Christopher Persaud Guilty of Trespassing in School

This took place in Palm Beach County Florida. And school districts all over our nation should learn about this. And yes mask mandates can be upheld or enforced, even in Florida.

Usually nothing happens as I email hundreds or more reporters and editors. I have spoken to some and that is the way it should be. There should be more communication taking place.

Persaud decided not to wear a mask at work as a teacher and he was given the chance to wear a shield which he rejected. He cited religion as his objection and my readers know about my work in this matter. Everyone should be protecting everyone else.

The question is what religion does Persaud practice? Trumpism? I watched Persaud in court as he testified. Can I judge his religion by his appearance? No! His name struck me immediately because I once had a student around 1970 with a similar name and she was from Trinidad.

I can only repeat here what I have expressed before several times.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”   Quran Surah verse 32

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed. There the road and homes contain Jerusalem stone. In thinking about those religious leaders and putting it simply, they seemed to forget about the commandment to multiply or procreate in favor of study.

So what religion does Persaud claim supports his right to not wear a mask. DeSatanism? My constitution, if you have read this clearly, does not support Persaud’s right! And his faith leader supports providing school districts that comply with mask mandates much less money. I would also like The White House and the World Health Institute to take action so that we do not have so many deaths (almost 75,000 deaths right now under DeSatanism) with tens of thousands that could have been avoided by masks and shields and CARING for others.

Don’t Trespass On Me!

Pearl Harbor: War Declared

We seem to be close to war again and our nation is at war with itself again. It took months for the Japanese to plan and accept the attack on Pearl Harbor, something that not all Japanese wanted. Admiral Yamamoto devised the plan, a six-month plan to attack the United States and to create such a formidable campaign that the American people would not wish to continue the fight. I did not learn just how many months before the attack did the planning take place. One thing is factual and that is that FDR was president at the time of the planning and president at the time of the attack. The “six-month” plan was contingent on recognizing that oil reserves in Japan would expire in a year. Oil, oil, oil.

We can quickly turn to the developments in world news at the time, thinking about today’s news involving Russia and China (and Japan as well).

1933 Japan seizes Manchuria and attacks the Great Wall of China

1937 more invasion after the Marco Polo Bridge incident and wealthy Chinese cities were seized

Japanese politicians are assassinated by military officers and resistance is eliminated

1941 Japan invades French Indo China in June (Vietnam and Cambodia)

And there was the well documented Rape of Nanjing

And it is important to recognize that even though there weren’t equivalent social media platforms in those days to spread misinformation, propaganda, and related materials, the plan at the time was to generate nationalist feelings in the South Pacific against Western imperialism. In other words, Japan would take over those nations exploiting the oil and rubber that it needed for its empire.

I described years ago in The Force 2020 DDT just how similar Trump and FDR were in personality, but nobody was listening to me. Here we see years of buildup and what appeared to be strong actions taken by FDR that included a ban on iron, steel, and oil imports to Japan in 1941. Japan needed that oil badly and depended on 80 percent from the United States in those days. Around that time, the planning for the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.

And remember that FDR won four terms beginning in 1932. And what if the war had broken out with a Republican in office in December 1941 and the Democrats characterized that event under a Republican as weakness. Hadn’t Roosevelt given the effort against Japan his best shot of attacking Japan? Japan’s leadership clearly showed it was moving toward war and had to accomplish some things to stifle dissent first. And discontinuing the banning of oil shipments would have led to a quick takeover of countries that the United States would have had difficulty in controlling in the Pacific. And if more of the fleet in Pearl Harbor had been destroyed that would have really been more costly at that time.

The vote for war in the United States Senate was 82-0 and the House of Representatives voted 388-1. That lone vote was cast by Jeanette Rankin who crashed the glass ceiling and was the lone woman in the Congress. She was a Republican from Montana and a pacifist. It was her belief that as a woman she could not go to war and voted against anyone going to war. She hid from reporters in a telephone both and called the Capitol police to help her. I wonder if she was being threatened by anyone. Two days later when the vote on declaring war on Germany took place she abstained.

Rankin was for women’s rights and was working to achieve that all over the United States. Her position of power in Montana probably had something to do with her family which was a wealthy one and politically connected in that state.  And she called out the corruption and dysfunction of the American government in her time. So she was a “progressive” among many who held back the progress of others.

Rankin was in Congress at the time of the First World War and voted against it as did 55 men in both the Senate and the House, but she was singled out. At that time she fought for protections for labor (168 miners killed in Butte, Montana) including the eight-hour day. Her hard work in social welfare resulted in the Social Security Act of 1935.

Prior to World War II, she opposed any move to intervene to help Britain against Germany. During many of those years, she took a break from Congress and moved to Georgia where she set up a farm. Then she returned to Montana and ran her campaign to gain a seat in Congress again.

She made speeches in 56 high schools in the state which helped her to win. She defeated Jacob Thorkelson, a well-known anti-Semite, in the primary election. She retired from Congress in 1942 and never regretted her decision to vote against war.

 Ranking died in 1973 and in death her commitment to the poor and unemployed continued through scholarships. And Thorkelson? He was called by the famous Walter Winchell “the mouthpiece of the Nazi movement in Congress.” The Congressional Record contains information from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion because of him. And when people attacked him, he shrugged them off as “anti-Americans.” So back then the same key words including fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, etc. were countered by the recipients as coming from people who wish to destroy the American government. After defeat after defeat, including a landslide loss for governor of Montana, Thorkelson died in 1945 and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Butte. I wonder if he fabricated that the elections were rigged?

It’s amazing that in my search to find his opponent Sam C. Ford that there was a photo of an African American instead of the correct photo of Ford. And there was no African American who was governor of a state during those years. But this research has shown US that our politics today is just as bad in some or many ways as it was back then. And Republicans are in denial. And Republicans have been silent. And Republicans have spread misinformation and our focus for the moment is on Buffalo and how White people are being replaced by people of color and this is being inspired by Jews. I know that we were approaching that same situation more or less in the 1930s and early 1940s with the rise of Hitler. Pearl Harbor intervened in that period of history.

And we can learn more. And what is going on in Montana today? Do those 52 high schools still exist and can people teach Critical Race Theory in them as an expression of free speech? And what do the family members of those who lost lives in the mine accident have to say today about the deaths caused, for example, in meat plants during the pandemic that the White House was involved in? Who is going to be safe in our nation?

And in New York, it has been reported that Congressman Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, appears to go along with the “Don’t Say Gay” (homosexuals were in concentration camps with Jews and lots of others) legislation of Governor DeSantis who is being described more now as a “fascist.” I know Suozzi and had a hand in his last run as governor of New York. Let’s say that the report about Suozzi is true for the moment. Preventing the free speech of gays and others is against the Constitution. Even the burning of the American flag has been codified as “free speech” in our nation. And the way people dress is also freedom or could be expressed as “free speech.” Jewish people want to express our freedom including the wearing of yarmulkes or kippahs in public or wearing the distinctive clothing worn by Jews all over the world which should not be abridged. Muslims and others have their own clothing that need the same protections as all people mentioned in this paragraph and others not mentioned. And should Jews and others hide the key aspects of their faith? The Star of David or the Chai? People are telling Jews to hide their identity to protect themselves.

And extremely important is digesting what was said earlier about Japan and imperialism, including our own imperialism. That was Japan and now Putin is trying to turn the nations of Latin America away from the United States and put them in Russia’s corner. This is a major tactic that we know about. President Biden has been hard on Cuba, for example, but willing to work more to help the people of Cuba. Trumpism did not put a dent in Cuba in four years with the so-called strongest man in the history of American politics and diplomacy. Walk softly and carry big lies is what he is known for. Castro’s regime did not fall under The Donald and it’s time for Cubans to spread other strong messages. I noticed things before communism fell in Poland and without knowing that people agreed with my thoughts, I learned that there were things that Reagan, the press, and others never told the world. Almost all of communism fell and so can Cuba. Do Cuban American leaders want this kind of interference? Of course not! They want to generate the same kind of talk.

Joe Biden cares about those votes in Florida among Cuban, Venezuelans, and other Hispanics. Think of what I just wrote about Congressman Tom Suozzi. We have to protect each other and not because we have to reciprocate. When the worst things happen in America because of the repugnant behavior of Repugnicans and others, the ax will fall on the heads of people. Jews and African Americans know that best. Hispanics will not be far behind. Gay people know it, but not all gays. Some support Trump and Trumpism. The divisions are always there. And those opposed to my ideas and thoughts supported Trump and Trumpism and continue to support him. That is the definition of insanity at play here.

Trump supported Putin against Ukraine and it took time to shake him, wake him to the fact that Putin is evil after Putin invaded Ukraine. And what do they want to wake me up to? And as a token of appreciation to Trump, Putin has not banned Trump from Russia.  Has Enes Freedom been banned? I assume that Freedom likes Trump’s ties made in China.

Think of the great American pastime known as baseball. Jackie Robinson comes to mind and others including the home run king who surpassed Babe Ruth. Who is on first base to be taken out by White supremacists? Blacks and Jews. And before those who hate get to go home, there has to be people on second base and third. People of color from Central America, the Caribbean, and other similar countries could be on second since what is going on is about racism and “replacement theory.” Trumpism has played its part in this as we should all recall. And third base has to be reached in order to return home. Illegal immigrants taking jobs from people and people who in power who have been getting in the way? Remember how people entered The Capitol looking to hang men and women to overturn a legal election.

And in Hungary right now, Trump was at a conference and there was a rabid anti-Semitic speaker. Was there golden silence from Mr. M.A.G.A.? The speaker has a list of hate speeches against Blacks, Muslims, Roma people, and Jews which has been reported in mainstream media. My research in the middle of Sunday also revealed the silence of Fox News, the Daily Caller, NewsMax, and more about this CPAC held in Hungary.

I will end with this information. It is true that famous opponents have been at the same event throughout history. David Ben Gurion and the Mufti of Jerusalem is just one example. The organizers of the CPAC event invited Zsolt Bayer and both men must have known or should have known about who was going to be there. If Trump had his head buried in the sand due to trust and faith in the organizers and wanted to be told about Bayer that is still on Trump, even though he is “perfect” at blaming others.

Even in the 1890s in France, at the time of The Dreyfus Affair, could any Jewish person even think about participating silently with Edouard Drumont, the anti-Semitic publisher of La Libre Parole, which not only characterized Jews as gorillas, but also depicted Emile Zolá and Jews as “excrement” the way that Bayer has. What about Hitler and Menachem Begin at some conference or Theodore Herzl (he died in 1904 so I was just using my imagination)? Or how about Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth at a conference shaking hands just before the assassination?

What was Trump thinking or doing? He was just being Trump and Making America Great His Way!  And Japan attacked the United States so that it could expand its Empire. And Putin attacked Ukraine.

