The Jew Coup and The Evangelicals

I did a search and found the David Pakman Show but that was a week ago with no details about evangelicals attending the march to fight against anti-Semitism.

I watched one of David’s presentations for the first time where he showed Pastor Rick Wiley on Trunews detailing how a “Jew Coup” is taking place against Donald Trump.  He also spoke about a possible civil war just like the one that took place in the 1860s and he said that the military has to take a side now and probably before Christmas (which has passed).  The pastor is a Floridian and that will be an important state in 2020 no matter who the candidates will be.  And at this time, certain Jewish organizations would prefer to bring attention to Islamicists and African Americans, the latter as a result of the recent attacks on Jews that we have seen in the media.

I just wrote about Donald Trump and his meeting in Miami with evangelicals who prayed for him because he is the man fighting for them.  Pastor Guillermo Martinez was there and I was not impressed by the gathering that included a relative of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  You must know who she is by now.  Wouldn’t you think that Trump had enough sense to invite or even demand that those people come to the march in New York City to help us fight hate together?  And then there is Turning Points USA which is another top Trump organization that did not attend.  And then there is the Black Leadership Conference of Candace Owens that was not there.  Will they be there for Jews when things get much worse?  In fact where was Samuel Rodriguez who interfaces with Christian churches in New York.  He leads the and he really seems much more interested in the reaction to editorials that go against Trump.

The Spanish Christian world should know that I paid my respects in Brentwood, New York to the family of Dr. Milton Donato whose family helped organize the Spanish church called La Sinagoga.  I was told how those Christians loved the Jews and in the old days Jews delivered ice to them in their apartment in the city.  Dr. Donato was also president of Radio Visión Cristiana in Paterson, New Jersey where I visited a few times.  The religious community can do much more for the huge population of immigrants that live in America.  Trump, for example, has held back a plan to give people lower cost and so-called medical insurance that would topple Obama Care and that has not happened as evangelicals continue the farce of praying to a man that others say God has sent here. 

In addition to that I did attend a rally called “Jesus for America” in Washington, D.C.  The famous singer Pat Boone was there with everyone.

Let me get back to the living conditions of the immigrants before the Civil War to explain.  The Irish and other immigrants who lived in wooden tenements lived under disease and contagious disease and nothing was done for them, prayer existed back then as well.  Those immigrants arrived sick just as the immigrants at our border arrive sick and then get mistreated by Trump’s trillion obstacles.  Those people were poor and had to live under the poorest conditions.  So after facing great dangers, those immigrants sought places to live on Manhattan where the poor lived.  The wooden tenements were “miserable” places to live.  People lived in a small single room with family and boarders.  Whole panes of glass were missing in winter.  Snow entered their places of residence.  Just like those immigrants, we know that Mexicans As you can see, I am not in a position to know just what action the evangelicals around Donald Trump have taken.  And I do know Hispanic pastors that have been connected with organizations in the tri-state area that have appeared to me to be connected.  Those evangelicals that support Trump may have decided to sit this march out.  I read about the Hasidic leaders that were upset with an organizer or organizers of the march in the Jewish community although I also read about a Hasidic man who appreciated the “unity.”  These are things we have to know just as we have to know more about the schism that took place this week in the Methodist Church and world in America over matters pertaining to homosexuals.  Homosexuals were Holocaust victims and the Bible is the barometer for the reading of huge numbers of Christians concerning their hate of homosexuals, even among African Americans.  Now I am not going to suggest that the top evangelicals become grand marshalls of the gay pride parades including parades in Tel Aviv but we must tell those leaders that enough is enough and their support of Trump is wrong, dangerous, and that these matters are harmful to this nation just as they were in German and Nazi occupied Europe.

and others have lived under similar conditions of overcrowding.  But a major difference in those days was that they had outhouses in back of the tenements. 

The apartments that faced the backyard had to endure the terrible stink coming from those outhouses.  And the only time that they got help was in the two summer months when the stink was intolerable and action was taken.  Men and women died falling out the fire escapes or the window ledges to get away from the heat and stink. 

