The Two Million Man March from A to Z

I have been writing about different million-man marches since 2002 which were well published ideas that nobody listened to. The A to Z refers to Abbott and Zeldin and Repugnicans in between like Ron DeSantis. Two million could have been 5 million and what an event that would be. This is still COVID TIME across the world and I do not advocate for herd immunity nor spreading the disease through politics (Hitler would have done that).  The timing for A to Z hit me with passion as there was news about a man in Dallas who killed two people in a hospital. Lee Zeldin must have read the news. The man was not out on bail (this was not New York), but he had been arrested for aggravated assault and had on one of those ankle location monitoring devices which really is another type of bail (he was not in jail, right?). Ask Lee Zeldin just how a “law and order” governor of the greatest state for law and order ever created (Texas) has not done more with the legislature to create zero tolerance for murder. Those two should argue before even trespassing on Governor Hochul. And a Republican senator (from Missouri which would only bring more misery to the people) was just asked how Republicans would governor if they win the election and he had no answer. No plan no answer!

I could have named the march the Kanye-Kaepernick March for America or invoked the name of that minister of The Nation of Islam, among other things. Doubling those numbers of that historical march is not a difficult task since the population has increased tremendously. I think, also, of the biggest event in the history of the Jewish Museum in downtown New York City which was attended largely by Jews and Dominicans and that was a wonderful event showing the role that a dictator played in saving 700 Jewish lives in the Dominican Republic when Hitler was diminishing Jews (and others) in Europe. Things that I have written about. And in Florida and other states right now teachers, gays, Jews, and others are being diminished even by legislation. The Nazis gave the people laws against abortion. Teachers were silenced and so were students. And the victims kept piling up as democracy was eroded like a beach of humanity. And we had to land on a beach in France to end all that. Fort Lauderdale here I come!

Kanye West just got support from a small, but powerful group of “goyim” who spread hate all over our nation. Long Island and other communities have been hit by this and in New York Lee Zeldin will never admit, apologize for, denounce, or even fade away because of people like Kanye West, Candace Owens, Turning Points USA, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Long Island Loud Majority, and elected officials that went along with all the lies.

Latino support for Republicans, I keep reading, is growing. Jewish support for Trump has grown (an exit poll that I read about gave him 80 percent Jewish support among Haredi Jews). A membership card in The Proud Boys was not needed, but Trump has not spoken out forcefully against Kanye West and those “goys” even though he no longer has to be the leader of the United States. There is a “goys vs. gays” issue at play here to talk about and Florida again is the epicenter of that problem right now. Things will get worse and by then it will be too late.

In Florida where Latinos on this day may or may not be supporting DeSantis over Crist, there is a lesson to be learned. Trump did not free Cuba, Venezuela, or any Latin American nation and those Hispanic leaders who supported Trump will not just fade away. They are fighting hard to maintain themselves in power and that power is helping to corrupt American politics generating more hate. What good is power if it is not power for the people?

Ukrainians have learned the lesson well this year. Have you noticed that Trump’s affection for Putin ha costado mucho? And Biden has showed strength through these days against the violence perpetrated by Putin and his army. Have all Hispanics read during this year that Putin and his people have talked about expanding their colonizing efforts into Latin America and even Alaska (and beyond Alaska into places like Florida). Cubanos for Proud Boys will lead US toward Cubanos por Putin and the possible destruction of Latin American nations taken over by Putin. I want all those Venezuelans who are now in our nation to progress and not be intimidated by a weak governor in Florida. His mind is weak, and he is under investigation. Nobody investigated Hitler in his day! And a visit to the FACEBOOK of the ADL in Philly had information about Nazi Germany and its slow-moving diminishing rights effort which later accelerated, and it was too late by then to remove Hitler from power. All this has been documented well, but what percentage of any ethic group in America thinks about that as a daily supplement for political health?

How do we hold the Two Million Man March virtually? Lets not be complicit right now because our nation needs this Two Million Man March. Kan ye make it happen?