And just before publishing this article, news came in that President Biden has indicated that an attack on Taiwan by China (think Germany and Japan leading up to World War II) would or might cause a “military” response from the United States. For months now I have been revealing just how Latin America could be affected by an aggressive China. China has huge economic interests in our hemisphere and it has not done to Taiwan what Russia has done to Ukraine. Keep in mind that Japan attacked in December 1941 and the German attack on Poland took place two years before that.

Although Biden spoke about the Asian situation, he knows about China’s grip in Latin America and the concerns that would follow an invasion of Taiwan and the resulting destabilization of Asia. We hope that conditions do not worsen, conditions that are maintaining peace in Latin America. As you could see from Pearl Harbor that conditions were worsening in Japan and Japan came up with a plan to support its decades old manifest destiny to take over other countries. Does China have such a plan now? I also wish to know if there is a discussion in our communities in Florida, New York, and other states about China among Cubans and others. Is my truth being stated there or is it just Truth Social from a man kicked off Twitter?

A CRT Caravan Coming to New York

Painting of the march and crossing of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama by Mark L. Cohen, painter of Black Lives Matter and The Holocaust.

“He (Emile Zolá defender of Captain Alfred Dreyfus) was for a moment the human conscience.”

                                 Anatole France

For those who do not know my work well, a quick read to find out more about that quote concerning a man who saved a Jew from horrific punishment and death at the hands of anti-Semites should be learned, applied to today’s conditions generated by lots of hate and misinformation that President Joe Biden is talking about, and all this with the hope of uniting more people to do the right thing instead of being on the right-wing. These are dangerous times directed by M.A.G.A. and Mr. Magoo. See the brief description below in Jewish Business News in Israel

Magoo’s Magi Keeping America Great

By Martin Danenberg Published January 30. 2019

Hispanic clergy keeping quiet about Trump’s actions. We have to learn from history and not just make deals. Trump’s shutdown has just given Americans about five more Trump bankruptcies and he is Magi-cal when it comes to that.

As you know Dr. Martin Luther King has been the benchmark of great Christian leadership. Trump who has been called the “Real Magoo” (not Jeff Sessions) now has his Dr. Kings fighting for humanitarianism (Trump’s Way).

The M&M Boys include Pastor Darrell Scott (of course), WACO Pastor Ramiro Peña, and others. We have to ask ourselves if those pastors are the “Dios le bendiga” pastors that people know all to(o) well or are they Dr. Kings fighting for justice and humanitarian efforts in the United States? Even Pastor Peña reveals that his pastoral mission has taught him about congregants that has helped him “see the suffering, the human suffering” of the people crossing the border.

And now the CRT Caravan continues.

Santo Francis is the leader of a group known locally for talking about patriotism and that Donald Trump is the best president ever. The group has tens of thousands of followers and in some or the communities on Long Island it is not uncommon to hear others say that Trump is or was the “best” president.

The opinion continues to resonate strongly even as truths are revealed about their “best” president, negative things that are revealed. The scoreboard doesn’t change after all those errors and the opponents crossing the plate. One of the key things that they could never admit to is that Trump lost the Election of 2020 because he had no plan to build back our nation. Even the pollster working with Trump knows that because the numbers that he saw were dipping.

Santo Francis lives in Babylon, Long Island. That name has a long history which includes the Babylonian Captivity in The Bible. Here is a quick look at some of his supporters. One, a Puerto Rican, says publicly that he does not wish to help the Ukraine and he would prefer to sacrifice the Ukraine to prevent World War III. He said that just hours after Donald Trump told the world that he preferred seeing soldiers go to our Southern Border to protect Americans and to protect, of course, America First and his long, good relationship with Putin.

Santo leads a movement of Long Island MAD which is the Majority Against Democrats (liberals, progressives, and communists, socialists). He recently started a podcast to help his movement grow, leading to the election of Republicans who are not RINOs.

Now we can turn to a section of Selma, Alabama where there was another Babylonian Captivity for hundreds of years. There is a leader there who saw a man hanging from a noose in the woods. That man, Wallace Brown, lived close to the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan near the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And there were Black people lynched in the woods near that bridge.  And he tells his group of organizers that the work of Dr. King is not finished because African Americans are still being discriminated against in America and that laws were being passed to curtail their voting rights in different states. And that Critical Race Theory and its discussion is American as apple pie and stronger organization is needed to knock out the misinformation in our nation and that he has a list of organizations ready to take action in various states.

Santo Francis is seen with his vehicle where there are flags posted on each side: the American flag and the Trump flag. His vehicle moves past a police officer and he is saluted by the officer as the flags wave in the breeze. The flags wave freely on the streets, protected by free speech as well. He stops his car, walks over to a neighbor’s house, a house that continues to post signs for Trump Pence and Blue Lives Matter.

Wallace Brown sees his son, sophomore in high school. Wallace Jr. is a scholar and star of the school basketball team. His team has been undefeated for two years and in local and state newspapers, Wallace Jr. is being compared to Steph Curry. Junior tells his father that he had just watched a presentation of educators who really got his attention. When his father asks him for more information, Junior gives him the details. The educators on the Zoom were both White and Black. They are connected with universities and organizations and they oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory pointing toward the 1619 Project and The New York Times.

And what Junior told his dad was very concerning. Those people said a lot of things including tolerance for the ideas of others, but also kind of doing whatever It takes to stop the 1619 Project (and the NY Times). It was called “pernicious” by a professor. People pointed to the Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation and someone even quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. expressing his admiration for those two documents. So the support for 1776 as the founding basis for our nation was mentioned. There was a reference to the Bible as well as King David’s name came up to show even greater support. He told his father that nowhere was legislation mentioned to diminish teacher’s and one speaker said not to “demonize teachers.” And another good point was that one panelist and his organization were preparing an alternative curriculum. And that also could easily mean that Americans should face the challenge through competition and not through revenge by government. I was thinking about DeSantis in Florida, but there are other similar states where respect for an idea was eliminated through legislation. The Nazis and Communists did the same things!

Yes there is loud noise and silence going on across the United States. People are committed to action for their causes. Donald Trump has just been in the news again as it has been revealed that he and his administration opened up the meat plants causing lots of deaths. It is now expected that it will cost the companies and the government hundreds of millions of dollars in litigation costs and the death total from COVID-19 has now passed 1 million. There are also reports about other nations like Australia where the death rate was limited to 10 percent which would mean that 900,000 deaths were unnecessary. That is just Trump’s plan which is not too different from what Fascists and Communists have done to cause deaths during their hateful regimes.

In Patchogue there is a Latino group that is meeting. The leader Julia Espronceda is with several women. Julia explains that she has just received an email from Mexicans in North Carolina about justice for Latinos who know well about the injustices. Latinos were kicked out of their homes into the woods when a county executive took action against them in Suffolk County. And Patchogue was where the attack on Marcelo Lucero took place many years ago. An Ecuadorian immigrant was stabbed to death by a high student, a student who is serving time in prison. That student blamed Latinos for things and had hate in his heart. She points out that on Long Island at school board meetings there have been verbal attacks and physical threats against others who want school equity.

And In Selma, Junior and his friends are talking about what Junior has researched. The reaction is powerful. One of the youths says to Junior “you mean one of our own in New York who is a Republican and who is known as a civil rights activist held protests outside the homes of realtors who would not sell or rent apartments to us and now he is silent about the protests taking place outside the homes of Supreme Court justices?” Junior points out that is just how people become after getting into the center of power. And he points out that the African American who is for family values has kept silent about how immigrants were separated from their parents at the border by Trump.

And in Babylon, Santos Francis is live, podcasting. We are getting more followers each day for our fight and we will do whatever it takes is his message to his listeners. And an important part of the message is that they are the patriots and that the Election of 2020 was stolen.

Wallace Brown is reporting to his circle of associates. This is just what is needed now. He reveals that his network is ready, willing, and able to proceed to make a national statement. This is now going to be about “caravan vs. caravan.” The days of sleeping over issues are over since the package against us includes taking away so many of our freedoms. It’s Florida today and Alabama tomorrow. Misinformation is going to end, by others and by our own.

These organizations have access to the power of 3.7 million people and they are not going to sit back and take a climate of fear created by people opposed to an idea called Critical Race Theory. Junior reported to his father that he learned about the estimated number of classrooms where CRT or something akin to it has been taught. With 3,500 classrooms (called “pretty significant” by one of protestors) where it has supposedly been taught, there should be substantial evidence of hate attacks or hate crimes resulting from those lessons and not one single panelist among college educators did not speak about that. They only speak about the historical facts of things that have been mentioned here already. They caused the spark of hate against talking about CRT without a shed of a comment about the hate generated by the lessons. They are to blame for that. They also called the founders of this project “barbarians” which has been used throughout the centuries to destroy people who should not have been destroyed.

Trump helped fuel the fire on this one. His conservative supporters in their Zoom performance spoke about the half-truths, misinformation, and misinterpretations, and propaganda. That caused me to think again of four years of putting up with Trump.

Junior is walking with a friend and his friend’s older brother. Martin Lorenzo Reyes attends the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This college student mentions that one of the history professors did a Zoom with a Black woman who is German whose grandfather was a well-known Nazi depicted in the movie Schindler’s List and that the title of her book about discovering her roots is “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me.” As they walk a little more, Junior tells Martin about the plans for the CRT Caravan. Martin explains how he recently met an official of the HBCU or Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He explained how that official noticed his full name and called him the reverend-doctor. Junior asks why that and Martin tells him that since his mom is Black and his father is Puerto Rican that the initials ML resonated with him and his knowledge of Spanish connected the last name Reyes to Kings of MLK. “I will contact him when I go home to tell him about the need for the caravan. Junior is thankful because that will make the effort “huge” and make it more successful.

And this is hot off the press as newspapers around our nation are featuring on the same page or side by side articles about the Caravan supporting CRT and news from the Ukraine from the Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine who says that people who are silent about the destruction being caused by Putin should be cursed. It has also been revealed in relation to these two critical issues that in Florida under Governor DeSantis that only four books among dozens (54) have exhibited any material that is similar to Critical Race Theory. And in Ukraine, the Russian leaders contended that there are “fascists” to oppose including Jews who faced genocide due to fascism. The truth is coming out more and more to stop people in their tracks from dividing this nation more. And those people are the “pernicious” ones.

Wallace calls a meeting with Junior, Martin, and their friends at the local church.

Martin calls Junior to tell him that he has already received a reply from that senior HBCU official who wrote. “Very important” and “a million thanks.” And Junior tells Martin about the newspapers that are featuring important Black and Jewish events side by side. Martin tells Junior that he will reach out to some Hillel and Chabad organizations on campus and in other schools and bring the idea to the HBCU.

