Prison Will Not Define Them

Mayor Adams has visited Rikers’ inmates and correction officers. He was there to give thanks to America on Thanksgiving and to promote his own message of the advocacy of hope . I have been in Rikers’ 3 times and learned a bit from the experience, but if I can point a finger of some or […]

M.A.G.A. 2016 Keep America Great 2020 M.A.C.A. 2024

More jobs created than at any time in history (debunked by fact check). The biggest tax reform in history (debunked by fact check). The greatest military in history. The greatest president in the history of the US Israeli relations. Warped speed for vaccine creation and manufacture. Defending our border against invasions. America First. Rooting out […]

Trump Is No Moses

The so-called “King of Israel” or whatever he is known as surely is no Moses. Moses did lots of great things and he is more well-known in New York than in most places. Moses was Jewish and here is where I am leading now. Moses had worked on behalf of a group of people who […]

Ethnicity and Hate

There were Mexican fascists uniting with other ethnics during the 1930s in California that I have read about. This was Hitler in Los Angeles. On a professional level, I indirectly experienced hate as a Jew as Puerto Ricans plotted in the school district office to get rid of Jews decades ago.  Later the paraprofessional that […]