Hebron-like Violence Throughout Israel

This was the statement made by the spokesperson for the U.S. Defense Department “Out of an abundance of caution and good prudence … we ended that planning conference a little early and got them safely to Germany.” He was talking about Central Command and U.S European Command staff members.

Why? First of all it was a possibility of more violence under Trump as there were attacks over a year ago. What really provoked me to share all of this was the Pentagon’s action to protect American life in Israel. Those Americans have no obligation to give up their lives for Israel.  We have to go back to my first article in Jewish Business News titled Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America which was published on January 1, 2018. Added to that are my articles about not moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem as I expected Trump’s Benghazi to take place over lives lost there. I was wrong because there was no attack on the embassy that we know of, but there was or were attacks on other embassies outside of Israel. I held back from writing about those dire consequences of bad diplomacy.

When Ted Cruz spoke out about a relationship with Israeli scientists in the fight against COVID-19, just over a year ago I wrote do not collaborate with Israeli labs, but it would be okay to set something up in Indiana. The goal was to prevent US from obtaining badly needed vaccines without an interruption by Israeli violence or even war. That alone should disqualify Cruz from any office that involves foreign affairs.

I’ve been writing about Hebron since the 1980s and it was written about in O Jerusalem a work that influenced me. In 1984 in Paris behind la Rue St. Michel in a movie theater, I watched Hannah K, a movie by Costa-Gavras, which was about the law of return in Israel after Arabas were expelled. I contacted him and I wished we could have made a motion picture together. Costa was great to talk to and so kind, but the idea pretty much died as a motion picture. The screenplay is available on Amazon and it’s called The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhar’s Revenge. Lakhdar was derived from Houria Lakhdari, a young French Algerian woman. Hannah K was not a success and even The New York Times did not like it. This was the story of a man who was defended by American Israeli lawyer (court appointed) whose premise is that Israel must be defended at all cost and keep Salim Bakri from getting his family land back. That was almost forty years ago. And the struggle continues to find peace. And this should be an important lesson not only to Israelis, but also to all of humanity.

I knew it was not going to happen or at least my reason was that there would continue to be revenge. Ali Lakhdar’s revenge. Nobody was listening to me back then who could make a difference and Joe Biden is not responsible for what is taking place today. Trump was the problem. And today with the talk, where is Trump if not in the dumpster at this moment. And for much worse since he and his cohorts perpetrated a hoax on the American people that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. That “stable genius” that we read about was a fool and an idiot.

Imagine thousands of rockets being fired, but think about the stockpiling of those rockets and the cost. Who suddenly wrote out a check for those rockets in order to make it all happen under Biden? Russia? China? Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Having Biden in charge right now as a war develops in Israel and Gaza has the added benefit that some Israelis will be able to relate to, those tired of the escalation of violence as others have grown tired in the past. Trump’s immigration policy was based on America First and even though many Americans are Israelis there are Israelis that are not American. The protections that Trump threw out the window through his staff including Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller can be replaced so that people could come here (just in case that it is needed).

Here is a paragraph from that article about Hebron. “When I wrote the title for my article Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America, I had two things in mind.  One was a famous Broadway show where a rabbi is asked if there is a prayer for the Czar and the rabbi responded “Yes.  May God bless and keep the Czar far away from us (amazing how the US fits).  And the second point is that there are so many conservative talk show hosts who talk about critical foreign policy issues and our need to fight against this country or that country and just sit there barking out opinions and placing blame, sometimes, in my opinion, way off target advice. This does stir up their listeners and increases their ratings.  I know that the son of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach serves in the Israeli military and that is totally different.  Donald Trump has not served in the military and he has always lived an extremely protected life, just as those radio talk show hosts have. They use someone else to challenge the despots and their armies.  Just once I would love to see one of them confront the person they are talking about by going into that country to protest.  That is why I put Donald Trump in the middle of Hebron playing golf, unprotected by anyone.” And we know that Trump was protected and protected over and over again by Repugnicans that still protect him even after The Capitol Insurrection and its related “stolen” election claims where the evidence never came forth.

And among other things, there will probably be an investigation, an internal investigation of Israel and how it failed to see what was coming. And Israel is known for its highly competent intelligence service. Since Netanyahu is not the power that he once was, this effort should be a lot easier for Israelis to swallow. Governing well does include this important aspect. And a report is needed.

Every government has its weakness or weaknesses. Obama told Europe to treat its immigrants better without realizing perhaps just how poorly African Americans were being treated. And here, today, is the uprising of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, and Israeli Jews including the Orthodox community and revenge is in the air. I saw it happening in the 1980s. And it has never gone away. Govern well always! Click the link for more!

And the Trump Abraham Peace Accords have held up, but there is one particularly disturbing piece of the peace and that is there seems to be no peace with Lebanon and Syria as rockets have been fired into Israel from those locations. It may be time to cross out the countries on the APC just mentioned and bring Lebanon and Syria onto the agreement so that there can be true peace instead of what was handed to US under Trump. So its world news that Trump has let the Muslim world down as free access to the Temple Mount dissolved like Trump’s presidency. Even the evangelicals who compared Trump to King Cyrus of Persia must now take additional lessons to educate themselves. Trump on Twitter resembled more a channel on Sirius XM than anything related to the Bible.

Death to the Palestinian cries will only begin to more strongly create more cries of Death to the Jews that cause great fear in America and around the world. Perhaps more Torah lessons are needed? Evangelicals could join them in studying Talmud as well, including Pikuach Nefesh which could have saved more lives during the pandemic. And perhaps governments must do more to unite us than divide us. Jewish lives and Palestinian lives matter, but do they really matter to those All Lives Matter people?

Ma-ga-lot (MAGA-LOT)

I know it sounds a bit bizarre. Ma-ga-lot Ma-ga-lot that’s how conditions are.

The winter will have an insurrection to overthrow the government.

In July there will be no global warming.

By Autumn summer lingers into November.

In Ma-ga-lot.

I know it gives a person pause. For in Ma-ga-lot those are the legal laws.

The White House staff will get jobs at Fox News.

Ron DeSantis will pardon Donald Trump (according to the Constitution of Florida).

Historians will write about its greatness (half-truths and documented lies).

In short there’s simply not a greater political plot for happily ever after in than here in Ma-ga-lot.

More About Fox News and Things that Matter

Education matters along with many other things in order to help Americans and make this nation a much better place. We are learning from reports that the police departments really did not have enough personnel, particularly on the streets, to make cities safer. Alexandria, Louisiana has been one of the most dangerous cities in the nation (that few people know about) and now I have been told that there is an escalation in homicides. Education is still the key and we have to monitor more closely than ever the education of adults. They commit the murder and most of the violence, but I just read that a middle school child was killed over a $1 bet as another youth punched the youth extremely hard and that youth died soon after Everything matters!

I watched a man I know on Fox News talking about getting a meeting with Black Lives Matter. His wife approached me at a national violence event for help with the GED and nothing ever happened and not because of my own readiness to help people. Fox News probably could have contacted the Biden Administration on behalf of the man and asked Biden to help. For what remains unclear since he did not speak in concrete terms about what he has to offer. Let me remind my readers and tell new readers that over a year ago when Obama was planning a trip to Finland, Lou Dobbs mentioned that instead of spending the large sum of money on the trip that the money could have gone for programs to help gang members in Chicago. Chicago! Chicago! Chicago! But what about Alexandria and all the other cities in great need. Nothing?

My readers from a decade ago also know that Dallas, Texas had funding to put gang members in the classroom to earn a GED. Where? I do not know, but the Justice Department grant was given to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The big questions are what happened in those problems and how effective were things such as GED success and getting those youth jobs?

I watched the Bong Show again on Fox News with Dan Bonggggino. There he came up with the brilliant idea to chastise liberals for stereotyping the police and stirring the pot of hate, but what has he done for Black Lives Matter (with gigantic emphasis, Jewish Lives Matter, and telling the whole truth about the four years of Donald Trump and particularly why he never offered thousands more police in cities across America paid for with federal funds which could have prevented the entire “defund the police” movement or reduce the movement. States should defund for things that have already proved successful. You can hear “Bong” tell the people half truths about the police working for “almost no money” when the police can sometimes or often reach maximum pay in only five years. And Thomas Sowell, who he mentioned, is far from the “genius” that Bongino portrayed.

Bongino was telling millions of people that “politics is local” but Republicans who constantly tell the public that we should leave things to the local community because they know what they need are now in the process of taking power away from the local community and threatening local communities. Fascism and communism should be thought about more here. I support the police, but my support is not expressed in the same way. Spend more money instead of pandering to conservatives. The governor of Georgia was just interviewed about the bill in his state and Fox News online made it seem that it had already taken place.

I was told by someone who knows me and my work that I could communicate with Black Lives Matter through her. That is good, I guess, but the entire history of my work with certain exceptions has been talking to the wall. What was bad was an icon known to both police and community there that I got involved with led to another defeat for the people. We talked about three community centers that he could deliver to me where youth get helped and nothing was delivered. This kind of thing happens in all communities where an organization is really only propagating its own existence and progress. Most community organizations and even national organizations have their own agenda. It is urgent for the US Mayors and other similar organizations to finally do the right thing. The wrong thing and mediocre things have added up and we see the total right now as the world is getting crazier. I knew that was going to happen.

I would be very happy to expose the news media for every wrong move that it has made in the past up to now. We need a free press, but an intelligent one. I don’t have the list, but I could quickly put one together.

Betsy DeVos was not much of a secretary of education as she devoted her time to keeping busy and refraining from the kind of work that accelerates progress in school and community. Great advancement everywhere under her would have kept more communities away from the kinds of problems that we see that are making things worse. And we cannot allow any secretary of education in the near future to spend four years on things that will not make communities safer. I suggest a look at that Justice Department initiative that took place when Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City. And if there was limited success in that GED program, just ask me for more information. When we seek information about COVID-19, we get most of the best from one source and it has to be the same with GED (and other related subjects like passing the state exams).

And the division within the Catholic Church in relation to granting communion to Joe Biden (President) and Nancy Pelosi makes me think of the division between the Vatican and the bishops of Ireland during the violent days between the Irish and the British. Bishop Patrick Foley of Kildare, Ireland during The Rising ordered priests not to grant absolution to “any rebel who was prepared to kill for his cause.” I seem to recall that the Pope intervened and demanded that the priests grant absolution. I could not find the exact place in my books to document things so I found another source online which was Professor Oliver J.Rafferty, SJ who stated that even the British military were attending to the insurgents and preparing them for death. And this was at a time when others were considered in opposition to the insurgents. There was a statement from the Church of Ireland indicating that the Catholic bishops were “thoroughly disloyal” and “anti-British.”  The Catholic world is divided about Biden and Pelosi now over the abortion issue. This may require papal intervention to resolve, if it can be resolved.