There is a committee meeting conducted by Wallace in a church. These are the things mentioned.

“Look at what we now know about the NYPD and the Black Lives Matter protest. One hundred forty-five cops are expected to be charged because of their handling of the protesters.”

Another says that “Trump and Sonny Purdue conspired with meat plants to make sure there were enough workers and they lied saying there were shortages when there were not.”

Another says that he did research about the history of Long Island and he learned that “there were Nazi camps in a place called Yaphank and that could be a good place to have a demonstration” and it has just been learned that Trump wanted armed “feds” to shoot at the Black Lives Matter protestors.

Junior who has only been watching now speaks “And in Buffalo, a shooter 18 years of age, kills 11 people gunning for us and the latest report reveals that he had pages of information about his hate for Jews as well calling CRT a Jewish plot. And here we are in Selma the site where long ago Jews and Black people were united for a common purpose. That’s more than a half century and I am afraid of violence spreading through hate and particularly right now in Florida. I just read that the lawyer who represented the wife and son of Muhummad Ali said that we must “DeSanitize” that state.”

Wallace holds up that copy of USA today with the CRT and Ukraine articles. “We will concentrate next on Florida and unite with people of all races and religions there.”

One of the men stands up to speak. He is a veteran whose message is badly needed. “I fought in Afghanistan and there are two things coming out right now. One is that Trump just lied about not a single American soldier dying during his 4 years in Afghanistan. There were 10 or more each year. And the second thing is a new report we must look at detailing the lies being told about the successful American role in Afghanistan. Lies matter!”

Wallace tells the group that there will be a meeting just before the start of the Caravan as it heads north to Long Island and that African American resiliency will be demonstrated by those choose not to remain silent about all the horrible things done by the Trump Administration and just like the rabbi said in Ukraine that those Americans including conservative African Americans should be cursed for allowing things to happen the way they did.

A Black woman starts to speak out. “My son served in Afghanistan. And we live in one of the more iconic cities in Black history in America. Veterans everywhere listen to me since we have lost our conscience. The truth was just told to Americans that Donald Trump did not lose a single soldier in Afghanistan and people believed him.” She goes on to point out that his comment diminished those young men and women who died and their mothers and fathers, family members, and friends. That is Trump’s truth trying to march on to victory. Communists did the same thing. Fascists did the same thing. And the free world has held back the truth on many occasions. The conscience of man is going down the toilet bowl that tells US about COVID-19 and the lies allow the truth to be overwhelmed. And we see that lack of conscience by people who wore masks for a year or more and now the number of cases is rising in places including New York where people have dropped their guard. The woman speaks again. “When we go to New York to fight for our rights, we wear masks to protect US all and we do it in Jesus name.”

And in Babylon Santos Francis nods to people in the street in his community, telling them “We are going to take back our country and do whatever it takes to win, win, win.”

A Christian billionaire will fund caravans of support that will soon be on Long Island to knock on the doors of those schools about Critical Race Theory. Here is the list

Kaepernick Young Men in seven states.

Two Malcolm X Clubs in the deep South.

Twenty-four Patriots who served in our wars from eleven states.

The Dr. King Faith-Based Initiative (FBI).

Teachers and Pastors for Christ Almighty.

Army Veterans Against Neo-Fascism.

Police Benevolent Association of POC.

Million Man March for Say it LOUDER I’m Black and I’m Proud.

Black Americans Against Fascist Florida.

©Martin N. Danenberg 2022

Clarence Thomas Should Resign

 “He (Emile Zolá) was a moment in the conscience of France.”

                               Anatole France

Clarence Thomas must resign. And this article takes you into French history and its politics today to illustrate how honored institutions such as the military and the judicial system can be greatly diminished by the people in charge.

And a famous television personality says that the American people should not protest outside the homes of the justices. He has to learn new things as well.

My readers know things I have written about later on become common place ideas that find there way into print in the media. And how many times have I written about The Dreyfus Affair? This article at the very least should be in French newspapers just for that content. The Dreyfus Affair started up in Paris, France in 1894.

Dreyfus was a Jew, but what happened to him could have happened to an Algerian, an African, a Muslim, or anyone that was different. But he was a Jew and therefore was “secretly” found guilty by the French Army staff and evidence was concocted in secret to convince the judges that he was guilty. And he was found guilty over and over again until a day when justice prevailed!

Here are the names Mercier, Billot, Boisdeffre, Gonse, Pellieux, Lemercier-Picard, Henry, Paty du Clam (who I wrote about in my article about DeSantis), Foucault, and Esterhazy. And they acted in secret.

Here are the names Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, and Barrett. And they acted in secret. And they acted in secret just like the French military acted in secret.

And the military judges were “drowning in prejudice” and would uphold “the honour of the army.” And the Supreme Court justices, according to Thomas, are honoring the secrecy of that body and that secrecy should not be tampered with.

Esterhazy had a “secret” meeting with Paty du Clam in which protecting Esterhazy was agreed to. He gave the Germans the information which the nation was up in arms about, not Alfred Dreyfus.And the result in France was that Esterhazy fled to London via Belgium to protect himself.

Henry committed suicide or was murdered in prison.

General Gonse sent the leaker of information that saved Dreyfus, Colonel Picquart, to northern Africa which was a good way to get Picquart far away from Paris and could lead easily to Picquart’s death in rebel torn Tunisia. Picquart had previously informed General Boisdeffre about what he suspected as the truth and that was ignored. And both Boisdeffre and Gonse were involved in the transfer of Picquart. Picquart also gets indicted for revealing secrets or leaking information to civilians.

Billot got Esterhazy to retire temporarily from the army due to the embarrassment that was caused to the army.

Lemercier-Picard, author of a forged document is found hanging from his neck in a hotel room.

Boisdeffre requests to be relieved of his duties. And so does de Pellieux.

A stockbroker from Latin America notices that the handwriting on one of the key documents that matches the handwriting of Esterhazy (Señor de Castro).

And General Mercier died in 1921, almost three decades after the start of The Dreyfus Affair. Mercier had become a senator in the French parliament. Mercier denounced Dreyfus from the beginning and was against the reinstatement of Dreyfus and Picquart in the French military a decade later. And until his death, Mercier he always proclaimed the guilt of Alfred Dreyfus.

Martin N. Danenberg is the author of J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide and other books.

You can find a lot on the internet about J’Accuse and there is truly only one type to consider and it started in France with Emile Zolá. There is an organization called J’Accuse and we will see if that staff detects the toxicity that I see in Justice Roberts and the others who, in my opinion, must resign.

I know that would cause a great battle since there would be no majority for the justices on the right. And it would be up to Joe Biden to battle the Republicans and Repugnicans to see who gets appointed and when. Clarence Thomas has made a very poor case in this matter by talking about the secret nature of the court just as the officers made a mockery of justice in France long ago. And The Dreyfus Affair lives on in politics and culture more than a century and a quarter later. And we know who to blame including an immense portion of the French people. Thomas’s attempt to move the needle away from himself is either ignorance or a political stunt. He might as well say that the people really do not care about a change in abortion status and care only about bread and butter issues such as inflation the way Republicans do. Or make up something else. He and the other justices mentioned were caught. The justices who were not caught in the act are not part of this discussion.

Bill Maher lines up with those who want to shield the justices, not realizing the magnitude of the earthquake caused by the leak to the people. There was no need to protest outside the homes of the justices before the leak. Their homes have leaky faucets that have to be turned off and those justices must be taught a lesson by the facts and peaceful assembly. I would hope that Bill Maher could now see my point and I wish that someone in the entertainment business would share this with him. Maher is right in saying that we do not want people to protest outside our houses, but that toxicity that has just been revealed calls for action. France divided itself into powerful large groups in the 1890s and finally in 2002 the life of Emile Zolá was snuffed out as he was in his home (Médans, France). Hate for what he done to help a Jew who was secretly being set up by the military!

I did not forget that when men and women are appointed to the Supreme Court that their tenure if for life. But men and women can resign who have brought dishonor to their position and that is what is needed. And somewhere in America, I can hear Donald Trump say Clarence Thomas is a great patriot. He did nothing wrong, but you know who is out to get him and the other justices. All great patriots! And the others support communism, socialism, Critical Race Theory and things that are bringing our nation down. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer…! And in France the misinformation continues to flow about The Dreyfus Affair which is taught in schools all over France. This lesson should be taught in schools across America right now.

The G.E.D. and the Latin American Summit in Los Angeles

Jobs for people in high poverty areas. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

This message is nothing new for me since I knew that was going to do it right now. It was intended for the City Council of New York first, but I changed my mind. I was reading today about the escalation of gun violence in African American, Hispanic, and Native Americans and the report cited the relationship of the violence to poverty in America. I wish to thank all the staff members of the City Council that I have had talks with. The time to act is now and this statement may well guide much or even more than that of action toward a new way to help.

Joe Biden can make critical changes that can serve as a model for state and local government. As we know from decades of job searches, a high school diploma or a G.E.D. has been a requirement for some or many jobs. That can all change to help the at-risk population that has led to more shootings across America. So this is not something that is targeted only for New York City or Chicago, for example. Federal jobs that require a high school diploma or G.E.D. could be within the reach of those people who at-risk if President Joe Biden changes the requirement and makes all employers who have contracts with the government to require complete interviews with all people, including those who have no high school diploma or G.E.D. and to accomplish this in order to select the best candidate for the job. The lack of a diploma should not disqualify people who may have more knowledge than those who hold diplomas.

People know that my outreach to Senator John McCain went nowhere back in 2017. I was elated by his response, particularly so because I was not one of his constituents. So let US all look at the key words in his letter to me.

The John McCain Letter and Terrorism in The Capitol

Posted by Administrator January 19, 2021 

I first published that letter in Jewish Business News in Israel (September 6, 2018). The clock is ticking loud and clear. Gun violence was moving upward during the first year of the pandemic and it was reported that 19,000 lives have been lost and that does not include the suicides (35 percent surge under Trump). Lives were disposable and more had to be done. And it is being reported that “counties with the highest poverty level had firearm homicide and firearm suicide rates that were 4.5 and 1.3 times as high, respectively.

It would have been even more helpful to me and to our nation to know which counties in red and blue states are having the greatest surges of violence. People have a right to know.

And he signed his name writing “Please feel free to contact me again regarding this or any other matter of concern.”

I thought my idea to do more to fight gang violence was important and now everyone can see one of the things that was in the back of my mind back then. I still want people to earn their high school equivalency where they live and to be able to earn a high school equivalency quickly in other parts of the world. My “dream” to help the world, particularly with its violence and crime still has not been adopted. There will be a major White House event in Los Angeles where this matter should be taken up with world leaders. El Salvador was the first country that I wanted to see obtain the high school equivalency and that did not happen. From there I wanted to help both the Dominican Republic and Haiti (in Spanish and French) and that did not happen too. The United States and other countries including Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and more have all hit part of the target in helping people. But it has not been enough what they have done and what they are doing and they have missed the bullseye.

