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Trump’s World Class Diplomacy now includes North Korea challenging Israel’s legitimacy at the United Nations, Turkey telling Israel to get out of Cyprus’ waters, and El Salvador declaring that its deal with Trump was a quid pro quo and that is now unprepared to deal with the immigrants returning from Mexico/United States which was the deal made with Trump.  And consider that North Korea continues to fire missiles long after the “Fire and Fury” president said stop it.  And in relation to Nayib Bukele of El Salvador, is he either a scam artist or a collaborator based on the results of his dealings with Trump? And B & B Trumpism is rampant.  Bankrupt and Bankrupt.  He bankrupted much of his portfolio and now he is morally bankrupting America.

A case could be made that Donald Trump wanted out of the mess that he created for Salvadorans who receive special status from the United States or TPS (Temporary Protective Status).  The promise that Trump made to a portion of the American people was that Congress should act and he overturned the last protection provided by Barack Obama.  That lasted for years as Salvadoran residents were terrified of losing that important status.  Congressman Pete King said that those people were “invited” here and legislation seemed to be needed to protect Salvadorans.  But thenTrump stepped in with another deal that he made with Nayib Bukele.  That deal seems to be over right now as we cannot really expect action.  And Trump gave $51 million to Bukele as well.

Bukele is traveling around the world trying to obtain investments for El Salvador as some investments have been announced.  But Bukele’s great ally is waiting for fulfillment of the deal.  If I am wrong, Bukele can release to all of US just what progress has been made in helping Trump out of the situation, if any.  Also we see that Trump appears not to have taken any of the statements made by Bukele seriously and it doesn’t seem to offend Trump that there is a lull in making his immigration obstacles stronger, one of the principal parts of his presidency.  In fact what I have read is that Trump shows he has his head in the sand on this one as Trump praises Guatemala’s effort.

I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night about Bukele and contacted the producer of the show.  A pastor who helps members of the Calle 18 was on the street in El Salvador showing the territorial limits of the gang and explaining that it is not safe to go there.  I was in touch with that pastor on FACEBOOK.  And I am waiting for 60 Minutes to contact me.  Recently Bukele said that his deal with Trump to restore TPS had a quid pro quo and now he says that El Salvador is not ready to accept the amnesty seekers in El Salvador.  Trump gave the money and now the deal seems to be bankrupt.  That suggests that Trump’s supporters should demand to see what he has done to fight for them in the face of this bad deal.  Or could it be that the people who support really do not care about his handling of the border issues and care much more about other items?

Many Americans have concerns about Trump, the men and women in the military and the police.  Our concerns are based on Trump’s talk about a civil war that is coming and the support that he counts on, including bikers.  Here again, he has made his bed and he has to lie in it.  We know that he is capable of lying in it as he is known for thousands of lies. 

We are the children of the immigrants who arrived in America around the turn of the 19th century and during the first decade or so of the 20th century.  We know that history and apparently our younger relatives do not know.  The police and military helped the businessmen put down strikes when the people hired by business (Pinkerton’s were not available).  There was violence against immigrants.  In the book I am reading right now, there are some details of those days in 1917 just one year after my late father was born and he was born on Henry Street on the Lower East Side where much of the action took place.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, and others were mistreated in many ways. 

In February 1917 thousands of housewives were protesting the shortage of food in New York along with the high prices.  This reminded me of the starvation of Irish during the famous potato famine that struck Ireland (and other countries as well).  The shortages of potatoes and onions were 90 percent and 50 percent from the year before.  On Rivington Street where I used to walk often from the late 1950s to 1968, one thousand five hundred women targeted a grocery store and police were assaulted with garbage cans and rotten produce.  This movement spread to the Bronx and Brooklyn as well as other cities across the United States.  The shortage of food was reminiscent of the shortages reported in communist countries as well throughout the history of communism.  Around 1914 average food prices had skyrocketed 44 percent.   

Lots of immigrants did not feel that great in America so this theme America has always been great is false history or quite mixed.  Soon tens of thousands of Russians were returning home to Russia as the Tsar was overthrown.  Others probably realized that things were not over as the United States was about to enter the war in Europe and the newspapers such as the Forward were presenting the ideas of the leading socialists so there probably was a large group that was fearful of what would happen after the return of those leading voices including Trotsky and Lenin.  Trotsky in New York 1917: A Radical On The Eve of Revolution is a wonderful read, especially for this Lower East Sider who lived across from the Forward “skyscraper” in Seward Park.

We have fought so that all immigrants will be protected in the United States.  The Salvadorans have played leading roles in various businesses in New York.  They are almost always the cooks in our restaurants and very often our waiters and we enjoy the experience.  And now that more and more undocumented immigrants are obtaining driver’s licenses we should finally see that they are not illegal at all.

My readers know that I presented the “no evidence” case of Captain Alfred Dreyfus to my reading public.  Kenneth Ackerman presents in his book about Trotsky the “no evidence” case about the Blood Libel case in Russia where a trial took place for two years over the allegations that a Jew, Menahem Mendel Beilis, killed a 13 year old to use in blood in rituals (the old, persistent medieval slander against Jews).  Beilis was acquitted by an “all-Christian jury.”  Boris Brasol, one of the prosecutors later got connected with important people as counterespionage was becoming a more important element in fighting the war.  Brasol continued to maintain Beilis’ guilt.

That takes us to Hunter Biden and the fact that he is being pursued with no evidence, even by Jewish members of the Republican Party.  Rudy Giuliani is expected to bring home the bacon soon with revelations that may not be Kosher or clean but we have to see if he has any evidence.  Alan Dershowitz feels that Trump may deserve a Congressional censure, which is far short of impeachment but it is appalling to see members of Congress and the Senate walk around saying that there is no evidence when Dersh implies that there is.  This is among the worst of free speech, even though there are different strata of worst.  What is going on holds Republicans together but certainly does not heal divisions.  Lies cannot do that.

