have done security in Dubai, Qatar, and many other countries for actors, singers, and For-tune five oh-oh companies presidents.”  His accent is revealed.  “We want to do great job for you for your satisfaction,” he adds.

The friends at ABC respond to him, telling him that Hama, which is at the top of his list, is an ISIS stronghold taken from President Assad and that Adam should expect the worst.  It doesn’t look good. 

The two hired men lead Adam into the recently bombed area of Syria near the airport at Aleppo.  There are demolished buildings all over the area.  There is some hostile action that they endure, but nobody gets injured.  One of the men says “it was just little incident.  It was nothing.”  The men speak to soldiers there and to some jihadists as well as $20 bills are handed out to the fighting men for their cooperation.  Unfortunately they have not been able to find out anything.  The three men drive quietly along the road going out of Aleppo.  A car driven by a Syrian makes its way toward them and the man in the other car talks to them as he steers around the debris.  They speak in Arabic.  Adam’s driver asks what the man does.  The man in the other car tells the two Syrians that he drives here often, making money by delivering things to the soldiers and he delivers many things that they take home with them.  Adam’s driver asks if he has heard anything about an American woman in the area.  The conversation gets more animated as the men talk to each other.  Finally one of the bodyguards asks Adam to take out the photo of Adam’s wife and the man looks at the photo.  The man gets a paper and pen and writes information down and hands it to one of the guards.  The guard takes out a $20 bill and puts it in front of the man who refuses the money.  The man appears to be a Good Samaritan, something quite rare right now in Syria.

 The three men go to the house in Hama that is indicated on the paper.  They knock at the door.  There is no answer.  A mistake?  They begin to walk away and pass an old woman.  They continue up the street.  Adam turns around and notices the old woman stop, telling the two men to follow him.  Not giving up, he moves faster toward the house where the old woman had entered.  He knocks on the door.  The door opens.  The old woman stands there and one of the men explains who they are looking for.  The woman beckons the men to enter and they do as she asks. 

 The woman walks slowly and the men follow.  They enter a room and the woman stops near a bed.  They soon see a woman on the bed.  She has light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Adam recognizes his wife and swiftly moves toward her.  The men, too, recognize the woman and give each other a hug revealing their success.  Adam is now lovingly holding his wife’s hand.  The old woman leaves everyone alone.  She walks out of the house down the street.  Soon she returns with the man who gave Adam the address, her son.  The men begin to speak together, the man explaining why and how Kathy Rigby was taken to this home.  There had been a bombing attack.  I saw the woman walking with another woman in the street.  The other woman was instantly killed.  I brought the woman here in my car for safety, but she lapsed into unconsciousness.  Adam holds his wife’s hand, caressing her face and forehead.  Adam turns toward the men telling them that they had to take his wife away immediately and that he wants to give the family five thousand dollars later.  The woman’s son says he does not want any money.  Adam reveals that he owes him a great debt.  The man replies that there is something that could be possible.  He wants his mother to know peace, a peaceful place such as California.  Adam immediately accepts the challenge to help.

 Adam takes his wife into his arms, kissing her on the lips as he carries her out as the men walk out of the house together.  The woman’s son sensing danger attaches himself to them providing his expertise to lead them to safety.  Before leaving town, the woman’s son places small green flags on both cars, explaining that his flag is known to both hostile groups and it will be recognized and honored.   “Let’s get out of here,” Adam calls out. They all leave town at the same time in separate cars. 

 The cars make their way out and there seems to be a feeling of serenity as they make their way to the border and safety.  The man produces magic.  In Adam’s car, his wife opens her eyes and asks “What are you doing here?” 

 Adam and Kathy are back home in California.  Life is actually getting back to normal.  They talk about how much they missed each other.  Kathy explains that recent world events triggered her desire to go to Syria and she believed that her husband would not understand and that he would try to stop her.  Also she did not know that his love ran that deep that he would risk his life to find her.  Adam makes Kathy promise she will never do anything like this again.  She asserts that she needed closure and finding out more about her past was a key point in learning what should think and feel.  She was torn before leaving, but she promises not to undertake anything like this again. 

Television shows are talking about Kathy and asking what could have happened to her in Syria as they watch together holding hands.  She is on the news every day as well.  Adam is now making plans to produce a television show to explain what happened?  People want answers.  Kathy and Adam share ideas about the show.

 Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are together on their show Live! With Kelly and Michael.  Kelly Ripa explains that the American people want answers to what happened to Kathy Rigby and now people will be able to find out if they have been right or wrong all along.  She brings Kathy and Adam out to talk about the ordeal that they went through.  They also bring out the woman and her son who are now in California on a visa that will protect the both of them and bring them peace.  Kathy finally has a chance to tell everyone what was on her mind as she made her way to a world filled with violence and terror.  Kelly Ripa tells her audience that people have been comparing Kathy and me for years, sometimes calling Kathy the new Kelly, suggesting that Kathy is going to replace Kelly.  They both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite figures.  But behind the appearances lies much more.

 Kathy Rigby thanks Kelly Ripa and proceeds to tell the audience what it wants to know.  The media has greatly affected her thinking, beginning with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage.  None of these men have done what I have done by going into Syria to be among the people.  Unfortunately or fortunately, there was a bombing attack and I suffered trauma, but thanks to this man and his mother I am safe today.  “I am safe and loved (looking at Adam) and I, like many of you, follow things on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as well.  There is good and bad there.  My grandmother lived in Syria and I wanted to learn more.  I am young like so many young people today who are falling into the hands of terrorists through the social media.  They sometimes marry, they get abused, they become terrorists, and more.  People go from bad to good and from good to bad in life.  I have received death threats from people who just believe this or that about me and my trip to Syria.  We all have family values to share positively with the world, Americans and Syrians, French and Americans, everyone.  The postings on Facebook and Twitter affected me and I made up my mind to find out more about these problems in the world.  The person who can end world terrorism will fill the canyons in between our nation’s buildings in our cities.  This thought came into my head a long time ago when I watched the news broadcasts about the attacks on 9-11.  What we need right here today is a national debate on the subject of terrorism to bring out the very best in everyone.  And yes I see now much more spirit among Muslims to speak up and to act, especially since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. “

 Michael Strahan tells about how Republican candidate Marco Rubio who when asked about the violence after the massacre at San Bernardino, spoke up about family values missing from people across the United States.  Kathy tells how the violence has to be bundled like buying a new computer and we have to greatly reduce all violence.  Peace can come to Israel and the Palestinian people without a deal.  This process should not be a moment for “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Parents have to stop feeding their children violence now.  And then Strahan turns to talk about Donald Trump and his comments about destroying family members of terrorists.  Adam tells how people have been saying that Kathy had joined the terrorists.  “Does that mean that I have to be destroyed because we are family?”

 Several other issues are addressed as the show comes to its conclusion.  This is more than a show.  It’s a wake-up call from the entertainment industry.  Kelly says, “I have never been so proud to be the co-host of this show.  Michael agrees.

 The show ends with Adam and Kathy thanking Kelly and Michael.  Adam points out he quickly realized that an entertainment agent could do much more for peace and education in the world and that starting in the United States is a great place to begin. 

 © 2015 Martin N. Danenberg

And remember that we had four years of Trump and his win, win, win, win, win, win personality in relation to war. He failed in the war against terrorism all that time. The lies can be documented. Republicans will surely show their repugnicanism right now as they protest, but all their work did not count toward a victory as the world noted their weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness. Do you get what I mean?

August 13 Approaching Fast (Trump Restoration)

Last night I had tears on My Pillow and pain in my heart thinking about Trump and his team. There is no witch hunt going on, just a wicked warlock destabilizing America and the world. In another marriage way back, I remember those lyrics and being told Little Agony and that agony in the song continues. Waking up twice and reading things this morning, one of Trump’s “shithole” countries had a tragic event as the President of Haiti was assassinated in his home. Obviously it could happen to a Norwegian or in any nation as well, but the nation that negates its racism when it empowers a man like Trump needs its mental health evaluated and reevaluated. Had Trump stayed in his Tower and locked himself up there, I would not be commenting on this at all. And did you know that I wrote about Humpty Dumpty in Jewish Business News in Israel

Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Blog/ Peter King Exposed: 2018 Midterm Elections Could Be A Time For Change

“Ireland, the Holocaust, African-American history and communities, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico are all connected by poor responses by others….” And then this.

Humpty Trump-ty sat on a wall

Humpty Trump-ty had a great fall

All the King’s horses

And all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Trump-ty

Together again

Please show this to your children!

And then there is the new book where it says that Trump was witnessed speaking words about Hitler doing good things. If that is true and it appears to be true, he could easily say that Stalin did good things as well or communism did good things. Remember that Trump had that book about Hitler by his bed that his ex-wife reported on. Fascism is all over Trump’s policies, but talking about the good that Hitler did for the German economy during the depression at a time when Jews were losing their wealth and property before the Holocaust is an immense divide from history and truth. And this is the moment where Critical Race Theory is being argued more than just about anything.

