Trump Wants Americans to Be Killed: DHS Report

Of course the report doesn’t say that Trump wants Americans to be killed, but we have to present alongside that headline that Republicans say that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want open borders to allow an “invasion” to take place.  Do I have to say anymore?  We can throw into the fire that Trump wants Americans to be killed with assault weapons and that is why he won’t take action among other things.  To be balanced I must say that Trump and others would say that the great assault weapon of the Repugnicans is the MS-13. 

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security which is not a liberal agency by any means reported that Trump wanted to do nothing to curtail and prevent White Supremacy by attacking it and emphasized only the threat of Muslims when the threat from Whites is gigantic in America compared to the Muslim threat in America.  That Trump for you!

We noticed this movement to minimize the problems of White Supremacy recently as people from different minority groups testified in Congress about the Muslim threat and never once portrayed the statistics to show that this White nation and its anti-Semitism and hate is the greater threat, even as Jews were being massacred here and Muslim massacred in New Zealand.  I was concerned about domestic terrorism and wrote to Senator John Mc Cain and he responded even though the protocol of our Congress is that constituents should seek out their own senator.  I wrote to Mc Cain about gangs and domestic terrorism and scored points.  Trump chose to ignore the problem for over a year.  CNN News reported that domestic terrorism now ranks closely with international terrorism under Trump. And things will not get back during the 2020 budget because of the delay to act.  No funding no manpower!

Trump is bad at speaking out against White Supremacy and that is typical of much of the horrible history that I have been reading about for over two years.  He is slightly better at speaking out than Adolph Hitler was.  Should we give him credit for that?  And the report also indicates that Trump was more concerned about foreign drug dealers and Muslims.

Now in writing about this serious danger, I must tackle the great danger brought up in the controversy of Joaquin Castro giving out the names of Trump donors.  Repugnicans now contend that Castro is making it dangerous for those people.  Now can a general statement of Trump’s donors paying to support Trump’s attack on immigrants be dangerous?  Is it not part of the entire political apparatus of today?  It’s the essence of Trump’s attack on humanity.  And I wonder if Congressman Castro knows how to handle that situation.  First of all is there really a danger to those donors?  Many of my readers know about danger because they have been to the school of hard knocks.  I have been in a fast food restaurant talking to youth about MS-13 when a gang member walked in.  The youth immediately advised me not to look and that is one way to stay out of danger.  I am on the streets every day where there could be danger, but things are okay there.  I never feel afraid and I am not going to improperly portray the situation for political advantage as Tim Murtaugh who works for the Trump campaign has expressed as the says that it put those donors in danger.  What is missing from the Castro response citing the 1st Amendment protections, the fact that the list is a public list required by law, and that the Supreme Court has indicated that disclosure is important to the American public.

That is a great reason why we also need to review Donald Trump’s taxes to learn just where his income came from and what his expenses were for.  Americans have been deceived in the past by lots of things, including the head of Texaco who extended credit to Hitler and who set up a network of spies in Europe to help Hitler against the Allies (before America entered the war).  Even that may not change most Americans who may quickly forget that American youth ended up fighting in that war to reverse the early successes of the Nazis and terminate them later on.  Patriotism is certainly mixed here with White Supremacy.  And one more thing is this important statement by author Peter Hayes on the Holocaust.  We Jews know about all the evil that has been cast at us and the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century is full of evidence.  Jews were hated in Europe just as Hispanics or African Americans are hated here.  So what brought out the great hate of Germany?  Hayes says Hitler and here we say it is Trump.  Hayes is the chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  I repeat that there was hate in Germany and there is hate right here.  Trump’s kind of hate.  I hope that the Entente between right-wing Jews and White Supremacists under Trump will come to an end before 2020.  Twenty-twenty vision is required to see it.  And I repeat that Trump was slow to help prevent those massacres that have taken place under his watch.  He didn’t have to pull the trigger and neither did Hitler.