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

Posted by Administrator October 10, 2019

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What disturbed me is his attitude about spending city funds on liberal items to reduce crime.  I have written in another article that we don’t need police socialism as a request has been made to add 400 officers in Minneapolis.  And keep in mind that Donald Trump has not paid 10 cities already the money owed for his protection.

As you can see I wrote that before the death of George Floyd. And I challenged Officer Kroll. Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.

The federal, state, and local governments can do more now without any delay. The G.E.D. has been in Central America and years ago it was not in El Salvador. Increase opportunities for people everywhere.

DeSantis Banned or Not Banned?

I have published lots of articles where I mention Ron DeSantis. He is a Repugnican to me. Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen of the Tikvah Foundation along with the Jewish Leadership Conference are upset about their talks breaking off for their event. I agree with this point. Clear, accurate statements should be made by the Jewish Heritage Museum about what has taken place. In my experience as a teacher, two of the sites that I had been teaching in were closed and I suspect that there was a vendetta against me (Astoria and South Jamaica locations). The threat had been made to me well before the first site had been shut down by an assistant principal. And the guest speakers of that Jewish Leadership Conference can learn about who I am by clicking on this link. I was very concerned about terrorism by the mid-1980s and I took action to help. Click here to find out more.

Then there is the talk about banning DeSantis from the property. A statement was issued by the museum that the governor is free to attend events there. People have been banned from places including by airlines for their actions, either related to COVID-19 or some other violations. I guess we have to give praise to those newspapers and media that wrote the word “reportedly” in relation to the “ban.” I do approve of cancelling people when things are fair and accurate. I wrote a long time ago that I would not allow Donald Trump in my home.

There are some important facts to consider and DeSantis does have a record of supporting Jews and Israel. I have repeatedly mentioned how Jews have been divided throughout history or on both sides of an issue. We learned about Judah Benjamin when we studied or read about Jewish history. He was the Secretary of State of the Confederacy. We learned about Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister of England who went around England with Frederick Douglas after the Civil War in support of African Americans. I can hear those words “Hello Mother Hello Father here I am in Camp Granada. And that song writer also wrote “Won’t you come home, Disraeli. Won’t you come home. Come home to Queen Victoria.” We loved Allan Sherman for his work and I hope that Floridians my age can actually remember these things. I would suggest that in senior citizen homes down in Florida that the staff play the original recording of the song to put people in a much better mood since Music and Memory are important.

And the lake had alligators and the head coach wanted no sissies in camp. And thinking of The Poison Garden (Florida), someone got poison ivy. The Poison Garden is about lynching of Black people which any pre-teen can easily understand in or out of school. Nobody can stop the spread of Critical Race Theory.

And we loved Disney (attacked by DeSantis over its opposition to his legislation against gays) too. With love of Disney, history, and the Jews in mind, I now turn to certain events that surfaced in the politics of Florida under Ron DeSantis as I have done before. Anti-Semitism! Am I accusing DeSantis? No! I would have to show proof, right? You will learn later about a US Senator from Texas that doesn’t really comply with this.

Get the picture. Donald Trump is on the throne (not the Queen of England) and DeSantis is one of his major supporters or commanders. Trump did not wish to be dethroned. The Miami Herald was involved as it provided Sunday inserts for months that had anti-Semitic material. The person who supplied the material was a Trump supporter in Florida, a Cuban. That man had an association with The Proud Boys who were aligned with Trump and others who had not taken an oath to defend the Constitution and others had taken that oath but that didn’t matter anymore. And that was revealed in the Fall of 2020 before Trump’s fall in November. Pollsters who know have reported that the fall took place because Trump had no plan for COVID-19 and his numbers started to slip.

I was very, very concerned about that anti-Semitism, especially since Florida places third in the number of Jewish people. I have been in some of those communities, walked past the Chabad, had kosher food, had conversations, and I went back again and again. I wrote about my concerns, and I noticed that Trump said nothing. I noticed also in my research that DeSantis said nothing. Silence! Silence! Silence! They were in power and they said nothing as though what had taken place was okay.

The material provided to the Miami Herald was en español or in Spanish. The Latino vote went up for Trump and I want to know the effect of those inserts. Then I learned just days ago which seems like only minutes that 45 percent of Jews gave 45 their vote. Does that mean that the Jewish vote helped empower anti-Semitism? Not so, but just looking at it makes me cringe. Yes Jews are divided.

Fast forward to Putin and Ukraine. Yes there are Jews on both sides of that war. Israel was slow to react to Putin’s aggression and began to catch up. A powerful Russian made that Hitler had Jewish blood comment and that Jews are the worst anti-Semites. I have heard the latter before or Anti-Semite and Jew expression. Then we read that Putin apologized to Israel and then we learned from the Kremlin that Putin did not apologize to Israel. Back to square one?

Putin has committed crimes against a sovereign state by his aggressive politics and just yesterday we learned that Trump had information processed about a missile attack against sovereign Mexico. And his son Donald Jr. has not spoken out against his father. Honor thy father to an extreme? Or honor thy extreme father? So there it was Donald Trump, Jr. backing his father and later we found out that the things cited in the new book about Trump were called “fake” news by Trump and he called its author a “lightweight.”

Latinos se engañan con Trump. Latinos are deceiving themselves. Here we have revelations about a Trump blockade against Cuba (to free Cuba) and military action against Venezuela and Trump called that “fake” news. All of us know Trump’s desire to get the Latino vote and here I refer to Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida in huge numbers. His calling “fake” news is a denial of his desire to free those countries of oppression. I have warned those communities previously in The Force 2020. Trump’s defense of himself was repeating what he had accomplished and never touched upon the specifics affecting the nations of Latin America cited in the book. We have to hold him accountable and demand that he speak directly to the accusations instead of waste our time.

Trump’s “no comment” about these important matters can be the result of just being too stupid to answer, wishing not to lie on camera or in print about these things, or a combination of both. He may come up with an answer soon after speaking to others to get the kind of help needed.

How the Republicans Can Easily Defeat the Taliban

Posted by Administrator September 13, 2021

Cuba and Venezuela will be next as Republicans take us on to victory in Afghanistan. And the United States will once again be the Home of the Free and the Brave.

And today I went back to articles written well before 2022 to search for Cuba and Venezuela and look what I came up with.

Bob Marley: Chai for Life

Posted by Administrator August 4, 2019 

Ambassador Friedman just made big news about giving Israel the green light to annex “some” of Gaza. I have read about Hitler annexing some land. Look where that got us Adolph (I mean Donald of course). I hope that Russia doesn’t try to annex Alaska by appealing to Putin’s new ally.

And what could Putin give US in this neo-Realpolitic moment? Cuba? Venezuela? Trump doesn’t even treat Puerto Rico right and Puerto Ricans have been Americans long before the Israelis arrived on our shores. And after 60 years of communism in Cuba and very little change taking place there, the Trump genius has been sleeping on the job (but now in an act far short of genius he is stopping cruise ships there as though either an epidemic or war is imminent).

I am asking the Hispanic/Latino community that I care a lot about to have a national discussion. Learn from the work of the Committees of Correspondence that we teach to students in our schools. Have a national discussion about everything that matters. In September of 2020, Biden announced The Latino Fair Shot. What percentage of Latinos know? I would suggest that the White House as part of this effort bring Latinos together to talk about this right now. As you can see in my article, I was concerned about Putin and his annexation schemes and I placed Trump in partnership with Putin. Trump, by calling Esper’s information “fake” news, did not fight hard enough for the freedom of Cuba and Venezuela but he won huge amounts of votes in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere, I dunno). This is the moment for all groups to also join together in Florida to have the great discussion because they have been deceived. And this can be done at the state level as well.

Russia is on my mind. What will the book say about Trump’s hostile plan concerning Putin and Russia? That is what we have to know right now. Did Trump have anything approaching the ideas put forth in the book about Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela? How exactly was Trump showing his muscle and delusional strength in those days in the White House.

War is not the answer. There is an incredible fusion of humanity in that Chai around Bob Marley’s neck as if it is teaching us a lesson that we are not going to get from the White House.

We were divided over Trump and his wall that Mexico was going to pay for. Unfinished Trump symphony! Netanyahu spoke out in support of Trump and then backed off after hearing Mexican Jewish voices speak out against the wall. When will Abrams and Cohen, the Tikvah Fund, and the Jewish Leadership Conference back off, particularly since their leadership is not really good or great leadership. I also state unequivocally that I would not trust them on my side. So where do they go? To Russia with Love and Trump for his support of Putin?

Under this surface where Trump still gets lots of support. Pence seems ready now to mend the fence with Trump. I wrote about that kind of thing just weeks ago. Power is what they want and they will get that power united together. I learned a couple of years ago from a Trump supporter this. He does not pay attention to the “stupid” things that Trump says. The policies matter!  And Repugnicans do not care because they have POWER.

But with this latest revelation by someone that Trump appointed, we have learned that the Mexican missile attack by US was sent up to be evaluated and possibly to be acted upon. It was crushed by Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense. And with Putin and his aggression in mind and thinking about all of Latin America and not just Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, just how much respect for sovereignty did Trump have for countries like Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador all along? An attack on one could result on other attacks once the door is opened to that. Diplomacy is that complicated.

And Putin is driving a wedge between US and Latin America with misinformation that even has people like Marco Rubio concerned. Why? China is around US. And who helped to empower Putin in the previous White House? Yes it was Trump and Ukrainians, Poles, and others are now paying much more attention and Biden is providing the help financially and the commitment to Zelensky that Trump could not see as he was blinded, telling Ukraine back then to work things out with Putin. Who else wishes to pay for Trump’s mistakes?

Trump has made the claim that if he had been president when the attack took place against Ukraine, he would have made a phone call to Putin to stop the attack (Trump’s B.S.). If he had really been a strong president for US, no phone call would have been needed to Putin. And even while Trump was in the White House, he was playing havoc with Zelensky and the Ukraine and his call about Hunter Biden might have been perfect without any reference to that man. Ukraine needed help without strings attached.

And the drug cartel in Mexico that Trump had on his mind in the White House can be handled in other ways, especially as there is cooperation by both countries in this matter. Maybe President Lopez-Obrador can get Donald Trump and Jr. to just go over there (nobody will know) and with their combined strength they can talk the cartel leaders to give up. That is what strong men can do! I’m not that “strong” so I will just continue to write.

I have been reading about the “remarkable Jewish Renaissance (in Florida)” which, to me, is another way of saying don’t worry about the anti-Semitism and hate. More should have been done back in September of 2020 by Trump when the anti-Semitism was revealed. There was silence!

