Government is Greek to Me

It’s all Greek to me.


Laura Ingraham, back in April 2020, told her audience that her guest had a great resumé and that she loved him because he is Greek. My favorite desert is baklava, which is Greek. My home is adorned with art and photos from Santorini, Greece. And I am not Greek. My front door is painted blue for Santorini and those memories, but I am not Greek. Her comments about her guest, showing admiration for Greece were really nice, but the man, the expert was wrong.

How do you say in Greek that hundreds of thousands of people in America were going to die because of Trump’s policy errors?

Have you ever read about the Cuban American that I sent to Secretariat’s doctor to find where his infertility problem was? His doctor did not find the problem, so I sent him somewhere else. His original doctor wanted to do the surgery that he needed and I am sure things would have worked out okay, but he used the doctor who correctly diagnosed his problem who had helped Secretariat the Triple Crown winner. Trump and his people, as we know, preferred to have things like horse medication in place or even bleach to eradicate the virus.

As you can see, there is written proof of my efforts to help this nation and those efforts expanded in helping people around the world. Why wasn’t more done? Ask all the people in power that I have been in touch with to find out. People are asking the same basic questions right now about their own particular interests, interests that are wide and varied. Some of those interests do not hesitate to allow people to die and others to live. So this nation is surely about a title so many of US are familiar with. That title is Live and Let Die.

The dead on our streets due to violence which increased, I noticed, while Trump was in the Oval Office has led to more violence even in red states where the blood is flowing. The deaths continue to mount due to the pandemic and I called Trump the “Corona Virus” before April 30, 2020 when a leading epidemiologist who had the ear of the White House was generating his own misinformation and he continued to do that and continues to this day. He made a whopping mistake and the man who served Whoppers to a great football team in the White House ate it up and the rest is history. Those powerful men gave US death when they felt about 40,000 people would die in America of the flu. Fox News along with Mark Levin went along as they portrayed science having little or no convincing knowledge in this matter. And they were all right about that part, but they all got things wrong in the end. The end was a long time ago and things have gotten worse since then. Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin probably will soon be pumping out more to aid Trump on his new app and close their eyes to all the death, pain and suffering that our nation has faced. This is not a Greek tragedy. It’s an American one caused by policies designed for people to die.

They all helped open the economy to death just as the two have portrayed the opening of the border to death, rape, crime, drugs, and more. If an open border is illegal to them why is the sacrificing of so many lives legal?

I know the economy has to be open. Even after German (Nazi) factories were strategically bombed during World War II by the Allies, the bombing didn’t put those factories out of business as they rebuilt Making Germany Great Again. One of those bombings did help with the final invasion on the beaches of Normandy. Timing matters! But from many viewpoints, the German threat was greatly diminished and the war could not be won by the Nazis by the end of 1942 (the war ended in the middle of 1945). So things went on and on and on for three more years.

The number of COVID-19 deaths is now approaching 20 times greater than the Greek epidemiologist had predicted or at least 10 times greater if we calculate the impact of two years. He spoke about having less fear while others kicked that up a notch and said not to have any fear. We can agree with him when he was right. I have seen lots of studies that were wrong while others did not take notice at all. Again we saw this week that taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attack has not really worked. Israeli research scientists have worked on other studies and debunked them as scientists are doing all around the world. The goals are to save lives and to decrease suffering by people and to do it with great transparency.

And the Greek is still being talked about and mentioned as a great hero which he is not. He failed. Florida is a state where Ron DeSantis and Mark Levin helped spread wrong information. The public must wake up and take action so that lives are saved and the next pandemic will be handled better there.

The April 30, 2020 date to get the economy back at peak operation was wrong along with the talk of the Corona Virus being a flu. More time was needed, but the errors were taking place that even the Greek was not aware of. And what was going on was not Greek to me.  I had my eyes open wide and my antennae up.

Let’s go back to March 17, 2020 to things that the epidemiologists had no knowledge of. Faith and unity based on Moses protecting the Jews and things that I learned later were on my mind. The studies of the Princess Cruise ships and the nations cited by that epidemiologist said nothing about saving lives by containing the virus. Pastors everywhere were dying and congregations had to find new leaders. Trump survived as did most people in politics.

The World Cannot Come Together as One Right Now

 March 17, 2020

“There comes a time

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying

Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life

The greatest gift of all”

                                               We Are the World

We Hope That the Pope Will Ask the World to Provide Corona Virus Information in All Languages

And the information provided by that epidemiologist was distributed in four languages. Thank goodness that it was limited to that number. And as you can see from my working mind the important message about detailing the information in all languages.

I later went to a Social Security Administration office and noticed Hispanics asking for help to process whatever they needed to do.  Translation was critical and there were others as well who needed help in the hour that I sat there.  I decided to check out what languages were available for translation and this is what I came up with.  The website of the SSA indicates that there are seventeen languages.  Here is the list:  Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, French, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese.  American Sign Language is also offered and with English that makes nineteen.  Many of these languages are not on the websites of the Departments of Health that I had previously visited.

And here is the part about Florida and the mishandling by the governor and his staff.

I am no expert, but I have undertaken some research that should be helpful to people in Congress.  In New York State information about the Corona Virus has been generated in various languages including Spanish, Korean, Kreole, Bengali, Russia, and Chinese.  Spanish and Chinese are languages with posts in South Carolina (the English only state for education programs which I have written about).  With the movement of people who speak lots of other languages around our country, more has to be done to protect everyone.  A suggestion is that the South Carolina could immediately borrow shared information with New York State in the languages that I have mentioned that apply and that all states cooperate to generate information in all languages where possible to help people and to save lives.  Money should not be a problem in these translations.  Puerto Rico only has Spanish on its website. Florida has two languages and Washington State has several.  Caring and sharing are needed now.

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

I reached out to George W. Bush, with Newt Gingrich and contacted his staff, and people have seen the letter that the late Senator John McCain sent me as I wished to clean up national and domestic violence to make this country safer. I have also written about the big mistakes of presidents and we have one example right here.

That Greek has a name and it is John Ionnidis and you can read titles such as The Greek American Epidemiologist Who Misled Donald Trump on the internet. I will not be having baklava and coffee with him and for good reasons, but I can also admit that if one day soon he comes up with a great idea to save lives that we should listen to him.

There is a lot on my mind including a rabbi who supported attacks on George Soros on Fox News, the escalation in crime and I happened to watch Senator John Ossoff of Georgia with F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray together in that discussion, the school boards under attack, and more. I now turn to the news of the Loudon School Board and community where they are deeply involved in what appears to be two rapes in a school building and a 15 years old male has been arrested.

The LES is the place and it’s 1949-1959 in P.S. 188 on the Lower East Side (LES). Keep in mind that this was shortly after World War II. We had to go to the bathroom at school and in those days there was a woman stationed at the bathroom with a notebook and pencil to document who went into the bathroom. I would imagine that our school was pretty safe since there were no guns that we knew about, no drugs that I witnessed, few fights, nobody was stabbed as I recall, and there were gangs. And I repeat that there were personnel assigned to the bathroom and later on (decades later) teachers were assigned to patrol the halls near the bathrooms. I had that patrol duty back then in the junior high section in the 1970s.

School board members often need to be replaced and great school districts have an advantage over poorly performing school districts. Yet danger lurks and I have written about and been involved in protecting the students. In the last site I taught in back in 2000, which was on Marcy and Puttnam Streets in Bedford Stuyvesant, I wanted a metal detector. I just noticed that Bronx parents want greater police presence because 5 guns were just confiscated in schools. We support the police, but not those who do wrong and those who go along with those men and women. We support school board members who tell the truth and those who do not make up lies about others in order to diminish others for political purposes. A lie, by definition, should be clear to understand.

I do not expect the bathrooms to be immediately staffed by parents in Loudon schools as they might have been back in 1949, but I surely do not wish to see any parent there without a mask. And I do not wish to see any parent or school personnel there lower his or her mask to cough in my face or in the faces of others to express his or her freedom. The lawsuits have begun, taking into account that those assailants of real freedom have treaded on others, just as the British did things to the colonists.

This was not one nation under Trump and I knew that it was not going to be one nation under Biden. And I knew and I knew and I knew. Christopher Wray said that “juveniles” are committing crimes now and that is what seems to have taken place in Virginia’s Loudon School District and it should be no surprise to the people there. Things are happening all over the country and it started under Trump. Trump was, in my opinion, the Corona Virus plaguing our nation. You may recall Trump telling Virginians to protect the potatoes, but that was really a moment to recognize that all of US were going to be in danger. And he sat there doing little or nothing as he cheered US on. And I recognized this problem as early as February 10, 2020 and wrote about it.

