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A call to the Anti-Defamation League New York City office went like this. I had just completed the book Hitler in Los Angeles and told a staff member on the telephone that the information in the book had to be spread. The reply was “You want US to push a book?” That was the last time I was able to communicate with an ADL staff member over the phone and the pandemic rushed in. Judith Platt has to know this at once before the start of the JFED event in Chicago on Sunday. Never Is Now and not a day later. History did not matter that day at the ADL, learning from the past.

I just helped an immigrant from Venezuela who crossed the border into Texas who was then in Florida where I told him things about his education and future success in this country that nobody told him at the border. And I am now going to tell you that there is massive misinformation everyday that I see on my daily news as I open my computer which is coming from major newspapers in Washington, D.C., New York, and from The Daily Caller and its sister publications. I think back to Paris and the newspaper La Libre Parole which was an anti-Semitic newspaper that fed people hate about Captain Alfred Dreyfus and the Jews. And those people wanted to be fed hate against Jews. I spend countless hours each day watching the news when others are just enjoying life.

The White House and others know my work well which just included this about Kanye West who says he loves “Superman” and that makes me think of the Jewish origin of the character at the time of Hitler’s rise to power. God Bless and Keep Kanye West Far Away From US!

Kristallnacht News 1938.

November 8, 1923 was the infamous “putsch” by Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. The Nazis had this in mind. The men were Bormann, Lutze, Goebbels, Göring, and the Führer. And the Jews were going to be attacked. Hitler was concerned about his “international image” as he did not wish to be associated with the events of that night in 1938. So Hitler’s role was a secret. And there were All the Führer’s Men in action.

Hitler tells a good friend that the purpose of the pogrom was to speed up Jewish emigration. Then he blames it on Goebbels later on. He has other secrets including eliminating Jewish lawyers from doing their work. Roving gangs were to blame for that night! And then, true to form, Hitler made it seem that he disapproved of the pogrom. And people who heard that believed that. Hitler demanded also that the culprit should be found. The “Party” moved as well as the SA, the SS, and the police. This was to be a “well-mannered” pogrom against the Jews. No looting was allowed which indicates that normal pogroms had looting.

We Don’t Let that Happen Again Netanyahu Kanye West

Published by Martin Danenberg October 16, 2022

Netanyahu’s response about Israel’s position was clear and that is Israel takes care of those problems, however minor they may appear to Netanyahu. We know that Israel has bigger problems to handle and experience its share of world hate, but Netanyahu was not totally prepared to handle the question and with no advisors around him nor speech writers his words fell flat on me. When he said that Israel has “more” to be concerned about, although factual was something that should not have been expressed since hate is at the core of everything else.

The catalyst or person who helped give birth to the Zionist movement that led to The Balfour Declaration and the State of Israel was Theodore Herzl who covered The Dreyfus Affair which I have repeatedly written about, and which woke Herzl up to the danger of anti-Semitism. This strong link with the present is also a political link that is internationally present at conferences and in streets around the world and which no longer just surfaces under The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Heating up passions right now is The Great Replacement Theory which Bibi’s friend Donald Trump has been involved in. Kanye West and Candace Owens are both Trump acolytes and both Maher and Netanyahu conveniently left that out. Owens, who gave credit to Hitler before Congress for building up his country before moving into other countries, helped orchestrate the Black Exit from the Democratic Party. West cannot divorce himself from Trump or any of the anti-Semites who have taught him his lessons. And we have also read about West’s own Hitler comment accusations since the first anti-Semitic remarks were reported and Kanye continues to be embraced by others, a mixture of those who have had their own scandal of anti-Semitism and those who have not.

And just days before the JFED GA Conference, I can assure you that there are lots of things that I can share about making our nation better.

Have you seen the article about Russia’s talk just days ago of using Muslims to start a “jihad” against European nations and people. Incendiary? I am ready to create what would happen once that starts in Europe as the world is thinking about Putin using nuclear weapons against Ukraine and the warnings against North Korea about testing nuclear weapons in Asia.

I will provide you with the short version. Hitler admired Islam and cooperated with Palestinians and others to finally call for The Final Solution. There is just one group to single out right now in the United States of America and that goes back to Hitler in Los Angeles, the book that I brought to the attention of the ADL years ago. Christian Nationalism! That would be the same alliance that Hitler forming from 1933 on. And this could be achieved by Putin today, even though he promotes Ukraine as a “fascist” nation. Look at his commitment to this paper trail. He uses “woke” against his enemies, Jews have been diminished there including Chabad Jews just days ago, the LGBT community is under attack as it is in the United States (victims during the Holocaust under Hitler), and we know that Putin wants that Soviet empire back. We are in the land where The Great Replacement Theory is catching on as 45 percent of Americans have already concluded that our country should be a Christian nation. Hitler could not even count on that much support before 1933 and look at what he did.

J’Accuse, I Accuse. I am seventy-seven years old and Emile Zolá has been my lifelong hero. Did you know that the motion picture about his life won The Academy Award in 1937 for Best Motion Picture. Around 1957, my grandmother taught me things about that and how Paul Muni, the actor who played Zolá, had appeared on the Yiddish stage in New York City. Muni was on a list of people to be killed by the Nazis working with the KKK and Christian nationalists, along with Jimmy Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, and others including the heads of the studios. J’Accuse Is Now! Never Is Now! Hitler in America? Contact me for more information.

September 17-24, 2022 Daytona Beach, Florida

And please take notice of my detailing how Jews fled oppression in Europe and the obstacles created to prevent their emigration as we think about immigration policy today.

Ron DeSantis For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

Posted September 11, 2019

Posted September 15, 2022

Yes for three long years I had been caring and sharing that information. And I called for a world conference of Jews back then as well.

I read the biography of Emile Zolá, a book I should have read in 1957 or maybe 1967. I want the Dreyfus Museum in the home of Emile Zolá in Médan, France to start sharing helpful information with Americans here (African Americans, Latinos, Asians, LGBT, teachers, students, college students concerned about anti-Semitism), and people in government. There was The Dreyfus Trial (19th century), the OJ Simpson Trial (20th century and not forgetting about the Nuremberg Trials), and The George Floyd Trial (not forgetting about the recent Johnny Depp Trial that “everyone” seemed to pay attention to. This nation needs justice for all and not for a minority of hate wielding Americans. La Libre Parole means “Free Speech” and free speech has serious consequences for evil. Jewish leaders, I would hope, would start to act and make phone calls to influential people. I continually write that nobody listens to me. Remember that phone call to the ADL?