America had Make America Great Again and Trump’s opponent telling US that America Has Always Been Great.  Now Hillary Clinton will become the chancellor of an Irish University, Queens University in Belfast (founded to assist Catholics and Presbyterians).  I would like to see Hillary Clinton set up scholarships for Americans in conjunction with the N.A.AC.P. and other organizations. The Irish “Liberator” Daniel O’Connell associated himself with causes to reduce prejudice among Catholics, Jews, and African peoples including working with Frederic Douglas.  In addition the scholarships could bear the names of Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama who discovered their Irish roots and publicized that.

And my readers who know me well by have been told repeatedly that I read in bed at night.  Last night was about the “Irish Metropolis” of New York City before the Civil War.  Here is just a small piece of the puzzle about the famine Irish that arrived in New York and it wasn’t just often “Irish Need Not Apply.”  There was a “master-slave” relationship between domestic workers and their employers involving sexual abuse, life expectancy after arriving was about six years, children struggling to make it on their own after the death of a parent or parents, most domestic workers were illiterate and could not write their name, sometimes only one day off during a month of hard work, firing of sick workers (worse than slavery itself), low pay, ads about no Irish were changed to Protestants only and Americans (and that took place after those offensive ads were contested in a court of law and The Irish-American press vowed to “kill that kind of prejudice), people who performed work were often told to “hurry up” all day long to make production much greater than it was known in Ireland, and other skilled workers  such as the women who were sewers would not be paid for work rendered that employers purposely called “subpar” or late and those employers made money from those garments later.  This was exploitation of the worker and it makes me think of only one man in America and he has to be removed from office.

The United States had a “revolution” in 1776 but you can see that the revolution was very limited, as we know from studying our history.  And by the time of that early immigration, the Founding Fathers were long dead and could not be called upon to tell US more about their decisions.  The United States was ripe for communism or socialism back then but what was offered was charity as organizations were set up to help the poor.  The Communist Manifesto was first published in 1848 and its ideas were new to the world.  It was very timely since there were revolutions being fought in Europe that year and after the defeat of those revolutionaries many Germans started to arrive in New York to form the community of Kleindeutschland and they settled where I grew up on the Lower East Side in the 1950s and 1960s.

Remittances to family in Ireland totaled $120 million and was huge, just like the remittance to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and other countries today.  Those immigrants noticed advantages in staying in America but it was far less than great.  And it was not an invasion just like today’s immigrants that come here.  Although there were people like Trump who painted it an invasion or worse.  We could go back to the Know Nothing Party of that time and the damage that it caused to America just as we speak about Trump and his alliance with various groups including evangelicals.

The Bible says that the “lord detests lying lips.”  Is that a reference only to Trump’s lips?

It says “though shalt not bear false witness” which Trump has repeatedly done to people and especially to Joe Biden at this time.

The same kind of stink that emanated from the slums of New York City almost two hundred years ago and the hate that went along with living there continues today.  The evangelical cannot smell it because it has helped to create it under Trump.  I thank Christianity Today for its recent editorial against Trump.  Clearly being in non-compliance with the Bible is a trait of millions of evangelicals even as they pray for Donald Trump. 

There was no statement about hate on the website of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference this morning when I visited that site.  Pastor Samuel Rodriguez has posted that there should be a deal for D.A.C.A. for the “Dreamers” that funds Donald Trump’s wall.  Some of his biggest supporters in New York City would tolerate walls instead of bridges in Caribbean, knowing that walls divide people.  And I have written about the invitation that Rodriguez received from the White House to visit the Trump concentration camp at the border which was also provided by Hitler to the Red Cross as a propaganda stunt.  And evangelicals follow this stink?  If there is a prayer for Donald Trump that prayer is to keep him far away from US.  He and his support from evangelicals has hurt our democracy and our values. 

How prevalent is the idea of a “Jew Coup” among evangelicals? I dunno.  Given the size of that community, it could be pretty large.

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