Kanye West Netanyahu and the Five Foot Putz

Okay the “putz” that I have in mind is really about 6 feet 4 inches, and “Bibi” in his new book writes about how he had to use golf terms to make Trump understand the situation much better between the Jews and Palestinians as there has been no diplomatic solution ever that has brought peace. And it’s interesting that the 5 foot putt was a demonstration about the UAE or United Arab Emirates.

On that note, I told my readers that it was clear to me from reading history that the United Arab Emirates would not be supportive of Palestinian rights to a homeland and or its struggle against Israel. I have no exact idea of the date that Netanyahu opened up Trump’s rather slow mind with the 5 foot putt concept, but I told my readers this. And keep in mind that if the people around Trump had really known this history, someone in The White House could have told Trump.

Republicans and Israel A Lesson for Georgians

Posted December 23, 2020

And behind all this were the Arab leaders who often would not even raise the Palestinian issue at meetings during the Bush years. This chain of thought permeates Dennis Ross’ work and book. We can see some of it right now in the Abraham Peace Accord which may or may not be real peace. The bottom line is that Donald Trump who told the world that he was looking at a one state and a two-state solution in the Campaign of 2016 did not deliver. His deal making abilities fell far short and he had to reach into a back pocket to show the American people the huge progress that he made. Even the new deal with Morocco was made with a nation that was rich in supporting its Jewish population.

If Dennis Ross, the former diplomat knew it, Netanyahu knew it, I knew it, and countless others knew it, it had to be explained to Trump by someone familiar with the Middle East. Jared Kushner could easily have thought of his Abraham Peace Accords if Hillary Clinton had won the Election of 2016 and presented it to her in the name of world peace and she would have taken credit for it. Kushner already had a strong relationship with Netanyahu and things could have happened without Trump. And is it possible that Jared Kushner had read what I knew by reading the same book (Doomed to Succeed copyright 2015)?

Netanyahu in his book “Bibi” points out that there were more golf lessons for the putz (okay he did not say putz). A 30 foot putt would be convincing the Saudis and convincing the Palestinians was next to impossible unless you believe in miracles since Netanyahu said that a golf ball would have to penetrate a solid brick wall and go in the hole for that putt to drop. In The Sacred Oath which I wrote a long time ago, I basically wrote that there would not be peace, but never describing anything like what Bibi had to do for Trump.

Today Trump is back to his old tricks trying to convince more Jews to vote for him. Isn’t it astonishing that after all this, the Kanye West putt that has sparked increasing fears of anti-Semitism across the world, the Candace Owens statement that West’s words were “honest” which attest to her own problem with Jews that we have seen before, and it would seem to me that both of those Trump supporters are pushing to have statues of themselves created that could be placed somewhere with a statue of Hitler that would honor all of them (including Trump who was known as King of the Jews). There has been no criticism of Kanye West yet by King Putz.

Trump is trying again to diminish the Jewish people by pointing out to the world that Evangelicals are more supportive of his efforts than Jews are. This stance has also been in the news when an Israeli diplomat presented it. This news is old news, especially since the Israeli government wishes now to come closer to the vast majority of Jews that cannot support Trump and his shenanigans. The fact that Jews are divided is not “fake news” and I’ve written about those divisions a lot.  And what Trump acts like is the wild animal trainer in the circus that has to beat those animals almost to death and then train them as he nurses them back to health. Have you been to the circus? Enough circus from Trump!

I typed putz in a search and came up with this.

Pittsburgh: Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric

By Martin Danenberg Published October 29, 2018

This was published in Jewish Business News in Israel.

called the Dennis Praeger Show about two years ago to express the view that Trump’s immigration policies would increase anti-Semitism among Hispanics and other immigrants, especially as people are deported. At that time there were more anti-Semitic incidents, but there was no massacre. Nobody listens to me.

Praeger rejected my warning, telling his listeners that it reminded him of what a rabbi told him back when Abe Beame was running for mayor of New York. The rabbi was worried about increased anti-Semitism resulting from a Beame victory.

We were proud of Beame, but Trump is a different story, a much different story.

Where is Praeger now? Where are the evangelicals who support Israel? The focus should be on Robert Jeffress who has made anti-Semitic remarks and whose reward has been to advise Trump. We want action and not just words to solve the problems we are facing. And Trump and Jeffress are good friends.