Trump can deny this as he has already, but I suspect that there must have been lots of witnesses since the alleged comment(s) were made publicly. But lies matter to Repugnicans!

We are entering a highly fascistic stage in America where now Governor DeWine is backing the religious freedom of doctors who do not wish to treat the gay community. Gay people were an integral part of the people lost during the Holocaust, but now it is becoming the American way (Ohio). Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers just announced a major effort to fight against those people who are anti-CRT in Texas and other places. I back her effort, but I was thinking about taking control of the American Federation of Teachers on August 13.

And this is why. She is not strong enough, although she is connected with people that took Trump-ty out of office. Here is why in one of my recent articles. “Freedom of the press was established before the formation of the United States but much more.  It was the essence of freedom that spurred people forward toward the creation of the United States.  Something simple has been destroyed by Donald Trump.  That important lesson needs to be visited by all people right now.

It was law at that time that even truth could not be told against the King of England and his government.  Let’s go back to City Hall in New York on August 4, 1735 and make this information the strongest word of today.  Zenger’s lawyer, Andrew Hamilton, admitted that John Peter Zenger had published an article that offended the king, admitting guilt.  The governor of New York was very hated by the people and it makes me think about Donald Trump and his opposition.  The jury decided in favor of Zenger since there was no falsehood in his work and the law was intolerable to them.  Hamilton made it clear that to find Zenger guilty was to continue life as slaves.” And as you can see the formation of the United States was well under way in 1735 (and 1619). And Randi taught history in New York City for several years. I could have been president (thinking about Marlon Brando in that movie). Take a look at America is On Trial here.

And doctors are going to be the recipients of the so-called Divine (Ohio) work of that governor when doctors in the manner of Jesus are supposed to save lives and heal. Repugnicans know how to defund Jesus spiritually and they do it more than it seems. Their response to COVID-19 revealed this as well, resulting in preventable deaths across America. With all the Repugnican talk on Fox News and defunding the police and now defunding the military in order to gain votes, can we not begin to save more lives now through a faith-based initiative that is badly needed.

Continuing with Little Agony the pain in my heart caused by Trump and Trumpism. Is anyone listening to me?

The White House Telephone Call to Pastor Tony Spell?

“We have a pretty wild world out there, both in terms of people that are opposed to what we believe and what we think and also with respect to this whole new virus that came upon us so suddenly,” Trump said during the few minutes he was on the call.

   This is from Religious News Service

I had to go back to search for information to share and I found this

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Tony Perkins, Ronnie Floyd, Tony Suarez, and 700 pastors were on the call or call. I was told by a person who had interviewed Pastor Tony Spell that the pastor had received his own call last year.

The White House also made a call to the Religious News Service which is one of the periodicals that I have contacted to present my article(s) about Jesus Saving Lives and the Talmud.

Steven Martin who said that the call who said that the call really was about praising Trump for his efforts and little more. Martin said that Trump “dropped the ball” as he listened to that call.

Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Deborah Birx were on the call as well.

And there was FEAR from Tony Suarez who spoke about the right to gather in churches. He was relieved. And he did not want any church goers to be “chastised.” I was recently in touch with that office at the Assembly of God.

Removed from the White House website was a piece called “15 Days to Slow the Spread” which I could not see.

So there you have it. Trump and Christian leaders just weeks after the first death occurred in the United States.

Andy Slavitt and others have books out about the handling of the pandemic and I would almost bet that they have written about those phone calls since they were and still are important as the Delta version is sweeping our nation. And there is still hanging like a cloud over the United States and the world the thought that the next pandemic could be worse.

Let me take you back to what I wrote back then to demonstrate patriotism since we are just saw all the fireworks last night.

Neo-Patriotism: Trump’s Open Nation

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Neo-patriot or quasi patriot activity in America is the subject of this article.

Infants, children, young people, middle age people, and the old are dying of the Corona Virus and the neo-patriots want to go back to work before the best recommended time to do it.

“The loss of lives since February cannot be altered by false patriotism or the neo-Patriotism. China comes into play in the history of loss of lives. There was the Dai Ichi Headquarters in Tokyo and the White House headquarters in 2020. Calling the shots were leaders unqualified to lead and you will see the truths and the parallels. We are at war with the virus which may or may not have originated in China and you will see what resulted from MacArthur’s Dai Ichi headquarters and the reactions of true patriots. These were men in battle who were there to save lives so democracy could continue. The economy was far from their minds, but they were led astray and thought that the war would be over quickly and that they would be home by Christmas 1950.”