And the world stage is full of hate where one deed feeds another as it did when Hitler learned a lot about what to do from the way the United States treated African Americans.  In Vilnius Jews are afraid but divided about what to do.  There is a synagogue is closing to protect Jewish life and the climate there is highly reminiscent of the climate in the United States caused by Donald Trump as he has honored Confederates in his speeches to his base.  In Vilnius it is about Trump-like people who wish to honor people who collaborated with the Nazis.  There must be a university where these people learn how use their free speech to terrorize us.  And could honoring Hitler be next?  Is that the graduate course of study?  Are Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee, and Adolph Hitler going to be honored for their “greatness” as even some African Americans and Jews sit back and watch?  And list could go on and on for other ethnic and minority groups who have detested the regimes of their dictators.  The United States may sink to its lowest depth even as right-wing supporters of Donald Trump may one day honor all of them on one special day to diversity instead of protecting the acquired rights of all people.  I clearly do not see Jews standing up to honor the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who terrorized Jews, but what about the rest of the characters?  The flight to Palestine was considered an “invasion” and the author of much, most, or all of this new trouble concerning the immigrants is Jewish.  Shouldn’t that matter to all Jews? 

I have witnessed a fellow Jew tell me a decade ago that there are too many Hispanics in the United States.  I have also witnessed a fellow Jew tell me that we should kill all of the Arabs.  I do not reveal these things to inflame people.  Then there was a board member in the local library that expressed the same thing about Spanish speaking people in a board meeting and nothing was said.  We are supposed to shop alongside Hispanics and not kill them in WALMART.  Sure Trump has all this blood on his hands for doing the wrong things.  In Vilnius a plague honoring a collaborator who helped kill Jews was taken down and another street was renamed because the street name honored a man who called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews. 

Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins owner, is in the news now for his support of Donald Trump (the fundraiser is tomorrow in the Hamptons on Long Island) and there is talk of boycotting companies related to Ross.  Ross disagrees, he says, with lots of Trump things, but he supports Trump’s help for business.  Jobs are important, but getting into bed with the worst elements of hate matters too.  What keeps people far away from understanding the nature of the beast?  There is another Trump supporter that I read about last week who says that he received his biggest increase in Social Security under Trump and we know that SS is heading for cuts under Trump and his political supporters.  We successfully fought the SS in Nazi Germany and we have to successfully fight the cuts to SS here.  The support that Trump receives should be support out the door of the White House forever.

Do you remember Trump’s comment about taking Iraq’s oil?  He could have learned that from Hitler.  Okay not directly from Hitler and not from a median.  Hitler needed oil and Russian oil was a poor quality.  There was an Allied blockade at that time so he went to Romania.  The British also mined large parts of those oil fields fearing the worst.  British manipulations of the price of oil also made the oil very expensive for Germany and it did not have the cash reserves to buy.  Germany put pressure on Romania by telling it that it could not respect its neutrality if it continued to cooperate with the British and French over the oil.  Germany offered Romania armaments for oil.  From my point of view, I see the same kind of behavior in Trump and there is no war going on.  Trump’s mind possesses the war.  In early 1940 Romania agreed, getting weapons captured from the Polish army from Germany and increasing the monthly supply of oil to Hitler from 120,000 tons to 200, 000 tons and at a reduced price.  Trump is contributing to a war at home just as Hitler made his contributions and all of this reflects his foreign policy as well.  And he makes other places and their leaders more vulnerable just as King Carol II became toxic for his dealings with Germany.

What happened to Carol?  Hitler wouldn’t back Romania against Germany and the relationship started to bleed as Russia occupied Romania.  Carol fled with his long-time mistress Lupescu.  Ellen Lupescu’s father was born Grunberg but his name changed to Wolff (less Jewish).  Then Ellen took the name Lupescu. The nationalists seized on Carol’s relationship with Lupescu, calling him King Carol II the lowest form of humanity for violating his vows of marriage in relation to his affair with Lupescu.  There were other friendships with Jews who were wealthy and that led his political enemies to referencing his administration as catering to “foreign” interests (meaning the Jews).

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