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US Intelligence, it has been reported, has deep distrust for Donald Trump.  American intelligence would strongly suggest uniting now.

In 2001 I started attending meetings in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, but Luis Montes Brito who was then the consul general asked me to provide GED orientation to the people.  He could have chosen BOCES and he made an excellent choice.

BOCES had English only programs including a program in the Central Islip Public Library where people taking a correspondence class could drop off homework in the library.

I was preparing a man from Usulután to teach GED in the consulate, but he had intense personal problems including a family sick with cancer to I finally decided to teach the class.  “El Quijote del GED” was born as we had graduates in Spanish that passed the test the first time.  I was on the first page with my graduates named “El Quijote del GED” and my fame spread around the world just as “El Quixote” went from Spain to be read all over the world. 

I gave the Central Islip Public Library a GED program in English, Spanish, and French so immigrants and Puerto Ricans could get badly needed help.  The vice-minister of El Salvador attended the inauguration of the program in the library and soon I was famous in the presidential cabinet.  I got to know and talk to the president of Grupo TACA among others. 

So I became very well known in Salvadoran and Dominican communities all over the United States and the outside the USA.  I even visited personnel in the embassies of El Salvador and the Dominican Republic in Paris, France.  And guess who attended the First World Convention of Salvadorans in Los Angeles?

I volunteered my time and wrote articles for free to help people.  I still volunteer a lot.

La Lucha that all of us talk about is on different levels of life.  I support that right to get a driver’s license and I support DACA and the TPS, but not at the expense of other immigrants.  Donald Trump took away the DACA and TPS protections which he did not have to do.  He should restore those protections right now.  His Republican supporters are divided: Pete King and Lee Zeldin in New York.  I oppose them both and I’ve written articles about them. You should read.  Zeldin has been much more supportive of Trump’s policies, but I do not trust King and Trump.  You tell me why protections should not be restored right now without making some crazy deal?  Then we could focus on a program to protect all the immigrants. 

It is important to remember these last two and a half years of harm done our friends, neighbors, and families.  The power is in Congress among the senators and representatives.  Do not be confused.  We have to unite for Mexicans. Puerto Ricans, Haitians, and others.  Your influence counts.  By November 2020 we have to be super strong and that means people should volunteer.  There will be Republicans who will say that Trump is doing an excellent job, but that is not even a half-truth as things are being exposed all over our nation.  We need more good people in the Senate all over the United States, but here we have to concentrate on the Congress.  Become a volunteer and learn what you must do to help.

Trump has been unreasonable in relation to DACA and TPS and no deal should be worked out between Trump and Nayib Bukele at this time.  The deal could have been made long before the US government was shut down over the wall.  When Trump signs DACA and TPS into law (if he does that), he will be just confusing our nation’s voters even more with his talk of “love” for DACA.  Bukele should sit back and let things ride out.  And El Salvador should not have preferential treatment over other people.  That kind of nonsense broke down the Ottoman Empire in history, once the equality of all nations of Jews, Muslims, and Christians broke down there, chaos entered and peace among people led to brutal fighting and killing.

I live in the Islandia community near Stop N Shop, but I am already involved in two important races to bring justice to people: a congressional race in the South Bronx which is the poorest community in the Bronx and in Broward County in Florida where the race is against a well-known racist county where the district attorney has not done enough to fight for justice for people.  I am also helping Muslims in Queens who want their children to obtain the best education from New York City’s schools.

Even African Americans should take note of the fact that the Trump Treasury has squashed the move to replace Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman.  This is a major affront to the African American community.  African Americans, too, should volunteer.  All African Americans have grown up with Harriet Tubman (even a family member of Harriot Tubman remarked that we don’t teach about Harriet Tubman, but we taught about the Underground Railroad in history and it is still required history.  She was just as well known throughout history as Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador.

Below is important news!  Teaching people through the internet that are not being taught.

As Salaam Alaikum, Good Morning! I see now, that confined people in prison, are able to FaceTime via their cellphones, most are on the Dating post, which is cool, but how about preparing them for their REENTRY back to society, harm reduction, means meeting people where they are at, what is my FB Family thoughts on this, Inshallah.  This comes from Malik Aziz in Philadelphia who I have collaborated with.  Malik and his associates in the National Exhoodus Council met with Barack Obama many years ago to talk about the war on the streets and what to do about it.  Malik knows that I introduced him to the “ambassador” who is one of Nayib Bukele’s advisors.  Malik was also just reporting on his FACEBOOK about one of the biggest massacres of Black people that took place in Oklahoma.  The essence of what Malik wrote about should be presented to the presidents of Mexico today.  The use of the internet to bring about important change.  All that it took was one read and I knew what to do.  But nobody listens to me.  Here you have an important solution to recidivism that could be applied in all states and all nations.  Does it have to take a Dr. Martin Luther King to get the word out?  Are you telling me that Martin Danenberg is invalid?

Additional news just came in about the agreement that Trump held in his hand, his devious hand.  Sure Trump may restart the tariff engine, but the agreement is merely what the Mexican government will be able to do based on research to stem the flow of immigrants.  Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador got into this mess by agreeing to take the undocumented immigrants back on Mexican soil, increasing the problems in Mexico.  Now a presidential jet that Andres-Manuel refuses to use which we have known for a long time that he intends to sell will not be used for the poor of Mexico.  If the jet is sold, the money will pay for increased national security.  Here in the United States, Donald Trump cut payments to the poor for national security as well.  This article will be sent to Foreign Minister Ebrard soon.  The showoff in the White House will come up with a great spin on the agreement.  And share it with his supporters.  That is what propaganda is about.  And just two days ago the White House stated that we may never see the agreement, suggesting that is requires secrecy or that it would require US to comment about Trump’s deceptions again? Seriously!  Isn’t it time for anyone in the White House who is complicit in these Trump Secrecy Schemes be it the tariffs for Mexico or the Trump tax returns to resign from US government (our government)?  Trump is no president and there was no secret agreement, just a plan of action to acquire information leading to a possible “secret” agreement.  The Republicans have handed US an American kamikaze pilot crashing into good Americans everywhere.

The United States has the largest incarceration system in the free world.  Mexico and El Salvador have huge serious problems related to crime and violence.  My own neighborhood has suffered a lot and I do play golf about one minute from Clayton and Lowell every day.  There is another kind of danger created by our political leaders that do not make the right kinds of investments at the right time in the education of incarcerated people, their families (their children account for about 10 percent of the students).  That danger is not just about the political leaders that we see on television representing US.  It’s also about all those people that got the elected officials there.  In September I want to see all children and their parents being better educated through the use of school FACEBOOK to eliminate the areas of deficiency on state and national tests.  Feel free to contact me about this important matter.

King and Zeldin and Trump must become history (if you know what I mean).

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