I also learned that the last rites were suspended at the end of March 2020 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, citing that only priests could administer the sacrament. This order in coordination with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is consistent with what I have been writing about. The sacrament could be administered by telephone if the patient is alert. I have explained to my readers that Trump must be held accountable and that this is not just a “constitutional” issue for Catholics and Christians. Saving lives was really not the Trump agenda. And that White House call to the Orthodox Jewish community to comply with the highest calling of Jews to saves and not making that call to Christian leaders to do the same was part of a major political and moral blunder by Trump and his supporters must finally recognize that. The world must recognize that! And we have to thank all the centers of faith that shut down in March to save lives. Unfortunately, we must arrest those who violate health regulations based on the work of Jesus to heal and save lives (even on the Sabbath day which is a day of rest). At question here is whether or not canonical lawyers who have guided the church have actually calculated well and I illustrate that Catholic priests held mass in basements in France during World War II to protect men and women in the resistance to accomplish those goals. Opening the church to services would have put those freedom fighters in harm’s way.

People still must be responsible as a new wave of COVID-19 is anticipated in the Fall. Get the word out!

I went back to the book The Graves Are Walking to look for that information about the Vatican and I could not find it. We can see that in January 1847 that the condition was grave in Ireland, but a new organization was founded called the British Association for the Relief of Extreme Distress in Ireland and Scotland. John Kelly, the author, compared this moment to “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson and others. That meeting was held at the Swithin’s Lane offices of Baron Lionel de Rothschild and resulted in around 470,000 British pounds and the British treasury paid insurance, freight, and shipping charges when commercial ships were used.

The end result of the famine and the spread of diseases was about one million dead and two million that emigrated. And the death and disease continued into America and Canada as immigrants got off ships.

I watched Fox News again regurgitate the old news from March 2020 and the seriousness of this pandemic. This time their expert who wanted an open economy from the beginning to prevent starvation around the world pointed to the vaccination of children as unnecessary. I know about the huge resistance right now to getting the vaccines which will impact on children. And more children are dying, I’ve noticed, than were originally expected to die. The doctor from Stanford was born in India and he might learn something from the section about faith which is a strong part of the Judeo-Christian America or so it seems. People are dying in India in huge numbers right now and more clearly will continue to die. There are similarities between the potato blight and the spread of disease that are affecting India right now and perhaps that was not expected. So this is a time to learn and not pontificate, especially if at the inception these doctors or experts really expected a Trump flu instead of a pandemic that kills like AIDS but without the usual intercourse or infected blood transfusion.

In the 1840s and for eighteen months the British government maintained the position that it “cannot feed the people.” The after all the deaths and a hundred thousand more that were anticipated, the government concluded that it could feed the people. A new system had to be put in place. There was a New Poor Law Extension Act to help all groups including children who became orphans.

And here in America we saw one man with orange hair turn his back because he knew his economy would fall and he did the wrong things for too long. Had he done the right things from the very beginning, Repugnicans possibly would still have him in the White House.

Mask or no mask! A nation of free people and of slaves. United we stand, divided we fall. Local communities know what to do and governors that dictate to all their communities, suddenly flip flopping. I am not going to mention names DeSantis. I was thinking about Abbott and Costello. And what about hit the road jack (Kemp) and don’t you come back no more no more!

There were vaccinated and unvaccinated people there as people masked up. What percentage wore masks? The governor of Georgia skirted that issue as he was interviewed. People admitted that they were afraid, because they know that this was a life or death situation as they try to get back to normal. We need the governor to expound more on that, if he has the fortitude to do it. Thanks goodness that the stadium only holds about 38,000 instead of 60,000. In April the Atlanta Constitutional Journal reported that a clear majority of the fans were not wearing masks. That article also mentioned that Dr. Anthony Fauci says he wouldn’t hesitate to go to a baseball game with a mask covering his mouth and nose (of course). And Fauci is fully vaccinated! And we want Fauci and Biden to do more to protect US!

I had to take you back over a year ago as we witness more turmoil for Israel and its citizens. With more and more rockets flying into Israel and some loss of life, take a look at this point.

I wrote this on April 20, 2020.

“Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?”

I was just kidding about Indiana! As you can see, we must know how to integrate information. The example is Israel and its development of vaccines by scientists. I was not comfortable with Ted Cruz’s suggestion and pointed out why. But nobody listens to me! And Nikki Haley just spoke about the attack as though there were no rockets fired back in April last year under Donald Trump on Fox News. And Harris Faulkner of Fox News just sat there and allowed that to happen. And the former ambassador to the United Nations conveniently forgot which seems like a high qualification for Trump, but a low one for those of US who want the truth.

Nixon Resigned and Trump Should Have Resigned

or Never Never Never

Nixon was speaking out about Jews, calling them disloyal and talking about “a Jewish cabal.”

Nixon and John Connolly concocted a lie about Arthur Burns (Burns was Jewish and considered part of that cabal) for the Federal Reserve System which was that Burns had asked for a pay raise during a time of inflation and growing unemployment.

Nixon would not honor a contractual agreement to give pay raises to people in the auto industry.

And all of this was before Watergate as Nixon was preparing himself and the nation to win the Election of 1972 which he won.

Trump lost the Election of 2020, but you can see similarities or at least you can smell them unless COVID-19 is an integral part of backing Trump.

I just finished reading about the Nixon part of The Great Society and had to present the important information in the book by Amity Shlaes who is a conservative. We could begin with just about anything in the book which does not detail The Watergate break in since that happened later than the information provided in the book. The book ends with Nixon taking bold action to control the inflation and other economic matters.

My readers know that I have written about the Ten Commandments thinking about Mel Brooks and his humor and there was a good one, a very good one about Nixon and The Ten Commandments in the book.  In this interpretation of the event, we learned that there were eight key points instead of ten (five in the Mel Brooks version because he dropped one tablet).

No raises of price, wages, rent, interest, fee, or dividend. Any or all of these would destroy the free market that Republicans profess as holy.

No payout of gold, neither through the precious metal nor paper.

And then the thou no shalt group including drive Japanese cars, wear Italian shoes, drink French wine (red or white) and I guess that means even those bottles of red and white in your favorite Italian restaurant while listening to Billy Joel.

Of course almost fifty years later, Japan has been replaced with China and actually most things seem to be manufactured in China that were once made in France and Italy. But I rest my case knowing that there were tariffs placed on goods in Europe and China.

I do want my Jewish readers and my friends of the Jewish people to know that some of the most important economic advisors to Nixon were Jewish, but that didn’t stop other Nixon people from referring to people who wanted to buy gold as “money changers” which was one of the driving forces for centuries in the story of Jesus and has contributed to anti-Semitism. Those words had to be toned down to speculators. Nixon by the way got himself into a situation that happened this way. His policies would be labelled “fascist” and Pravda, the Soviet news agency, took delight as the fall of the gold standard and the dollar would shake the foundation of capitalism. And this set in motion a period of austerity for Americans, aspects of which lasted 1,000 days even though the announcement was for 90 days of austerity.

This effort pitted the United States against countries in Europe (particularly France and Germany) and Japan as Nixon blamed all the previous presidents for the loss of trade around the world. And who does this remind US of today? Let’s take a closer look.

The conservative author reveals an impatient Nixon who had gone through changes in the previous years and with an election coming he had to bluff and be bold in order to get his way and when he invited the most important people to Camp David to work out the plan of action people like James Comey and Anthony Fauci were not there.  And years later, some or many of those men would apologize in their memoirs for what they had agreed to.

I took a break from concentrating on Nixon to do research about the very important Lend Lease Act of February 1941 with the intention of finding something about Utah since my last article was about Utah and its Republicans (and Repugnicans today). These states were entirely Democratic states and voted for Lend Lease: Alabama, Arizona (only 1 rep), Arkansas, Delaware (only 1 rep), Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada (only 1 rep), New Mexico (only 1 rep), North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas (1 voted present), Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming (only 1 rep). What was taking place among the Republican opposition besides isolationism. We know immediately from looking at the Southern states that practiced Jim Crow that our nation was not fighting the racism of Hitler. So I guess a book about Red and Blue detailing the discussion within each state would be important. I know that those Southern boys took their racism with them into England and the Brits resented it. And I have to point out that “true” voices of patriotism such as Mark Levin only share with their audiences half the information about fighting for freedom when an important vote such as Lend Lease gets ignored. Lives were being lost all over Europe back then and human suffering was horrific as Republicans voted nay. The vote was 61 percent yes and 39 percent nay with 25 Democrats voting nay and 235 voting yes. Whose patriotism were those Republicans defending?

Now we can take a look at Republican states that voted for Lend Lease: North Dakota, and New Hampshire were Republican but voted yes for Lend Lease. Maine and New Hampshire were Republican, but the vote was divided between yes and nay. Shouldn’t this information be taught in our nation’s schools?

I asked you to see the comparison of Nixon and Trump earlier and if you did or even if you smelled the similarity, we can address here the days of lies and failings of Trump, which have been covered up for years. At the top of the Trump list is the flu hoax leading to more than a half million deaths in the name of opening the economy. It has been called freedom and constitutional freedom instead by so many. In a war it is not the purpose to have our men killed and at the time of the dropping of the atomic bomb the effort was about saving American lives. We are in a war and have been in a war against COVID-19 and the mess that Trump created in mid-March 2020. If he had resigned, we might have had someone better in the Oval Office.

The loyalty and the lies went on and on. Trump was looking forward to winning in 2020 and he did lay down the case for voter fraud long before he claimed it happened. If he cannot win and if he could not win to him there has to be voter fraud. And now with the economy worrying US more, I see very high prices for flights to Mexico and other places. I went for bagels today and the news report is a tripling of steel prices, making me think of the outrageous price increase on steel in the Nixon Administration of only eight percent. The news also reported the possibility of an additional 55 cents per gallon of federal taxes. Yes this is happening under Biden, but it all started in mid-March 2020 and lasted through January 2021 when Trump was moved (removed) from the White House. It was a process in motion that included federal stimuli that we had received from the US Treasury under Trump. And in Congress, we had our yes and nay votes for things to help Americans as we do right now. And the lie being told to support Trump was the same kind of lie that led to the Freedom of the Press in colonial America during the Zenger Case. The King of England wanted the jury to go by the law and not by the truth. And the truth right now is that Biden won.

