Keeping Republicans Away from Power in 2023

“We have entered a better stage of socialism than we had before. It is temporary and it was achieved with the signature of Donald J. Trump.”

Martin Danenberg

Reading and learning more are fundamentals that are badly needed and too often among people in government we see people supporting lies, untruth, and hunches among other things.

We can go back to the first months of what we called the Corona Virus then. Trump called it the China Virus and now we call it COVID-19.

Name changes then and pronoun change fights right now are being fought over. Let’s go from the name change game to what I saw and predicted in 2020 less than two months after the first death from that virus. My own quotation was from that precise period of American history.

I wrote that these were dangerous times, recalling the Irish Famine which is covered in social studies and history classes. A million deaths, guns, violence along with mobs of people breaking into businesses, and emigration were themes in that article. Are there no parallels with the people who lost their lives and the people fleeing to other countries?

And our government reacted to the needs of the people after a slow start by Republicans. Trump signed off on lots of socialism and compared to the Irish Famine this was a blessing to our people.

My concern was for El Salvador and Latin America was because our nation was getting sick and its economic losses would impact everywhere.

I wrote this back then “Job, job, jobs as they become available all over the world will wreck faith in all countries. Will nations such as the United States take draconian measures and block its own people seeking opportunities else? What will be the future of our people as huge unemployment may loom for years to come? Trump is trying to make himself the great American “cheerleader” right now even though his delays probably caused at least 5 times (at a minimum) more deaths and illnesses than we would have had. That means that in numbers that 30,000 deaths could have been 150,000 deaths. The Repugnicans have their spin on things, but Trump is a disaster within a disaster. He had no cure for the Corona Virus and he does not belong in charge.  We need people that can cure.” At that time Congressman (Republican) John Kennedy of Louisiana wanted to build back the economy, but Trump had his mind on his future only and failed to take heed of those words. Biden provided Build Back Better as Trump did nothing.

So the migration of people from all over the world, but particularly Venezuelans and Cubans, are affecting our border. The blame has been placed on Biden, but Trump, his policies, and his bad hunches have been destructive. My warning was cast out long before I expressed that opinion about Trump in early 2020. How many educators were sounding the alarm? And just the other day, I took the time to watch some of the Crist-DeSantis debate and I noticed Ron DeSantis freeze up when Charlie Crist hit him with this in the ring. Crime is spiking in Florida, Crist brought up. That news is not going to be covered in New York by The New York Post as Lee Zeldin seeks to become governor. DeSantis just did his best to boost Zeldin in New York. Crist also pointed out that crime was not up when he was governor of Florida.

My eyes have been on Florida, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania. These are states that have had lots of crime and much violent crime that I saw coming. When I lived in New York City and took the subway to work, we watched the walls of the subway stations to see the lights of the locomotive shining on walls. That moment was a mood changer because we wanted to get to our destination (home) and get there safely. It made me think of what district attorneys are doing in New York City, mandating people with gun charges pending to study GED or high school equivalency.

Among the dozens of youth and others who fall into that category, should we not know if the program has been a success until now and just how big a success it is. How many of those people have earned a diploma since the mandate, how many have been arrested with a gun since, how many have committed a different crime, how many are now in Rikers, and has anybody questioned this? How many are being held back by the program that they are in by rules and regulations. In other words what is actually being done from A to Z or what I called in another article from Abbott to Zeldin. The other day I showed proof about my concerns about anti-Semitism in writing before the pandemic, and in this article, I shift the dialogue back to Trump about immigration failure because I knew it was coming, and now our nation should understand in debates that Trump could have done more to prevent crime by sending checks to major cities the way Bill Clinton sent money to Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s.  Democrats have to make The New York Post finally print this truth before the election in November. I want to see the internet light up with similar articles from The Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, the National Review, the Daily Caller and Signal, and Epoch Times. Were you thinking of Judge Jeanine on Fox News?

In MEDIAite yesterday, there was an article about Lee Zeldin that portrays Long Island and its “killing field” because of MS-13 and also as a great place to visit. Don’t you want to hear those words today from a man running for governor to express to our nation about New York and New York City in particular. Even that article published only yesterday could have mentioned how 300 members of MS-13 were just prevented from crossing our border into the United States. Why weren’t they in jail in El Salvador along with tens of thousands of others who have been arrested in that country by the Bukele government in power? Zeldin will remain quiet since he has about half the voters on his side, I have written about those days and I have been actively involved, but nobody listened to me. I practice golf just one minute from where one of those “killing fields” is. I had that on my mind as I was putting and thinking about “the putz” in The White House that had been involved in making the world a mess.

