Broward Schools Never Is Now

“The Poison Garden play about the lynching of Black people in Florida in the 1930s had the smell of death and today I sense that there is a smell in Florida among school personnel and people elected there to serve and that smell seems to be coming not from the “Garden” but from the underwear worn by people connected with the schools.”

 August 5, 2022 Martin Danenberg in The Force 2020 DDT

I woke up early and decided to read The Miami Herald article by Jimena Tavel on the Broward School board meeting where Superintendent Angie Cartwright was given 90 days to turn the district around as there are 119,000 students in need of a better school performance.

I read about the politics of our time thinking about Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist as I read between the lines. There were 15 points presented in opposition to the school superintendent and her leadership brought up and some or many of those points were refuted as not factual. The process of judging any person requires that are things “fair” and “accurate” and that means which points were publicly dismissed at the meeting as out of hand “fake news?” There is an air of Trumpism that bothers me. If Superintendent Carpenter was not being treated fairly from the start and she is really doing a good job, why has she been given 90 days to turn things around? Giving her 90 days to turn things around, to me, seems more like a pardon than an exoneration.

Never Is Now! Why Never Is Now? I stole the title from a major world conference about anti-Semitism that will take place in two weeks called for by the Anti-Defamation League and assisted by The White House (Vice President Harris is involved). Imagine hate spreading and 119,000 fascist leaning community residents in Broward County! Yes there is an educational problem in Broward which I have known about for years. Haven’t I talked to Lori Alhadeff? Have I not written about Parkland in Jewish Business News in Israel? Have I not done lots more that cannot be swept under the rug?

I have been in touch with CBS News 4 in Miami. No response!

I have been in touch with WPEC in Florida and found the staff to be conscientious and I even got a call back which was great.

I have spoken to the Broward School Foundation and the contents of which deserves to be exposed to the community.

I have called the staff of Superintendent Cartwright and written to her.

I am not going to get in touch with Governor Ron DeSantis. But I can tell the residents of Broward County that they should get in touch with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona because your concern is his concern, and his concern is your concern. Tutoring is needed. We know that!

I have also contacted various people who will be presenting at the Never Is Now ADL Conference and I have written about it a bit in The Force 2020 DDT. This conference about ending hate comes three years after I asked for a World Conference of Jews and my intervention in Parkland took place around the same time. Am I to be considered a “carpetbagger” in Florida and around the world? My successful intervention in Florida in 2001 with the office of Jeb Bush was not viewed that way at all. The right-hand man of Jeb Bush called me to find out how I could help. I can share more with Broward another time.

And this was published in Jewish Business News in Israel.

Whatever It Takes: Waking Up Parkland And Broward

By Martin Danenberg Published March 6, 2019

I’ve been with the group Harold Melville and the Blue Notes in my work.  And I had an article about that back in the day.  I’ve been connected with The Hip Hop Summit Youth Council and I’ve talked to LL Kool J and others. Remy Ma, the rap artist, attended a small event with Dr. Ben Chavis and me before Remy shot her friend in the stomach and ended up in jail.  Now I am talking to Broward County and Parkland.  Let’s make a better place for you and me in this world now.

Geoffrey Canada is well-known across America and an icon for his role in moving the Harlem Children’s Zone into charter school success.  I was briefly in touch with the Harlem Children’s Zone and I entered its premises one evening as I went to another event in Harlem.

I obtained the book about his story from one of the leading parent involvement leaders in the city of New York.  I did not wish to read the book, but once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Did I learn anything from it?  Not really.  But I learned certain facts that were true and for me it was predictable.  Now I endeavor to share that information with Parkland and the Broward School District (and perhaps many, many others).

Geoffrey Canada was working with parents and children that he helped before in the community and that was an advantage that community schools do not have.  When he started the charter school by lottery, he twisted or broke the rule to add those children.  He tried hard after that, providing a rounded education, but still not cracking the code for success on the state exams.