So here we had Richard Nixon wishing to lower the interest rate (Trump was calling for that too) and Chairman Arthur Burns opposed it and got into trouble with Nixon when he spoke against lowering interest before Congress. George Romney (at HUD where the inflation made things more difficult to fix housing units due to higher costs) said that wage and price control had worked in England, but this was not England. This was considered as socialist style pressure. The government clearly needed more able people and Nixon did not want “meritorious” advisors. Trump did not want advisors devoted to science.

The fight over the huge bankruptcies that were taking place such as Lockheed pointed out that saving Lockheed and other similar businesses was “welfare for big business.” Economists supporting capitalism knew that businesses that were not efficient enough could be replaced and would be.

Those years also were filled with buying gold which drove the price of gold above the gold standard of $35 an ounce and we used to talk about the gold of Fort Knox. Gold was leaving the country and it was a major topic of concern for Nixon and Connally. And the gold standard fell and fell hard.

Connally was finally had the big assignment of taking the United States into economic austerity. And the big meeting took place at Camp David. Everyone had to be on board or else, including Chairman Burns. What Burns got was that the Fed would maintain its independence and he could continue to make the appointments to the board. Nixon was threatening to take over, but “Tricky Dick’s” attempt to dictate fell short.

I can tell you that I had discussions from 1987 on with a man in Queens, New York who spoke about those Japanese cars and the tariffs. So they were apparently still around then. We were buying Toyota (Cressida) and other cars. The major point to digest about that 15 years gap is this. The Japanese could provoke a stock market collapse with their money. That much wealth had been accumulated by then. Japan prior to World War II had very wealthy families like Mitsubishi. I can remember being told that Japanese money was very heavily invested in real estate in America because the return on investment was secure and higher than their money would have earned in Japan.

And China has that kind of wealth today. I guess when we hear people call China an enemy or adversary instead of a competitor, the statement is designed to overlook all the investments that they control around the world. Business investments! So it was easy for Trump to play the hot head ready to destroy communism and another thing to do it. And why do it? The Chinese are Reds and so are the Republicans.

Was Amity Shlaes thinking of Trump as she wrote much of this which was published in 2019? Authors do that sort of thing and even mention Trump in a few paragraphs as I have noted. Trump was Nixonian in his own way and we can see that things did not work out well. Get with the plan or you were “un-American” was the theme. Show contempt for England as Nixon did. The inflation that was getting strong went down and then up again and down and up again. So things did not get under control. I guess we could conclude that the science was just not there and what Nixon wanted most was to win in 1972.

I love my Honda Accord. It’s Côtes du Rhône this afternoon with early dinner.

And those Ten Commandments and the motion picture. I have my own modernized version of that. Pharaoh speaks and tells the world to love and protect the children of Israel. And he castigates one man, not Moses. He tells his people and the scribe may the name of Donald Trump be stricken from the record. I notice that his name has been cancelled from an apartment building that bears his name in Florida. I know that Trump’s name will resonate as the best president ever in schools and communities where deception is paramount. And I take you back briefly to my previous comment about Moses speaking out about the pyramids and the imminent death of a Jewish woman. It would be easy to say that no realtor should be allowed to be president again after Trump, but if there comes a time when a realtor will fight for the persecuted and the oppressed, he or she could be a good fit for America and the world.

We cannot make the next Republican resign before his time, but we can have someone much better than we had from 2017-2021.

And finally please do something to point a finger at the Trump White House telephone call to Brooklyn around March 16, 2020 in which staff pointed out to the Jewish community that Pikuach Nefesh called for all Jews to save lives during the pandemic. And since Jesus was Jewish and practiced the Talmud where this comes from, the Christian community should have been alerted as well. Trump must bear responsibility for that and this information should finally be published in the mainstream media. It could and should result in saving lives instead of fighting over individual freedom and the Constitution. And combining Trump’s COVID-19 decisions (which can stand alone) and with the attack on The Capitol and his response(s), he makes Nixon look good. It’s amazing to say that, but it reflects just how bad Trump was. And those violations of the Ten Commandments.

I did another search before finishing this article. I searched Amity Shlaes and found this in Bloomberg News “Ford could continue Nixon’s economic policy: a politically driven, interventionist mishmash that went as far as adopting wage-and-price controls. Under Nixon and his Democratic Treasury Secretary John Connally, inflation and unemployment had moved dramatically higher.” And she provides details about Republicans championing a shift to center politics and providing income for families (Mitt Romney mentioned), which was mentioned in her book from the time of Johnson through the Nixon years. And she mentions Senator Tom Cotton sponsoring a minimum wage bill calling for a $10 minimum wage instead of 15 and that is probably 10 years behind the times. Milton Friedman pretty much cursed the minimum wage and called it anti-Negro because it leads to more unemployment. If that is the case and I have to tell you that I had a conversation days ago with a family member about low wages and this is how it went. In Poland, communist Poland, there was no unemployment, but wages were low and the benefits went to the top people in the Communist Party structure. They were the haves and the rest were the have nots. Nowa Huta (1951 in Krakow) was brought into the conversation, a beautiful district for the construction workers to live in, but just a chicken in every pot and two cars in garage which was the Republican campaign in 1928 things did not work out.  I do not think that this is the kind of socialism that people have in mind as we think about Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries as we reflect on the key Repugnican strategy to make Americans think that this kind of socialism is at our door. If my reader has read and thought about what I have just written, the conclusion should be that what was going on in Poland has always been at our door and in our house. Nowa Huta became a hub of protest and activism by anticommunists during the fight for freedom in the 1980s. The Polish people needed much more. Fidel Castro had visited Nowa Huta as it was showcased to foreign dignitaries including Haile Selassie. The plant at Nowa Huta incidentally collapsed and there was huge unemployment (38,000 jobs was reduced to 4,000). A Soviet Pittsburgh? Detroit? New England mills? New York City garment center? There was also tobacco processing there and my research came up with a call for Philip Morris. And there were violent street protests there in the 1980s. And the monument to Lenin was dismantled later on (blown up).

People went there for freedom and a better life and others were forced to move there and had to give up their possessions, especially as loved ones had become political prisoners in the Soviet system.

Amity Shlaes needs more education. African Americans, Puerto Ricans, people in Appalachia, and others needed more education to help themselves and help America grow and that was not happening fast enough. Throughout her book, The Great Society: A New History, she shows how government spending on defense was shrinking and social entitlements were growing. Here is an example of August 1965 to January 1966 which heads Chapter 5. Guns 7.1 % of GDP Butter 4.9 %. By 1971 Butter had passed Guns at 7.1 % and Butter continued to grow and grow. And here I am 20 years after I retired and knowing things that she, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and others did not know about helping America. I have failed because all economists have failed to interpret the path to something better.

I was going to provide this information in a different article, but why not share it now. The top states for GED in our nation include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. These states have a total of 76 electoral votes. Those states are 0.7 percent up to 3.3 percent higher than the national average. Two of those states are GED plantation states where the delivery of diplomas to African Americans suffers due to a gap of more than 20 percent (Montana and Wisconsin). Utah has a gap of only 3.5 percent. Do you think that the economists know this or even care? The other eight states have a range above 10 percent and below 20 percent. All of this is based on 2013 which was the last year of published records. Things are getting worse in adult communities and education matters! Kennedy was ready to do more about education as the talked to Dr. King who wanted integration foremost. Neither one had the plan to help the huge amount of dropouts that even Shlaes wrote about in her book. Her work needed more research and I found a great opportunity to put this in writing. Didn’t I? But where is all this going to go if people keep making the same mistakes generation after generation? Milton Friedman is dead, but it is up to conservative economic thinkers to learn more. And I am working to bring about change right now through the Biden Administration and others. Ask me what needs to be done and I will tell you. And yes all the presidents are to blame, including Bill and Barack. Click here!

And Hoover ran in 1928 on “Wages, dividends, progress and prosperity and it was a time when Republicans were proud of efforts to “purify” immigration.

Utah’s Past and Present

‘Mother! Mother!’—don’t blame Franklin D. Roosevelt because he sent your boy to war—blame YOURSELF, because YOU sent Franklin D. Roosevelt back to the White House!”

And one more thing from CBS back around 1950. “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times… all things are as they were then, and you were there.”

That was sent out by the Republican Party just before the Election of 1940. And over a year later, Roosevelt had not decided to join the war effort as it took the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to bring about our entry into the war. And today the Republican Party of Utah puts out the message about being the party of the American people (by the people and for the people). Trumpism just suffered a narrow defeat in Utah as a divided Utah GOP voted whether to censure Mitt Romney or not and the gap was very narrow.

During The Great Depression, the people of Utah received about three times the national average for federal financial support or about $5 per person. So getting relief from the feds was no problem and Utah voted for FDR four times even as they would elect a Republican governor.

And later on Senator Elbert Thomas, a Democrat and Mormon was very influential. Thomas would even defy FDR to assist Jews who were being killed in the Holocaust. The Roosevelt Administration would not try to save Jews during the war effort. So there was an attempt to “rescue” Jews from Hitler.

And this was taken from the Republican Party platform of 1940.       National Defense The Republican Party is firmly opposed to involving this Nation in foreign war. We are still suffering from the ill effects of the last World War: a war which cost us a twenty-four billion dollar increase in our national debt, billions of uncollectible foreign debts, and the complete upset of our economic system, in addition to the loss of human life and irreparable damage to the health of thousands of our boys.

So Germany was suffering after World War I and it finally got Hitler and the Republicans were suffering as well, not even aware of the dangers posed by Hitler to America which everyone in America should learn about today. There was so much talk about freedom in that platform, even as Republicans were cozying up to hate groups. Let’s learn more about what statements were made back then about important subjects including labor, immigration, the Negro, Puerto Rico, and more.

Puerto Rico

Statehood is a logical aspiration of the people of Puerto Rico who were made citizens of the United States by Congress in 1917; legislation affecting Puerto Rico, in so far as feasible, should be in harmony with the realization of that aspiration.


We favor the strict enforcement of all laws controlling the entry of aliens. The activities of undesirable aliens should be investigated and those who seek to change by force and violence the American form of government should be deported.

My note here is that there had to be desirable aliens since the platform was about “rapists” and “criminals” as I think about Trump telling Americans that “some” of the immigrants crossing our border must be okay when in fact most of them are okay.


We pledge that our American citizens of Negro descent shall be given a square deal in the economic and political life of this nation. Discrimination in the civil service, the army, navy, and all other branches of the Government must cease. To enjoy the full benefits of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness universal suffrage must be made effective for the Negro citizen. Mob violence shocks the conscience of the nation and legislation to curb this evil should be enacted.

My note here is think about 1964 and Goldwater and segregation.

