Mass Shootings: From Parkland to Garlic

The Garlic Festival calls attention to the need to know people better in our own communities, potential shooters.

And lots more shootings (hate shootings and more).  Of course America is not the land of mass shootings, but it can be painted that way.  I can behave at times the way that Trump behaves, putting out worthless messages that appeal to my base.  But we do have lots of mass shootings.   It also speaks of not believing that law enforcement has our back when things get reported.  Training and taking immediate action when things get reported are critical to saving lives.  And there are or could be lots of parallels between the Parkland Massacre and other shootings where our protectors have not done their best to protect us.  I have raised questions here that are important everywhere and I have read the strongly worded legal complaint made in the case of Carmen Schentrup who was killed in the Parkland Massacre.  This is the real story of Forty Days Later as there were very serious warnings about Nikolas Cruz forty days before he entered the property of Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High School.  Whether it is the Tree of Life or Viva Las Vegas, many shootings can be prevented.

How do we know the F.B.I. has not been making mistakes in our communities?  We learn from the law and cases that are taken against our government.

A warning was issued and then the wrong thing happened forty days later. 

Carmen Schentrup and others were victims of a massacre that could have and should have been prevented.

The South District of Florida will be the venue for the case that sparked our nation and the world on February 14, 2018 in Parkland.

The United States is the defendant in this matter since the F.B.I. is employed by the United States and the Attorney General will be involved in this since the F.B.I. is part of the Department of Justice.

Nikolas Cruz who made no attempt to conceal his identity was flagged by people who knew him and by others that Cruz corresponded on the internet. 

There was an important and urgent call and the F.B.I. could have taken action, alerted the office in Miami, provided information to local law enforcement and the MSDHS which is the high school that the world learned about.

Cruz had expressed an affinity for ISIS.  The F.B.I. is designated to fight against “terrorism” here at home and not just fight against other types of criminal or potentially criminal conduct.  The F.B.I. even has a guidebook on how to prevent mass shootings and that guide book details that the general public including people in contact with the person suspected of being a great risk is mentioned.  That includes fellow students, for example.  In the mass shootings that have been investigated, the shooter has told two people in advance that the shooting is going to take place and that takes place in almost 60 percent of shootings. 

The F.B.I. has admitted publicly on occasions that it made a mistake or mistakes in processing the information provided by tipsters about the Parkland shooter.

The lawyers for Carmen Schentrup’s family are seeking damages against the federal government for the pain and suffering for the survivors, beneficiaries, and heirs.  Loss of support in money and kind.  Loss of net accumulations.  Loss of value of life.

  Funeral expenses and/or other damages that the survivors and/or the beneficiaries that may be applicable under law.

In press conferences and in Congressional testimony the F.B.I. has admitted its failures and now the court case will proceed.

You can read the entire complaint right here and talk about it in your communities. 

I have to add one more thing to protect people across America.  A couple of years ago I was informed that a murder case had not been closed in Chicago and today I found out that two mothers fighting the gun violence in Chicago were gunned down on the streets.  Fortunately the woman that I had helped was not one of the victims, but she told back then that she feared for her life.  I took her fears to police headquarters in Chicago, because I have a close relationship with that office.  Superintendent Johnson has to be thanked for that.  The killing of the two women in Chicago has been investigated by the police and it was determined that those women were just in the wrong place at the wrong time as the shooters were after someone else.  On the other hand, it could easily appear that someone planned the perfect crime to kill two women, especially if those women feared death and had been threatened  Police detectives assigned to cases have to do a great job and that means communicating at the highest level with the family of the victims.  People who give those detectives a low rating for effort based on hard evidence should be heard by police departments all over our nation to keep people safe.  And people are being threatened after they have lost a loved one and we have to prevent murders which result from the gap between what people on the street know and the effectiveness of the individual detectives assigned to the case.  And this is a case where nobody has been arrested to date.  This leads people to conclude that they may be able to walk into a place, shoot it up, and get away without being identified. 

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