And DeSantis wants Holocaust studies all over his state now, not Critical Race Theory. I made some calls last week to people teaching the Holocaust to say that the statistics worldwide show us that after all the years of Holocaust study, both formally and informally, people do not know about it or do not care about it. Flipping Repugnican ideas on them, I could say that the people care about bread and butter issues. We need Holocaust studies, we need to know all about Critical Race Theory, we need other weapons to fight hate.

I have proposed bringing the Alfred Dreyfus Museum in the home of Emile Zolá into the United States through Zoom. The Dreyfus Trial was the trial of the 19th Century. The O.J. Simpson Trial was the trial of the 20th Century. So far, the George Floyd Trial has been the trial of the 21st Century. We need to know more to make a better world or Tikkum Olam. This is the time to contact me so we can develop the plan. And people in cities can learn about the hate that was directed toward Alfred Dreyfus and the Jewish people in Paris and throughout France.

And there is another trial in the motion picture The Music Box that is riveting and highly educational that I propose for this high purpose. I wrote about that in Jewish Business News in Israel almost four years ago.

Kavanaugh’s Music Box: Grand Finale

By Martin Danenberg Published October 1, 2018

The Music Box mentioned in the title starred Jessica Lange and it took place in Chicago. This was a story growing out of the Holocaust. Jessica Lange is a lawyer who defends her own father who was accused of crimes. She, naturally, did not believe what others said about her father. He tells her that he was a farmer in his youth who joined the military-gendarmes as a clerk. She goes to visit Magda Tibor in Budapest, Hungary. The trial was already over and there was time for her to get the truth, something that Trump himself is not very good at. The Chicago Police had sent Magda Tibor the possessions of her brother who had been killed in an accident. Among the possessions was a simple pawn ticket.

The Music Box is a must see.

And as there is a storm of protest right now over 6 justices and a leaked memo, I turn once more to the Music Box since the article bears his name. Democrats and some Republicans are slamming the justices over the flip-flop and calling them liars.

War Criminal! Justice Department Releases Atrocity Photos.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

It ain’t over till it’s over (Yogi Berra NY Yankees great).

And so it is with great stories (true and fiction). Perhaps you have seen the movie “Twelve Angry Men” still considered one of the best movies ever made. A jury seems ready to find a Puerto Rico guilty of murder and through time and the right questions asked in the jury room the Puerto Rican is set free. Latino Lives Matter. Whether it is following a particular explosive case in the news or a trial or investigation, we need time and people to ask the right questions. Sometimes we need more time than a week, which you know is the time that Trump has set aside for the Kavanaugh investigation by the F.B.I. I can imagine Yogi Berra saying that the F.B.I. would need more time just to warm in the bullpen.

You can see just how there was fusion, a Holocaust criminal and an American defending himself as he is about to assume the important position of Supreme Court Justice.

I wrote in that article “We fight for the truth and the right people have to do the investigating. I doubt that this has registered on many of those who support and oppose Kavanaugh. Trump will be seen in the video of the Dreyfus Affair, but never mentioned. Pay careful attention.

And while DeSantis has done some good things, a Poison Garden is showing US hate for others. Check out my previous articles citing The Poison Garden which is Florida. I would say there is your “renaissance,” but the hate has always been there.

And I saw one of the math problems related to race which has been presented as Critical Race Theory brought to you by Marxism and I saw a problem written in a way that would highlight to students who learn that there are jobs outside of the schools where statistics are used that way. So the problem to me was racial but not racist and promoted learning well. The teachers could point out that there are jobs waiting everywhere for that. Even the Anti-Defamation League fighting against hate presents those kinds of materials often where statistics are presented.

And is there room in the DeSantis legislation for White people who blame African Americans? On my first trip to Myrtle Beach after I retired, I recall a man blaming integration for the drop in standards (I guess he meant in South Carolina). Blame! Are parents going to be blamed for that kind of talk (Whites) and will parents be fined (or taken away from their children for pointing blame). Yes I am concerned about blame by all people and I know it would be great to have schools and workplaces where there is peace, but the legislation seems arbitrary and capricious to me. It also seems based on only one item and that is Critical Race Theory. What about the other side? What about Black voices that wish to be heard? And those school board meetings where threats are made.

And I wrote this in The Force 2020 DDT


Posted by Administrator May 31, 2020 

And in addition to everything that is going on, Trump appears ready to bring US back to a time when we experienced the Kent State Massacre instead of taking fast decisive action to help (control is another thing). Yes I know the F.B.I. was involved before the escalation of violence in Minneapolis, but the White House had other options such as sending a team of experts in to bring attention to the positive role that a leader could provide

This week in 2022, we have also learned that Trump was calling for deadly force against the protestors after George Floyd was killed. And that link to DeSantis and The Poison Garden should concern US all.

Even as I finish this article, the breaking news is Trump’s similarity to Putin and how Trump’s failure to overthrow our elected government has to be factored into the attack on Ukrainian. And how many times have I and others referenced Hitler and other dictators in articles. Probably thousands or more!

I felt that I had to do more research and I found something new. Captain Alfred Dreyfus had been interrogated by an army officer named Major du Paty de Clam. That was before various trials and a horrible prison experience (four and a half years in hell). After more than a decade, Dreyfus was exonerated, he was promoted, and served in World War I for France.

In 1908 Dreyfus was shot by a would-be assassin as he brought the ashes of Emile Zolá to the Pantheon in Paris to be buried. The man who shot him was found innocent due to insanity.

And here is what was new to me.

Later in history, the son of du Paty, Charles du Paty, was appointed by the Vichy government of France to be the commissioner of Jewish affairs. That job was to enforce Nazi racial theory in France, pauperizing the Jews, and deporting them to camps. One of those Jews had been a Resistance fighter helping Jewish children to hide. That woman, Madeline Dreyfus, was the daughter of Alfred Dreyfus and she was gassed in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1944.

The truth about those events is taught in the schools of France to all students. There the military had claimed any evidence against them as fake news. Just as we have seen Donald Trump do the same thing over and over and over again.

Emile Zolá wrote the article that defended Captain Alfred Dreyfus and the title of my book bears the title of that same article. J’ACCUSE!

I thought I was done with this article, but I decided not to write another article immediately about Ron DeSantis whose legislation is taking away the rights of people in The Poison Garden. This part comes from a writer who worked for the White House and writes for the conservative Heritage Foundation as a “senior fellow.” It was July 2020 and it wasn’t quite over as I wrote earlier. New York-Florida deaths at that time were 3,872 per million people-276 per million people. Florida looked great and the sun was shining as usual. I looked at a map of the USA in those days and I saw the potential for the plague to come into Florida through its neighboring states and through the policies of Trump-DeSantis. Today Florida ranks with the worst nations for deaths caused by COVID-19.

 I wrote about how Mark Levin was praising DeSantis back in the Spring of 2021 which people should look at. I spent a week in Florida and noticed problems there by Fernandina Beach, problems that had the potential to cause lots of deaths and illness because of the Delta variant. And the deaths took place. There is lots of material to absorb in The Force 2020 DDT where I would suggest a search of Florida, DeSantis, and DeSanctis where more than a dozen articles will come up.

Death in the Holocaust, death in America caused by COVID-19, death in the Ukraine caused by Putin, and death of Black men at the hands of police and civilians are always on my mind now. The hate, the politics, the economics add up to social injustices. Of course, we don’t refer to The Holocaust as The Holocaust of Social Injustice. In France when Dreyfus finally won after over a decade, the newspapers wrote Justice Triomphe which should be clear to all who know English or French. Repugnicans have their own language and what I just wrote could easily be termed by them as “Marxism.”

And the next time that there is a pandemic, our nation should focus more on the chief tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and that is all about saving lives. Much of our nation missed that as many fought for freedom or constitutionality or both. Patriotism is linked to saving lives more than what neo-patriots are willing to tell you. Let’s form a faith-based initiative for that. And I just heard Donald Trump state (not for the first -+time) that he is the savior of all religions in America. I hope that Joe Biden picks all this up to straighten things out since the Constitution is not the Bible and people spoke about opening up churches demanding their constitutional rights instead of saving more lives. One million deaths and counting!

And finally, Ted Cruz is talking about things that inflame me and should inflame you as well. He is blaming the “leak” on some “liberal” law clerk at the Supreme Court.

In the Dreyfus Affair, Dreyfus’s defense against the Military of France and its people aroused by hate against the Jews would not have been possible except for one man who was anti-Semitic but who believed in the honor of the military and the quest for truth. So here it’s the attack on liberals in the press instead of Jews. I read that a reporter took the position that I am implying or more specifically that it could have been a conservative who changed his mind and leaked the memo. And I have been writing since 2018 that we need people who leak information like that, and the man mentioned, Colonel Picquart, was one of the greatest leakers of all time. Cruz wants the leaker to go to jail for a long time. And here we are in the battle to save our democracy. Could it be that the leaker was Justice Kavanaugh? What do you think? I think that I should apply for the job investigating just who the leaker is.

Biden Shakes the World: Our Democracy is Being Poisoned

And in Florida, there is a “Poison Garden” that has been exposed many times and the antidote may be close at hand. Florida leads the nation in hate groups. We’ve seen the shootings, the groups in communities preaching hate, the anti-Semitism, the stand your ground that is often no more than a man with a gun deciding who is going to die, and the legislation of hate as well reminding me of Hitler’s Germany. And the antidote may be the new play “The Poison Garden” by Chris Mancini.

This is the world we live in, again. Hitler had Jewish blood is the new attempt at mass misinformation. I read that and I can see Repugnicans plotting to produce the idea that Stalin had Jewish blood to tighten a political noose around the necks of liberals and progressives (socialists and communists to Repugnicans and many Republicans). I can see it coming! Republicans have been plotting and they continue to do so. And the silence of the people who voted for them is heard just by reading a poll in America. And after all the harm done by Trump, he is still their best president and choice. And Florida is about to explode because of hate and unsuspecting peoples are going to get caught in the middle. Why? They live in “The Poison Garden.”

And this is just in from Florida to share with the people of Florida (and our nation). ”Florida will soon be “DeSantisized.“ The extremist now occupying the Florida Governor’s mansion has gone too far with the Stop Woke Act and Don’t Say Gay law and open carry law and abortion rights are his next target. That will trigger a massive Democratic voter turnout in the coming midterm elections that will put Dems in control of the Governor’s mansion and elect a Democrat to take Marco Rubio’s seat in the US Senate as the pendulum of history swings back to moderate Republican extremism around the country.” This comes from Chris Mancini, former federal prosecutor and lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale.

Victimizing people and Disney are not what our nation needs. I know from studying history that there have been companies that needed to be cancelled, but revenge against Disney cannot stand in our nation. DeSantis not Disney will fall. And legislators will be held accountable as well. The tide can turn even in a poison garden.