You can search The American Presidency Project for the Republican Party Platform of 1940.

And this is from the acceptance speech of Wendell Wilkie in 1940 in Indiana. “My grandparents lived in Germany. They were supporters of the democratic revolutions in that country, and when the revolutions failed they fled to the United States. How familiar that sounds! Today, also, people are being oppressed in Europe. The story of the barbarous and worse than medieval persecution of the Jews—a race that has done so much to improve the culture of these countries and our own—is the most tragic in human history. Today there are millions of refugees who desire sanctuary and opportunity in America, just as in my grandparents’ time. The protection of our own labor and agriculture prevents us from admitting more than a few of them. But their misery and suffering make us resolve to preserve our country as a land free of hate and bitterness, of racial and class distinction. I pledge you that kind of America.”

This was not America First, but Jews were destined to experience both persecution and death, as well as countless others. And in his speech, Wilkie asked for the support of Jews and Catholics who were being targeted by hate groups in America. His plan got off track right here by not knowing or pretending not to know the true realities of America. If he could not deliver something better for the Jews, how could he do much better for Catholics and African Americans?

Utah can be commended about educational performance since twice as many people there per capita earn a GED than in New York. Focus on that point. And Utah has less than a four-point gap in delivery of those diplomas to African Americans. This is a great help to our nation. But the Republican Party leads the Democrats in GED Plantations and that hurts our nation. Unless you think that education does not matter! I can recommend to those Repugnicans that called Mitt Romney a “communist” to think America and finally make it great.

Trump was an idiot to put into power and he diminished Puerto Rico, Black Lives Matter, gay people, and immigrants that deserved to get amnesty and quickly instead of making them wander around a desert in Mexico for 40 years, and more. In the true spirit of abolition, those Repugnicans should become missionaries in those Republican plantation states. We can set up programs to ensure the future success of our hospitals and emergency clinics by boosting Americans into higher education, providing more people into the medical fields (a million nurses were needed in 2004 if my memory serves me well and have you noticed that they still are needed). Trumpism must be defeated. How can so many Republican states be plantations and not know it? That is the $64,000 question! I guess that those non-liberals and non-progressives in those states are just as stupid as liberals and progressives in the Blue states. There is no need to turn red here since those states are already red. And finally for the Latter Day Saints, I suggest a reading about the real Jesus, simply spelled out which the White House knew nothing about around March 17, 2020 when the pandemic really started to take off. Click here! And tell me should I get down on my knees to kiss the feet of that “Present Day Saint who failed to call Christians across America to tell them that Jesus Saves Lives? And Trump should have waited longer to open up the economy and he told people that it is okay to not wear masks. We all know that. Congresswoman Malliotakis of New York wants accountability and she must hold Trump accountable. So start spreading the news.

I have a love-hate relationship with people in Utah that I don’t even know. And there are legitimate reasons for it. Would Mark Levin, Dennis Praeger, and others tell it like it is or my way? And what about the Polish orphans that the United States mistreated who ended up in Mexico. Rush Limbaugh should hear about all of this wherever he is. Would a Repugnican in Utah dare to repeat any of my article to the people of Utah or anywhere else? I guess they are afraid to.

When FDR won those elections, he swept Utah. At that time when Norman Thomas, the socialist was a presidential candidate he got 200 votes in Utah. There were more people attacking our Capitol, committing trespass, attacking police, and threatening people in our government as they seemed ready to overthrow the election and our democracy. Utah raise your voice about that. Shout it out! The enemy was there in The Capitol. You are there! A little bit of news from the past when John Daley used to broadcast the show for CBS. And that was before Fox News and Trump Tweets.

I do want to know about the isolationist stance of the people of Utah in 1940. Perhaps the Republican Party will share that history with US. It’s so hard to find on the internet, but I am not sure if it’s being hushed up.

I would be happy to do a Zoom with the people of Utah.

Accused of Being a Communist

Larry Harlow “El Judío Maravilloso” of Latin Music Fame and Fania All-Stars at the B.M.I. Awards

Repugnicans call people communists that are not communists.

In El Salvador News in New York in January 2005 I wrote this “Me Acusan de Comunista” which was about an employee of the Central Islip Public Library who asked me if I were a communist. What provoked it can only be speculated since I didn’t consider the comment worth exploring further. But in reading about “Jews are communists” being written in graffiti around Florida, it made me think more. I have no resemblance to Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra, nor to Joseph Stalin and not to Leon Trotsky. Oops! Trotsky was Jewish and there were some Jews around Castro. Could it be that this was the old Jewish connection to communism at work in the library? Could it be because I was working hard to help the Salvadoran community on Long Island, a community that was helped by communists in the FMLM and killed by communists in its civil war and that the librarian had selectively used one side of the story to confront me with? Could it be that the man was what I would much later in life call a “Repugnican” and after all these years I have never been, nor am I a communist or a socialist. I do recognize the important contributions of socialists to our nation as I collect social security and retain other benefits that Republicans have usually found it difficult to grant to working people.

My outreach continues across America and around the world. The Israeli government was recently put on that list, but Florida is a state that I have been connected with since 2001 when Jeb Bush was the governor. Years later, when I found out that Dr. Rudy Crew had become the superintendent of schools of Miami-Dade, I felt that I had a chance of getting in the front door to help people there. As New York City chancellor, Dr. Crew had written to me as I stepped up to protect a student in the Ebbets Field GED program in the old Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn on Marcy and Putnam. This is an example of that outreach to Florida which I had forgotten about since it happened a long time ago. Here is a letter that I came across from 2006 from the office of Dr. Rudy Crew. I finally got to meet Dr. Crew at an event where we both spoke in Far Rockaway and of course he remembered my efforts. I was really impressed. Dr. Crew sent a staff member to my GED Roundtable in the Consulate of El Salvador in Coral Gables.

And I just read an article about the strength of Trumpism in Florida among Latinos from places like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina which was posted by NBC News. Just like with Israel and a large percentage of Jews, the politics of their countries has a profound affect on the people living here and it should (up to a point). This news came out just an hour ago and the journalist did not mention the exposure in Florida that “Jews are communists.” Could it be that the journalist chose not to mention or is she going to present this theme in an article later on. Jews are concerned, but not all Jews. In a telephone call that I made to an influential Orthodox rabbi in Brooklyn about participating in a Zoom conference call about “hate,” “anti-Semitism,” and “racism,” I was told that the rabbi is “too busy.” Globalism and communism had no impact on that decision at all. And every effort that restricts our attempt to make this country safer such as that one can only lead to more attacks on everyone. This is a key component of what Trumpism was and is about. Divisions.

Let me take you on a tour of my history. Dominicans who got to know me and my ideas to help uplift the people who never earned a high diploma anywhere, asked me this “you mean Dominicans who took the GED test in Santo Domingo would be prepared to get jobs in the United States?” Sí or yes was the answer. And I was talking about bringing the Spanish GED to all of Latin America as early as 2004. Dr. King had his dream and that dream was mine. People got in the way and assassinated my dream. In those days I also knew that the Spanish GED in Florida was underutilized and the French GED was virtually nonexistent. This has held back the dreams of countless Floridians.

Also in those days, ignorance raised its face as even a Latina challenged me in New York telling me that it was better to take the GED test in English. Noooooo! The test is the same in English and Spanish and easier to pass in Spanish for Latinos. This was just another bad opinion mentioned as fact. And in my days of teaching in New York City la misma cosa or the same kind of thing happened with an Ecuadorian paraprofessional in my classroom. She wanted to influence me to use a much high passing mark on the practice test as other programs did so students would not fail. That kind of practice leads to very few diplomas in the hands of people who need the diploma to get better jobs. I knew that. Then when I retired and went to the American Council on Education office in Washington, D.C. where I was given the annual statistics for a couple of years I noticed that Joe Biden’s state of Delaware was the worst performing state in the nation in terms of the delivery of diploma, but had perhaps the highest passing rate on the test.  Think of a family of four children who all dropped out of school to support their mother. Would you want to see just one person get a diploma or all four? Or don’t you even care? The people of Florida know that Ponce de Leon did not give the people the fountain of youth although things have progressed since he entered Florida and the government did not give the people the best conditions so that more people could progress. Let’s push aside the talk about jobs in order to be better informed. There are over 2,400,000 Floridians who have never finished high school and in probably the best year of record for Florida in almost two decades, Florida helped about 37,000 people obtain a GED. The doubling of those numbers each year over 20 years would have produced a much stronger sunshine for families across Florida who would have had access to better jobs and more education. Florida’s failure.

Let me also go back to my effort with ASPIRA of New York. Hector Gesualdo was the executive director there and committed to working with the commission of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I got in touch with him and he told me that he was tired of going out to the streets and seeing only Hispanics working in fast food restaurants. Don’t get me wrong. It is important to have a job, but the path to advancement does include educational credentials. Soon after our meetings and roundtables done together, the effort was assassinated by Mayor Bloomberg who was pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into other things to win and retain power in New York City. Here is what was taking place as reported by the New York Post.

You will see photos of the day that Hector and I attended the BMI Awards in New York City with the intention of meeting Juan Luis Guerra. I have included here photos of famous people along with the photo of Hector and a staff member of ASPIRA at that time.

The late great Hector Gesualdo with a staff member of ASPIRA New York

The New York Post presented an opinion article by Jay P. Greene and Greg Foster on October 1, 2004 where we read about information The New York Times revealing that parents were not involved in the process to close GED preparation sites (there were 51 sites and the program was being reduced to 16. New York City Housing sites had already been closed by 2000 under the old Board of Education (I had worked in some of them). The money was going to dropout prevention in the regular schools and Jay Greene applauded Klein’s stupidity.  And I repeat stupidity. And today, about 15 years later, people fighting the rising incidents of gun violence are providing counseling and GED to young men and I assume even women across our nation. I filed that article in my computer under Bloomberg-Klein ineptitude and the research provided by Jay Greene of the conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute and paid for by Bill Gates was incomplete. I told him so at the time. Greene thought he was going by the science as he cited a report which had originated with a man who was a previous Nobel Prize winner. I had taught youth who had fired guns on the street, involved in crime, and I even taught a three time “loser” that a judge had called “a menace to society” and I wish that his article had never been printed. That was the New York Post at its best, touting a safer New York by making the streets more dangerous since educating all those adults was just as important as educating them now. And anyone who thinks that “law and order” is only about what the police do on the streets needs an adjustment in his or her thinking. The Justice Department has given out grants for GED. And this could be a great area of help for communities under Joe Biden today.