And what I wrote earlier about John Ionnidis applies to parents who really never tell teachers or schools what to do, especially as a mob. Parents work with the teachers and school personnel. Any parent that has a wonderful idea surely will be heard, but that doesn’t mean that the school will go along. I know from my own experiences that “nobody listens to me” as I have tried so many times to bring about change.

We should not be laughing at Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin who chose a path that was destroyed by COVID-19. They continue and Mark Levin recently tried his best to conceal his early major error by doing a podcast with Ron DeSantis, portraying DeSantis as a hero of America and Florida for his handling of the pandemic. And even there Levin was wrong for providing comparisons that were misinformation. It’s amazing that this country these days continues to promote people whose thinking is hazardous as they whip up communities throughout our nation.

And those people who are being whipped up like butter in a container to be purchased in stores across America, barely think of the new seeds of the America that fought against the British to be independent. Independence truly was for the few and not for the many at that time. The changes in the Constitution are testimony to that. But in this ever-changing world we live in the shift of power is clear. Venezuela and Cuba, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Germany and Italy are not the focal points of power. Power has always brought allies and in our history classes we learned that England, France, the Soviet Union, and others were our allies, whether we liked it or not.

That causes US to turn the page of current events and ask just which nations are the powers of the world right now and how do we fit in. Clearly there are three to me. The United States, China, and Russia. The European Union is in great turmoil as it has been for many years. We could have lived without the The Capitol attack by Americans devoted to Donald Trump earlier this year. So that must lead US to give deeper thought to just how safe we are as a nation right now.

I like to use lyrics from songs and here is another one. Did you miss the lyrics on the last page which were sung by Paul McCartney in a famous motion picture?

Forget the past

And think about the present

The present’s very pleasant

Who cares what the future will bring?

There’s just no predicting a thing

Don’t wait for a miracle

That comes from the song A Fact Can Be A Beautiful Thing. And our people want facts to be beautiful things, but they often are horrific.

If China and Russia (Soviet Union and its past) actually unite and declare war on US, where will that miracle be? And who will be called upon to wave the white flag of truce? Could it be a man who believes in his own truth whether or not he is on Twitter or his own truth app? Your man, your strongman, who will come forward can only be one man. He can make the deal since he is the best deal maker that the world has ever seen. Here are the initials that you can rearrange, but we are not in a game. U-T-P-M-R and that person is the one closest to Putin. And this is a good time to mention Trump-Giuliani-Parnes since Parnes, the Russian, was convicted yesterday in federal court of making illegal donations to elected officials to influence them.  I rest my case. You think about that and decide if the colonists who fought for independence would tolerate such a deal maker. It could very well be that people are being whipped up but will be wiped out in one way or another.

I love my baklava!

I just noticed that Professor Timothy Snyder of Yale University just “sounded the alarm” about 2024 and this is considered one of the loudest alarms of a possible steal of the election by Trump in three years as he has real loyalists in place to undermine the next election. There are historians whose books that I have read that sit back and say nothing when they have important information to share. There are also people who were in Republican administrations that could have shed more light on events since they were a part of history. I thank Professor Snyder author of The Bloodlands for not remaining silent.

The Algemeiner Reports a Hate Message to Keep an Eye On

Jews, Muslims, liberal Christians, Marxists, and atheists were targets this week of Gab, right-wing site of great concern to US. Yes I remember things well. There was evidence linking the shooter at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh to Gab.

Further research did turn up something that I was hoping to find and that was Kushner relaying information about banning “free speech” about Jewish people and Israel. But where did that leave everyone else on the list provided?  Nowhere but facing hate in America. And how long did Trump’s advisors expect this nation to refrain from criticism of Jews with so much hate taking place?

 And these statements were made as Trump lost his voice on social media and needed to get back on, which still has not taken place. According to the reports made about the expectations coming from the Trump team, he should have been back on social media including Trump’s own media. Trump again has taken tooooooooooooo long to make things happen as we noticed many of the promises that he could not keep, including providing evidence on Monday about an “stolen election” while he was still in control of the Oval Office that he diminished.

Donald Trump’s Team Sought Stake in Gab But Was Rejected, CEO Andrew Torba Claims

Jason Murdock  3/24/2021 from Newsweek

And according to the articles on the internet, Jared Kushner led the conversation to obtain a share in Gab. There was some talk about the TRUMP pages on Gab, but Torba effectively stated that Trump has had no role in producing content. We also see again that there were talks to get Trump on Parler, the French word for speak. Have you seen my last article on the Massacre in Paris in 1961. This content is killing me as I write.

Jared Kushner (and Ivanka), the family faces of the Trump Administration, need to provide to US contradicting information since it appeared that Trump was doing a lot to take control somehow of Gab. Telephone and email records of those days would be helpful in explaining just what they had in mind. And I did not find one piece of information where Jared Kushner or anyone close to him and Trump denounced the reports. Perhaps the staff of the Algemeiner can lead me in the right direction on that?

And please note that the staff of The Algemeiner did not even include any reference to Trump in its article about that Judeo Bolshevik plot written about on Tuesday whose plot was much deeper than get the Jews.

I can also tell you that by digging deeply, it was clear to me that almost all the well-known non-Christian news outfits stayed away from this controversy, but Fox News joined in reporting that Gab was obtaining 10,000 new viewers every hour and then it was reported elsewhere that 600,000 new readers had joined Gab after Trump was shut down by Twitter and others for spreading false information.

I have not stated that Kushner and Trump were involved in this since I have not seen any proof, but if they were involved there should be an acknowledgement of it. And on the other end, Torba can substantiate what he considers are the “facts” of this matter in the same way. I know just how easy that is to do since there is always a paper trail even if the paper is your record of incoming calls on your phone answering machine. This is not the 1930s when we would have to produce wire taps of unwanted calls. I noticed that CNN and Bloomberg had been reporting information about Trump backing away from Gab.

Oh yes there is a lot of misinformation and I forgot to detail a bit of that in my article about “I Love Paris” the other day. There we can remember, oh yes I remember it well as Maurice Chevalier spoke romantically to Hermione Gingold.  There the great Chevalier claimed that they met at nine and that he was ontime. Gingold countered with her own facts as stated and they were that they had met at eight and that he arrived late. And yes I remember that well.

There are applications to discuss across our nation including a mayor calling out the school board for pornography and no evidence, a school staff member urging balancing the history of The Holocaust with material from another viewpoint that contradicts it in Texas, opponents of Critical Race Theory including the press that minimize or do not even state that there are threats made against people at the meeting that terrorize people in office, people who still have not produced evidence of a “stolen election” who are making news when they could easily be deflated by the press, cancel culture attacks by those who do not wish to cancel out anyone in the name of “free speech” for the sake of no change at all, and more.

I wear a mask and like Joe Biden I have caught myself walking across a restaurant without my mask on (referring to the Washington Examiner photo this week), I have had my vaccinations, I do to the best of my ability the social distancing that everyone recommended (except Dennis Praeger who just reported that he seeks out people and he is happy that he will be protected by natural immunity which he claims is better, at the age of 76 I remember my younger days when I would head to the pharmacy to buy those protective items during sex (when I can remember oh yes I remember it well), I can remember talking to so many people as well that parent involvement has been a failure in schools in the past and I have  seen it in my own work over the last fifty years, and there is more.

We cannot Make America Great Again since my opinion is that America was never that great. We will not Build Back Better at the rate we are going if people do not learn much more to make things better. Before we know it, Christmas will be here and the New Year and a year of Joe Biden in the Oval Office will be over. The challenges are always there to face and great things are needed to make a country great. As a Jew expecting more from the Trump White House, I noticed his silence when it was revealed that Miami was experiencing the spread of anti-Semitism and now Herschel Walker is standing on his relationship with the Jewish community in Georgia as he wants to be in the United States Senate helping. But where was Herschel back then. Would Herschel Bernardi, a Jewish actor, have agreed with me? Herschel Herschel was known first on the Yiddish stage in the community that I most identify with even though my life has expanded into Latino and African American communities everywhere and he along with my mother’s cousin Joshua Shelly were cancelled or blacklisted because of Senator Joe McCarthy and other Republicans just like him.