DeSantis and his conservative backers are walking on the same path that others have walked down. Hitler, Stalin, and Putin come to mind. Teachers, people at work, community people, and others are not going to allow the recent legislation to continue that restricts the freedom of people at school and at their jobs. DeSantis has diminished all these people just the way dictators diminished people in the past. Freedom of speech and expression of ideas will prevail over DeSantis. They cannot be stopped by tactics that we see being accomplished by Putin in Russia as he spreads misinformation and prevents the truth.

What Germany experienced from 1933-1945 started with hateful expressions and laws. And in the 1930s, Florida, the Poison Garden was lynching Black people whose crime was being Black. We blame Hitler. We blame the people who created the Poison Garden.

Reparations are now moving forward because of Tulsa’s Massacre. And there were other massacres in North Carolina and Texas, the latter was just in the news. I have been calling for students to learn much more about history for years by reading sources that have not been provided in our schools. Reparations in Broward County will be moving forward in the Poison Garden. Current events matter and even children can learn more. A child seven years of age just held up an urgent sign about freedom. Where? It was a Ukrainian child fleeing oppression. We need to hold up signs of freedom right now in the Poison Garden where people live. I can see Mickey Mouse and Cinderella holding up signs.

And by the way, a student in South Carolina who wanted to be free to go on a school trip to Estonia (3 weeks) was just denied that right by a federal judge because that youth participated in the January 6, 2021 attack on The Capitol. The judge ruled stating that (although the student has not made a plea of guilty and we presume innocence) “a very, very serious action that threatened the security of this country,” and “Let’s not forget that.” The youth, Elias Irizarry, was wearing the red Make America Great Again hat at the time the mob broke a window and entered. Another man was just sentenced and he, among other things, shouted out “Civil War 2.”  And the red sweatshirt was worn by someone in the photo presented in an article that I found.

Both men went to the same high school and were in the Marine ROTC at school. Photos were taken at a very historic section of The Capitol, The Capitol Crypt, where there are 13 statues of the 13 original colonies. Elliot Bishai faces one year in prison and a fine of $100,000 for his actions. He and Irizarry were “fingered” by people who knew them at school.

It came to mind that our nation or even South Carolina should have new laws to prevent Trump’s supporters (the biggest threat of all) from doing what they do in the name of patriotism, thinking about new laws related to the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Based on the work of the Founding Fathers, it appears to me, that both are possible under the Constitution. Conservatives should lead this effort to create this wall of protection for our government. I had to use some critical thinking skills for this article!

The GED for Community

“Eighty percent of people in Rikers have no high school diploma and sixty-six percent have dyslexia.”

                       (Mayor) Eric Adams several months ago

“It takes a village (tribe) to raise a child.”

                       An African saying, slightly modified and timeless

I learned from the tribes of Alaska about five years ago that everyone in jail in Alaska had to study for the GED and Alaska has been the best state for GED for decades, delivering 4.8 diplomas per 100 people. Manhattan is the site of the City Council of New York and it was named for Indians that lived here. Those Indians did not need a GED. The GED was established in 194 when underage youth enlisted to fight in World War II. Patriotism has long left the struggle to help people with the GED. And New York State is one of the worst states in the nation for GED. And there are reasons for the good and bad in our state.

I added this paragraph today May 2, 2022 after adding material about Floyd which you will see later. I reached out to help New York City back then and you will see how I attempted to do that and it did involve Eric Adams. I never heard back about my request. I watched on television as we all did and saw a city that was under attack by behavior that increased the feeling that the city was poorly protected. Today the NYC Department of Education can learn where mistakes were being made back then, mistakes taking place during the school year. And I want everyone to be reminded that my work does go to the White House. We needed more police back then and the rest is history, bad history about city budgets and defunding the police. And my request which I documented in writing in The Force 2020 DDT had nothing to do with law and order campaigns that I find repugnant. It’s time for Joe Biden and Eric Adams to have another conversation, one that will resonate across our nation into other big city situations.

You can find councilmen who did not graduate from high school. There is one who lived in the Lillian Wald Houses in the building next to where I lived. Maria del Carmen Arroyo helped set up the GED compass in New York City, but it didn’t build up the badly needed numbers reaching 2,3,4, diplomas per 100.

After helping Jeb Bush’s Florida, I conducted a GED event in Tallahassee where I pointed out that a three-credit course in GED would prepare teachers much better to teach. I later gave testimony in Albany, one among many people, and I spoke about that idea which the New York State Department of Education picked up. Picked up? What happened to it? What happened to it!

Public safety is for all and the lack of education that includes bad decisions and desperation has had a negative impact on communities in New York City.  As a leading authority on GED or high school equivalency, I have known about the regulation to help offenders who have broken the law who are required by the courts to take the GED test. And I have been in touch with district attorneys recently and know what being done about this. And I know that much more has to be done and can be done.

Public safety has been one of my goals for a long time. I shook hands with the national chief of police of El Salvador in 2005 and that handshake never had a chance for a follow up. The vision I had was to help everyone including runaway youth, gang members, women who were victims of domestic violence, immigrants, homeless, people in rehabilitation for drugs, help for families that are underserved in NYCHA (I taught GED in 3 NYC housing developments…South Jamaica Houses was my last site) and more. People in power prevented that from happening.

I have already done a new outreach to the NYPD and that idea resulted from reading material on the website of the NYC Council. I have not been contacted yet. Silence? More silence? Does anyone wish to know what I wrote? Will the police commissioner take action if council members ask?

My work also entered important meetings including one in the Palacio Nacional in Santo Domingo where I gave the information with a well-known government employee working with Mayor Menino in Boston to take to the meeting. Surrogates matter! And by 2005 when I entered San Salvador to fight for the people there, I was already known through word of mouth in the presidential cabinet of El Salvador. During my stay the president of El Salvador spoke on television about how his brother who resided in California obtained the GED and went on to a career in the medical profession. I helped a Dominican youth in Central Islip who dropped out of school and who at 19 still had no diploma. She soon entered a career as a CNA on Long Island.

I have been in touch with the police department throughout the years and I have been in touch with the usual silence. I had a meeting with the top civilian in the police department and told him what was needed and that took place under Michael Bloomberg. Does anyone at the City Council know about my work detailing The Bloomberg-Klein mistakes?  And about those mistakes does anyone on the City Council know about my intervention on the radio talk show Gambling in the Morning where I confronted Mayor Mike Bloomberg? Does history matter? Does anyone want to know what I asked and what Bloomberg answerd?

And have I not seen other things as well such as youth in church programs being taken to jail to learn about the old program Scared Straight. Church youth? Were they going to be future social workers working in criminal justice? That program was eliminated. There are about 54,000 gang members in Chicago alone. So based on known statistics what happens to the gang members who earn a GED? Do we know? There was a significant grant given to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of America to Dallas, Texas to reduce gang membership? What happened there as well?  And in New York City, you could ask the Department of Education about what is happening to gang members.

Being involved at a high level of education has put me into a position to be able to explain just why far too many people are engaged in criminal acts that harm society. New York City has not been a good place for GED. When David Paterson was governor, I helped put together a meeting in Albany with Senator Gonzalez and at that meeting a sheet of information was circulated that not one person had passed the GED in Rikers’ Correctional Institution in a year. I contacted the assistant to the governor days later to inform him and to find out why this happened.

At that same meeting, I had to intervene in the discussion as the focus was placed on helping New York State obtain a higher passing percentage of candidates for the test. My objection was that the state of New York needed more and more adults with a diploma and that is not achieved by a higher passing percentage. What New York City needed was a greater mobilization of young people and more diplomas, even if the passing percentage was lower.

 Here is an illustration that should hit a home run is this discussion. Delaware always has a very high passing percentage in our nation, but very few people take the test and are allowed to take the test. The raw numbers make Delaware one of the worst states in the nation even though it has that high passing percentage. And what else was going on in Delaware at the same time? Delaware made national news for its very high suspension of African American students from school. And that combination was and is harmful to communities there.

And long before I was providing important critical information to the Washington Bureau of the NAACP and I shared information with that office after learning about the students suspended in Delaware. I had been involved in the student suspension hearing that resulted from an incident in the South Jamaica Houses in the 1990s. You can read about that incident in my book by clicking here Floyd. The article was written about George Floyd in May of 2020 so in the middle of the article just click open the section about calling a student Coleman and open the book. A suspension of a student was averted through timely actions. And guess what? I normally say that nobody listens to me, but the parent of that student listened to me. She prevented the suspension since I was not there to give testimony at the hearing.

Think of it this way as well. If a family of ten children dropped out of high school and two took and passed the test. That would give it a 100 percent passing rate for those who took the test, but eight others in that family would be left behind or left out. And throughout the last two decades in New York only 1 out of every 100 adults has earned a GED. Other states have produced 2,3, and 4 diplomas per 100 people. And that is why New York has been a bad GED state and the city is problematic affecting the criminal justice system and pipeline to prison.

The GED for Community will be a new effort. I put this information online in association with the leadership of the United Bodegas of America. For those who are not studying anywhere, this is a movement to Do the Right Thing. People working in bodegas are victims of violence and see the violence at other times on their blocks. Everyone in the city should be able to be assured of greater prevention of crime so that families can have more peace of mind. And that includes the families of police officers.

You have seen the dates of publication of the articles. Some work preceded the outbreak of this pandemic and things have gotten worse for adults since. People need to catch up everywhere and our youth have to be rescued. Stronger prevention is needed by all to make the streets and communities safer.

I am an educator who can easily help the police in their effort to keep everyone safe. The violence against innocent people and police is always on my mind. We have to help each other in ways that are not always clear at first.  Please contact me and I am available to participate in a Zoom to answer all important questions.

Have police in precincts ever seen my You Tube related to saving the GED testing over a decade ago? Take a look at the statements made at the event that was held outside City Hall. The brother of Jam Master Jay was my keynote speaker. The camera work was done by a friend of ours who had gone with Bill Cosby and several violence interrupters (the National Exhoodus Council) to meet Barack Obama to talk about helping communities. I helped that organization put together two community events targeting gang violence in Yonkers and Far Rockaway and I was a panelist cooperating with that organization in Philadelphia, at events that were held in the African American Museum in Philly and a charter school where people from around the country attended the National Black Violence Convention.  And there was another event with police addressing the audience about critical things that police were concerned about including police handling of a fatality.

The youth who spoke after my event was over did an amazing job as he told us that his friends were thinking about doing illegal and destructive things. And today we learn that in Florida that a hundred youth knew that their teenage friends were playing around with guns and bullet proof vests before one of the youths was killed. Now the parents of that teen demand to know why so many people kept quiet about what was going on for some time.