And this. We have had bad leadership.

Fauci Down But Not Out

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“We can go back to March of this year when the White House arranged a phone call with Williamsburg Brooklyn’s Ultra-Orthodox community to get it stop large gatherings including weddings and again we learn that a wedding was planned for 10,000 there which was stopped from taking place, exposing bitterness from some in the community as people both Jews and Catholics in the community consider themselves “essential” and have taken the case to court. Trump turned his eyes away from a telephone call in March and allowed people to choose by not spreading the actions of the White House to communities everywhere, Louisiana and Texas come to mind. He lacked consistency from the beginning even as people watched him on television adapt to a situation that he allowed to worsen and worsen. And that Trump flag was waving in the streets of Brooklyn as the journalist for the Jewish Insider, an Orthodox Jew himself, was beaten and masks were burned, reminding me of Nazi book burnings.

At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask. The opened church was not with Gestapo all over France.”

And where is the phone call to Pastor Tony Spell who was defiant and made national and international news back then? I would like The White House to find the call and make it public.

Trump pushed fake cures and treatments.

Trump was much sicker than he led US to believe as he contacted COVID-19.

Trump was secretly given the vaccine as people stood with him politically and things got worse and continue to get worse, even for children. Trump is still around doing his shtick or Yiddish for gimmick and the lesson from all of this is that he really was never ever a good or great patriot but attended to those men and women and their families using the stars and stripes, making them mere shtars and shtripes (Germanic). And he has been chastised over and over.

NYC Still in Deep Trouble After the Primaries

It’s very, very troubling to me to watch the political developments in New York City where the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should have guided the people in power a long time ago. My efforts have resulted in ten of thousands of people earning their GED diplomas in Florida and New York.

The reading of my last article Idiots and idiots is vital to understanding Repugnican Party politics anywhere in our nation. I was involved in sharing information with Hands Across America (the organization founded by Fernando Mateo) by calling Mr. J. Casmir many years ago. It went nowhere! I did get to speak to Fernando for the first time as a result of meeting with the United Bodegas of America president around two years ago. It was a nice, quick chat.

I was close with the Guardian Angels whose co-founder came to my first GED Roundtable. I was later instrumental in bringing Arnaldo Salinas into San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic to march with us against the violence there. I knew that the DR needed more help than the security plan of its president and ran into a huge stroke of luck. A reporter sitting near me in the gym and I spoke and it turned out that he had stayed in Boston in the home of a Dominican who worked for the mayor of Boston and who had helped my GED campaign on various occasions. I quickly brought the reporter together with Salinas to feature the role the Guardian Angels could play in containing the violence there. That article got the attention of President Leonel Fernandez and Curtis Sliwa got invited to the presidential palace to talk after that.

It’s really amazing that after all my efforts throughout the years that the founders of those organizations never reached out to me. And there is more that I will not go into right here, except to say that in Florida, New York, and other states there should be bills by government to make sure that the evils of the Republican Party are exposed just as Governor DeSantis of Florida wants the evils of communism to be taught. The Republican evils go back to The Compromise of 1877 that returned the South to control by the Democrats and the evils that they perpetrated for almost a century. The other evils include the anti-immigrant platform of 1940, the Convention of 1964 where a segregationist was endorsed, the McCarthy Era, Watergate, and Trumpism (including his supporters like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and that congresswoman from Staten Island. And I must mention the role Republicans played during the 1930s when Hollywood and a small band of men and women connected with a former director of the Anti-Defamation League undermined the Nazis and other hate groups as they tried to destroy our government and promote the takeover of America by Hitler. And that was pretty much the master plan which The Capitol Insurrection by Trump’s followers were intent on achieving for Trump in January.

I saw the photo of the group surrounding Eric Adams and I watched videos and noticed photos. Tom Suozzi, Adriano Espaillat, Ruben Diaz, Jr., Ydanis Rodriguez, James Saunders, and Tommy Torres are all Democrats who know my work well. If they do not finally change, there will no turning around New York City by anyone in power or near power now. And now let me take everyone including those men back to August 3, 2019 before the pandemic struck.