There have always been Jews on both sides of a conflict and that was revealed well to me in the history in the book The Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder. When others in Georgia and around the world were fighting hate we ask ourselves where was Herschel Walker? Has he ever seen Fiddler on the Roof anywhere?

There are things to hate about America and things that were hated in Russia under the czar. And all groups that were affected by the policies of czar joined the communist party or were socialists. The LES where Herschel Bernardi was born had a large amount of socialist history already in 1923. We loved him as Tevye in Fiddler. Herschel Bernardi was in films and television including Peter Gunn, Mr. Novack, Irma La Douce, The George Raft Story, and The Front (with those blacklisted actors and others). He was the voice of the Jolly Green Giant, Charlie the Tuna, and the Tootsie Roll.

Jews wanted economic justice and other forms of justice from the czar and its people. The lyrics from Fiddler still ring loud and true everywhere.

“Dear God, you made many, many poor people.

I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be poor.

But it’s no great honor either!

So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?”

Those of US who want justice do not want slow justice. Those lyrics reflect life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. And just before Herschel Bernardi was born, the laws of the United States were created to keep Jews and others out and the Republican Party even in 1964 stood for segregation.

Excuse me for taking you on this trip across politics that The Algemeiner stopped short of. We want answers from everyone. We want to Make America Great and We Want Build Back Better since things are not very good in this nation. Yes Tevye goes on to say this

Like a Solomon the Wise.

“If you please, Reb Tevye…”

“Pardon me, Reb Tevye…”

Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes!

And it won’t make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.

When you’re rich, they think you really know!

Now who could Martin Danenberg be thinking of right now.

If the Jared Kushners and Herschel Walkers decide to change their ways we can do this. I think that Walker will say almost anything to get himself into power right now and make up easily with his czar after he wins, since winning is the most important thing in Trumpism.

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.

If I were a biddy biddy rich,

Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

And it should be stated that in that song that Trump, I mean the character played by Chevalier, got everything wrong (the month, which country the meeting took place in, the way that got them home and more). Do a search of the song. And yes we should remember it, well even the part about Herschel. And as the investigation moves forward about The Capitol Insurrection we hope that Trump remembers everything well as he gives his testimony. And since this is a universal message, it applies to Curtis Sliwa in New York who is running for mayor as a Republican and to Ron DeSantis who is running again for governor of Florida and to every place in between or far from those localities.

And it has just been reported that in Florida that Jennifer Jenkins on the Brevard School Board has documented evidence. She thanks Republicans for supporting her in her victory so that was important. Her private property was damaged after recent protests outside her home.  Florida officials also were called to her house after misinformation was spread about her treatment of her five years old daughter, including burning and slapping her child. This un-Christian behavior is par for the course for those people who claim to know the Bible which calls for telling the truth and tells Jews and Christians to fight to protect people and save lives. The Trump bible called for saving jobs during the pandemic. Could you imagine Moses telling the Children of Israel to do the same during the plague that God sent to Egypt? Or in other words, make sure you get to the pyramid on time or you will be fired. Also consider that whoever did make the false report led police to her home to investigate and this is just another thing to attribute to people who have a false sense of what law and order is about.

This was a total failure of people who are opposed to Critical Race Theory and saving lives during a pandemic. It is also my opinion that the Supreme Court of the United States will not side with these men and women who are terrorizing their communities. And where is the Washington Examiner today as these things are being revealed?

And just this is the news that I just learned and it is about Trump starting his own app so it appears that he is finally getting that done. Jews have stood up against hate and it must be taught that Hitler and Stalin had Jewish friends just as Trump has friends and family. We cannot stand with people who have propagated hate, but there are others that tolerate it. And Trump’s announcement comes precisely nine (9) months after his attempt to win resulted in a big loss. The baby is not born yet, but now that Trump has taken all these months to start his app…the app rentice now has an app and we can expect the one thing that Trump is good at and that is another bankruptcy as he attempts to build back better Make America Great Again.

Paris in 1961 A New Lesson

Massacres and the list gets longer.






My Lai

A newly uncovered massacre which was not uncovered now to know about is the massacre of hundreds of Algerians in Paris, France in 1961. And it involved the police and others which was no shock to me since in my reading about Hitler and Stalin I have read about those things in just about every country where murder was rampant. And I recall someone who I cancelled who told me that he reads about “communism” a lot and told me that we are heading for that. He supports Trump, of course (bien entendu in French).  His problem is that he reads without seeing any bad things in Trump, his best president ever who is a lot like powerful people that we love to hate. So people were made to remain silent for decades, even after the horrific events of the Holocaust and the evils of communism.

With that said I must point out to the reader that Harris Faulkner of Fox News spoke about the French in relation to the Jews and I wrote about her comments as she took our history (Jewish history) far out of context and put that history into the wrong context, adding that she has a Jewish husband. There was an attempt at Nazification of the COVID-19 message as Mayor de Blasio was attacked (he is not a Trump supporter). Israel at the time was doing the same things to Orthodox Jews.

Harris Faulkner of Fox News says I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call for the Roundup of Jewish People

Pardon my French Rabbi Hier (yesterday in French) and Harris Faulkner of Fox Entertainment as I report the news of July 17, 1942 as 9,000 police rounded up 26,000 Jews in Paris known as the Rafle du Vel D’Hiv (Vel D’Hiv Roundup in English). I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call […]

May 4, 2020 Posted

And now we should ask the same Harrison Faulkner to expose what happened to human beings from North Africa Moroccans and Tunisians as well) as we learn about that massacre. Even though I support the police, I am not blind to their excesses. The innocent police will not be judged here. We should demand justice of Harrison Faulkner. And that she should finally put this information into the right context.

That year for those of US on the Lower East Side was filled with romantic thoughts about Paris, France with no mention of the rounding up of Jews in France during World War II at all. At least for my family home. Others surely knew. This was the Paris of Gigi and things that clearly took all Americans away from the knowledge to be known and shared.  

There was my dad decades later attempting to sing I Love Paris which we spoke and laughed about after hearing him sing those words. By 1968 my extended family was talking about Louis Jourdan and Leslie Caron in Gigi, which we didn’t talk much about before. My mother was sharing trivial information sometimes. For example, she mentioned Regina Resnick the well-known opera singer.

There was lots of entertainment but little history and we learn new things all the time.

I have gone through many pages of the Timothy Snyder book The Bloodlands reading over and over just how the police in so many countries were involved in the killing of Jews. I used to hear things about police in Puerto Rico many decades ago as well. I was just speaking to a doctor who wants to return to France again soon about my many trips there and I overlooked talking about Grenoble and Bellegarde where I had important meetings with Algerians in France. These were experiences to treasure just as we treasure the songs from Gigi.

Louis Jourdan’s father was arrested by the Gestapo, but he successfully escaped captivity and possible death. The famous actor joined the resistance as a youth where he was involved in very dangerous activities.

I watched Maurice Chevalier with my family on television, particularly the Shew of Ed Sullivan, who pronounced show just that way. We watched Marcel Marceau do his mime routines without really knowing what Marcel Mangel went through in Europe. This was a nation without the internet where Americans learned mostly patriotism and today a significant part of that nation wants a return to the glory of America based on preventing truths from being broadcast. It’s impossible to do that right now, but people will believe what they wish to believe and governors throughout our nation will believe they can pull this off. It’s impossible is another famous song, but it is being used here to remind people that the limited knowledge of the past to shield US today is dead on arrival. Critical Race Theory opponents including right wingers have stirred up our nation, but they can serve our nation best by finding other pursuits immediately.

We did not learn about the Hebron Massacre in either school or Hebrew school. Probably my parents had never heard of it. There was another well-known massacre at Deir Yassin which happened during the War for Independence and was committed by Jews fighting for their lives and for a right to be in Palestine. I have written about this before and about my concern that Muslims from other nations may not have heard about both of those massacres. Talking only about the Deir Yassin Massacre could only lead to one conclusion about Jews who lived in Palestine and I still wonder just what Muslims and others including African Americans know about the Massacre in Hebron in 1929. Among other things, Black Lives Matter because history matters. And nobody should be deceived by things that prejudice their thought process. This is obviously something that has been overlooked by people in government for many years. What is going on at the local level? I have also read about the work of leading Jewish organizations that seem to overlook history in favor in many cases of current events. Knowledge matters in this fight.

