High School Students (Young People) Drenare la Palude and Mussolini

If we were watching a very popular game show where the object is to translate foreign words into English, the title would be words from the category of politics which is demonstrated by the use of a name familiar in the history of Italian politics. Many contestants would be far off the mark, but those who read the first syllable correctly have the advantage (dre(n). So how is the e pronounced and where will our attempt to get the answer take us? I checked Spanish and French to see just how close those languages were to the Italian. In French the word is used in a famous district of Paris that I have written about in the past. The word is marais which is totally dissimilar from palude. Le Marais is known as the Jewish sector of Paris and I was there once in my life. Le Marais, I wrote, was visited by Hitler when he marched into Paris victorious as The Maginot Line failed to protect France against Germany. And soon the Nazis completed their “Roundup” of Jews, sending them to concentration camps everywhere. Ironically Eastern European Jews had just fled their countries to seek protection from France and there was no escaping things this time.

And all eyes are on New York City right now and the Election of 2022 that has just taken place. I noticed the news media describing how the Red wave toward the Republicans did not take place because of young people since there were majorities of Black, Hispanic, and White youth voting for Democrats, Black youth in the greatest numbers by far. This is a moment of history and Kristallnacht that took place in 1938. This is the moment of two huge conferences of Jews and others meeting to stem the tide of hate in America and around the world. This is the moment of Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Kyrie Irving and the spread of anti-Semitism. Candace is promoting Mein Kampf, a book that has been banned in many countries whose author is Adolf Hitler.  When I noticed the words of Kanye West to P. Diddy on The Breakfast Club about getting “the Jews” after him that was a signal to me, and I sensed that things would get worse. I wrote this click on it and notice the date.

Do you remember Candace Owens speaking about Hitler and nationalism in Congress years ago? And how she portrayed Hitler many years before Kristallnacht? Try this on for size and remember that Dennis Praeger has worked closely with Owens for years. It’s May 1, 1933 in Germany as Hitler recently became The Fuhrer and a day when he disposed of the unions, issued a decree banning Jews from the professions, fired disloyal civil servants, took control over the radio, music, and theater productions, removed journalists that were unsympathetic, and made the Gestapo what we know it to be as the police arm of that nation.

Owens is in the news right now proclaiming that she totally believes in “free speech” which I could never say. I didn’t see her and her friends fight for freedom in the schools of Florida as laws reminding US of Nazi Germany were passed. You would think that these “free speech” advocates would fight until death for it, but they remained silent as DeSantis performed his blitzkrieg in Florida which is now in the courts. Should we not jump in on this discussion?  Shouldn’t our nation’s youth be a major part of the discussion since they are the future of our nation?

All of this was written knowing that the book that I was reading contained information about fascism from an author whose family had experienced it in Czechoslovakia and whose country then experienced communism. Early on in the book, she gave a warning about Donald Trump (published in 2018) at a time when I gave my warning which was published in Israel. But in detailing the history of that politics in Rome, Italy, she revealed that there was a youth who was sixteen years of age at the rally supporting Mussolini and that youth dyed a tee shirt Black because he did not have the money to buy a new shirt. And there were 200 Jews alongside those fascists supporting Mussolini. And that is another example of Jews being divided in history that I have written about.

In just several pages, we can learn that those fascists just like Americans that I wrote about on January 3, 2021 were intent on two things that I just read in Madeline Albright’s book. One was this “Either we are allowed to govern…or we will seize power by marching on Rome (Washington, D.C.)” The second thing is this “It is to break the bones of the democrats (Democrats)…and the sooner the better.”

The youth were our Maginot Line this year preventing fascism from overtaking US. Adults were accepting of the association with American fascists, adults across the board who ignored The Great Replacement ideas pushed by Trump, news media, and others, even people that we know and respect. And I expect to write more about fascism as soon as possible.