Con Man and Patriot

Roy M. Cohn Lawyer and Patriot his tombstone states which I just learned about in an article just published in USA Today by someone who knew a lot about Cohn-Trump. I am reading and almost done with another book and we can all learn from it. America is divided and here are comments from a newspaper in Wisconsin, a state that recently went to Joe Biden.  “As loyal Americans we are strongly opposed to Communism wherever it is found.” And this “We know you have worked hard for us, and we are going to re-elect you.”

And there is more including this “This is not only appalling-it’s frightening. It betrays a dull moral sense, a dimmed instinct for truth, for honor, decency and fairness. It rewards falsehood, chicanery, deception, ruthlessness, the tactics of smear and fear, and contempt for the constitutional principles that safeguard American human and legal rights.” And that, too, was from Wisconsin.

And there is more.

This was a time of fear and rage. And rage and fear!

Joseph McCarthy rose and fell and it appears that he should never have risen in the first place. Now what can I say about Trump?

Let’s break things down about both men.

McCarthy rose out of poverty and he was prone to alcoholism and Trump is the opposite.

Here we go.

McCarthy and key points about him during the days of fomenting fear of communism. He started to mislead people even before that to win win win.

McCarthy said he had been wounded in combat during World War II as he rose in the ranks. His injury resulted from a “misstep” at a party. And there is another McCarthyism-Trumpism to mention here. McCarthy did enlist in WW II and he was, according to what I read and he became a tailgunner on a bomber. He claimed publicly that he fired forty-seven hundred (4,700) rounds of ammunition in one day which was a record and voters were impressed by his talk. But he made his history firing at mostly coconut trees on the ground that day (target practice). He also claimed to have flown in 32 missions but the actual account was 12. So the Republicans and the people of Wisconsin and the United States got “America needs a tailgunner” and there he was in The Capitol. In The Capitol!

McCarthy defeated Senator Robert LaFollette in the Republican primary and then he defeated Democrat Howard McMurray, carrying 70 of 73 counties.

McCarthy started to talk about communism in Wheeling, West Virginia and even though his party wasn’t with him he attracted a base that continued. Republicans feared his attacks would bring shame on the Senate.

February 20, 1950 McCarthy talks about communism in the senate and he kept referring to a list of people without names and he did not provide EVIDENCE.

A little later with a quorum of senators present, McCarthy, McCarthy used a debunked list that was known of 205 people in government who were communists that had been provided by a former F.B.I. agent named Robert E. Lee. He failed to mention that of those 205, 108 had already left the state department, 57 of those people remained in 1948, and now in 1950 there were even fewer. But the problem was HUGE. He later had only 81 suspects with a little help from his friends who contacted him with names. There were several false claims in his speech in the senate. Republicans started the process of investigation.

As he produced names of communists, Owen Lattimore was at the top. Senator Herbert Lehman of New York confronted McCarthy on the floor. Lehman asked to see the EVIDENCE that McCarthy had at his desk and after being invited to come over to that desk by McCarthy, McCarthy changed his mind, telling Lehman to go back to his seat.

McCarthy produced a letter later on that would prove that Lattimore was a spy and all that the letter discussed events in China in 1943 and helped clear Lattimore’s name.

McCarthy produced a witness who was a former Communist of high rank. Everything that the witness mentioned was HEARSAY

which was McCarthy’s kind of EVIDENCE. And among other thing that witness, Louis Budenz, could not explain why Lattimore’s name was never given to the F.B.I. for investigation.

On July 20, 1950 the Tydings Committee Report concluded that the charges of Communist infiltration were “false” as the two Republican committee members would not agree and felt that there were “unanswered questions.” And the latter sounds familiar in present day America.

And there was another photo, a photo of Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens with a communist and that photo was spread to the public by the McCarthy campaign. It now became clear that the photo had been doctored to show two people happily engaging each other. The U.S. Army produced the original and McCarthy denied that any “cropping” had taken place. All of McCarthy’s lying continued and people grew intensely frustrated by his coercive tactics that were un-American. A new day was dawning called “Joe Must Go. Prior to that attack on the military, McCarthy’s target was Secretary of State Dean Acheson and after the attack on the Army McCarthy would go after the churches, Hollywood, labor leaders and other Americans.

Here is a quote about those days of McCarthy and his public. “Readers if they did not read the editorials in the same paper (newspaper) assumed that McCarthy’s charges were the truth.”

As I have mentioned before, my mother’s cousin was on the “blacklist” of people in Hollywood resulting from the power grabbed by McCarthy in search of communists and “commiecrats” at that time. Joshua Shelley and I spoke once shortly before his death and had bitter memories of family that didn’t come to his aid. The list included a who’s who of actors, actresses, and screenwriters. The Nazis in America with their accomplices in the Ku Klux Klan, Christian fascists and others couldn’t destroy some or many of those people, but the path of destruction was led by Repugnicans of their time, uncontrolled and unhinged. And that reminds so many of US of 45. And of course I was just being sarcastic about the word “patriot” in the title of the article.

McCarthy ended his years being censured by his colleagues which made him persona non grata even among Republicans. About half of his party voted against him, which is nothing like what happened in the last days of The Donald. The Supreme Court soon ruled that almost everything that McCarthy had done was illegal. American communists, as citizens of the United States, were violated in the hysteria created by Joe McCarthy.

Yesterday during the Trump years, we saw lots of similar, horrible things taking place and it makes US wonder if Trump took a course with Roy Cohn decades ago. McCarthy and Trump tried to destroy more than communism and China, they tried to destroy so many things in their path. The press, for example, is not the “enemy of the people” today and will be much more respected by almost everyone now. This article really should be shared with Repugnicans since they have to learn much more about truth and less about loyalty to a man who was clearly the best Repugnican of them all.

Elia Kazan who directed “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando was one of those Hollywood people who gave up names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. His granddaughter Zoe Kazan says that the movie “The Front” with Woodie Allen was her favorite movie of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who was blacklisted but worked under a pseudonym and won two Oscars. He wrote Spartacus. The final credits of The Front included this important note The film’s end credits identify its creators and actors mischievously and triumphantly by the year they were blacklisted — director Martin Ritt (1951), screenwriter Walter Bernstein (1950), and actors Zero Mostel (1950), Herschel Bernardi (1953), Lloyd Gough (1952) and Joshua Shelley (1952). And there you have it. My mother’s cousin on the list of those men who were blacklisted that helped make that movie.

The Joseph McCarthy political tombstone reads January 3, 1947 – May 2, 1957 and the Donald J. Trump political tombstone reads January 20, 2017 – January 20, 2021.

And I guess the history of 1953 says enough for people to understand today. 74 million people were conned. And either way you look at it, it’s a capital-Capitol offense. The censure of Joe McCarthy was a cancel so deep that Richard Nixon wouldn’t even sit next to him. Trump 2024 is on the plate but people in Palm Beach have legal and contractual reasons to keep Trump from living there. As I have stated before and I will state it again, Trump is not invited to my house. Trumpism-McCarthyism spelled demagoguery from the start.

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