Okay so I strayed somewhat from writing about The Paris Massacre which was just written about. Once again I had to read about police who killed hundreds of people and this time they were Algerians who were thrown into the River Seine. And there were 14,000 arrests made. The government and the press were involved in the cover up and that is why we have not heard about it.  Racism was blatant. And archives where the material has been found resulted in the truth coming out. And this is a roundup that Fox News should cover since it did a story of the “roundup” of Jews in Brooklyn, New York when the police were sent in to crack down on people there who were not social distancing properly. President Hollande of France in 2012 recognized that it occurred. And consistent with much, many, or most of these events that have taken place in history, firemen and vigilantes were involved. We Jews know this sort of thing pretty well.

Maurice Papon, the Paris police chief, had sent 1,600 Jews to concentration camps in Germany during World War II.

We can imagine what the loved ones of these men, women and teenagers went through as Paris and all of France lived a lie. And we also think about the lies of the past, but particularly the most recent lies of the last four years. I have crossed the Pont St. Michel, close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, and love the area there. Since 2001 there has been a plague there which I knew nothing about. And I was just mentioning the great times that I had there. Also mentioned was Vincennes where I stayed for a week which is very close to Paris and people were taken there who were arrested. French people from North Africa were mistreated during those days.

And back to those days on the Lower East Side, now known simply as LES, my mother told me something about opera singer Regina Resnick. That comment was about her being the friend of my mother’s friend. I just learned this about Resnick by doing research.  Her husband Arbit Blatas, a well-known painter, fled Nazi occupied France in 1941. And his family was killed by the Nazis. Resnick collaborated musically with conductors who had been members of the Nazi Party in her career. Other artists including Jan Peerce, Richard Tucker, and violinist Isaac Stern refused to perform with the same conductor. So Jews were divided. Who was right? And in 1953 Resnick’s career was advanced by her performance under another known Nazi party member.

Her husband painted Marcel Marceau, a homage to that famous personality.

The French role in rounding up Jews was unknown to me in the 1950s when Resnick was achieving fame and fortune. That roundup doesn’t stop me from going to Paris, a city that I enjoy and hope to visit again, but those were the days my friend and we hoped that they would end. The fight for justice goes on to help all people.

And the conclusion of The Bloodlands tells US we are not much different as we watch our politics and Donald Trump. Stalin had his enemies and he did he best to destroy (collectivization of the farms to provide food for his economy). Hitler had his enemies and he did his best to destroy (Jews, Poles, and others) so that he could expand east the way the United States expanded west. Trump used scapegoating tools throughout his four years and finally a huge amount of deaths appeared in the form of the pandemic. Those deaths due not compare with huge amounts suffered at the hands of and by the politics of Hitler and Stalin. What rings true about all three men is this. Hitler expected to win, win, win in several weeks. Stalin expected his food plan to be in place within weeks and the result was starvation. And Trump within weeks made the mistake of opening the economy expecting to win, win, win in November 2020. We see the economics of death in all three. And by not closing the US east coast to traffic from Europe, his misjudgment-plan of action resulted in the rapid spread of the then Corona Virus (his crowning achievement since corona means crown).

Hitler committed suicide in a bunker. Stalin went into a coma and died days later. Those men had more than a decade in power each. Trump lasted just four years. They all found scapegoats for their failures. Thank goodness Trump did not attack the Jewish people at the end, but I can assure you, that if you had followed things closely, including the anti-Semitism that was taking place in Miami in the middle of 2020, he did nothing to help. And with all this Nazification of the pandemic, he has done nothing to help US. He is out there only to help himself and foster misinformation just as Hitler and Stalin did. And the thing that stands out the most, of course, is the Election Was Stolen which is something that Trump has been working on for a long time. How dare any nation contest The Donald! There continues to be imminent danger because Trump is still with US.

And in races across our nation, students must learn about this important news. Will anti Critical Race Theory supporters even consider it? I doubt it. And how can you always “Back the Blue” knowing all this? Justice must prevail.

And in 1983 on the LES outside my parents’ apartment, my uncle asked me why I would go to Germany knowing what was done to us. I went there to learn to explore and to see, knowing that even in New York City we did not cast blame on Germans we met; however, we did not know that Conrad Adenauer, who was chancellor of Germany, had been a Nazi. The news didn’t report that when his name was mentioned.

I did go to Germany and saw its beauty and interacted with Germans who took a Jewish man into their arms of welcome. One of them took me to Dachau to see and learn more. I guess back then I realized what so many people and institutions including the Yad Vashem recognized and that is there are good people that should not be blamed.

AP All-American Herschel Walker Fumbles in Georgia

Being a Heisman Trophy winner and knowing history, religion, and more would elevate Herschel Walker’s candidacy, but he is fumbling for sure.

A swastika being portrayed by anti-vaccination people across America and by people hopeful of a Herschel Walker touchdown (he was once great). Rudy Giuliani telling people that Christopher Columbus was just typical of his time and let’s not hold the ugly deeds of the man against him rings true today even of Donald Trump in the Giuliani-Trump partnership that is marching more people toward death in our nation. And Giuliani thinks that Jews have not forgotten our own CRT history since the Spanish Inquisition started during those historic moments, a period of death to the Jews (and Muslims) and or forced conversions. Neither Rudy nor Herschel has all this well thought out and we are not obligated to follow shallow thinking. It would be great if Walker admits that he is not taking Georgians to the goal line of reducing COVID-19 deaths and illness in Georgia now and across our nation. I have been calling for a faith-based initiative to fight COVID-19 and that initiative will surely be needed when the next pandemic strikes. Read on and learn from the mistakes of the last year and a half.

A swastika portrayed with hypodermic needles is circulated along with misinformation about the Holocaust to instill fear into people. Much of the Jewish world is upset, but there are Jews who follow the beat of Trump’s drum. We have always been divided.

I can visualize a Christian portrayal instead of the Jewish one, hypodermic needles in the form of a cross to save America. The problem with that is Christ was a healer and a saver of lives. He was Jewish and his own camp was divided as we know from the Bible. And what is that one man who started his own movement would have asked Jesus to forget about saving lives and healing people and just attend a party meeting that was holding a fund raiser on a rainy night in Georgia?

That piece of propaganda, I have read, was taken down and replaced with the flag of Texas instead. Jesus just got diminished again. How about this instead? A grouping of orange toupees (you can Nazify it or Christianize it if you choose to since Republicans gave choices including not wearing masks as a pandemic started that has taken its toll in deaths that could have been prevented). Trump empowered that! And we are told that another pandemic may take place.

Trump bullied Republicans as well. Some, a handful or more, did not go along. Another portrayal could have and probably should have been carefully placed sections of feces put together into the letters U-S-A. Obama told US from his first meeting with Trump as the reins of power were being passed to 44 that Trump was “full of shit.” I wrote 44 because there was something short of being president of the United States in Trump back then. History may decide to call Biden 45 instead and just pass over Trump.

And getting back to Giuliani we have to think more about recent decades in relation to Franco-Hitler-Mussolini-Stalin and others before we speak. It was not the attack on Poland that really set off the United States to combat fascism since that attack took place in September 1939. So it took two years and lots of persuasion and convincing to engage FDR. We need help right now and it is not Republicans who are going Save America and Make America Great Again and Again and Again and Again. Those Republicans continue to diminish patriotism, the Talmud and Torah and Christianity. The lessons to save American lives have been part of the code of conduct of the military and even dates back to the Maccabees in the Jewish faith. Trump has divided US.

There is nothing All-American about the Republican Party at all. Jackie Robinson was a Republican and he knew that his party supported segregation in the Republican Platform of 1964. I wonder if Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona would have supported the view that the 2020 Election was stolen? People just go along since they have no outstanding choices and I do not see the Rockefeller Republicans making a comeback either, liberal Republicans.

There was a horrible smell emanating from the Trump Campaign in 2016 and it continues today in so many ways. It’s the defecation that has affected our nation more than we expected although so much of it was expected.

I can take you on other trips to understanding the truth which is not being told by Associated Press and other news media. I don’t need 60 Minutes to show you the truth either. Fear has been pumped into America by the very people who say do not be afraid, be strong. All that politics is beginning to fall apart and even lawsuits against school districts are beginning to take place over the transmission of COVID-19 in schools. The Herschel Walkers in politics who were showing their people touchdowns and game winning plans will soon be defending lawsuits across our nation and that alone my increase the numbers of their shouts for secession from the 50 states of the United States.

