Leakers Needed

My mind was on writing about just how Jesus has been thrown into a furnace. I sent my last article to dozens of leaders of The Burn 24/7 movement and to the head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. We have seen William Barr and Ivanka Trump tell Congress just what Donald Trump was doing […]

Please Answer: Letter for Faith and Freedom Coalition

Dear Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Conference) Would Hitler have used “herd immunity” to make Jews (Romas, homosexuals, teachers, religious opposition, Black people, and others) sick, causing them to die because of COVID-19? Now that we have evidence that Putin has attacked and destroyed much of Ukraine and knowing that Donald J. Trump helped the […]

Taking Ron DeSantis’ Pulse

“Let us be clear: Should its vague language be interpreted in any way that causes harm to a single child, teacher or family, we will lead legal action against the State of Florida to challenge this bigoted legislation,”  local LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida The new law is to take effect on July 1. Governor […]

Trump’s Cuban Sandwich or Bocadillo Pudrido

The Cuban sandwich includes pork, ham, cheese, pickle, and mustard on Cuban bread.  I can begin to imagine how many times Cubans and others have had that sandwich over the decades. Trump made a sandwich for Cubans based on anti-Communism, winning Cuba back for Cubans in Florida and elsewhere and in no uncertain terms the […]

Founding Fathers a New Lesson

“We must protect the most vulnerable with common sense gun laws.”- Amaro Lionheart (candidate Florida State Senate Pinellas County) Photo credit Amaro Corleone taken last week in Uvalde, Texas. Irma Garcia killed in the Uvalde school massacre and her husband “Joe” Garcia who later died of a broken heart. A child, ten years old, walks […]

No God, No GED, No Guns, and More

I have a Zoom on my mind that will help New York City and the world. I asked the City Council to act and reiterated my request today. It should be apparent to all that Thou Shalt Not Kill or murder is one of the Ten Commandments and people all over America are guilty of […]

Gun Control by Biden, Lionheart, and Me

I got in touch with Amaro Lionheart, Democratic candidate for the Florida senate recently and he is doing things the right way. I reached out to him and he was there and he has been there to talk. All potential voters in Florida should take note of that. We have to learn more about this […]

National Rape-Abortion Movement

This article contains extremely sensitive material about rape (citing information that was just revealed after background checks of the shooter in the Uvalde Massacre in Texas). This material may not be for most students under the age of 17 and for most or all Repugnicans or voters with similar ideas in any political party. With […]

Ted Cruz

There are around hundreds of thousands (not millions) of licensed guns in the hands of Israeli citizens as they protect themselves mostly from terrorism. Those guns are divided between individuals and institutions that protect themselves. Israelis are limited to 50 bullets and old bullets and bullets used must be returned before a new purchase can […]