Also, at the City Hall event former City Councilman Robert Jackson and chairman of the education committee came out of City Hall and without confirming his appearance with me took over my event for 8 minutes. And community people, immigrants of the New York City spoke out. They did the right thing and now it is up to everyone else.

These are things to share with commanders and all staff in the precinct.

And more can be done soon to achieve the goal of crime reduction. Just ask me! There is a plan of action.

Watch it. Click here.

Watch it. Click here.

Watch it. Click here.

Watch the You Tubes and learn more about the city of New York and learn one of the most important reasons why there are major gaps in the progress of youth, immigrants, and adults who are affected by the poverty. Mayor Michael Bloomberg initiated a big anti-poverty campaign and he fell far short because he didn’t listen. The same problems hurt the city in 2022. I’m wondering right now if there are members of the City Council of New York who are listening to me.

Trumpism and Critical Race Theory

I have noticed the errors of people in state government for the last twenty years or more. It started with Florida at the time of Jeb Bush (1999-2002). I helped straighten things out for the benefit of the people of Florida. Then I began to acquire immense knowledge in my education field and in 2006 I was called upon to straighten a budget problem created in the Pataki years. It didn’t stop there since there were other interventions that were related to schools and education.

One of my more recent interventions into Florida resulted from watching the talk of Ben Shapiro at Florida State University. After publishing this article (Ben Shapiro and FSU An Assessment), I sent it to the office of the president at that university. I have not heard back. The usual silence. Has anyone there shown my article to a single Floridian? Shapiro was talking about “wokeness” and the question of reparations was brought up as well. I can tell you that Shapiro opposes reparations, but you can learn that different forms of reparations are taking place. Harvard University has just set aside $100 million for its own complicity in the slave trade. Chris Mancini is involved in helping a family who lost a loved one in 1935 to a lynching in South Florida. Their work is proceeding right now. On Fox News, Shapiro said it is “unworkable” and pointed out that it just can’t done “ten generations” after slavery has ended. He and the Fox News moderator gave typical talking points about the “War on Poverty” and its failure. I can tell you where it failed which I first thought about in 2000. They made their key point that whatever funds provided to help Black people would be “Socialist redistribution policy.” And they used the typical “entitlements” pitch to their listeners. But there are legal experts who are involved in helping Black people in their efforts to get justice for those years of enslavement. My point about Ben Shapiro is that his answers are clearly incomplete and full of misinformation, spreading his word to tens of millions of people.

Reparations does not have to take the same name or wording that Jewish people obtained due to the Holocaust. The guiding principle is there since slavery and its aftermath destroyed lives and prevented the progress of people. Social justice initiatives is not socialism and neither was reparation for the Jews. And his portrayal of his family coming here about four years before mine and being innocent of what took place does not matter. The damage has been done and the payments should be made. That doesn’t mean that those payments have to be made today during a world crisis, but they can be accomplished in the future (with or without the agreement of Ben Shapiro).

There was Ben Shapiro pontificating about the “War on Poverty” that amounted to little or nothing in his opinion and he cited that there were 20 percent of Black women with children at that time (now 70 percent). My visit into the NYCHA development where I grew up on the Lower East Side had been turned into an area known for its drugs and high crime. By 1969 the people I had known and grown up with were either “dead or in jail” and those were important factors.

The educational system was not in a position to benefit so many children and their families where some schools were just producing 5 percent of students reading at grade level. I cannot cite GED statistics for that zip code and it just appeared to me that residents of the community were just not catching up to make a difference in that war. And this went on for decades. So even back in the day, there were other factors playing a role that are not being discussed. The Ben Shapiros of the world know nothing about all this. I lived it!

And lots more things are going on in Florida that need to be addressed. Trumpism has attracted a wide audience of supporters and voters and the voice there is Ron DeSantis. With all the lessons of the Holocaust, we notice that people either do not learn or choose not to learn. Part of the reason is that as powerful as the lessons of the Holocaust are they are still insufficient. And I am trying to address that at an international level and I strongly believe that welcoming new ideas would better facilitate the understanding of those events and contribute to a much better world now.

Look again more closely at the events from 2017 to today. Muslims were attacked. Chinese were attacked. Latinos, sometimes, were attacked (Mexicans were attacked by Trump). Homosexuals were attacked. Black Lives Matter was attacked.  And at the very same time that Trump supporters were attacking people here, there were Muslims, Gays, Chinese, Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and more for Trump. People have always been divided, but previously there was no imminent danger like we have seen since Trump campaigned the first time.

I point to the Anti-Defamation League which has been putting reports out to the public about anti-Semitism over the years. For many years, I had not known about those efforts to inform and educate people. The study of anti-Semitism tells us just what percentage of people have those tendencies in their countries. And in the United States, anti-Semitism is pretty low at about 10 percent, but it is very dangerous because of the hundreds of millions of people who live here. The family is greatly affected by views being shaped and without proper education and thinking skills, people will be led to act against Jews.

We have (had) seen the uptick in attacks on Jews during Trump’s four years and we saw little or nothing being done by Trump himself to make things better. Trump and his base were winning until COVID-19 and Trump had no plan to do much there as well. And before finishing this article there was an article by USA Today showing the surge in 2021 in anti-Semitic incidents revealing that in 80 percent of the incidents were not perpetrated by extremists. I say that the lessons about the Holocaust are important, but they are not enough. New strategies are needed. Stronger messaging is needed for all and some or much of that can be done now.

I have written about the Zionist Organization of America’s Mort Klein sitting next to Candace Owens who was giving a statement about Hitler, nationalism, globalism, etc. while Klein was checking his notes before speaking out about the threat of the Muslim world. He was not there to talk about White Supremacy and the racism of the United States. Those two follow a different beat to their success and they must know by now that we are concerned about all groups when it comes to hate and our knowledge of White Supremacy and its hateful expressions should have been denounced by them.

And back to Florida and DeSantis. Most Jews know that Hitler came for the Jews, came for Roma people, came for Gays, came for intellectuals who would speak out, and more. There were people of African background in the concentration camps. And now DeSantis has quickly hastened a movement of revenge against Disney. This may be shocking to people, but Florida, I know, is a state that realizing that it could no longer lynch Black people about a hundred years ago started to quickly find Black people guilty of crime and had them executed within weeks since there was no appeal process in place. And life continued that way until the Civil Rights Era. And now Florida is moving backwards in time to a history of control and domination. Or at least those men and women in its government think they are going to control things.

As I previously indicated, Jews want to know where the hate is and where the hate groups are. Florida is known for having the most hate groups in the nation. Alerted to that fact, I was in Miami last May and was told by a young woman in the family business that the Proud Boys were inciting people in that area. I noticed the flyers placed on the streets as I waited for a bus to take me from the downtown seaport to Collins Avenue. I wrote about that here in The Force 2020 DDT. I had watched the news about the anti-Semitism before the Election of 2020 and Trump did nothing to turn off the hate then being written about. Trump won a huge victory under those circumstances in Florida.

And suddenly there is this fear pervading Florida and other states about knowing about racism in school or what is commonly called “wokeism.” Isn’t it peculiar that Putin is also bringing up wokeism in connection with Ukraine? Could it be that that Republicans and Putin are in the same party? It’s as though a huge cancerous tumor has formed in America in which the Ku Klux Klan and people who are less inclined than those infamous activists who controlled the South and lots of other communities are calling Republicans out to say that it has all been a “Marxist” plot. So almost everything becomes socialist, communist, and Marxist to them.

If you study the evil actions of Americans for an hour, you will quickly see that those racists did the same things that communists did to their own people, including taking the bread out of the hands of the poor. Both groups did it to have more. And Hitler took everything from the Jews to pay for his war machine (economy).

Florida appears to be canceling lots of books including math books. The internet exploded with one example from a math book with a graph about racism in America. Alongside that graph, could have been and should have been a graph about anti-Semitism. How would Trump handle that! He was only opposed to Black Lives Matter, remember? And there would still be Jews backing Trump after his horrible answers.

And the books being cited by DeSantis and his team for containing material that contains racial or racist material or too controversial material may actually be the best books available to the students. Nazis and communists knew how that worked and they possibly got it from the United States. Their founding fathers were infallible just as our founding fathers appear to be at times. And the attack on teachers and their first amendment rights does also seem like something from an America of the 1950s when Senator McCarthy was making news. And now Congressman McCarthy is making news about lies being made up to protect Trumpism and control Americans. Senator McCarthy was citing evidence of huge amounts of communists in the Truman government which was not true.

And there is the big question about whether materials are age appropriate or not. We can see a child who is four years of age fleeing Putin’s attack talk clearly and intelligently about that. And we know that racism and anti-Semitism often begin in the home for children. Hate is all around US. I read the book Trotsky in New York a couple of years ago and wrote about it and Trotsky’s son, obviously, was politically precocious. And when he was told that the family was quickly returning to Russia he knew very well that it was all about the “Revolution.” A discussion with the children and grandchildren of Repugnicans will most likely present to the public that same precociousness of politics if given the chance.

I alluded to Florida’s haste to lynch Black people and the haste to take away the rights of teachers to discuss issues from the past and present that are important to people smacks of that. DeSantis keeps up with Trump in diminishing people. Stalin by the early 1950s saw fit that some Jews had to be killed and Jewish people were diminished and only solidifying Russia First mattered to him. The same thing happens in Florida as people attempt to diminish Black people through voting rights and educational decisions.

I was talking to Chris Mancini whose concerns for these problems are immense and he fills us in on South Florida, his book, and his play. He told me that Act II of his play is devoted to a Black man who was lynched just as I described it before. He was put on trial and executed immediately to simulate the actual lynching without a trial. It makes me think about how I recently found out about my grandmother’s family in Poland in 1939 who were immediately taken outside and shot by the Nazis. There rope was not needed. We are now on our way to be in touch, I hope, with teachers all over our nation as a result of the important conversation that just took place.

And if you look at many of my articles, I have always stressed that high school students must know more. Middle school students are capable of learning most of the controversial things as well, but high school students will become voters first. And change is needed to prevent hate from diminishing people again. History matters!

Let’s take a look at American history and the Massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.

The White Supremacists wore Red Shirts. A very long-lasting myth was established that after dozens of Black people were killed that Black people benefitted from the massacre. Black people who were hiding were informed to come out and see that they would be protected by White people (they would be diminished for decades). Children in the streets felt the terror of white men carrying guns. That was America.

I wrote this article Marco Rubio Speaks About On January 6, 2021

Posted by Administrator February 7, 2022

That kind of Republican Party thinking is better than what communists did, but clearly on the same road, especially as the Republican goal is keeping the party clean at all times (even when it is dirty). I just read about that kind of thinking again last night in the final chapter of Volume 3 of The Gulag. I was reading about Novocherkassk and there is information on the internet about what took place there.