I decided to do additional research about secession and the voting actually started prior to Lincoln’s presidency. South Carolina voted for it and Delaware rejected it. Then Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas voted for it in a matter of weeks, making the United States weaker. Even a territory of the United States voted for secession at that time. And that was Arizona, a Southern territory.

And with this mouthful of information about what has been and is going on, Herschel Walker appears to be a warlock challenging a Warnock.

I was just reading about how Joseph Stalin, the man of Steel, was doing a lot at the end of his career to diminish Jews and Jewish history in the Soviet Union which was brought on by the formation of The State of Israel in 1948. There were more Jews in the Soviet Union than there were in Israel at that time. Here in the United States of America there are attempts to diminish Black history.  There was bad leadership under Stalin and there has been bad leadership with Under Trump We Trust.

With more information coming forth about the Trump Administration it really may result in a new choice of parties for many or most Republicans. There could be, for example, what I might call the John McCain wing against the Trump wing or as it has happened in history the Republican Party may dissolve into something either better or worse. The Democrats once had to contend with the “Dixiecrats” for power. For now I just wish to see the truth about Jesus come forth in Georgia and throughout the land and if I had a hammer I would ring it all day long to make Americans know that truth. And then maybe the Hannitys and other Americans in the media will finally reveal the truth about Christ.

I won’t betray his trust

Though people say I must

I’ve got to stay true, just

As long as he needs me

Actually the Trump supporters are one and the same with Trump. They are all to blame as they love him whether he is right or wrong.

These lyrics actually were sung about Bill Sykes on stage a long time ago. And so many ugly, wrong, and harmful things have been staged by The Donald who belongs on the same Broadway stage right now. Bill Sykes was a criminal and his girlfriend knew it as she sang As Long as He Needs Me. They are playing the game his way and their way. You might wish to Google Judy Garland in 1964 singing the song so beautifully (or the great Shirley Bassey). And Georgians may just search The Broadway version of Georgia Brown singing the song in the show Oliver. Let’s end Trump terrible entertainment now!

Mussolini, Mussolini, Mussolini

Mussolini succeeded in his overthrow of the Italian government and Trump’s partisans ended up bankrupting Trump. Maybe they should have eaten pasta fagiola before entering The Capitol. There was no Il Duce for US in January.

Making world news which is just about exactly the same in each of many newspapers around the world that I have checked out is the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini. She is in Rome and got huge support from the voters, ten times more votes than when she was first elected as councilor there. Ivanka Mussolini does not wish to be judged by the history of the fascist dictator. The family has had a previous Mussolini in power, Lara. And another Mussolini was running for office who wanted the people not to judge Benito because those days were difficult times, Eric. Is there a Donald Mussolini?

I was waiting for information about the wonderful policy achievements by the granddaughter of the man I have written about so many times, both in Jewish Business News and in The Force 2020 DDT. There was nothing. I will continue to research that just so that I know and be fair if it is needed.

I wrote this in Jewish Business News “Donald Trump who is being more and more compared to Benito Mussolini than even George Washington as a new movie about Mussolini has come out in Italy. Reviews of the movie “I’m Back” could be read by the students of Montpelier and all high schools in America. Police must come together with communities in much better ways right now. That calls for much better leadership. The Kaepernick Solution is part of that and has not been integrated by police. Let’s bring people together. Let’s kneel together and stand together for peace in communities.” The title follows

BLOGSBLOG/ Black Lives Matter Flag Raised In Vermont: Black Students Feel Burned

It’s Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont where the “bern” was launched?

February 12, 2018

When I wrote on January 3, 20201 that I suspected a Mussolini type coup of our government to take place, my feelings were deep and based on years of observations. I want students to know this history.

Mussolini followed Hitler and Italy had been an ally in World War I. And today the mess we are in has largely been caused by Trump just as other strong men have messed things for their people and the world. In my reading there is much about rape of women by both sides (which the dictators allowed), cannibalism affecting more people than Americans wish to know about, destruction of lives through violence and disease, fighting on and on even after the cause was lost and the leaders knew it because they did not care if their people died, misinformation and lies and fake news created by loyal press, ethnic cleansing all over, and much more.

Mussolini should have and could have known that things were wrong from the beginning as Hitler attacked a radio station, blamed it on the Poles, and left Jews who were already dead on the floor. Then he declared war just for that on Poland and the rest of the world. And in the end this is what happened to the Germans and Germany. And to a certain extent this is what is happening to Trumpism, but much more slowly.

And just now we can read on the internet the needless loss of 22,000 lives recently in Texas and Florida. There the governors fight on and on and on, but the tide will soon turn against them. In relation to world history and that mistake that Hitler made which was mentioned earlier, Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic cost the Republicans power just as the Germans ended up losing power. His handling of the mask issue and his leadership in the vaccine effort were weak even though his words were often strong. People died unnecessarily back then. And in a way we have had our own Zyklon-T moment or Zyklon-DDT.

The Trumps Working in a Meat Factory?

Can you imagine the Trumps working for a month in a meat plant which has been infiltrated by the Corona Virus (Ivanka and Jared, Melania, Eric, and Donald Jr.? Churchill was in the streets of London, England which was in constant great danger after the German Luftwaffe or air force began its attacks. There is […]

April 20, 2020

And I included this in the article “And I know that we are in great danger because there are forces that come with a depression. And I am doing my part to help. Trump on the other hand is just being Trump. I have communicated my ideas to people connected with the Pope, the mayor of New York, the chancellor of the Department of Education of NYC, with people in Congress, and more. What has Betsy DeVos done? Send her to work in a meat factory too?” And Germans after the war were considered less than human. A nation cannot cause so many people to die and then get away with it. It can try to get away with it which is what the Republicans are trying to do right now. Covering up Trump’s disastrous days takes the form of he gave US the vaccine fast.  And even that has not worked out for 45 since the process of getting most people vaccinated has slowed.

And we can take a page from history that is revealing about Republicans and Repugnicans. People are afraid now about losing their jobs through mandates. Here was a mandate in 1981.

Reagan fires 11,000 striking air traffic controllers, Aug. 5, 1981

And there was no fear whatsoever of death by a Corona Virus at that time, just a man mandating that workers on strike should be let go in the public interest. And now things are getting even worse due to Trumpism and its most recent aspects affecting people who were our allies, our nation’ s schools and school board meetings, and the hope that we can find a much better path to fighting off this pandemic and the next one.

Okay I admit to spreading fake news, but only about the first names of those Mussolinis.

The Attack on The Capitol (2021) and Fort Sumter in 1861

Missing from his statement of love was a lack of love of the Constitution of the United States (again at that moment) and the implication that others in the building were “enemies of the people.” Far from the scene there still exists in South Carolina a place called Fort Sumter where the attack took place to divide our nation and lead it to civil war. Trump has been presenting to US a “clear and present danger” for some time and he has had lots of accomplices.

I wrote all that on January 7, 2021 in an article called Resign, Resign, Resign

There are now lots of articles about the coming of a Civil War, but in reality it started under our noses on January 6, 2021, but the attack was too mild to be felt. A slight earthquake could be felt more easily because an earthquake is not political.  That attack would have been felt much more had authorities not taken actions to prevent the carrying of guns and other actions around our nation. That attack was enough and now Trump is under investigation. One of the results of the secession and Civil War was that some of the South’s leaders lost their citizenship and or fled to other places such as England. And monuments were built for some or many of these men in the South.

Republicans who are being interviewed and who are talking about a civil war have been duped by Trump who actually told them years ago that they were stupid. How can their talk of civil war arouse fear in US when there is more to the story than meets the eye.

I was provoked by an article in Newsweek a day ago which detailed the support that the Golden Calf god has in Iowa including more than a 50 percent approval rating which shreds the support for Joe Biden. Then this morning I read that the new Make America Great Again, Again tour is also called “The Revenge” tour. From the beginning of the first Trump campaign to today what we have been witnessing most of all is his “Eye for an Eye” campaign so that he can win, win, win. But the fact remains that he has had so many bankruptcies since 2017 that have not resonated with the voters in Iowa, including 4,000 rockets that were fired into Israel after Trump gave us peace, the Taliban now refusing to go after ISIL in cooperation with the United States, and the spread of COVID-19 into his base of operation to cause his troops to die and get sick.

And over the last weeks Trump has spoken about the disintegration of the United States within three years. Stoking fear as communists and fascists do under the name of freedom is what he is doing once again.

