Kandacenicht! Kristallnacht! No, the Kristall is not to think about Billy Crystal. No way!

I wrote that Kanye West merited the things he has since received from the world, including being cancelled. There are a lot of men and women around Donald Trump who deserve the same thing. I gave this article a lot of thought, including All the President’s Men which I need not go into. So let’s get to the point.

Kanye criticized even Trump in his remarks without mentioning Trump’s religion. I know that lots of Americans are shaking their heads right now because they know Trump’s religious faith even those he has been anointed by Christians and Jews for his policies. If January 6 had not happened, I would not have been able to write about Trump and how he has been exposed with great evidence. People were watching!

Austria 1938. November 9-10, the night of broken glass. And this November in two weeks, there will be a world conference of Jews taking place in New York City to learn more about. Was this part of the plan of the The White House with the ADL?

November 8, 1923 was the infamous “putsch” by Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. The Nazis had this in mind. The men were Bormann, Lutze, Goebbels, Göring, and the Führer. And the Jews were going to be attacked. Hitler was concerned about his “international image” as he did not wish to be associated with the events of that night in 1938. So Hitler’s role was a secret. And there were All the Führer’s Men in action.

Hitler tells a good friend that the purpose of the pogrom was to speed up Jewish emigration. Then he blames it on Goebbels later on. He has other secrets including eliminating Jewish lawyers from doing their work. Roving gangs were to blame for that night! And then, true to form, Hitler made it seem that he disapproved of the pogrom. And people who heard that believed that. Hitler demanded also that the culprit should be found. The “Party” moved as well as the SA, the SS, and the police. This was to be a “well-mannered” pogrom against the Jews. No looting was allowed which indicates that normal pogroms had looting. The wealthy among the Jews were to be singled out. In Erfurt, a baptized lawyer was tortured because he was a witness against one of Hitler’s men in a divorce case (italics added can ye believe that). And there were lots of settling of scores against Jews. Catholics feared that they were next.

This all happened as followers of Hitler took action, including youth in many places. The danger to Jews stays on our minds today. Never Is Now! Kanye and Candace are followers of Donald Trump and most articles about what has happened do not include that key information. I believe that Kanye’s comment about Trump was clearly intended to make him look impartial when we know that Kanye is not impartial. Secret or not, things remain Kristallclear!