Florida You’ve Been Had

Didn’t I say weeks ago “Better the Waffle House than the People’s House (for Ron DeSantis)? Trump lost the Election of 2020 because of COVID-19 and DeSantis deserves the same fate. He deserves to lose.

The talk in Florida cannot be just about how the schools stayed open as 80,000 people died. That is pure propaganda. Let’s go back to the drawing board, but we cannot bring back those lives. Education is my endeavor as I achieve it the ways I know how. Much of my success has been as a blogger far outside the classroom as Dominicans, Salvadorans, Puerto Ricans, African Americans, Haitians, and others have learned over the years. I kept my mask on and I am alive to create change in Florida. Florida is a state that has really had trickle down education all across the board (it’s systemic) and that has to change.

Let’s go to the numbers for you to see added with some sazón that only El Quijote del GED can provide. Oh the photo! I mustn’t forget to share the information. I quickly got the executive director of ASPIRA New York to attend the B.M.I. Awards and a week later without asking I was invited to attend as well. I was already famous for Ojalá Que Llueva Café y Educación en el Campo and the event gave me an opportunity to walk around and meet other famous recording artists. N.O.R.E. was there as you can see. Okay now the numbers.

In 2002 Florida had a great leap on the G.E.D. world which developed between a member of the Jeb Bush cabinet and me. Bill Ammons was great (so was Hector Gesualdo, the executive director of ASPIRA New York who I met that same year). My ideas were taken forward to a governor, imagine that. And I say that Charlie Crist will be receptive to the contents of this article with the goal of benefitting Floridians faster than Republicans who use those “trickle down” ideas and still come up far short. In 2002 Florida had 1,867,000 adults without a high school diploma or GED. I had no numbers of ethnic groups until the report started to include that information in 2008. In 2002, 38,415 adults (young and older) took the GED test. The number of completed tests was 36,490 which was a good effort by the people. In 2002, 28,388 passed the test, but I knew that the Spanish GED was underutilized by Spanish speakers there and the French test was non-existent for Haitians and others whose strongest language was French. So you see that there were 10,000 failures. It’s time for people to “Oye Mi Canto.” Florida had the greatest improvement in the nation that year due to Bill Ammons and me.

And what has happened since? The delivery to the people annually was 1.5 per 100 people. Some other states did much better and that makes those states stronger (keeping in mind that talk about schools staying open during the pandemic). So this is the time for Florida to stop the “trickle” and concentrate harder on the people. That is where the Election of 2022 comes in and the change that I hope for in Tallahassee. In

GED Joe Biden Fair Shot 2021

Posted August 19, 2020

I presented that the best available information showed that Florida had a significant gap on Spanish (10.3) language success on the GED and a much worse gap among African Americans (25.8) in 2013. Things have not gotten better for adults and now with more immigrants moving in because of world conditions including Repugnicans telling the world that there is an ”open” border which is not the leading attraction, but shows that their messaging was corrupting them from the beginning. The biggest attraction for immigrants included the opportunity that this nation affords people and the ability to send large amounts of money back to their families around the world. This was true in the 19th century and remains true now. The dropout rate from school is clearly smaller as graduation rates have improved each year, but what happens to that 1,867,000 number? It would shrink if Florida had 50,000 diplomas a year instead of what it now has. Some people who earn a GED move on to great things or that American Dream, but others lag behind and have hardly any voice in government. This is the so-called “little man” of history who doesn’t earn enough, lives in poor conditions, and who votes or who does not vote. Poverty matters!

I was in Daytona Beach near Ormond Beach last month and the sign outside a fast-food restaurant read “Up to $17 an hour” which got my attention. Are wages well behind for Florida’s workers or not? That is what Hector Gesualdo was concerned about as the head of ASPIRA New York and that is what hit one of the most successful Latinas in the history of New York in 2003 who said to me back then “so that is why I failed.” The failure has to stop in Florida now and a new administration is needed. And I know that among the applications for jobs in Miami, that workforce developers see that up to 75 percent of job applicants today have no high school diploma or GED. Para que en Villa Miami oigan este canto, ojala que llueva diplomas del GED.

Florida, you’ve been had over the last for years in far too many ways. And in Miami, a mayor is flexing his muscles for a potential presidential run in 2024, a Latino. Yo no soy latino pero dicen que soy dominicano. Oye Mi Canto! And Florida you’ve been had is the theme to know and repeat as democracy has been diminished by Governor DeSantis and his team.

Keep in mind that less than a year ago Mayor Eric Adams spoke out that 80 percent of the people in the big jail of New York City have never finished their education. I just gave the Department of Education of New York City Family Empowerment unit the information that students need now to learn English faster, and this information will be sent there shortly since we need transparency from everyone.

The Plan Needed Now in Florida.

The embassies of the world and their consulates in Florida have to do more along with immigrant organizations that have never done enough to help the immigrants. Community organizations must join everyone at the table, along with political leaders and parent involvement programs and particularly Title 1 Programs. The Mexican government in the United States had educational classes up to the eighth grade to help the Mexican people, but it fell short of the goal of helping the adults.

I can now take you back to 2001 when not only ASPIRA New York decided to work closely with me to help the people that it served, but also the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York made the same determination and by doing so those decisions chose my ideas over the programs of the City of New York and BOCES which provided help to the people outside New York City.

I can see Florida changing a lot, but the word has to get out before the election coming up.  I want to see the same development of concern for the almost two million people in Florida and other five million or so around them who love them as family and as friends shown by the government of Florida in the next administration. We need more nurses and other professionals. We need more people in the medical field and we needed them before the recent pandemic and Hurricane Ian. Things can and probably will get worse and that will take an investment in people such as our nation has never seen. Florida is the place to start. The combination of education attainment by everyone and saving our democracy is urgent care for the people. And Joe Biden is needed right now to bring this initiative forward in cooperation, particularly, with Latin America. We need all hands on deck to overpower the misinformation being spread by Russia in Latin America.

 I have recently written about Kanye West and Candace Owens in my articles and read my lips “They are not invited to my house.” And I want N.O.R.E. to understand that this Hitler poster boy and girl stuff is serious and calls for a kind of social distancing that people probably do not understand. Death comes along with that kind of work just as it comes along with gangs in the hood. New York Newsday published a small piece about universal pre-K that I wrote that spelled out that it would take a family 12 years to advance economically where the parents were lacking a GED, promoting their children’s education and neglecting their own. All these years while Repugnicans promoted charter schools along with misguided billionaires. Joe Biden and Secretary Cardona have the answer now which is great tutoring to help everyone in need. This could be expanded to help people being held back in important careers. And it could be done with federal dollars, weather permitting (I mean Republicans). And I’m waiting to be contacted by N.O.R.E. where we can discuss the anti-Semitism of his friends who along with Donald Trump who need to be cancelled fast. And lets’ get together with Meek Mill and Jay Z to make this country a much better place for everyone.

Stop Ron DeSantis now!