After reading a lot about Canada’s negative reactions to the testing scores, I knew that the principal was going to be fired and I knew what the solution was.  The solution was teaching to the test better (much better the way that I do) and now with technology that was not available all these years the teachers can reach the parents and students in the home each day to keep the children on track to pass the state tests.

Note Although this does not appear in the article, I felt that the principal was treated unfairly or in an arbitrary and capricious manner. If I had had my way, she would have sued to get her job back because she was doing a good job. Unfortunately, she probably had no protections in place such as a union rep or organization to file a suit against Geoffrey Canada. Or even the idea to do so!

Just a few years ago and close to my home, two-thirds of the students in Smithtown schools passed their state tests, but one-third did not pass.  I believe that a large part of that one-third could have passed with the measures that I presented in the last paragraph. 

Geoffrey Canada could have taught that lesson to an entire nation. The New York Times best selling book about what he did belongs in the Broward school libraries along with lots of books about racism, fighting hate against all people including gays and trans people, knowing our history and not just the history that white supremacists wish us to know. Chris Mancini did a presentation before the Broward School Board just weeks ago and who was “rebuffed” in silence as he wished to show his play about the lynching of Black people in Broward in a school and school board members most likely sat their in silence because they feared the governor and his new law.

DeSantis and that Semi-Fascist Message

Posted September 8, 2022 

And with school starting in Florida, there are factual reports that the reading and math deficiencies in Florida are still immense because Florida is not a good state for education. Charlie Crist is well aware about not only what to say, but also what to do to help the state’s children to learn much more in the future and save lives if we face another pandemic. Florida led the nation in deaths and continues to lead in illnesses and deaths this year. Florida is lucky and DeSantis was lucky that the deaths that occurred under his policies from March 2020 resulted from the fact that COVID-19 was three times less transmissible back then than it is now.

“Lucky” DeSantis makes me think of “Lucky” Lindy and the parallels in the two movements. Diminishing Blacks, LGBT communities, banning books and in a way that makes it appear that the problem is immense and widespread is precisely what the Nazis did to Jews and there were people back then who were Jewish and who were friends of Hitler. The vote in Miami-Dade right now to protect LGBT students was 8 to 1. Homosexuals were in concentration camps and were exterminated and some Jews were homosexuals. And the vote to help Jews in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s was similar. With Trump in The White House right now, things would be worse for Blacks, LGBT, for Jews, and those who wish to peacefully assemble and protest. The “Great Replacement Theory” advocated by the Trump Team would affect even more than those three groups. There have been 177,000 Cubans who have arrived here and that would have looked very bad for Trump, but Trump is widely known for bankruptcies. Cubans take note of that! And Venezuelans too!

It is time to drop the “atomic bomb” right here for Floridians. The Moms 4 Liberty, The Proud Boys, and all those politicians diminishing schoolteachers, unions, social justice, other religious faiths, and more will find their bunker. The “atomic bomb” is knowledge about testing that you probably will not hear from anyone else. I have always had a major outreach to other states and even countries (including Bangladesh, Argentina, and Bulgaria, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic).

And in September I also wrote about Charlie Crist.

I know that was a mouthful. Forgive me for my excesses in favor of the people The Moms 4 Liberty and me are clear. The problems that they cite incite fear in people and what I am accomplishing is the waking up of the great number of people who fail their state exams in neighborhood and charter schools. This is now your true school choice. I also believe that Charlie Crist is going to help educate Floridians much more and put an end to the very limited claim by “Lucky” that Florida is building

“world-class schools.” That was a claim put out in New York City for over a decade by the Bloomberg-Klein team” and you can read all about what is going on in that city online the way that I do. Charlie Crist is turning a corner right now which will help him defeat The Blitzkrieg of hate in Florida.

And here we are today in October of 2022, our schools could have been much better, and Ron DeSantis could have concentrated on that as he promoted his “moral majority” to oversee classrooms and libraries. He had no answers and still has no answers. Floridians you have been had! Biden will help Florida again and I can assure you that there are people in Broward that will block the help that is needed.