The Ukraine is an example and I thank Congresswoman Omar of Minnesota for speaking out against a voice that opposed support of Ukraine. I wrote that Trump’s immigration policies would even keep Jews away from our shores and borders. And in Russia right now where Chabad Jews have been diminished by a top Russian, there is a call from a former chief rabbi to Jews that they should flee Russia now. Others see the hand- writing on the wall and I was calling out Putin in Jewish Business News in Israel and more often, in 2019 during those golden years of Donald Trump since we first heard about that shower, in The Force 2020 DDT. Lee Zeldin and his repugnant followers have been listening to themselves instead of to me. Thank goodness that Stephen Miller and Trump are gone.

I should add that Latinos should be informed of things my way. I do not see any missile firings taking place as they are being tested in Asia by Communist countries trying to diminish our nation. I noticed in the Univision polling that about 4 percent of Latinos in Nevada where there are no missiles flying over the heads of Latinos right now care about Ukraine. A national poll of Americans shows that about 45 percent of Americans show their support. I know people involved in presenting misinformation to the Latino community in Florida, for example. What is behind such a huge gap among Latinos in Nevada? Misinformation or knowledge? Or am I wrong?  Or is that community is right? This was the question asked in the Univision poll On the whole, what are the most important issues that you want the Congress and President to address? I believe that a stronger outreach to the Latino (Hispanic) community is needed today, and my ideas align with Joe Biden’s for the most part, but The White House can learn much more from me today. Inflation was at the top of the list at 55 percent response, but were people thinking about those missiles flying over Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, and other places when asked the question? Oye mi canto! We are trying to protect democracy and prevent World War III and a civil war right now and I know about the inflation taking place. Let’s continue the discussion on Monday in the media.

So we have to make sure that Abbott-DeSantis-Mastriano-Zeldin are defeated because there is so much proof out there calling for others to be in power (The A to Z of it). Other can be added to this list for sure. All these candidates are hiding truths from their constituents and remember that The Bible calls for telling the truth. Charlie Crist surely has the best Christian messaging about policies that he opposes. The truths of the Old and New Testaments must be revealed as missiles are not flying over the heads of Americans as I write. Key issues about LGBT, abortion, immigration, inflation, the rise of fascism by a nation where 45 percent desire to see a Christian nation, minority rights and social justice, and more can easily be explained much better by using The Bible.

Let me leave everyone with this example. Jews learned not fighting on the Sabbath day led to the destruction of their army and their nation building. Applying that to Christians on Sunday (not Saturday), would not the same thing happen? Pikuach Nefesh, which I have constantly written about in reference to combatting COVID-19 was for everyone to pay attention to, but from around March 16, 2020 when The White House failed to present this strong view to Christians after presenting it to Jews in Brooklyn, NY and elsewhere, Trump stressed economic development like Hitler and Stalin before him, instead of saving lives. The worst of communism and fascism was contained in his policies and that affected deaths in Florida, Lee Zeldin. There were world class death numbers because of that violation. The White House can finally put this message out there under the name of Joe Biden. At the very least, masks should have been mandated. My views about vaccinations and job retention are also available to see in The Force 2020 DDT.

And a word about Kanye West and his supporters. Right now, today, he seems like the old joke about the youth who kills his parents and in court asks the judge for mercy because he is an orphan. Has anyone shared my views among even the Jewish press? No! Ask me for more information. I ask you also to think about Kanye’s so-called Christian messaging. Where is his mask calling for saving lives? Both he and Trump could have printed a red one for Make America Great Again which they both failed to do. They can put the blame on George Floyd, but I put the blame on Trump because he could not figure out what to do to help. Even in Israel right now, leaders are not going to put the blame on Trump (waiting to see that happens in 2024) as Jewish leaders are taking action to protect Russian Jews. Here at home the struggle continues to help those Jews because Jews do not have the power that Kanye West claims as he makes anti-Semitic remarks to his followers. And in New York, DeSantis has just done his best to help Lee Zeldin, citing crime in New York and not the crime of his own state. “Amazing amount of gunfire…kills 1, injures 8 in Tallahassee (Florida)” just reported.