Jeffress’ radio program reaches 900 stations nationwide. He should spend a year reaching out to people addressing anti-Semitism each week and if he cannot do that I would fire him from his role. in the White House. The Southern Baptist Convention and other churches could do the same. Perhaps the red flags will be revealed more quickly. But nobody listens to me.

We Jews are now in a super protective mode that needs more unity of purpose to save lives. And Trump by his campaign history, his policies, and his comments about the massacre in Pittsburgh have demonstrated his ability. Putzburgh!

And I noticed that Ben Shapiro, whose Daily Wire produced the Candace Owens documentary about Black Lives Matter, is calling for tolerance in this entire matter. And he does not mention Trump at all who could have made a statement. Shapiro’s dialogue will continue with those people who agree to disagree. They may not agree on everything that each of them says, but they are in bed together as hate is stirred across America. Should we thank them for their tolerance for each other? And did Kanye get a doctor’s note detailing that his anti-Semitism is just bipolar disorder?  It’s okay to cancel. Let the cancelling begin! There are limits to free speech (think of La Libre Parole in French history from 1894 on). That was an anti-Semitic newspaper that Kanye West should look into and maybe he could purchase it.

Our democracy is in the balance and for now Joe Biden has helped save it along with a cast of Americans of both parties in Washington, D.C. as the January 6 Committee concludes its presentations. I know that a debate is about to take place between Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist. I can imagine the debate right now as Kanye West interrupts as he done at the most prestigious music awards, showing his support for DeSantis and speaking out against the Jews to the entire state of Florida. Why can’t that happen? He can tailor swiftly just about anything against the Jews in order to Make America Great Again (sorry Taylor Swift for bringing your name up in this sentence). I have very limited creativity, but I choose not to learn from Kanye West. Nada!

Trump has failed the Jewish people much of the time. It would be great if Charlie Crist will bring up all this Kanye West in the debates which would not be an attack on African Americans since this is about one man and his huge mistake to spread hate. Latinos, Asians, and all Americans who wish to be protected must learn that the first defense against hate is not, for example, guns being held by Jews in a synagogue in Florida or anywhere on earth. It is about changing the thinking of all men who harbor hate and blame the general population for the actions of one. When Kanye first mentioned the Jews without alluding to any one individual, he showed his hate. He showed the same lack of education that led to The Final Solution.

I just had dinner at home, and it made me think of Disney and Ron DeSantis’s attack on that company over gays. It was at Disney that a well-known, national dish of France entered my life, encore une fois. And recently I expressed my wish to sit down to the table with the President of France to enjoy coq au vin. Thank you, Disney, or as a famous Frenchman once said “thank heaven” for what you have done. Incredibly this is the day that we made and enjoyed coq au vin at home which was partially inspired by a dinner in Montmartre in Paris.

 It is my desire, Ben Shapiro, to travel to the home of Emile Zolá in Médan, France, which is just outside of Paris to visit The Dreyfus Museum. Our nation could benefit greatly if Shapiro has enough sense to realize that there are serious consequences that Trump, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Kanye West, and others have now brought forth, not only against our nation but against the Jewish people. Amen y merci beaucoup! And this is a moment for Jews and Evangelicals to unite to defeat hate! That can be done anywhere, and I think that since Florida is considered the state with the most hate groups in the nation, it would be a perfect place to start under a new administration where people will speak out because silence is an evil. And we have to think of the Florida governor and ask ourselves if he is aware of Hurricane Kanye and Tropical Storm Candace as they penetrate communities in Florida before the election with 120 mile per hour and high gusts of messages of hate against Jews. Trump won Florida in 2020 with massive help from anti-Semitic Hispanics which was concealed like a powerful weapon for several months and now the anti-Semitism is out in the open for all to see and know.

And today as Kanye West uses many of the same techniques as Trump to get publicity, it’s the influence of that putz which could be noted after the Pittsburgh Massacre. And it pretty much goes back to the days before the Trump years in office when Bill O’Reilly spoke out against Trump (which has not happened lately) as Trump pointed out his favorite quote from The Bible which was “An Eye for an Eye.” O’Reilly immediately pointed out that the New Testament is about Jesus and “Turning the Other Cheek.” That was a warning just like a missile being fired at the USA, but how many Christians (Kanye Christians) paid attention to that and spoke out? Silence is evil! Ignorance is bliss?