Trump: Make Baltimore Great

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I was promoting more police to protect people when the city was sleeping. “The people of Baltimore need more money to take care of the problems.  Funds could have been distributed nationwide (Baltimore included) so that the war against rats could be fought with the zero tolerance that Trump fights against on other fronts.  Billions of dollars that he earmarked for the military has now been set aside to pay for repairing his much-needed wall.  There may be lots of Americans who agree with him, including African Americans, but the money to fight the rat population can help prevent disease and is a part of disease control.  The big question is how to get a divided nation to Make America Great (and Baltimore).  The solution comes at the ballot in November 2020, but no change is going to take place quickly to take care of the rats and other problems without the support needed by other states.  There are Baltimores across our nation that need lots of help and Trump has not addressed the issue at all.  If we look at the ten most problematic places for crime in America, we see Bessemer, Alabama, East St. Louis, Illinois, Monroe, Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Camden, New Jersey, Flint, Michigan, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Chicago is number 57.  America does not need racial and personal attacks.  It needs help that it is not getting.

Congressman Elijah Cummings can take action and look for that support in Congress to divert badly needed funds back to communities that need the funds instead of watching the shuffling of funds by people like Trump who budget something and then prove that the funds weren’t needed (military funds taken for the wall).  I have been in close touch with Eric Stevenson who is exploring a run for Congress (15th Congressional District) in the impoverished community of the South Bronx in New York City.  Stevenson proposes free G.E.D. testing for everyone in our nation and taking that test away from states’ rights controls.  He advocates for psychological evaluation for police (more than a few have just committed suicide in New York City), and a proposal is being worked out to have a new federal partnership between the federal government and local police as well.  Trump is surrounded by hypocrites, one of whom got funding for 1,000 police in New York City from Bill Clinton in the 1990s.”

Trumpism failed to help! Trumpism failed to help! Trumpism failed to help! That’s your holy trinity as Trinitarians and others took advantage of conditions to worsen public safety in the Big Apple.

Curtis, Fernando, Rudy, Mike Flynn, and Nicole should get out of town since they failed the test of an ounce of prevention. I could not believe my eyes as I saw Sliwa and Giuliani together yesterday in the New York Post. What an abomination!

I have kinder memories of both Tom Suozzi and James Sanders. And James must know the affection that I feel for him. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and Do the Right Thing. Listen to me since I always say that nobody listens to me. James, not Tom, is the one to lead. And for all those men, I would suggest that they take a close look at my website to see two pages: Black Lives Matter and Puerto Rican Help. So you now see that I saw the violence and crime that was coming and Eric Adams could have learned about that long ago. I’d be happy to provide everyone mentioned with thirty minutes to an hour of Zoom time to help New York City through these difficult times.

I recently spoke about this urgent matter to police headquarters in Chicago where my work is known as it is known by members of NYPD. Zooming with me may lead to the lowering of tasing in communities in America. And I would hope to finally see the badly needed effort to help the adults, the parents of the children who are reaping the biggest benefits of education, and all immigrants who have never finished their education anywhere.

And That’s Not All Folks. Who said that? And there is a staff member of Trish James, the New York State Attorney General, who laughed when I wrote a decade ago that I was continuing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was no laughing matter then and surely is no laughing matter now.

Idiots and idiots (uncapitalized).

I just wrote to Eric Adams and Bill de Blasio yesterday, putting idiots in the subject of the email.  Idiot is capitalized at the beginning of a sentence (but it refers to the long list of Repugnicans and their leader Donald Trump…idiot is a lesser human form of Idiot and needs no capital.

I have read repeatedly about the rise in crime (taking place all over our nation) and the youth who are out of school in the pandemic. I would imagine that some or much of the trouble is caused by the youth based on the statements being made. I was warning and warning and I can divulge critical information for people in New York City to learn about. Just ask me.

And on a national level Fox News with Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens just placed the blame on Democrats seeking to “enrich” themselves and gain more power. No! Candace may be suffering from Candida Albicans of the brain or fungus. I do say we have a fungus or two among US. Where were their solutions before all the violence started recently and where were they with educational solutions based on the problem and not based on just what may appear in a book to collect dust?

Owens says the US government is engaged in criminality and focuses mostly on COVID-19 and the power granted to people in government (big government). It included things like using Black people as pawns, government telling people literally about when they can breathe, the mayor of Chicago using $10 million to fight a health crisis called racism, Juneteenth was mentioned also as well as the  1619 Project (even though only 14 Republicans voted against Juneteenth becoming law). That must make about every Republican congressman engaged in criminality. And I must not literally be breathing at all, according to Candace.

I wonder if my readers can smell the stink from the fungus.