And now in April 2020 I share this information about Novocherkassk after writing about Wilmington, North Carolina.

You will see some of the same main ingredients. Nikita Khrushchev who had been a charge of the Soviet Union for years and who told the people that they could now breathe freely and have no worries. The June 2, 1962 it happened.

The town rebels.

There are no traces of what happened.

The people of the Soviet Union did not know what had taken place and there was no coverage by the news media.

This was a moment of higher prices, and the wages of the workers were lowered by as much as 30 percent.

Strikes spread and troops and tanks were expected there by the striking men and women.

Ring leaders were sought out and arrested.

People later carried peaceful slogans and portraits of Lenin. Others tried to find those arrested and were met with pistols.

By 11 A.M. there were no police to be seen, only more troops on hand. Reinforcements continued to come in and tanks too.

Riflemen were put into place and soon fired a volley over the heads of the people.

By 2 P.M. there was blood almost everywhere, in the square, on benches, on sanded paths, on tree trunks.

A Red banner across the Party building with its slogan “The People and the Party are one.”

The Soviet leaders soon told potential demonstrators to go home and not to fall for the “provocation.” Later there were communications and the word spread about the sympathetic reaction of leaders who had been called in. The people were told that the ones responsible for the bloodshed would be punished.

Those leaders came back with vengeance to root out the “enemies” of the people who provoked the assembly.

The families of the wounded and killed were deported to Siberia. Soon 9 men were to be shot and two women were given sentences of 15 years.

The there you have behavior that included lying, misinformation, destroying evidence, diminishing people, and more.

No!  Wilmington and Novocherkassk were not exactly the same. They were crimes against the people. People had to flee or they were exiled. Others were allowed to stay, live, and work depending on the whim of the leaders. And that meant that lots of people had to conform and collaborate whether they liked it or not. And according to the leadership, the oppressed could breathe free.

And with all that information in mind as we think about Ukraine, Trump’s party platform toned down its attitude toward Putin and Russia and Trump continued to boast about his great relationship with Putin. And some or many of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters in the media have either put the blame on Ukraine or just asked ridiculous questions which would lead a huge amount of viewers in the same direction. For example, do you think Ukraine is responsible for the piles of dead bodies that the media is presenting As a man educated in that kind of history from World War II, I can tell you that an important aspect of such a controversy is evidence. Tucker Carlson, for example, provides no evidence. I could raise the same kind of ridiculous speculation right now by making up the question Do you think the Black people in Wilmington, North Carolina who were found dead shot themselves or each other in 1898? And was there really a massacre in the first place?

And in getting back into this article, the news in Florida is that DeSantis and conservatives are trying (and they will) whip up the voters by demonstrating to them how the government is protecting them. Protecting the government against the truth was what freedom of the press was about and that goes back to colonial times and the John Peter Zenger case. Then a jury turned its back on the government in favor of the truth establishing a freedom in history and we pursue that freedom today for the schools and the workplace, contrary to DeSantis’s leadership. When you wish upon a star, DeSantis will lose his seat of power. And as I have written before, CRT cannot be stopped if its proponents wish to continue the fight. It can reach more people anywhere after school than in school.

Joy Reid noticed and spoke about the African American children who were holding anti-CRT signs, calling it child abuse. I fully understand what she means by that, but as I have already pointed out there are children who can learn things from their parents as we all do. I have already mentioned in my articles, but particularly one in Jewish Business News in Israel, that Black youth tried to join Hitler’s youth in the 1930s and they were not allowed in. Black people soon faced the kinds of discrimination that Jews faced and there were Black people in concentration camps as well. My point again is that all people are divided.

And in my articles, I have mentioned that Dr. King has been misinterpreted publicly by African Americans in this struggle over Critical Race Theory. Conservatives who “don’t judge a person by his skin color” are not portraying the Dr. King agenda at all. He referenced that in a time within a much different context and he wanted governmental interventions and particularly integration. He was not ready to accept the individualism of the Republicans or Conservatives who wanted slow progress. And a segregationist, Barry Goldwater, was the Republican Party choice in 1964 for president.

What Joey Reid and others can do right now is promote a discussion among youth so that things can go viral. Florida is surely the place to be for that. Consider that nobody was there to guide Black youth in Nazi Germany of Hitler and Mein Kampf and where that would lead to. So much stronger messaging is needed. And it would be highly interesting to see African American youth who were side by side with DeSantis change their minds based on new knowledge. Critical thinking skills matter!

Shestakov: Introducing a Russian Dissident

I strongly suggest that the New York City Council and Department of Education of that city invite Andrei Shestakov to speak about his life experiences. He lives in Siberia and has worked there as a police officer working with juveniles and as a history teacher.

In this day of First Amendment battles in the United States, he decided to teach truths in Russia that we commonly see on the news. He was fined hundreds of dollars for that. And now seeing the handwriting on the wall and a possible prison sentence of fifteen years, he is determined to leave Russia.

Turkey appears to be a place he can go. The idea of inviting Shestakov, at the very least to speak to the American people, came easy to me. By 2018 I was asking Jewish groups to invite Jennifer Teege, the granddaughter of Amon Goth who was executed by hanging for his crimes in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, to speak to US. She actually did speak, at least once, with faculty and community around the University of Alabama Birmingham. That was great to know and see. She spoke about being Black and German to the audience. I wonder how many people have seen the You Tube since. Maybe Shestakov can be invited to America to speak here?

You noticed that I referenced the work experience in which 19 years were devoted to police work. I would appreciate knowing his vast experience of working with juveniles in Russia, assuming that he worked in Siberia and not in a large city like New York. What happened to the youth that he was involved with? We would have to take a look at those earliest of interventions along with finding ways to help youth who become much more at risk of committing felonies.

With that in mind, the District Attorneys of New York City are sending youth who have been charged with gun possession to G.E.D. classes. Is the effort sufficient? What else could be done to help those youth? These are questions for the City Council that is hearing about the hope for its schools to become the leading school system in the nation among large cities. I am asking the council members who are really interested in education as a path to helping the city out of its crime and violence to look harder at the comments made by the school chancellor. Read between the lines. I see some gains but I see failure too. And I have a history of being right even in writing about Hempstead’s schools.

Let me now take people back to 1999 to a place called Ebbets Field. No! Not the Home of the Dodgers! This was a G.E.D. program that I and my students turned upside down in order to help Brooklyn earn more diplomas and to spread the word across the city so other youth would also benefit. Student were not listening to the school administration as they went to take the test on their own and succeeded. I taught my students the regulations for taking the test. The administration taught them things that held them back. It was a kind of Brooklyn Jim Crow and there was jim crow all over the city. I was told back then that the regulations weren’t racist because all students had to face them, but the regulations held people back in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

There was one student, a female, who told me and I did not argue with her, that she and her mother had agreed to go along with the administration so that she could obtain 249 on the test and enter the college of her choice. I did understand that well and obtaining 249 on that test quickly more than anything else depended on how well her high school had prepared her. Two students that followed the guidelines of the administration and took the test had only achieved 229 (four points above passing on their tests). And those students had to wait a year to take the test.

I wonder just how Shestakov handled educational issues that were dissimilar to ours but equally vital to the success of youth in Siberia. How did the police and the administration turn youth around there? That is an important question.

If you thought I was done with that female student who was trying to learn enough to obtain 249 or more, you are wrong. I didn’t know what to say and I knew that parental participation was not only important, but also required for students who had not attained nineteen years of age. Regulations matter! But there was something missing that we did not know and which I found out only because of my work later on during retirement took me into the center of power. This is the piece that was missing. That student could have taken the test again if she had passed the test but scored below 249. And that means that with a diploma in hand to help her, perhaps, to find a job where a diploma was required, she would have had a second chance to obtain her dream. And since the program was not really producing for others, she might have chosen a path to another program to achieve her American Dream more quickly.

And what about Shestakov? He seems like a good fit for life in America. He wants the truth, opposes Putin, and takes the risks needed even in democracy. Our democracy is one that also has Putin supporters and fierce opponents of the truths of Critical Race Theory. Putin’s supporters are talking about wokeness. I can see Shestakov coming to America, but just think if the presidential election were taking place in November 2022 instead of in November 2024. Think of a Trump victory. Trump and his supporters are supportive of Putin and his quest to enlarge his nation by taking over the Ukraine and other countries. Putin’s destruction of the Ukraine (and Syria years ago) already seems to be of much less concern to Americans who are facing other problems. Would Shestakov be welcomed by Trump who has aligned himself with Putin repeatedly? It’s highly doubtful but I know that exceptions can be made. Would a million Shestakovs be tolerated by Trump? If you research Trump-Putin you will learn that he was soft on Putin dozens of times and look at what we ended up with and being soft on Putin could mean being hard on Shestakov.

And Chancellor Banks needs time to demonstrate just how good he is. How much time? That depends on lots of factors. These are horrible times for US even as things appear normal. I should add that Mayor Eric Adams has pointed out that crime is neither Blue nor Red since it is an American problem. Here he is using terminology that Joe Biden has put out. Where do you think Joe Biden got it from? Smiling! My lips are sealed. Do you think that I wrote that to the White House?

And about the Department of Education and how it assesses things. When Alfred E. Smith High School was designated to be closed, I drove there. I met with people who really didn’t care about the bigger picture for the city. Smith H.S. was not closed because of and only because of its automotive program.

And more than a decade later after helping District 27 in Queens for years, I noticed that the school I was most involved with was on the list to be closed. No suggestion that I made was ever implemented then. The parent leader assured me that the school would not be closed and the reason was it was improving. That was the reason the school was not closed. Was that good enough for the department? What kind of report was made to lead to that conclusion? And what has happened to all those students that were not improving as they went from one grade to another. I happen to know something that I am not going to state right here about the school and its student body. It would be a good idea for the members of the City Council involved with education to contact me about that. Why would I want to present information that is critical when nobody bothers to contact me? An exercise in futility?

I have spelled out deficiencies that are destructive of hope and opportunity in this article. Mistakes made with Putin and mistakes made by the Department of Education do matter. I called for Putin’s resignation in 2018 and failed. I see things and know things about the school system and my own failure to succeed will severely impact on the entire city of New York. If I succeed the children and their families will succeed. It was true in 2001 when I started on this path and it is still true.

And the very least the City Council can do right now is to inform the people of the city how many students have earned a high school equivalency in the last years, particularly since school was interrupted by COVID-19 in March 2020. This is the third school year that has been affected by the pandemic with the end of the year coming in just a few months. It is time to act and do the right thing.

Our nation seems to have a lot in common with Putin’s Russia. There was an attempt at taking over our nation in January 2020 and now Putin has not been stopped for almost two months in the Ukraine. At least our attempt was stopped.