Imagine the Nerve of Donald Trump: The End Must Come Now

I can just imagine Franklin Roosevelt telling the nation during one of his fireside chats on the radio that he just got a great letter from Hitler.  Nice letter, great letter.

I can imagine Harry Truman telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Joseph Stalin.  Nice letter, great letter.

I can imagine John Kennedy telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Fidel Castro.  Nice letter, great letter!

Donald Trump is giving his warmest regards to a dictator that the world should be rid of and he is making nice with him.  He is even telling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” that there would be no C.I.A. after him.  Why not after him?  Trump has attacked the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. and we thank those military and agencies that protect us about all the leaks about Trump.

The Republicans today are most closely allied traitorous actions and inactions than probably ever before in history.

I can imagine Dwight Eisenhower telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Ho Chi Minh.

And Ferdinand Marcos and Papa Doc Duvalier and Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gadaffi.  The conclusion of many people that I read about is that you have to be mad not to support Israel and what it stands for, but in this matter of the Trump Administration it is no longer about democracy and fighting to achieve it and maintain it.  North Korea is not an economic threat and the military threat should be considered minor right now.  Desperation on the part of any leader could heighten the tensions to a real conflict.  I am not for the return of Barack Obama nor did I endorse Hillary Clinton, but there are things to consider that I will address later. And who are the people that brainwashed Americans into allowing Trump to be Trump?  Where is the list?

I really cannot imagine any of those Americans stooping so low to give such publicity to Un.  Trump may have other things up his sleeve (he always says he will not let you know what he is really doing), but if the American people think that this is a classic example of diplomacy we are great trouble for the next year or more.  The recent poll concerning Trump is about impeachment or no impeachment, but after all the work that I have shared I feel that the polling question should be should Trump be impeached or should he resign?  The United States government is not the Trump Corporation.  Period!

I just got this from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  This is the 90th birthday of Anne Frank.  There is no mention of the massacres in the United States which should be fresh on our minds.  Where does Rabbi Marvin Hier live?  Brazil?  Indonesia?  This is another example of the brainwashing that the center refers to in #5 about the United Nations.  The Wiesenthal Center has a lot of explaining to do and no correction should be made.

We just found out that Congresswoman Omar has lied on her tax forms about being married.  We are learning about Donald Trump and all the income tax lies that we anticipated to find out about, but the public did not demand those tax returns and while in office Trump declared without a plebiscite that the people did not want his tax returns.  It’s all brainwashing mixed with money laundering.  Even the news this week has reported to Jared Kushner received a $90 million payment for doing nothing to earn it and that suggests corruption.  In some ways Congresswoman Omar and Trump are alike as you can see.  This is not what we should seek in our government, but we have it on both sides.  And anyone who supports either one should not hide the truth any longer.  Our nation is at stake.  When the Omars and others including Trump say things that are outrageous, they stir the pot around the world.  They embolden people who listen to their words.  We do not want to embolden Kim Jong Un’s partisans any more than they have been emboldened already by Trump’s weakness.  For this reason I call upon the American people to have a national and international discussion about these very sensitive matters.  In support of this idea, I point out that the American Federation of Teachers held a telephone conference call in 2016 where about 130,000 people listened.  What I want is for millions to get together and do much more than listen.  I want people to come forward with ideas about improving our nation.  Amazon could think about going into rural areas to provide jobs, for example.  I want people to provide solutions to answer the hate in this country and poor showing of Donald Trump, his family, and various members of his administration.

So how would she have updated her diary today? Here are six possibilities:

    1.    Joy at the miraculous rebirth and flourishing of her shattered people in a Jewish democratic state of Israel.

    2.    Anger that the hatred of Jews is surging in her native Europe and beyond and is being deployed by leading left-wing politicians in England and right-wing politicians in Poland.

    3.    Shock that Synagogues and Jewish schools must be protected by armed guards throughout the world. Despair that decades after she and her family were forced into hiding, so many Jews in the 21st Century have to hide their identities in public; not just anywhere but in the streets of European capitals including, Berlin, Paris, and yes, her hometown of Amsterdam. Can history be repeating itself?

    4.    Solidarity with Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize winner ever, who risked her life to give hope to young girls everywhere to have the right to an education and a future. Sadness that Malala has to live today in England because her life would be in danger again the moment she stepped on the soil of her native Pakistan.

    5.    Disgust that the world, led by the United Nations does so little to protect children from being brainwashed to hate and become martyrs for religious fanatics, from becoming tools for tyrants and human shields for terrorists.

    6.    Cautious optimism and lurking pessimism about the power of the written and spoken word to bring about change through the amazing tool of social media. Anne wrote her original diary in the Secret Annex, having no idea if anyone else would ever read of her innermost thoughts, fears and hopes. Today, social media virally transmits all the good, bad, and ugly, that the human imagination can produce.

I know that things have turned better economically since late 2016, but that was just some of the icing on the cake that had been built since the horrible recession that nobody wants to talk about.  I also know that things did not improve for a couple of years that much as money was stimulated into the economy.  What is happening right now is that rural areas of our nation are suffering.  Jobs could have been created there as well, but they were not.  Poor people all over America were free when people all over Europe had not been freed even after the liberations of Napoleon Bonaparte.  By 1815 conservative forces kept out liberal forces in many ways, forces that craved constitutionalism at the very least.  People all over Europe had to provide forced labor to nobles and conservatives back all of this.  This is the economic side of conservative that was just as reprehensible to slaves and men that worked in mines and other industries where the pay was poor.  Conservatives have workers every where protesting union wages that would uplift workers everywhere.  Congressional actions have prevented even the minimum wage from rising after Trump told US during the campaign that wages were too low and then too high.  Was he speaking to North Korea or to an American people that has to pay the rent and other things that require much more than a small income tax-refund. 

You have been asked to imagine before and lots of times before that.  Imagine!

I’m not a president of a nation, but I can you that the education of our people is not getting better if Donald Trump insists on the meritocracy of immigration requiring visas.  At some point a college graduate will have to take a job working on a garbage truck, particularly if his job will be taken away by an educated person somewhere out there.  The Trump Wall which I have been writing about for two years, should not be built and the billions that would be spent should be spent on other things.  A year ago, I wrote about the need to do more about Iran and use money for that.  I called for humanitarian help at the border long before Trump declared a humanitarian crisis (the crisis that he made).  Just like you I am not sure why tens of thousands more people are coming to our border than before but people need humane treatment and Trump is not vetting our government agencies properly. One of my educational ideas actually is already in the Presidential Campaign of 2020 and the candidate involved has not even contacted me. Nobody listens to me!

I don’t usually do this, but please make my articles below available to people now.

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