I had just completed reading about the “Holocaust and Revenge” in the book The Bloodlands.  The Revenge Tour will lead US into things far worse than civil war. All this talk about revenge without having proof or substantial proof of the key things that matter to his supporters will lead to far worse unless it is controlled. I can see it as I sit here typing. People who think they are the patriots have been set up. This is a Trump designed project that will fail once again.

Iowa’s economy is about 5 percent agriculture and in a civil war it’s food supply will be destroyed which is something that didn’t happen between 1861-1865. The South was largely destroyed as General Sherman marched to Atlanta, burning everything. Hitler and others learned a lot from that history and destroyed and destroyed and destroyed. I just read about the entire destruction of Warsaw, Poland. And there were Nazis that tried to prevent that from happening, but Hitler and Himmler fought on for the freedom of their people until they ran out of time.

The American “utopia” of Trump like the Nazi “utopia” is doomed to fail. The supply chain of products that has resulted in shortages (for now) of so many products will be cut off entirely except for the military so there will be no food anywhere. Prisoners will be killed and people suspected of helping the other side will also be killed. This is essentially what Trump has had planned for everyone since 2017 regardless of the party affiliation. The “enemy of the people” is Trump’s enemy or just YOU. Stalin operated the same way as he would not tolerate the slightest initiative that deviated from his plan. Both Trump and Stalin are men of steel and also men of steal as well.

Here is the title of the article in Newsweek.

Trump Supporters at Iowa Rally See ‘Civil War Coming,’ Say He Will ‘Save the World’

Fatma Khaled 13 hrs ago

Go read it and share it with people. Trump, you may recall, reacted to events in Virginia and told the people to protect the potatoes (meaning private property). Nobody will be able to protect our food, not even Popeye the Sailorman because there will be no spinach. And families throughout the rural South during the Civil War were at the point of destitution. So nobody will be there to protect the “potatoes” as well.

These states generated over $10 billion in receipts from agriculture in 2019.

California, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, & Indiana.

Trump still has time to resign, resign, resign. Do you see what I see?

Here is an article that I will not even quote from which is recommended for 5-8 grades. Children probably know better than many of their parents if they have read it. It appears in National Geographic which I hope most Republicans feel is not “fake” news. You have the title so find out even more.

Hunger and War

Many of the worst contemporary wars are accompanied by mass starvation. In some cases, starvation is used as a weapon.

And among other things, there will be no churches open because many will be destroyed with congregants in them which has happened to Jews and others. There will be no schools open where someone just might state something that will sound like Critical Race Theory.  I won’t be able to travel again to Florida since there will be no travel. I rest my case for now, but I hope that people learn more. Trump led the attack on CRT and here I am providing vital history and knowledge to people. This nation needs CPR after all these years of Trumpism. And it has been pointed out by people who know Trump that he really knows no history. Oh he knows things that he has copied from those strong men referenced here in this article about the Civil War.  To be or not to be that is the question. Many other people are really talking about the take over of our democracy by a totalitarian state.

Repugnicans have diminished US since Trump took office. For a long time all we heard from The White House was that they have alternate “facts” that were being shared.  Then Trump gave his followers the “freedom” to not wear masks as he tried to destroy reasonable advice that can clearly be proven right now since most Americans are vaccinated. The civil war theme does require an additional question for thought. Which two nations that you can think of are just waiting to take over the United States of America that is involved in a civil war?

The Most Famous Teacher

I had conversations with a man who came here from Bolivia and he started to repeat time and again the words “most famous teacher” around me. This man is clearly what we call in Spanish (chistoso), but it was all in fun. He introduced me to several people including people who have met and known Amelia Vega and Bo Dietl (the detective), two people that I have met and spoken to. I decided soon after to write an article or even a series of articles with this “most famous teacher” in mind and use the initials MFT to make readers recall how this came about.

Let’s go to President Joe Biden who gave US the evacuation from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Learning from the Godfather and more

August 31, 2021

A lot of worse things could have gone wrong with the diplomatic decision to leave by Trump. That is clear to me. What also seems very clear is that the Taliban want US out and want to hear US out as the C.I.A. has just conducted a top-level talk with the Taliban leadership. Let’s look at a famous example of diplomacy from world history. The Soviet Union signs an agreement with Nazi Germany that involves dividing up Poland and not fighting each other and then relatively soon Hitler invades the Soviet Union. The Nazi exhaustion from fighting a war on two fronts leads people to begin to conclude that the war will soon be over, particularly since the Nazi campaign in Northern Africa faltered. Yes we have our concerns and should have them.

Now that we are in October and looking at the situation, we know that things have continued to be dangerous and people are being killed. Reading history helped me understand when others were basically watching the U.S. Open Tennis matches which is another kind of war, I used to do that back in the days of Guillermo Vilas, the Spanish tennis champion.

In my last article I explain how that the famous Japanese diplomat who saved Jews was spying on European powers while performing his duties. German diplomats were doing the same things in the United States under FDR before December 7, 1941. And I learned in the last century how there was spying taking place among German agents in France in the 1890s leading to the “trial of the century” called The Dreyfus Affair.

In Hitler, Stalin-USA Chiune Sugihara was mentioned but I did not tell the reader that he predicted that Germany would attack the Soviet Union (his prediction was for June 1941, He was observing the movement of troops for some time and sensed an invasion was coming. Stalin did not see it coming.

Years ago in Jewish Business News in Israel, I wrote about how the head of Texaco was helping fascists with oil and information right under the noses of our elected officials and all he got was “a slap on the wrist” from Roosevelt. Texaco’s agent-spies helped Hitler sink ships with a great loss of life.

For many who watch the news, there was political bias which generates power outages, there was hope and confusion as things appeared to be chaotic. That chaos was normal just as a gang attack on your street or your gasoline tank reading empty when you know the gas level is low. What took place cannot be treated like a walk in Central Park or Main Street in towns in Iowa.

The dangers were well known. The Taliban, ISIL, and others were watching and the suicide bombing that killed our people was just the tip of the iceberg (potentially). I refuse to tell you more about what was and still is on my mind. We thank Joe Biden based on the facts of the situation and again the point is that if we had started sooner to process people and evacuate people there surely would have been a kind of equal and opposite reaction that would have harmed more people. The reactions of reactionary Repugnicans should not be tolerated by Americans who know more. And it is unfortunate that good journalists just have a limited perspective as they are assigned things to write about. Things that may appear to be right but are clearly inconsistent with history and current events. This creates chaos for US where there should be greater unity. And my producing of this article is not about patriotism which results from misguided men and women and from faulty media productions. It’s about teaching our people or MFT. Biden could have and should have provided proof, just as we ended up providing proof of the movements of Japan leading up to December 7, 1941 as the attack took place on Americans. There was a bombing in Kabul days ago and Trump bombed out in America long before that.

With far too many Americans involved in trivial pursuits and others who would continue to attempt to overthrow our government, this is surely one of the low points of American history in the 21st century. It started many years ago and resulted in an American president who pretty much had his head stuck up his fourth point of contact. We welcome the people coming from Afghanistan, but Trump in recent days has declared that people from that region are unfit to come to our nation. And Trump again reminded me of just what had happened to the Jews and others in history because of the stupidity of men like him.

Hitler, Stalin-USA

Consider all of this information.
We should begin with this Nazi Germany eye opener.
Germans were going to
bring order
bring prosperity
Slavs were to disappear

Demographics ranged for Poland-Ukraine-Belarus-Czechoslovakia were projected from 80 percent-65 percent-75 percent-50 percent to disappear for each grouping.
Slavs were Native Americans.

The eastern lands were Hitler’s “Manifest Destiny” along with its destruction of people. Of particular importance were the European “bread basket” and oilfields for Hitler and Germany to make it a colonial power.

Collectivization of farms and industrialization were what the Soviet leaders were after and Stalin wanted his Volga River to become the German Mississippi once his power took root there.
The deaths they caused by starvation, murder and killing, and the two ds of disease and death. They learned lots from the USA.

The death aspect plagues US in the USA. There is news about Puerto Rico which is not news to me since I wrote from Florida in May 2021. This is from Yahoo News by Andrew Romano “because politics and polarization continue to warp U.S. COVID policy in ways that other societies simply haven’t had to contend with.
Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

Posted byAdministrator February 28, 2021 
Let’s look at some state and international numbers right now regarding Florida in relation to everything. Florida 142 deaths per 100,000 people. Puerto Rico 63. El Salvador 29. Dominican Republic 29.