And I understand that the governor of Georgia just two months ago started to help the cities in Georgia to investigate and solve crimes when the problems have been there for a long time. And this has nothing to do with the attack on the Critical Race Theory that Candace spoke about just now and that Tucker Carlson agreed totally with. I would suggest Tucks Medicated Hemmorhoid Pads for Tucker’s brain which may be a tumor.

The news is full of material about the surge in crime. The governor of Georgia is against the mayor of Atlanta. There have been investigations of crimes committed by looters and gang members. Cases have been dismissed and cases are still pending. The Democratic candidates for mayor in NYC are getting tremendous publicity as the voting will be completed soon and the results announced. There is a commercial for NYC Comptroller telling everyone that a candidate is a “Latina” to vote for. She is already a Repugnican in her own way. I can just imagine my new and old friends down south who would react to a candidate’s ad by saying that he is just a Southern White Boy looking to make a difference in his community. There is a lot going on and there is still a lot that is wrong, including Curtis Sliwa now calling for 5,000 police when he just wanted the cops to do their job when the first sign of looting started. Fernando Mateo, another Republican candidate for mayor, is right in calling for jobs for students now, but that increases the size of government, a Republican creed that would be defunded or dispossessed here.  Where was he all along?

And this is for Eric Adams to digest and share with all his campaign people since my ideas should have been shared with him already. His recent comment about the shooting (under de Blasio in the city) where two children were caught on video at that scene under the feet of the assailant and the victim got my attention. The communities where I live had its own version of street violence that so horrified a nation that Trump exploited it repeatedly to scare Americans into submission.  I am referring to the butchering of two high school students on the street.

Published On: Sun, Sep 30th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Extra Extra: Read All About The Police And The MS-13

In this article “I called upon Lebron James to join forces with Parkland parents and I wanted the parents of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens to be there too. Lebron James has been contacted and we hope to discuss joining forces this coming week. Trump has provided them with publicity but that is not enough. The community has to be cleaned up in many ways and that he won’t do to Make America Great.”

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

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Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

And here is one of my earliest articles in Jewish Business News in Israel.

Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Trump Silence About Jews And African-Americans: Unacceptable For Leadership Today

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump

“Zola’s truth was that the military conspired to convict a Jew in the racial profiling of its time.  Donald Trump supports the military and police, right or wrong.  Trump’s truth is not our truth.   Police and prosecuting attorneys have conspired against African-Americans forever and that should remind all of us what has happened to the Jewish people over and over.

I know that you are aware that the Clintons, Trumps have Jews in the family?  Did you know about the Obama’s having Jews in the family?  Yes you know well that the Trumps have Jared and Ivanka who has converted, and the Clintons have Chelsea’s husband.  I found out by reading Michael Oren’s book that the Obamas have a rabbi who is Michelle’s cousin and he is not only a rabbi, but also he is a chief rabbi of the United States.  Why were people not told?  There must a good reason why?  Barack Obama has Irish roots, but there is someone that was more famous in his time that had Irish roots, coming from the Grady family of Ennis, Ireland.  And perhaps that pugilist’s life may have been much more different and perhaps Muhammad Ali would have kept the name Cassius Clay if he known his roots.  Oh there are all kinds of power affecting us, but knowledge is power and that is not an “alternative” fact from the White House.  And I believe that the police in the United States must build a bridge to Colin Kaepernick to make things better for community and police. Donald Trump has undermined the work of police as his projected budget cuts would hurt police.  This has been in the news, but he will keep praising the police and his war on crime.  So the Clintons and Obamas were weak on crime and new equipment in the hands of Chicago’s police is making Chicago safer.  Over a thousand police more have been hired in Chicago without Trump doing his part as president of the United States.  Community policing is an integral part of that success instead of the abdominal methods used before.”

I wanted Trump to provide funds for major cities and others for more police, but better trained police was an essential part of my plan. Trump is largely to blame and it would great to see Republicans speak out about that now. And when the violence seemed to increase in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria the people got Trump’s contempt and delaying funds to rebuild for its people. Republicans there went along with Trump and his road to bankrupt the people. It’s all documented and his fall was predictable. So he had to create the election being stolen without even a hard drive of evidence to support it with. Republicans in New York City can win some elections, but they should feel ashamed of the association with Trump for all kinds of reasons and that is my small thought as I think about Critical Race Theory and the Trump. There was a race to help people and during Maria, COVID-19, and much much more and Trump was not there (even if he finally realized he had to do vaccinations). I want to see Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo and that Latina with Trump outside Trump Tower campaigning together. The pigeons will know what to do. Nobody listens to me, but perhaps some pigeon talk will do.