Saving American Democracy My Way

There is messaging, urgent messaging for our nation that must be shared.  You will see just how The White House is involved later, but L’Oréal is a company known around the world whose headquarters is in France and it is a company devoted to diversity and inclusion. Did you know that the new main squeeze of Kanye West became the face of L’Oréal just a few years ago when she was only eighteen. Does Kanye West even know this? That model hails from Brazil and under Kanye’s influence she might soon be doing the Bossa Nova with Bolsonaro there if she isn’t already doing it. Howard Stern has compared Kanye to Hitler and right-wingers have compared Biden recently to Hitler. Perhaps all this will be addressed “my way” before the election in November? L’Oréal écoutez-moi! You know that nobody listens to me!  And Dear Kamala Harris….

You can now see the opportunity I noticed on the poster in the Consulate of El Salvador in 2001 since the words about High School are in English. Yes the people and the cabinet of the president of El Salvador made me famous and put me in a position of helping everyone which is what Joe Biden, Charlie Crist, and others can begin to accomplish by educating everyone in our nation. You will read what the ambassador of El Salvador told me in a phone call as I was trying to help the powerful New York City Central Labor Council as proof.

The other day, I was multitasking, talking on the phone to a friend, former student, Puerto Rican as things were not going right with a photo of N.O.R.E. which would not paste successfully into my article. I felt my world shattering since I pride myself on strong messaging. I had to leave the conversation with that “Puerto Rican” and think about what knowledge I was lacking. Within one minute the idea entered my head, I guess the way that Thomas Edison got the idea for the light bulb and that idea worked. I could not transfer the photo directly from my email into Word Press blog so I tried this. I copied and pasted it into a document and then copied and pasted it into my article which featured N.O.R.E. The rest is history. But….

This morning I got a message that I had to do something before signing into Microsoft to open my computer. The message detailed that I had had unsuccessful attempts to connect when I had not even attempted one time since shutting down last night. There was a code to type which made me suspicious. I chose not to use that code even though it might have been a valid message. There was another way and all I had to do was click on an icon that I have seen everyday and try my password again. Again in one minute without prior knowledge something great happened. And it was more than that.

I saw a pastor promoting the Never is Now event with the Anti-Defamation League in coordination with The White House.  This was my second time seeing it. So I remembered my own work back in 2019 when the world did not listen to me. Click!

I have had a couple of incidents as a teacher where Puerto Ricans said things to me that were anti-Semitic and that goes back decades. I dealt with it and I needed no law from a governor like Ron DeSantis and his legislature to make things better. The Puerto Rican mentioned in my conversation knows my history which was partially shaped by this.

Puerto Ricans were failing, failing, failing, but obviously not all. In my home we did not discuss the failure of Puerto Ricans in school, but in the 1960s I heard it elsewhere. I had not known that John F. Kennedy in his last 100 days on this earth had tried to make a deal with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of a civil rights’ package and that was to provide education, education instead of integration which Kennedy assessed would not be easy to accomplish. That same initiative that he had in mind could greatly advance the progress of Puerto Ricans on the mainland. It did not happen and so progress has been slow. Keep in mind that in 1964, just a year after JFK’s death that the Republicans wanted segregation to exist by state law and that included Florida.

I really had no major solution to offer until after I retired in 2000. What I learned back then is relevant and revealing. “The more things change the more they remain the same” we are told. Educational attainment was lacking among Puerto Ricans and others. In 2002, these three states were problematic: New York, Florida, and Texas as well as others (many others). New York GED delivery 1.1, Florida 1.5 due to my intervention that delivery was raised a lot, Texas 1.0. And there was a total of 8 million people in need of a diploma in those states. In 2013 which is eleven years later, there had been exactly no improvement as the same numbers were produced by those states. Do a calculation of one percent of eight million adults without a diploma? Those states did not improve because the people in power lacked the knowledge to make things better. And ask yourself if things have been getting better for adults?

The Census of 2020 shows how two immigrant groups suffer the greatest consequences of poverty in America and those groups are Dominicans and Salvadorans. Is it shocking to me? Of course not!  I had not even known the Salvadoran community on Long Island before 2001 (moved here in 1993). My fame skyrocketed as I became the profesor del Consulado de El Salvador in 2002. The New York City Central Labor Council needed my help in Puerto Rico several years later to bury a Salvadoran who had been killed in an industrial accident and I was told by its executive director in San Juan that the consul general in Manhattan was not helping. There were two calls made to fix the problem. The first one was to the Embassy of El Salvador when I asked to speak to Ambassador Rene Leon. Within an hour Ambassador Leon called and told me that he would take care of the problem himself. Which he did! The New York City Central Labor Council was grateful to me for my efforts and that new collaboration failed when a new executive director replaced the man I worked with that day.

So there I was promoting the GED to all immigrants and making progress sometimes against tremendous resistance.

Later I was promoting parent involvement in Title I programs in New York City.

I was promoting the program USA Learns which is a free program to learn English and which was a badly needed program since there was a long waiting list in public libraries to get access to classroom programs for adults.

And my efforts fell on deaf ears as well in Hispanic communities even while I became famous as “El Quijote del GED.”

Even now my request which has been made to The Department of Education of New York City and The Department of Education of the United States has gone unanswered for the moment. We shall see what happens. I am a little bit like the famous inspector of The Pink Panther movies who said that he trusts no one. Clouseau I am not as France is learning more about me.