And I had to share this information taken from a flyer disseminated by Directions for Our Youth back in 2006. This is what was happening at that time. 170,000 youth were disconnected from jobs and school in New York City. Poverty affected 75 percent of Hispanic children and about 50 percent of African American children. The New York Times published that No Child Left Behind would take 200 years to bring about educational equality.

It stated that New York State was about last in the nation in the graduation of Black and Hispanic youth from high school. It urged that 10 percent of a budget surplus should go for helping the youth. It was concerned about the 20,000 youth that were expected to drop out that year. There were 1 million poor in the city at that time. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE 150.000 OTHERS.  NADA. NOTHING. And things did get worse and worse. I recently even informed NYPD about what was happening under Bloomberg. Take a look at La Travesía in 2010 as City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez organized a rally to protest in New York City. Click here. Upon hearing the music, I had to tape the people enjoying life in a free city, but oppressed as well by the bad decisions made by people in government. Bloomberg ran as a Republican back then. And the science of GED was not in the report that applauded Bloomberg’s actions.

Here were conservatives allowing an educational system to deteriorate as inadequate funding and personnel led to long lines to take the GED test in New York. Talking about communism, I noticed the lines of people in Poland on a trip there who were waiting to try on shoes in a store. And in my second GED Roundtable in the rotunda of the Supreme Court of the Bronx, the director of GED in New York told us not to mobilize people because she had enough applicants to take the test. Money was needed in order to keep the system afloat and I was called upon to intervene with the governor and was successful, but the system remained corrupted. I soon proposed, and you can see just how the federal government could help right now, that the federal government finance the GED test across our nation. That was told to the head of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP back then at a Civil Rights forum. There is only about a ten percent gap between Hispanics and White people in Florida on the GED test, but African American failure on the test shows us a gap of over 20 percent which impacts on communities and your government has never explained this to you. I call that the Republican GED plantation for Floridians. In 2013 only 1,308 people tested in Spanish in Florida. Your community leaders have not told you this kind of information.

And that is why I keep saying that our governments have to gobiernen bien or govern well. Amidst a lot of rhetoric over the last four years under Trump, I would conclude that things have gotten worse. And the pandemic has not helped. The best thing that could happen right now is what I call the Biden Education Equity where parents as well as children will get the educational support that is needed. Keep in mind that Biden did an outreach with Lin Manuel Miranda, Eva Langoria, and others and you won’t even hear any of this from them. The Biden Latino Fair Shot announced then must take place. The Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona, must act now to make progress stronger. Click here. And there can be no hesitation to allow community leaders to lead you astray.

And check this out. Skip to the point being made about Marxism about a former professor who Is called one of the smartest people.

Illinois college professors gush about teaching social justice on Zoom: ‘I’m living the life over here’

Duration: 05:02 4 hrs ago

My point is that Marxism is, she says, everywhere without stating anything specific with any fact such as check out this university or this church and find out about the Marxism being taught there. I just got done pointing out to you the facts about Florida, citing a wealth of information. And Carol Swain did none of those things as she struck fear in the viewers. It would be great if Fox News had someone like me on its shows to help Americans. And even the reference to the NEA is not revealing about what percentage of people are influenced by Marxism. This was just take her word and fight against Marxism. I wonder how many of my readers actually know where Marxism is that big in their own communities and can cite evidence. And do not hesitate to do research about Howard Zinn who is mentioned in the interview. You will be amazed by his work and his World War II experiences.

I took a break from writing, came back, and noticed that members of the GOP are now calling Mitt Romney (one of their own) a communist. This took place at the Utah GOP Organizing Convention. It is time to recognize that this talk about communism is in the DNA of the Republican Party and it existed long before Castro and Chavez as the FDR Administration was attacked as communists. Trump tried to steal, in my opinion, the Election of 2020 and Republicans play the communist card always to cover up for their inadequacies. Florida is the state with the most hate groups and many many Hispanics were deceived into voting for Trump and DeSantis. I am ready to do a Zoom for the people of Florida. Maybe I will provide that Zoom later this month as I expect to be in Miami.

Willie Colon second from the left. Porfirio Piña on the right.

La India.

When Corona Went Viral

The Corona was not viral yet and there was a critical change as the Corona mutated into the Corolla. No it was not Wuhan, South Africa, or Great Britain. This was Japan about to bury the American automobile industry. The genesis was in both pre-World War II and in the days that Japan was helped by the Supreme Commander in Japan. No it was not Emperor Hirohito because the emperor was dethroned and lost his god-like power. It was General Douglas MacArthur who helped build up the auto industry in Japan and that industry did not see what was coming. Toyota, Isusu, and Nissan were making trucks that were badly needed.

Taking over the American market for autos happened rather fast as Americans bought the smaller cars. We were impressed with the Ford Mustang back in those days, but Ford kind of had its head buried in the sand.

At that time, there were critical riots taking place in pre-election America. There were riots in Chicago as opposition to the War in Vietnam was heating up. The Polish community in Chicago, it should be noted here, was under attack for what today is known as “white privilege” since people from Eastern Europe dominated jobs in the auto industry and African Americans could not rise up, particularly to management positions. It should also be mentioned that Poles just a few decades earlier in Europe were considered to be less than human by the Nazis and were being destroyed in large numbers. The communists also would destroy Poles for being the opponents in class warfare. These were the progressives of the day in Chicago who called Poles “pigs” and did the same to the major of Chicago. I met Richard Daley and his son in New York City in 1976. It was a wonderful experience for me to meet them.

We can turn to our own Corona virus mess intensified by the Donald who like Henry Ford II underestimated what would have appeared to be an automobile hoax or to put it another way Japan could not spread its cars across American. That hoax soon turned into 1 million sales of smaller cars and Rambler and Studebaker would get wiped out as people across our nation are getting wiped out. Mitt Romney’s dad, George Romney, was heading American Motors where the Rambler was made. So before China and Wuhan, we had Japan breathing down our neck in strong competition.

The riots in Watts and Detroit continued on. My community, the Lower East Side, had riots. About ten percent of America lived in poverty back then. The Great Society failed to alleviate most of the conditions and 1968 was the year that Richard Nixon finally won the presidency. I can quickly tell you a major reason why there was great failure. Education matters! The graduation of African Americans and other low-income groups was low throughout our nation. Today the same problem exists as California has over 5 million adults (maybe 6 million by now) who have never graduated from high school anywhere and New York has about 3 million.

So it was about justice back in the 1960s and justice today. The problem continues and leaders only put a band-aid on the problem. Back then it was Head Start and today it is Universal pre-K. It’s the adults who pick up the guns and create the gun violence across America. Biden will probably be doomed to failure. He is showing US the Mustang instead of an American Corolla. I’ve known for 20 years now what it will take to make America better, but I do not even see that the Biden Administration has caught on. The elected officials certainly do not. It would be great to see, finally, the US Mayors Association and similar organizations make America great by funding education properly.

It was 1968 and there was Rhody McCoy in Oceanhill-Brownsville and then Luis Fuentes in District 1 where I started to teach. The same kinds of rhetoric were being spread at that time. I can recall the Negro Action Group and the president of the parents association of the junior high school where I taught back then. People were quick to do things that were not fair and accurate. And there was a fire that broke out in the office of the NAG which was blamed on the teachers on the radio. If my memory serves me correctly, it was Geraldo Rivera who did the reporting and he could convince me that the teachers did it. I never noticed any teacher getting arrested for setting that fire. Was there evidence? On that note, maybe Geraldo could tell us more today about what happened yesterday. I was put under the microscope briefly for an incident that took place in the hall where things were out of control, but the fire was quickly put out somehow and nothing happened to me. I wasn’t even in the hallway when the incident happened as I was teaching a class.

This was the radical 1960s and probably the NAG was set up during the Johnson Administration and given a license to protest or told to protest. Protests are good, great, and bad. They are bad, I say, when they are not fair and accurate.

In doing more research I came across Roz Payne. There was a photo of the 103rd Precinct from an article about the killing of 10 years-old Clifford Glover in South Jamaica. A protestor had written a sign that said “When you rip us off…kill our children…and oppress US…Do you still want to know WHY we call you Pigs.” There are probably thousands of photographs worth looking at in the Roz Payne Sixties Archive that people should look out who seek greater knowledge of this period. This is not an endorsement, but politically astute people of all types will find things of value to review.

What was particularly disturbing to me just in the last days, Sean Hannity has done it again…this boy don’t need a job he needs a year in the pen’. Why? He was clearly inaccurate and unfair to Congresswoman Maxine Waters over the get confrontational in the streets. In his report before he went on about the matter he said that she was calling for “violent confrontation.” I should tell you that Fox News covered the Covington Catholic incident where a high school student who wrote that the Native American involved in the incident “confronted” him as he was playing the drums. Hannity does owe the congresswoman an apology and perhaps he should go the whole nine yards and wash and kiss her feet as he asks for forgiveness. The pen’ or excommunication for Hannity? Though shalt not bear false witness. And it didn’t stop there as another came on Fox News and pretty much made the same kind of presentation (Randy Sutton).

I thought I was done here, but Fox News did it again. This time it was Dan Bongino, a self-proclaimed Conservative and former police officer. On Fox News he spent his time attacking liberals and others who wish to defund the police and stating that liberalism is destroying New York City. That kind of news is old news and NYC is going through tough times. Are liberals just dumb (ignoramus or moron) or are liberals just pretending not to know things. What provoked me is that Lindsay Graham who is not liberal at all just stated that there is no “systemic racism” and what plagues US is “bad actors.” Well the NYPD and other police have “bad actors” and a New York senator just proposed that any police officer who gets fired should not be allowed to work for the police anywhere else. I want to see just how far this “bad actors” proposal goes in the legislature of New York or anywhere else, especially given the fact that US Senator Lindsay Graham and I are putting the spotlight on bad police officers. It may be time to put Bongino on the Bong Show. And Geraldo Rivera called Bongino a “punk” when Bongino said that all Rivera wants is to see this country burn. And Bongino took it personally and appeared to look to fight Rivera for the comment. Bong! Gong! Bongino!

I actually had to write an article about the death of a man being held in Manhattan Criminal Court before publishing this, another death that could have been prevented. Click here. And one thing about Tucker Carlson and his announcing that police should arrest people who require children to wear masks. Enforce that and the police will not be available to fight crime, except for maybe those police that are on desk assignment. And this was just another totally stupid Repugnican episode.

New York City Department of Corrections Inmate Death News

Ryan Wilson is dead by hanging in Manhattan Criminal Court. And it has been reported that the captain in charge is to blame for not getting the man help. I read that she ordered people not to help the man.