Death didn’t have to knock so hard at our door. Trumpism is the root cause and it was off target. Jesus Saves Lives was far from his mind. Giving people mask choice failed along with things that Hitler and Stalin had the capacity to prevent as they issued policies that destroyed lives.

Since foreign policy matters, Hitler wanted to take out England and Stalin with a hundred warnings would not believe that Hitler would attack him.

Hitler believing that he came from the master race apparently could not accept his soldiers surrendering to the enemy.  Stalin preferred his men to kill themselves. Think of John McCain and his capture on Vietnam and Trump’s criticism of the late senator and you can now see the source or sources of Trump”s evil attack on McCain years ago. And Americans tolerated it.

I must share this about “The economics of Apocalypse” because it is revealing. This is April 1942 about Leningrad.
A stranger was observed and this is what we know at first.
His back was to a post
He sat on the snow
He was wrapped in rags
He had a knapsack over hid shoulder
He must have been tired so he sat there
The young woman who described this noticed him again over a two weeks period.
He had no knapsack
He had no rags
He was in his underwear
He was naked
He was a skeleton with ripped out entrails

I stopped reading a book about the myths of Stalin tp learn more. German superiority was almost always there in the war against Stalin’s forces as millions were dying and being killed. That history helps explain the thinking of Hitler-Trump. The deaths were mounting but the fatal flaw had to be covered up. The German plan was the “lightening” victory and that meant the Germans had lost even as they smashed Soviet troops. And for Trump it was over quickly due to his handling of the pandemic. The first death was February 28 and Trump’s marching orders clearly failed our people. Operation Warped Speed could have been taken from Hitler and Himmler. Taking US from America First into a raging pandemic was exactly what the Nazis did. Among the many Nazi Operations was Operation Swamp Fever where over 8,000 Jews were liquidated.

I just learned that the US has passed 700,000 deaths.

The failed “blitzkrieg” provoked the Hitler oval office directly to an altered version of The Final Solution. Trump selected a different, but logical enemy, declarimg that the election was stolen.
In Lithuania Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul who provided visas to Jews to save lives, expected Germany to attack the Soviet Union. He was monitoring troop movements. I was watching Trump and others and waited for political violence in Washington, D.C. And I got it! We got it!

History shows that in those years from 1939-1945, the principal highway of death was Poland and its people. There was blood every where, starvation by design, and the spread of disease. The Germans and Russians were free to do all this.

I clearly know that there are major differences between the three “strongmen” portrayed here. One major difference clearly is that Hitler is not here to incite US to defend free speech (his and his partisans), even to defend it to the death.

That man who sat there is also symbolic of Americans who not only remained silent but also did terrible things to undermine humanity. Things that are and remain true today. Here is one key sentence. Reject Hitler, Stalin, Trump, and DeSantis. And in today’s news Trump says he thought COVID-19 would have been.gone by now. Honest thinking but stupid thinking

Magic Johnson Could Have Dunked on DeSantis

Magic Johnson spoke out about COVID-19 and AIDS and people did things to infect others anyway. I wrote about the legend when he made the comment. AIDS or SIDA is transmitted by bodily fluids, through sex and through sharing of hypodermic needles. There was no political decision then and even today to require people to be in harm’s way.
Although even new decisions are putting people in harm’s way, both in blue states and in red states, death was intensified by The White House in March of 2020 as The Donald galvanized a huge group of evangelicals making them neo-evangelicals.

Masked Minister Masked Meshugana

posted July 23, 2020

Trump today says he is getting used to the mask but what he is really getting used to is that he screwed up. On that note and thinking about Stormy Daniels and screwing up, did he wear a mask. We know that lots of people out there have claimed that a mask is not effective in fighting the COVID-19. We also know that the other kind of “mask” (wink) is not totally effective as well. COVID-19 according to “Magic” Johnson is like AIDS but the disease spreads without sex. There was lots of unprotected sex when AIDS was the talk on everyone’s lips, but people are going into bars and churches asking for trouble and I suspect that some were listening closely to Trump. R.I.P. to those that did. They got the virus without the sex. And I also wrote recently that Hitler would have injected Jews with COVID-19 to spread the illness and cause deaths. Would Jesus have done that?

Whether it’s Staten Island or Florida, it’s the same Republican leadership. I am reading the spread of death by Hitler and Stalin in The Bloodlands. Those Reds started in the Ukraine. Florida recently had its Parkland. And The Donald gave US Trumpland. Death, Death, Death! Remember the photo of Nikolas Cruz in the red hat put out by Trump?

Trump opened the economy too soon and our nation is paying for it just as Bloodlands described all the deaths in Eastern Europe caused by the “politics” of Hitler and Stalin.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of our nation’s deaths were almost equal to being raped by a masked meshugana or nut. It has like being nicked by a cannon and then either experiencing illness or death.

Magic provided important information over a year ago but he could have dunked on the Florida governor. You might wish to search my article about Maliotakis of Staten Island.

Peril Harbor

PERIL is the name of Bob Woodward’s new book (with Robert Costa) and I have just noticed news sites that announced it along with information about the mental state of Donald Trump after the Election of 2020. Behind the scenes, our nation’s leaders and military leaders were concerned and limited Trump’s access to destructive missiles that could have been aimed at China and China seemed to be very concerned as well. Traitor is the term being used by Trump against the commanding general and it is not up to the general public to accept Trump’s interpretation since it could easily be wrong or just another Trump attempt to fight his way out of bankruptcy which will not nor cannot work. And there is great danger now since the term has been used against someone in the United States military.

We know that generals and admirals in Nazi Germany tried hard to remove Adolf Hitler. There were even assassination attempts. Those men were “traitors” to the Fuhrer and his followers. Trump’s actions after the Election of 2020 and his role in bringing together the men and women who broke into The Capitol to overturn the election results speaks volumes of his mental state, since he did not act to help the people who were on lockdown in The Capitol for hours and expressed love for those people.

And amid all this talk about patriotism is Trump this week predicting within three years that there will no longer be a United States. America, according to this, will continue since we are in North America. This is Trump’s American Apocalypse, which is being talked about by others. This is not the Biblical “apocalypse” even if it gets picked by evangelicals and others. This is just pure secession or a continuation of Fort Sumter without the armed attack…yet. And is secession imminent (looking at all political groups involved)? You never know, but it seems to be highly unlikely. And it is about people like Dennis Praeger who was advocating for secession and he spoke about the states with the large cities and the other states in this effort. He wants to separate and he knows no other way. This is the major part that will cause the Trump Apocalypse that I mentioned. As I mentioned in a recent article, united we stand, divided we fall. And that means our military strength will be divided and diminished unless we learn find a way under attack to defend and protect everyone within our borders. And that means protecting family members who decided not to unite under one banner. It was Blue and Gray back then and it now Red and Blue.

What you are about to read was prepared before I published the article Throwing Off the Mask of Play of Fools

Posted byAdministrator September 10, 2021 and I chose not to add it to that article.

Now we can turn to Dennis Praeger whose presentation I visited the other day. He has what he calls a “university” which is full of hystory or hysterical facts of events. This comes from the Epoch Times. In referring to demonstrations and riots on January 14, 2021 in the podcast, he said “were any of those people prosecuted” “and “how many were brought together before a trial” were questions that were used as comments. And this is American Thought Journalism with Jan Jekeliak listening to Praeger. He was talking here also about Pravda, the Communist party communication’s voice and Pravda means truth. And he mentioned that The NY Times was just like Pravda now.

I quickly found this and Praeger could have found it just as easily as I did. I guess we come from different universities of how to research things. This is from a non-liberal newspaper

that is quite conservative.

The article about the riots was published August 12, 2020 or 5 months before the Praeger interview which was full of opinions that were presented as facts. And his viewers walked away thinking that Praeger and his university were telling the facts.

 “Portland police have referred 550 cases to the DA’s office since the protests began on May 29, four days after George Floyd’s police-custody killing in Minneapolis. Of those, about 140 were felony crimes, including assault, arson, riot and theft.”


“Prosecutors are moving ahead in only around 45 of those cases, while the remainder were dropped or are deemed under review,” Weisberg said.

There is great danger in what Praeger does and there are reports of experts certifying his portrayal of honesty as misinformation. We should recall the famous motion picture My Cousin Vinnie and how he asked a question about his killing a police officer and before you knew it he was in jail as the leading suspect. Tens of millions of viewers knew he didn’t not shoot the officer, but tens of millions of people are taking Praeger’s point of view as the gospel. And it’s time to reject Praeger’s interpretations more and more.

