Philadelphia Attracts My Attention Again

I was just reading about the following Rioters Threats Building set ablaze Merchants beaten Troops firing on a crowd and dead bodies and wounded in the streets Shop windows broken Stones thrown This did not happen in Democratic cities. It happened to men, women, and children that did not expect it. There was “law and […]


A Republican, Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, has just brought forth a resolution to require the Democratic Party (also known as the Democrat Party among some groups) to change its name due to its history of activism and racism dating before and after the Civil War. I find the idea intriguing and know about its […]

Colin Kaepernick to Be Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

“You know what I say? Go back and look at history. There has never been a protest by an oppressed minority in American society — not the Native Americans taking over Alcatraz, not Jewish people protesting neo-Nazis in this country, not African-Americans in any case in any era at any time — when mainstream America […]

Colin Kaepernick Nobel Peace Prize: Committees Needed in 50 States

The Nobel Peace Prize Drive for Colin Kaepernick means that you can set up your own committee with the intention of linking with other similar committees. Communities are invited to join in. Wali Jones, who is a Hall of Fame NBA player who was involved deeply in his own controversy when Civil Rights’ was young, […]

Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter

I have watched Jewish leaders and organizations reach out to African Americans that they know and there have been discussions demonstrating the many decades long cooperation between African Americans and Jews. The discussion has included recognition of the divisions that exist in both groups that often conflict with the agenda of keeping those two groups […]

Jewish Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter International Art Exhibit

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down art museums since they are not high on the list of essential services required by society’s needs as we fight to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus. Many are those who have violated the call for “social distancing” and many are those who have taken the […]