I was about to publish another article, but this death got my attention and I had to share information based on my very limited experience with this department. I was more concerned about the meeting that took place in White Plains between school staff there and the Secretary of Education of the United States who was collaborating with my union president Randi Weingarten (American Federation of Teachers). And in the article that I have written over the last few days I do mention a former NYPD officer who is calling people stupid including Mayor Bill de Blasio. His universe of stupid people includes all the liberals that he must be dreaming about in bed as he sees them jumping over fences in his dreams and concludes that they are destroying America. The death of Wilson by self-hanging in a holding cell in New York needs some elaboration.

Perhaps some of this information will be useful to correcting a problem that emanates out of the department.

This information will not be comforting to the family of the deceased and to the clergyman, Reverend Kevin McCall, but it needs to be looked at carefully and evaluated.

A long time ago I was told “you cannot be nice to the inmates” and “you cannot be their friend” by someone involved with the D.O.C. This should not be taken as racism at the department, but just attempt to ascertain how prevalent the thoughts are particularly as they affect practices downtown and in the jails. And that was a long time before we heard Donald Trump tell police to rough them up before taking them in the paddy wagon. I seem to recall that the comments made to me took place after a female officer had been assaulted in Rikers. And in writing for years about Donald Trump in the White House, I consistently wrote that he was more or less an idiot who was holding the Republican Party together in order to win, cement, scotch tape, Trump were all the same thing.

But let’s go beyond that to emails sent to the Department of Corrections over the years. I was in touch with the department about gang conferences that I helped put together in Yonkers and Far Rockaway. I also wanted the D.O.C. to set up a GED project for the inmates and families. Some progress was made by others including Russell Simmons who was able to get a mediation program into Rikers to help the inmates with their mental health. But never a word did I receive about the GED program although I had communicated with a man names Jack and he sent me word about a woman named Linda in Community Affairs.

If Bongino of Fox News can call liberals “stupid” or “idiots” then what is going on with people that he admires in law enforcement. I would imagine that the Bonginos in the world cannot say “Jewish Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” because the cement that holds those people together only has one main ingredient and that is “All Lives Matter.” I noticed the same kind of thinking in Philadelphia among a person fighting for justice who was concerned about diminishing the trademark “Black Lives Matter.” My viewpoint is that “Blue Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” and I do not go around touting “All Lives Matter” or even All in the Family. I am an archer for justice and not an Archie.

A key supporter of the police and its policies was Michael Bloomberg who felt that workers could be fired based on “subjective” evidence or for subjective reasons. He was intent on firing teachers even before No Child Left Behind really took off. But what about this. What if he had decided to fire half of the police and half of the correction officers in the same way?

Getting back to this circle of correction officers, I would say that it is highly likely that it prevails among lots of officers, do not be nice and rough them up. Racism? Perhaps not. Each case is different. My point is that there is a responsibility to keep the inmates safe and have the most positive impact possible and my conclusion is that the system could have easily done more to achieve that. Anyone in power can contact me to find out more. That is if the people in power really care to learn more and provide (finally) a direction for No Person Left Behind.

The stupidity has to stop. Wait until you read about Hannity and Bongino in my next article. If Democrats are stupid, so are Republicans. I wrote about the GED Republican Plantation states, but that never made the news. In my last article I wrote about Republicans who could help the immigrants get safely to our border and be processed fairly by our immigration system. Republicans have chosen to rough up those immigrants and talk about the children even though they were never prepared to assist them. I know about some of the roots of calling police PIGS and it happened in Nazi Germany before radicals called the police pigs in Chicago in 1968 at the time of the Democratic National Convention. Click here. And after writing that piece. I found out that in Italy where is a priest giving shelter to immigrants passing through Europe, immigrants who desire to reach France through the Alps. We thank Luigi Chiampo for his efforts to help people in a town called Ouix.

Unaccompanied Border Children: Fox News and More

With almost 50,000 unaccompanied children crossing our border at this time, Joe Biden is calling the shots, but as I watched and read conservative media, including The National Review and Fox News (and I was not entertained), I decided to share information that I have known about for a long time.

The Roosevelt (FD) Administration was so concerned about the children in Spain as Franco with the help of Hitler and Mussolini attacked the Spanish Republic that Eleanor Roosevelt “lent her name to an event raising funds for milk for Spanish children.” President Roosevelt wouldn’t do much more.

We can turn a short time later to Paris as Jews were being rounded up to be deported. Thousands of babies and children were rounded up, but there was more. Women who remained with small children refused to open the doors of their homes and locksmiths were called to open the doors. And the danger was advanced among people who didn’t think that they were going to be deported. French firemen were more helpful to the Jews than the French police who helped coordinate the roundup, showing their humanity to. When unaccompanied by their mothers, children were seen on buses or roaming the streets alone. Foreigners too were rounded up along with their children. And I can vision children roaming the streets.

There were some protests from the population against the French government. The German attitude was to prove to the French that they were in much more danger due to the Jews than they were due to the Germans provoking the roundup. And the dangers to Americans are being spelled out today. Drugs are arriving.

And we can speed up the clock and explain what took place with orphaned Polish children. Polish children were taken in around the world. Kind of. It’s time to reveal what took place in Mexico and its neighboring country. In Mexico the Catholic Church played an important role as Polish children were immersed in Mexican life as they had a Polish education in Mexico. The welcome mat was large there. That was 1943 and the Hacienda Santa Rosa was a place where humanity flourished across our border.

The trip to León in Central Mexico necessitated a stop in California in a place called Los Angeles. United States authorities had classified these Polish orphans as “enemy aliens.” The children were escorted under armed guard where they were placed in a barbed wire enclave (for the Japanese) and two days later were escorted to a train headed for San Antonio, Texas. A locked train. This was the summer of 1943 and upon arriving in Mexico, the children were greeted and the Polish and Mexican national anthems were played. And in Santo Rosa the children were given a vast ranch.

And now the governor of Arizona has called upon the National Guard to help with the border crisis there. There has not been a single word about what Trump did to cause much of this before Biden changed policies. We could scan all the presentations of Fox News for content, humanitarian solutions provided by everyone on the network. And do the same for the governor of Arizona. And my point is not to cause those people in power to suddenly say what a great idea. I do not want them to deport all the children to Santa Rosa.

After World War II started for Americans, we had those detention camps for Japanese and others. The decision was made by the president and his men. And recently the decision to make it tough for people (and children) crossing our border was made with one thing in mind that is talked about much less these days and that is Make America Great Again. There are reports about Joe Biden repairing the wall at our border which I am opposed to unless Biden can explain its importance as a humanitarian effort.

The mistreatment of all including the unaccompanied children near our border will not be written about in The Washington Examiner or any facsimile thereof. Where was the humanitarianism under Donald Trump? Please tell me.

I know about the coyotes and the drug smugglers. Jews and others who escaped persecution had to deal with men who they had to bribe to guide them to safety. And some people were taken advantage of in its various forms to escape oppression because escaping is never easy to do. And it is particularly hard for the governor of Arizona and dozens of other Republican governors to concentrate on humanitarianism. Trump is gone. Join a new club where history does not continue to repeat itself.

Here is a suggestion for a new plan of action.  Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona can form a committee of Republicans to develop an organization to send guides to Mexico and Central America to prevent the horrible things that are happening to people by the cartel of human traffickers. That, in my opinion, would make up for all the bad things that people have had to suffer in American history. If he really cares about children who are unaccompanied there is a lot of great work to be done.  Families can be reunited in that way. It’s time for change, great change. And we must guard the sheep against the fox.

Khrushchev’s Shoe

Big Business? The Kennedy Assassination? What if? The Warren Commission report’s conclusion was that there was no evidence of a conspiracy. And today we seem to digest mostly conspiracies.

We can take a look at an authorized statement made in October 1960 by Governor Luther H. Hodges of North Carolina which expressed the views of John F. Kennedy. “The Republican Party has the reputation, among businessmen in particular, of being the party of business. This is not justified. We have had two recessions within the past 7 years under a Republican administration. Many forecasters anticipate still a third recession. Idle plant capacity is not good for business. The steel mills are now operating at less than 55 percent of capacity. Automobile production has not been much higher. Homebuilding is down drastically. Our railroads have never adequately recovered from the 1957-58 recession. Our textile industry is facing serious trouble. Corporate profits are declining. During the last 8 years, the number of business failures has been the highest in our history.”

It was 1960 and a year to remember. There were two things that took place that our nation should be paying more attention to. Both these things happened in the United States. One incident occurred in October at the United Nations in New York City. The second event happened all over the United States as Americans voted in the Election of 1960. John Fitzgerald Kennedy pulled out the victory, but his destiny was unknown on Election Day. I now take you to the realm of possibilities concerning the fate of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Here we see two powerful men who would confront each other as Dwight D. Eisenhower had to step down from office soon. Kennedy was a Catholic at a time when lots of Americans were talking about the Pope in Rome taking control over all Americans. Nikita Khrushchev had a different religion from that of most Americans. His religion was communism.

As the successor to Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev inherited power that could defined as ruthless. And as the successor to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kennedy had no such tradition to fall back on. Except that Americans has a long history of gaining power over other countries and its own people. The balance of all that power was hard to locate.

Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations made great history at that moment as it was the intention of the Soviet Union and its emerging power to “bury” the United States. Kennedy’s objective was to contain the power of world communism. There has been much written about the Khrushchev shoe banging incident, many thinking that it was fake news. Two versions among others exist. One claims that the Soviet leader was reacting to comments made by a representative of the Philippines and another one, emanating from the daughter of Khrushchev (Nina) who makes the claim that her father was reacting to Franco, the dictator of Spain.

So here were two nations protesting the lack of freedom exercised by the people of the Soviet Socialist Republics, nations not well known for freedom at all.

Nina Khrushchev also indicated that the shoe in question appeared to make her father rather uncomfortable and he took it off. So the shoe was readily available to be banged against any friend of the United States, countries that were considered part of the colonial network of America or not.

The shoe, it turned out, was not even Soviet made. It was easily recognized by the manufacturer. And no it was not Florsheim, Bostonian, and was not sold in Sachs Fifth Avenue. The shoes were manufactured in Pirmasens in West Germany. We know that there were 30,000 shoes sold to the Soviet Union and about 2,000 were of a higher quality. This is probably how the shoes fell into the hands of Khrushchev. The party leaders usually obtained the greatest possible benefits from the economic system.

This was a critical historical moment among many in the 1960s. Kennedy-Khrushchev was there long before Trump-Putin and the story has to be told. It goes back to things going on behind the “Iron Curtain” and what was called “the free world” politics. JFK was told by Nikita Khrushchev later on “we hanged the likes of Reuther in Russia in 1917.” There was certainly truth as it pertained to 1917, but what about the remainder of the truth, particularly the Stalinist Era and the lessons that had been learned? The leaders of the Soviet Union were ruthless or should I say Reuthless and it was advantageous to keep wealth in as few hands as possible there.