Dominicans, Salvadorans, and Puerto Ricans are facing quite serious lives due to poverty across the United States.  I called for a Conference of Jews in 2019 and assessed the need accurately back then, but nobody listened including the ADL. I will be doing more than that to wake up the ADL right now. J’Accuse!

Remember that I have recently written that my attempt to start a Million Hispanic March toward the GED (2002) failed. And it continues to fail in Florida and other places because of the system. And it provokes me to read articles about Florida, for example, that portray a Latino community moving US toward disaster as a democracy on the backs of Latinos who are not doing well economically and who would wake up with the right messaging, the best messaging.

Have you read the article Hal of People of Dominican and Salvadoran Origin Experienced Material Hardship in 2020 by Zachary Scherer and Yeris Mayol-Garcia? The hardships included food, housing, and bill paying hardships and the percentages of hardships were large, 50.5 percent for Dominicans and 49.2 percent for Dominicans.

Latinos are going to vote Republican, I keep reading, according to polls and politicians. And as those Latinos move to the Republican column there is only a trickle down effect as people have to hide what is going on under the surface. This is what Repugnicans do! The Republican Party has gotten gains over “the Democrats want open borders bringing murderers, rapists, and other criminals” and Latinos have the same values of family and being conservative on issues affecting Florida and other states, and other well documented lies and half-truth or misinformation. Democrats have lost many chances to do much more to help people, but right now our democracy is at stake and I know just where things could go. Remember that I predicted an attack on our nation’s capital on January 3, 2021 just days before it took place and I called people around our nation who agreed.

Florida is the state that had a hand in causing more people to die due to COVID-19 as it lied about masks (not even going to write about vaccines here). Florida Freedom resulted in more deaths and although it wasn’t “murder” the deaths kept on adding up even though Florida initially had low death tallies when the virus started to spread and misled rhymes with spread. DeSantis and his men caused that to happen as I have repeatedly documented. In New York I noticed a Latino on social media telling people not to fear, that famous speakers promoting business tell you that and he pointed to the map showing how Florida lagged well behind New York in deaths. That’s because the virus had not spread there as it spread through heavily populated places like Elmhurst, Queens. Death was like that slow ketchup that hides inside the bottle and just needs a strong shake or more to come out to be consumed. And the consumers in Florida were consumed! Dios le bendiga if another pandemic hits Us soon, a hurricane of death.

And as far as Cubans and Colombians, the numbers are below 30 percent, but Mexicans are at 33 percent and all other Hispanics are higher than that. So much for Latinos heading toward the Republican Party while so many people are suffering like teachers in Florida from low wages (even before the recent inflation). I blame pollsters as much as anyone failing to ask questions that are more revealing.

And all that was before Joe Biden and the inflation we are facing worldwide. And poor Brazilians can buy two kilos of chicken a day with the money that they receive is much better than “Let them eat cake” from the days of Marie Antoinette.  The money they receive is real chicken feed and the messaging is a way to distort the facts of poverty in his nation. You see that I also took note of Bolsonaro’s. Birds of a feather flock together and even though I was all about GED in 2002 I let people speak about getting health benefits before me in meetings with community in New York. Everything matters!

I drove by the Pinelawn Cemetery today after shopping at the supermarket and I know prices are high. Those cemetery plots with the stones in rows, lots of rows, are not filled with soldiers who knew what they were doing during World War II. How could they know everything? How could they know that Southern boys in London were showing their culture of White Supremacy to the English as they made demands on African American soldiers. The war was not about freedom for all, including homosexuals. How could it be for all when even Jews were facing the onslaught of an American population that never wanted to take in the Jews and where support for Jews was single digit in polls? And discrimination continued around the United States. Have I not already written that Republicans were in the Ku Klux Klan on Long Island where Pinelawn Cemetery is?

There are things that can be done to reject that group of people nurtured on untruths. Republicans can read in Congress, for example, The 1619 Project to our entire nation. Let the people be educated since there really is no stopping free speech and education. Gays and lesbians have dressed the way they liked for generations and books in school libraries have been there for decades. No law is needed to stop the Gay Pride products in school since that can be handled at the local level.  And why should it be stopped at all since it is free speech.

For Latinos mentioned already, after the killing of Marcelo Lucero from Ecuador on Long Island, students in Patchogue High School got upset because Latinos were speaking Spanish in the halls and those “blanquitos” did not understand. They and their parents protested a meeting that I attended. Hate is driven by lots of factors and corrupt politics is driven by much more than stealing the public’s money. And nobody can stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory since the clock works 24 hours a day and people can learn about CRT right outside the school. And I wonder exactly how that community of Latinos feels right now about the treatment of Venezuelans at the hands of conservative governors in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. That community just celebrated its first parade showing our diversity, but our democracy is at risk and the case has been made in New York against Lee Zeldin for governor by Governor Hochul and by yours truly. Zeldin voted to overturn the Election of 2020.

Governor Ron DeSantis is not a “smart Trump” since he is prone to major errors that can be straightened out just like Trump. Unfortunately, the election is in November and those cases pending right now will have to wait, just as we had to wait all this time to learn much more about Trump and how he tried to bankrupt American democracy after losing the election. And DeSantis stayed quiet and continues to remain quiet so that he can get the most support at the polls. The courts do protect all of US and everything takes time. And I just read that even in relation to Florida and its legislation against abortions that the law violates the well documented right to privacy of the people of Florida and it has already been established both in Florida and across our nation that the Old Testament cannot be diminished by any court in a decision about “religious freedom” in America. The United States Constitution protects that freedom for all. It would be nice to DeSantis to direct the legislature of Florida to that information and repeal the legislation.