Dershowitz may be expected soon to leave the Democratic party since he admires Trump’s support of Israel and the new Trump order concerning free speech on campus in relation to Jews and Israel.  Trump cannot provide what may be much more needed and that is Thou Shalt Not Kill Us since he cannot issue a Biblical executive order but it is obvious to me that much more can be done by the Christian and Muslim worlds.

When millions of immigrants arrived here as my grandparents did, that was a particularly dangerous time.  There was sabotage of ships and factories as the United States remained isolationist.  The honest truth is that Germans, Irish, Russians, Poles, and Jews were suspected because of the politics of their homelands.  Jews for example hated the Tsar and liked the emperor of Austria-Hungary more.  Russia was an ally of the French and British.  Austria-Hungary was an ally of the Germans.  But with the collapse of Russia and the opportunity to return home, the feelings for Austria-Hungary could diminish greatly and support for the war would grow with America’s entry into World War I.  And those Jews, Russians, Poles, and Ukrainians have shown their gratitude over and over and their children born in America have become part of that America mosaic that we know so well.  Irish and Germans, too, have shared in that mosaic even though Germany has been the enemy twice and Irish neutrality in war has prevented people from becoming allies during war.  We are all Americans!

I am waiting for the reaction to my last article about M.A.G.A. Is Dead but I can tell you that there has been a negative response from a veterans’ organization which was “Go Away Idiot.”  That statement does need clarification and I have taken appropriate steps to find out more so that I can be fair and accurate about the matter. 

These are dangerous times.  It is important for Americans to be well informed and to know the truth.  And if a person has trouble understanding a fact that can be detrimental for the future of the United States.  Remember how Trump talked about how we were being invaded at our Southern border and he spoke about the strong possibility of firing weapons at those people.  Both Russia and the United States have had a history of using bayonets and weapons and even killing Americans who should not have been killed. 

Names like Kent State, Kishinev (pogrom and massacre), Bloody Sunday (St. Petersburg, Russia 1905 where 500 peaceful marchers were killed by soldiers), Charlottesville, Tree of Life, and the Emmanuel Church are reminders of the past.  And companies used violence on striking workers in America.

Knowledge is the key to understanding what others understand and there has to be a heavy dose of empathy.  Jews and others who were persecuted by the Tsar read things that they could spit out that made sense.  France, for example, was the country that freed the Jews and made them citizens of France under Napoleon Bonaparte long before World War I, but Jews could easily protest Russia being brought into an alliance with France (and Britain) based on their life experience and history.  But even France was not that clean after the great divisions that took place over the trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus.

America cannot be declared the equal of so many countries in Europe where the destruction of lives was horrific even though we had our Civil War and riots against minorities across our nation.  And Jews know all too well that if our families had remained in Europe the toll in deaths would have been much greater in 1945 as the Germans were defeated. 

And today the same logic for many or even most Jews prevails after watching Donald Trump and his harmful rhetoric.  From “shithole” countries and his comments about bringing in Scandinavians to his detention system with all kinds of obstacles that remind Jews of what our people faced in trying to find their safe haven, to his willingness to call in the “feds” into Chicago when Chicago’s needs additional supports that are impossible for a leader who was building up the military while lying to the soldiers in that military about WINNING the war Afghanistan (capitals used to stress Trump’s own words about winning because he loves winners and not losers), and providing greater tax relief to the rich instead of to the middle class.  The safe haven for all people resides in the minds and hearts of good people everywhere who have learned the lessons of history well.  Without the resistance of so many good people around our nation, we should be able to imagine what would happen to more people in our nation with no safety net.  I think that Trump, for the most part, would destroy that safety net or allow it to dissolve.

But before leaving this page, consider the achievements of the Socialist Party as it has impacted the people of the United States. 

The list includes:

The right to strike, a graduated income tax, limits on child labor, school lunches, mine and factory inspections, public works for the unemployed, a limited work week, minimum wage, public defenders, public ownership of buses and subways among other things.  These too are part of the mosaic that has made America what it is. 

Where do we go from here?  The Election of 2020 seems to be the most important next step.  The attack on socialism by using Venezuela as the prime example is pure corruption fomented by bad people.  Sure there could be advances by socialists in our democracy.  It happened before and it can happen again.  The poor people of Florida and other states can have, for sure, additional benefits that they currently do not have as even food stamps are being incinerated by Republicans in Congress (up in smoke). 

Socialists will have to fight hard to achieve their objectives since we live in a democracy where there is a lot of competition and many points of view.  And we will not allow the clock to be turned back to those days in Russia or anywhere else where the majority of people were left mostly with injustices.  That is one of our biggest fears.  What made the Holocaust happen?  Hitler.  And who is responsible for greater divisions in America?  Trump (B & B).  The Republicans should make him resign.

If we go back to the world situation a hundred years ago.  We can learn about Lenin overthrowing taking charge of those who opposed the tsar and bringing about the revolution that helped plague the world for about seventy years.  Trotsky got there later and was involved, but among the interesting things that took place were smears that remind us of Trump’s people and Trump’s propagandists.  Trotsky was accused of collaborating with the Germans, but the facts showed that Lenin was on board to collaborate with the Germans as he boarded a sealed train that took him to Russia.  He had all kinds of backing, including huge amounts of money.  There was the quid pro quo and Russia withdrew itself the war and it went on to bankrupt democracy as well.  Lenin and Trump and their quid pro quos could have been a great match back then. 

High school and college students should be studying the name Alexander Parvus along with Lev Parnas, Giuliani, and Trump.

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