That takes us back to Khrushchev’s shoes, perhaps opening the eyes of everyone that owning and wearing such good shoes by such a good communist would have been the subject of the high-level criticism of being called “bourgeois” way back in history and subject to the extreme punishment or even death. And in America, the most famous stores known for where the wealthy shopped had a similar code, but devoted to making money. In Sachs Fifth Avenue in the men’s shop, the salespeople looked in judgment at a man’s shoes to determine if the man was a “big spender.” That rule applied to everyone, from Clark Gable to you and me.

There are those who foresee the future and this was being done. As it had been done for over a generation by people in power. Cracking the codes of war and limiting the months and years spent in war had its reasons and among them was returning to normalcy economically. Everyone needed that but the people who controlled the wealth needed it more.

The Enigma Code which helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers was a great example. And that was done largely with the help of Poles who had the expertise to help defeat the Nazis. But once the communist takeover of Poland had taken place, it ushered in what was later called “po linji” or the party line. The line or lineage or the DNA of politics has been continually maintained since the New Deal through today. And a closer look at the 1960s will tell it like it is.

Joseph Stalin was the “man of steel” who solidified communist power, but he was not alone among dictators throughout the world and American leaders were complicit with most or all of them. Republican Wendell Wilkie spent time with Stalin in Russia, drinking and learning more. Wilkie ran in 1940 against Roosevelt, but he was defeated. Seeds were being planted and ideas and actions resulted. Defeating communism had been on the lips of Americans since 1917. The Palmer Raids after World War I were directed against socialists and workers.

The 1960s had lots of hidden facts that we thought were going to be revealed and chief among them why was John F. Kennedy killed on November 22,1963 in Dallas, Texas. One would have to be a fool to think that all the evidence would be there. There is more to consider that must be clearly known. Kennedy, whether he knew it well enough or not, was in the middle of a “revolution” that took more than forty years to generate in the United States. The Czars of Russia were overthrown and their estates were taken away. The United States had its Founding Fathers, so many of them great landowners just like the Czars and George Washington turned down the title of “King.” So it took a different King to make things happen in the 1960s along with Kennedy and Johnson.

Government money was creating tremendous wealth, particularly in California as the defense industry was booming. It was also transitioning into areas for greater wealth for the rich as companies like General Electric were shifting from transistors into chips. And companies like G.E. and I.B.M. were attracting talent from other countries and probably including the Eastern Soviet Republics. There was no Reagan-Gorbachev confrontation at that time, but Reagan had been hired by that American giant for the G.E. Theater back in the 1960s and Reagan started to tear down the concept of big government that had saved us from a Nazi takeover. California had already been the hotbed of that take over before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Reagan who was a Democrat and a former union head had done an about face by 1960. Why? That is hard to say, but some workers were getting better pay resulting from the efforts of labor unions like the United Autoworkers of America. And that flow of money to workers was a great concern to all.

And in the economic sphere there was more going on as well. There was General Motors, U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, and other companies making news including Boeing and General Dynamics. What kinds of news?  The Justice Department was looking into restraint of trade under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Steel companies colluding about pricing and the same about the major electronics companies. And at this time, a new name was surfacing in the transistor radio world. Sony which was Japanese! Competition for American products! And consumers were launching cases in the thousands against GE at that time. The reputation of American products was shrinking. And now there were two Kennedys breathing down the necks of those corporations, John and Bobby. Honorable American business and its method revolving around “free trade” was being dishonored.

Gorbachev was rising quickly from the 1970s on in the Communist Party and he brought about “glasnost” and “perestroika” which sped up the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those freedoms he brought about just like some freedoms brought about in the United States have resulted in the rise of billionaires.

Almost sixty years after that horrible event in Dallas, we still need answers. But where are the answers. There may very well exist a paper trail or trail that we have not been told about. G.E. and I assume other companies were heading into states which did not require unions and among those states which are often referred to as “Right to Work” states was Arizona where a 28,000 pound computer had been developed. Arizona would provide G.E. with a plant that would not have the serious financial consequences of the “Golden State” and that would bring gold into companies in Arizona. Keep in mind that Arizona was the home state of the presidential candidate in 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater.

So what is this Wilkie-McCarthy-Reagan-Goldwater about? Oh I did not mention McCarthy, but we know about his anti-communism in the 1950s. It’s all about “PO LINJI” or follow the party line. But there is more. Isn’t it possible that a Republican had John F. Kennedy killed? After all it adds up. I was waiting for Donald Trump to release previously unseen information about the assassination of Kennedy, but he didn’t release it. It could be very easy to conclude that Lyndon B. Johnson had something to do with it since he benefitted. Then how could Republicans have benefitted?

To understand the deep possibility much better, just understand the time. Hitler lost his chance to take over America where his base was large in California around Pasadena. Recent evidence of what was going on has been published. Parts of California were like a mine field waiting to go off. Then the plan was to incite violence across America against Jews, African Americans, and Catholics. In 1960 the United States had a large opposition to Catholics as the Kennedy campaign and election can easily demonstrate. Christian and Catholic were very often worlds apart. Jews in Hollywood and elsewhere had recently gone through Republican turbulence during the McCarthy Era. Ronald Reagan wished to destroy the concept of big government being an asset to America, which it plainly was at the time. And do not forget about General Douglas MacArthur who had already attempted to become president of the United States who defied President Harry Truman when he sent messages to two dictators that he thought he could start a war against Communist China and as a result of that he got fired. The years advance toward Civil Rights after many, many protests and violence. Things were moving quickly and this became the day of high speed jet travel and space ships.

Both the United States and the Soviet Union were spending huge sums on national security and international peace. And an electorate that went along with the next phase of the New Deal, which was The Great Society, was clearly moving in the wrong direction. Fascism would have been preferable to Republicans, the National Rifle Association, and white supremacist groups that were meeting there. All that was temporarily defeated by the Japanese attack. A conspiracy was even more conceivable that could impose change then was even closer than the current Capitol Insurrection fueled by the Democratic victory in November. And even more important back then, but hardly recognizable to most Americans was the advance of the computer and its future. People around Reagan knew that in California years before Reagan became governor.

We easily recall all the talk about those erased emails of Hillary Clinton in 2016, bleached and/or otherwise erased. Who would have thought about checking emails or whatever they were called in or even worded documents in 1963 after the killing of our president?

There was change going on in California and the goal was to change America and keep it away from communism. Would it take a bullet in Dallas? We can say yes when we think about it more. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Catholics as they decided to make Catholics allies on the “moral” issues of abortion and gay marriage. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Jews as Israel developed more and the decision was that Israel is a great ally of the United States. And Republicans moved away from direct attacks on African Americans, particularly most recently when the late Senator John McCain called education a “civil right” and support grew for charter schools. And then Trump and his cohorts gave us Blexit or the Black Exit, copying Brexit. Some of it worked in 2020, but Trump had clearly not earned another four years, even as the senate races in Georgia revealed themselves on January 5, 2021. Trump was dead meat! And clearly, those days in the early 1960s laid the foundation for the Trump victory in 2016 as either Russia, China, or whatever interfered in the election that year.

My conclusion is very simple and something that you can trust. From 1960 to today it is largely about the unions and wages. It’s all about those Benjamins and wealth. Control of the wealth has resulted in lower taxes for the rich and more billionaires and millionaires. If we go back to the early 1900s or even before, we learn that people everywhere ready to kill to prevent labor from being organized. That kind of killing was as sweet as a California navel orange to many. Protect property at all cost, even the potatoes in Virginia during the Trump Administration as per the wishes of Donald Trump himself. And with greater profits, lower taxes and how wages, and the privatization of everything on the planet, Republicans would have it all. And there could be no nationalization of any industry which might have occurred under President Truman. There could be no New Deal or Great Society possible unless it came from the hands of American business. Even war and its controls would not be generated by “big government.” Reaganism was in development sponsored by General Electric and its propaganda wing.

It’s easy with this analysis to conclude that there was evidence or still is evidence that was secretly circulated in 1963 that the F.B.I. never looked at or never revealed due to the arrest and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the aftermath of those critical days. I can quickly point to the silence imposed by the Allies against “Uncle Joe” Stalin when it was revealed that he had Polish officers killed during World War II (ten percent were Jews).

It is entirely plausible that powerful opponents of John F. Kennedy who had the DNA that it would take to plan his assassination were secretly working behind the scenes on what we often call “the perfect crime.”. Let us now take a quick look at 1936 and the GOP to understand more. There were “Heil Hitlers” taking place in Los Angeles and Hermann Schwinn read a note from Adolf Hitler which thanked him for his work. Dozens of attendees applauded. With the 1936 Election about to take place, GOP officials asked Schwinn to take the chair of the Southern California Campaign Committee’s German American section which reminds me today of the leader of The Proud Boys being selected in Florida to head the Trump campaign of 2020 in that state. And at that moment, there was more than talk as there was espionage going on of American “military installations” and “aircraft production facilities.” And this is just one small story of the behavior of Republicans that has to be told.

And the heads of the film industry were Jewish (Louis B. Mayer and others) as Nazis and others plotted the deaths of Americas famous actors who did not side with the Nazis. I started writing about this in October 2019 as an American October Revolution was needed. This is what I wrote a year later “And that is not all as we see plots against elected officials that appear to be targeted by Trump and shouts of Lock Her Up which are not funny from a leader. In the mid-1930s Jack Benny, James Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson, Eddie Canter (Cantor not Canter), Walter Winchell, and Goldwyn and Mayer were singled out among others for assassination by people intent on getting Jews to leave this country. Remove Trump now!” And it was not my point here to even mention Trump again. The point is that those studio heads were higher paid than the heads of General Motors and US Steel and without knowing it, Republicans in California were meeting and accelerating Nazism and other ideologies of hate and those studio heads were Republican leaders in California.

And they wanted to kill Paul Muni, a Jew, who I watched as he portrayed Emile Zolá who broke the Dreyfus Affair in France wide open. It was not my intention while writing this article to include the update of my book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide, but open the book.

So leading up to the 1960s, we should stop and think about what had been going on for decades. And as the corporate people were deciding to make their way into Arizona, Phoenix in particular, an important saying comes to mind that was circulating around our nation. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” came out during the 1964 Republican Convention, but it had to be on people’s minds. Violence could take place and it did in Dallas. We need not place the blame on Goldwater since his words were open to interpretation and misinterpretation.