Go watch the video called Dennis Praeger-“This is the Reichstag Fire, Relived.” See how Jan Jekeliek was not well prepared or maybe on the other hand we can say he was prepared to be totally supportive. And may I add that since The Capitol attack many of the people there have not been prosecuted as well.

And now writing about another kind of mask, polls show that 2 out of every 3 people across our nation support wearing masks. People are dying again in large numbers. Praeger was more concerned with “freedom” of speech and people losing their businesses and jobs. That was and is his choice. We can study the hystory of that as I have and shared where mistakes have been made.  And the White House was to blame in mid-March of 2020 and so were lots of governors

Let me share with you my latest reading of communism under Joseph Stalin who, maybe, should be thought of right now with orange hair and an orange mustache. Freedom of thought in action!

He made certain comments that were fair for sure, but my concern is the people that “learn” from him and the gigantic pot that he stirs. And of he remains silent about the horrible things about Trump and the things leading up to and following that attack on January 6, 2021. We know that Trump was pestilential and not presidential and that his talking points that come out of both sides of his mouth could best have been made as president of the Trump Corporation.

Both Praeger and Jekeliek should take time to either research or read the book Hitler in Los Angeles. Jekeliek is Canadian, but Praeger is a California who still does not acknowledge that the Hitler right in America was trying to take over America. Does being on the right make them right about this? He left that out about the left.

I’ve written to Praeger and I’ve received his automatic responses and it is almost certain that I have written to him about Hitler in Los Angeles. Has he read it? Here is the man who is writing to me about “changing minds” but that effort is just a one way street. And the Republicans back then were meeting with the far right groups trying to get rid of Jews and others and bringing Hitler into America.

I took a break writing and among many things I went to play golf. I asked a man on the golf course if he had ever heard of Anthony Newley who wrote What Kind of Fool Am I with Leslie Bricuse. The man replied that he was an actor (who had a few good years he commented). Yes he was an actor, but I was looking for more. He surprised me and some of the more came out of his knowledge base. I asked who he was married to and that drew a blank. I mentioned Dynasty and he answered Linda Evans. No it was not Linda Evans.

I also brought up a personal item to him. I told him that I had pitched in Ebbetts Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. His thinking really went off at this point asking if I had pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers. No I replied as I told him that I was only eleven years old back then. Pitching for the Dodgers back then would have caused me to be eighty-three years old or more today. He flunked that part, but we had fun talking about those old times.

Now I can get into talking about Joseph Stalin during World War II at a time when the United States was still enjoying a peaceful life since Pearl Harbor was two months later. With all the communist talk about comrade this and workers of the world unite and more, we learn that Stalin during the Battle of Leningrad “at the same time, the fate of the civilian population did not worry him in the least….” A direct quote, which is important from Stalin, was “For us the army is more important.” Strong men quote these things and create disastrous conditions for their people. In the United States it became opening the economy by Easter under Trump.

The times have changed and the United States is far from being similar to the Soviet Union, but Trump and his propaganda machine took US off our moral foundations. I have written about patriotism, Pikuach Nefesh, and Jesus Saves Lives, but we could turn to King Solomon, the Wise. Two women claimed to be the mother of a newborn child. Back in those days, children were economic wealth to families as they shared the chores as they grew up. The loss of life of that child represented all kinds of death and hardship unless Solomon could find a way to find out the true path. And he did. The true mother was revealed as she spoke to the king to give the baby to the other woman rather than dividing the child in half. In political terms, secession divides the nation in half or so and death may be in store.

That takes US to masks, Wuhan, and more. Wearing masks is different from forced vaccinations and things associated with decisions related to the vaccinations. Our military has to be protected at all times since our existence as a nation depends on it. The Supreme Court has ruled about arbitrary things, but it knows that saving lives is primary. There can be no nation if the disease spreads and kills most Americans. The economy, though important, is secondary. This conversation with myself points toward the same kind of stupidity that historians see in Stalin (the stupid not the strong) in Trump himself. Yes!

I see a Supreme Court case coming that will reveal to all Americans just how psychologically, morally, and existentially damaging Trump has been as he propagates hysteria and worse across our nation. This landmark decision will, by using psychological evidence remind US of the arguments of Thurgood Marshall in 1954 as our nation found out that segregation in schools had to end. And the decision was enforced by President Eisenhower with military power.

Millions of lives were lost at Leningrad and the vast majority of those lives were lost by hunger and disease. Lives could have been saved by a much better leader. The losses under Trump were staggering, even as he tried to minimize his mistakes. His efforts have led US to the point where the unmasked are the ones dying and getting sick. Over 250,000 children have come down with it and parents who rushed to get cell phones for their children because they learned how dangerous a school  can become in seconds have turned their backs on those emotions in defense of liberty, the Constitution, and more. What happened to the word “life” in that pursuit of happiness?

Millions of Americans have betrayed US and they do this because they can get away with it. Many have been arrested, fined, and even convicted of their crimes.

Wuhan is in the news and I have not seen essential information that shows that Dr. Fauci has lied. The articles that I have read in conservative newspapers do not even provide one single quote from a report that portrays to show that Fauci lied. If you think back to the paragraph on Stalin, you will remember a supporting statement made by Stalin about caring only for the army.

Dennis Praeger promotes that mask wearing promotes “fear and blind obedience.” Mask wearing promotes an attempt to protect oneself as other devices have been used throughout the ages, prophylactics and hats are worn, people carry umbrellas for rain and sun, and millions of businesses have awnings to protect people.

How events are used like the Reichstag fire, Praeger speaks out. He presented his views many months ago before much of the information about Donald Trump’s handling of the events on January 6, 2021. Trump and his supporters were heading toward martial law which comes from them and others. He talks about how intellectually honest the Conservatives are. Where is his honesty? He says that “fools” committed the insurrection. Some of those fools were connected with Donald Trump and his advisors across our nation and particularly in Florida. And there is no mention of this. Instead Praeger cites the Trump speech before the attack on The Capitol which he sees nothing against Trump, but I see Trump talking out of both sides of his mouth. And I know Trump said he wanted people to go peacefully. Where are the corrections that had to be made since January when Praeger made the video?

After watching the video, it is clear to me that Praeger’s knowledge is insufficient and that is where his opinions germinate from. Epoch Times needs a conservative spokesperson who knows more as well. At the end he was talking about a better America through “e pluribus unum” and “faith in God.” He also talks about taking pictures at restaurants with people that are “open” and has failed Judaism and Christianity 1.

A young Winston Churchill at the time of the Versailles Treaty spoke out about communism and how it could easily take hold in England because of the system there, the economic and political system. I just did a quick search pertaining to the Republican Party under Herbert Hoover and the campaign promise was that “chicken in every pot” and it spoke about promoting laws that will “purify” the race of the United States. It did call for a present and a future for all citizens to share “opportunity and justice.” That was the Republican Party (in New York) talking out of both sides of its mouth. And the party platform was a continuation of United States’ law that kept Jews out and led to their deaths in the Holocaust which Praeger and I have studied in great depth. And Praeger claims that he has always loved the United States. Perhaps his brain is not wired right or he is just not expressing exactly how he feels to his audience.

There is a lot that was missing from Praeger performance on The Epoch Times. There was a lot said in almost 50 minutes on the air, but it lacked great content. One example is how Praeger talks about “open borders” and not having a nation. The laws passed in the 1920s were designed to keep out Jewish people and succeeded, especially as Jews were turned back before the start of World War II. Jewish babies (even Polish babies and others) were taken away from mothers and Central American babies were taken away from mothers and fathers under Trump and some people committed suicide just as Jews did before World War II because of the policies and actions of Hitler. It’s amazing how Praeger can tell stories without using Hitler and his deeds as context in a new situation. And he points to things about Trump that minimize his role in the attempt to overthrow the Election of 2020.

And in the discussion with his host who allowed all this to take place, he hides that attempt to undermine our democracy by asking the audience to tell what was worse- the rioting or the attack on The Capitol. Both things were bad enough and should be spoken about in separate discussions with lots of useful information that the public needs to know. I direct you back to the misinformation written about at the start of this discussion about Dennis Praeger. Was it a lie to pretend that nobody had been prosecuted? Who knows? And we learned many months ago that Trump did not intervene to protect Americans in The Capitol and was more concerned about his supporters which for him was a Stalin-like moment.