We Don’t Let that Happen Again Netanyahu Kanye West

The Bill Maher show presented Bibi or Benjamin Netanyahu and Maher put the Kanye West controversy straight at Netanyahu, a Jew and former leader of Israel. Netanyahu sprayed the words “stupidity” and “absurdity” at Kanye West and spoke those words that I last heard from an Israeli in a pool in Playa del Carmen, Mexico but within the historical context of the Jews get blamed for Communism and the Jews get blamed for capitalism. Or what was said in the pool is that we always get blamed.

Netanyahu looked great, well dressed, fit, clean shaven, alert, and ready to discuss things before the question about would Israel retaliate against Kanye West. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as we shall see what the Israeli government does to diminish the statements made by West. And Netanyahu spoke without citing a single example of what he was talking about since the matter is about freedom of speech to spread hate.

Netanyahu’s response about Israel’s position was clear and that is Israel takes care of those problems, however minor they may appear to Netanyahu. We know that Israel has bigger problems to handle and experience its share of world hate, but Netanyahu was not totally prepared to handle the question and with no advisors around him nor speech writers his words fell flat on me. When he said that Israel has “more” to be concerned about, although factual was something that should not have been expressed since hate is at the core of everything else.

The catalyst or person who helped give birth to the Zionist movement that led to The Balfour Declaration and the State of Israel was Theodore Herzl who covered The Dreyfus Affair which I have repeatedly written about, and which woke Herzl up to the danger of anti-Semitism. This strong link with the present is also a political link that is internationally present at conferences and in streets around the world and which no longer just surfaces under The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Heating up passions right now is The Great Replacement Theory which Bibi’s friend Donald Trump has been involved in. Kanye West and Candace Owens are both Trump acolytes and both Maher and Netanyahu conveniently left that out. Owens, who gave credit to Hitler before Congress for building up his country before moving into other countries, helped orchestrate the Black Exit from the Democratic Party. West cannot divorce himself from Trump or any of the anti-Semites who have taught him his lessons. And we have also read about West’s own Hitler comment accusations since the first anti-Semitic remarks were reported and Kanye continues to be embraced by others, a mixture of those who have had their own scandal of anti-Semitism and those who have not.

Israel may or may not go after Kanye West, but in handling the matter he has opened the door to Jews in the United States who should go after West to think more about my words. It’s just too bad that we cannot have a united front or it seems we cannot. Netanyahu is not in power, but his presence is always felt because he is on the sideline of government, a key component in government operations in Israel which could make him the “Comeback Kid.”. Trump is on the sideline where his political grave appears deeper and deeper every day, but there was no mention of Trump who still has made no comment about his friends who are being criticized all around the United States.

Netanyahu was okay with Trump’s wall until Mexican Jews spoke out and he quickly changed his tune. West and Owens have tens of millions of followers and although West has said that he wants no violence against Jews what he said stirs the pot of anti-Semitism loud and clear.

Have you noticed that I wrote that Herzl “woke” up to the dangers of anti-Semitism (which took place in 1894)?  Social justice for Jews and others is being diminished and we thank those Jews who protested Trump’s wall which failed. Failed! I put the blame for the immigration problem on that in my last article citing another important world leader. And in today’s news, Secretary Mayorkas has made world news by telling Republicans who say that we have an “open border” that they are just inviting people to come to our border. I wonder if my article  about immigrants going to Florida two days ago provoked that!

And my readers know that I knew where Trump was taking the people just as the French Military lied its way to destroy a Jew in 1894. The coup attempt and the cover up were similar only this time it wasn’t the military that was the perpetrator since it was Trump and his men (and women) this time around that tried to destroy the Democrats and our democracy. Will Netanyahu remain silent about that?

Military loyalty in France in 1894, lies, and “fake news” put out against a Jew- Trump government and loyalty, lies, “fake news”, a coup to overthrow democracy, and Trump did with knowing that he could get by with a little help from his friends everywhere 2016-present. And before writing this paragraph at had to learn more about Maher-Netanyahu and the interview where there was talk about apartheid and Israel’s protection of gays vs. the Arab nations (what about Florida and other places?).

Is this “fake news” about apartheid where mostly “The Squad” is blamed which could be interpreted as liberals, socialists, communists, and Democrats? Click on this to read about one of the most powerful Republicans who spoke about apartheid. Click and see?

And finishing up, just days ago in reaching out to someone in another state about the controversial Confederate flag issue (thinking of Nazi flag issue since I am Jewish), I was told that there are more important issues to deal with than that. Let’s deal with the Nazi flag (I mean Confederate flag) issue and not sweeping it under the rug here or in Israel or anywhere else.