We should turn to the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan whose attack was not politically motivated since we know that John Hinckley, Jr. was obsessed with actress Jodi Foster. Hinckley had been checking out Jimmy Carter earlier at public events and after watching the motion picture the Taxi Driver 15 times transitioned himself to creating his own scene which kind of paralleled the script of the movie where an attempt was made to assassinate a United States senator who was making a run for president.

I wonder again if the F.B.I. had thought about what is on my mind and if there was any evidence on computers in 1963? Could there be a computer today that still contains valuable information about the Kennedy Assassination? And if such a computer exists, would Goldwater’s state be the place to look?

Lee Harvey Oswald’s story included a desire to become a Soviet citizen and he worked in a factory there called Gorizont Electronics (the Russian GE?) which produced radios, televisions, and military and space electronics. Was this fact just another isolated fact in the case or did it have more importance than meets the eye? What a peculiar coincidence? And one more thing about Oswald. His Russian language instructor who was an engineer in that factory and in 1991 became the leader of Belarus.

Within the context of history from Czarist Russia and the Founding Fathers to Capitalist America in the 1930s to Trump’s America, we can close our eyes and think about all the things that have taken place. There is no evidence that I have seen that Big Business had Kennedy taken out in 1963. I was only speculating and creating.

1963 to 2021 Still No Great Society

And in 1965 all eyes were on Mississippi over the struggle for civil rights and the author of The Great Society also writes that people were watching Stanley Kramer’s film Judgement at Nuremberg which was watched by 48 million or more people at the very moment when state troopers in Selma were attacking people on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. ABC News cut away from the film to show the news in Alabama to our nation. The suffering of Jews and African Americans was linked together a long time ago for all to see. See!

The minimum wage in 1962 was $1.00 an hour and during the Kennedy Administration there was a proposal to increase it to $2.00 an hour. The stock market Dow Jones is around 30,000 today and back then it was around 820 points or even less since there had been a drop of 35 percent that people worried about. I had a conversation about the minimum wage and in 1981 which I was told was $3.25 an hour. The question for me right now is just how long was the minimum wage $1.00 as people recognized that it was too low. The raising of the current minimum wage to $15.00 an hour over a short period of time is problematic for people in power, but history and education matter. Based on all this information, is the public adequately informed?

As I got further into the book, there were objections from Mayor Sam Yorty of Los Angeles about the slightly higher minimum wage that federally funded program employees would obtain, just a few cents more. Of course back in those days those few cents would appear to be a great sum of money over the $1.20 being paid to Angelenos. Yorty was anti-Kennedy and came out for Goldwater in 1964 even though he was a Democrat.

And workers in the auto industry were being provided with shares in the corporations by George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney. And soon we learn that those shares were being pealed back reducing the gains of the workers.

1963 was an important year and it will bring to mind many things, but even as I was reading about it in the book Great Society A New History by Amity Shlaes my guard was down as I read and the events quickly shifted to 1964 because John F. Kennedy had lost his life in Dallas, Texas. And the plan for The Great Society came quick and furious as Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to add on a lot to the things that Kennedy had stood for. And chief among those things was a Southerner now demanding equal rights for African Americans, an unbelievable element.

In filling in more of what was taking place, this was the America of Head Start for children who were three and four years of age, talk of spending a billion dollars on poverty which was unheard of, extending Social Security benefits, and more. Republicans who usually spoke about suffering or something similar would point to those feelings about the “New Deal” of FDR and the “Fair Deal” of Harry Truman and now they had in their spotlight what they called the “Fast Deal” although that was not its name. This was American politics as usual and this information, already, should tell you that something is seriously wrong today as Make America Great Again is being replaced.

And The Great Society brings back some topics that we are familiar with from having lived it and things that we probably never heard about. There was talk of communism at home, sexual identifications, affordable housing, urban renewal, local rights, states rights, voting rights, seating of new groups at the Democratic National Convention which was disturbing to Southern Democrats, there was mention of John Lewis and other young leaders, reducing unemployment which stood at 3.5 percent, providing educational programs for youth, the role of unions such as the United Auto Workers, Medicare and Medicaid to help Americans, protests and Watts, and much more.

And specifically cited in the book that must have been on lips of people in and around Washington, D.C. and that may not have filtered to us is that the countries of Northern Europe which were democracies already had systems of health and education that were admired and our nation with no real make a wish foundation in those days had difficulty to bring forth a new system and continually perfect it over sixty years so that right now during the biggest crisis that we have ever faced in our lives things would be much better. And do I need to remind you that Republicans under George W. Bush gave us No Child Left Behind that forty years later was a failure.

The point being made also in the book that American pay could be higher than European pay, but government benefits were greater and that was and is the great equalizer that Americans can easily not notice. I noticed it in France in 2002 on a trip there. People do live as well as we do on less pay.

Upon arriving home only minutes ago, I was informed that COVID-19 is raging in Poland. And I had another thought only minutes before that as a vehicle went through a red light by the railroad crossing. I and everyone else knew that the red light by the track that we all saw was not the time to proceed as we could expect the gate to be lowered for a passing train to come through. In relation to government failure and the pandemic, it’s really clear. We had no choice to go forward to the green light that was only about forty feet away like the car mentioned did. We had an obligation to stay put and not a ridiculous order such as Americans should have a choice in the matter. That choice is killing people. We needed a better medical system and for everyone to wear masks. And that my friends is an example of a Great Society that continues to be lacking in America.

We could turn back the page of our history to Obama Care and read about the Republicans who were telling their constituents and other Americans that the government shouldn’t be telling the people what to do and that they could choose for themselves if they needed and wanted medical insurance or not. Then the pandemic hit and conditions worsened for everyone and now our nation is paying the price anyway. It was a trick that conservatives play on the people. Everyone needs insurance just like needed car insurance. The judge in court will frown upon the person that went through that red and light and if the person is uninsured that would make things worse.

And today we are reading that 10,000 lives could be saved if only people would wear masks and not a single journalist or news program or article has written about Jesus Saves Lives to bring Christians back to the real Jesus.

And in 1964 there was talk about providing extra money for the poor, particularly to African Americans in great need in Southern States. Thomas Sowell is mentioned and he wanted African Americans to uplift themselves and felt that Civil Rights pushed by the federal government would not work. Well guess what? Civil Rights works and more is about to be done to protect all of US. The talk about poverty in America caused a discussion of whether to provide African Americans more income since money was badly needed. The long hot summer that we started to talk about was on the minds of our nation’s leaders and a 1964 filled with violence would derail all or most of the plans of Lyndon B. Johnson. With triple the unemployment in places around our nation, young African Americans were the focus for new opportunities. Eunice Shriver Kennedy was particularly concerned about “juvenile delinquency” at that time.

And that takes US to America today. Violence is up around our nation as I just read the article by Jason Johnson in USA Today. Here is one illustration from the former police chief of Baltimore. He wrote about the “weak case” of the prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, as charges were dropped against the police in the Freddy Gray case. I should interject that I had been in close touch with Demetrius Malasham in the City of Baltimore about providing information that I felt would have been of great help. Mallaisham passed away many months after I started my outreach.

That takes me again to Donald Trump and his talk to police about roughing up the Freddy Grays of America before taking them into the paddy wagon. And in 2020 major police organizations endorsed Trump, unwisely as I had learned from others in law enforcement. But cops went along when they should have stayed an arm’s length away. And the violence continued and now people in hotels across America have picked up USA Today where much of the blame has been placed on tying the hands of the police and causing the loss of morale among them. I know that Johnson mentions the need to have better police training, but “come on” as Joe Biden would say. Where is the mobilization of that kind of talk? Where is the walk? Where is the beef?

I want to go back to those old days of Camelot when Kennedy started to produce changes and he loved Camelot. We can go back to 1961 or even before as we recall Officer Krupke. Do you remember these lyrics “Gee, Officer Krupke we’re very upset

We never had the love that every child oughta get

We ain’t no delinquents, we’re misunderstood

Deep down inside us there is good.”

Today I may be living in a cocoon. Do they use the words “juvenile delinquents” anymore? I have repeatedly written for years that we need more police and a critical assessment that you will not read in USA Today is that Donald Trump did not provide US with more protection over the first few years and as the pandemic progressed things got much worse. There was a need prior to February 2020 for more police and the man who got the most in value about the statement that “Mexico is sending us criminals and rapists” did little or nothing to support our nation’s police with more men to put on the streets in preventing crime and in investigating crime.

And today, for the moment, education is the key as youth are being counseled and have access to earning a high school equivalency. Where have the companies that operate these programs been for the last several years? I have been here all along to advocate strongly in a desert instead of in an oasis.

And I previously mentioned No Child Left Behind and here is another comment. An ingredient of No Child Left Behind put an awful lot of blame on the staff in schools. I reached out to a system in Rhode Island back in those days. Americans and others should take note of the fact that the Bush Administration and people who supported No Child Left Behind were okay with causing 50 percent of the teachers in a school to lose their jobs with the stipulation that they had to reapply. At that time I had already thought about the police, but kept things quiet. I can assure you that my first thought was would the police and others allow such a measure to severely impact on them. In the last year we have noticed the news about defunding and even eliminating the police. The police and their unions did not support the teachers back in NCLB days.

 I continue to support the police, but much more has to be done, especially since some police are a danger to our democracy as has been demonstrated in the violent attack on The Capitol.

And just minutes after writing this, I had to read about how Donald Trump delayed the help from arriving at The Capitol as frantic requests for help were made and little or nothing was done for hours. And Freddy Gray got arrested and he died? And a sitting president was sitting there doing nothing?

I had to do one more thing before ending this article. I had to skip to education pages so that I could support my theory about one way that America had gone wrong. It was information from 1960 and it revealed that only 20 percent of African Americans over the age of 25 had earned a high school diploma compared to 40 percent for White Americans. Things were getting better and in 1965 the numbers were 27 percent for African Americans and 50 percent for White Americans. And by 1970, there were 31 percent of African Americans who had earned a high school diploma. This is another book that I have encountered where the author had no inclination to research GED or high school equivalency. Lunacy! It’s true that more people back then could work with their hands and backs than later on, but education did matter back then and lots of things worsened for African Americans and the poor across America, setting up far too many of the problems that we still have today. So The Great Society’s failures have to be told as we tell the failures of Make America Great Again. And if something major isn’t done soon (after two decades of my attempt to wake up our nation), history will only continue to repeat itself. The GED was part of the Job Corps program, I learned only this morning. It was promoted during the “War on Poverty.” I also read that the unemployment rate for youth 16-24 years old rose steeply from the 1960s to the 1980s.