Immigrants Soon Heading for Florida

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran Pastor in Nazi Germany

And let me take you back to 2019 when Trump was not even that close to the electoral defeat that he suffered and that he knew about. Nayib Bukele is the president of El Salvador.

Bukele Has Potential

Posted August 3, 2019 Bukele Has Potential

I really liked President Bukele’s thoughts about Trump’s wall and he is certain that the wall will fail.

I have to tell my readers right now just how significant that comment was by Bukele in 2019. The world was paying attention to him and Trump supporters even now are placing the blame for the immense immigration on Joe Biden and doing it, of course, in the worst partisan manner. Latin America was paying attention to this new leader of El Salvador and Trump made a deal with Bukele to do his best to keep the Salvadoran people out. So the message even back then was the wall isn’t going to work…the wall isn’t going to work…the wall isn’t going to work and since people understood that it wouldn’t work they came…they came…they came. And that was a year and seven months before inauguration day of Joe Biden in 2021. Bukele was giving great publicity to people to just make their way toward the wall which would fail. So Trump failed his own people and they have to project the blame to Biden. And that’s called a democracy? We know about our American fascism and the lies being told. And can you imagine what would have happened if Bukele had told people on television that Trump’s wall was working?

There is a lot of media coverage of the immigrant crisis in New York City and things are being done there to help the thousands of immigrants who have arrived there. There have been strong criticisms of the governors sending the immigrants to the city and we know about the investigations of Governor DeSantis and the breaking of law in sending immigrants far from Florida the way he did. Even an investigation is proceeding to determine if he illegally used federal funds to accomplish his mission.

As all the dust settles there and in other cities, immigrants will do what they usually do. Migrate to other places! And a prime destination for Venezuelans and Cubans will be Florida. Who then right now holds the key to the success of those immigrants, keeping in mind that the governor does not have the power to remove them? DeSantis or Crist? And it’s too soon to tell if the movement will be like the old “Gold Rush” to California in the 19th century that quickly gave California recognition as a territory of the United States making it eligible for statehood. And that change came quickly. Florida needs an immense political change right now!

Keep in mind that Florida has done a great job of telling the world just why they should move to Florida. No state tax! Freedom from government restraints! Florida is the perfect place for the immigrants mentioned and others.

DeSantis has cancelled himself out of being the leader there. True he is in charge right now over the hurricane disaster relief and that could help him in the November election but remember what Geraldo Rivera and others have said about how his actions against the immigrants will haunt him. We will soon see.

I believe that Charlie Crist, on the other hand, is the person that the immigrants can go to for respect, ideas, collaborations, justice, and general good will and he has lots of elected officials in that state that will be in the forefront of helping the immigrants succeed instead of delaying their progress in our nation.

Crist made a good point of portraying things in Christian terms a couple of weeks back. Helping new immigrants and struggling immigrants is a lesson from The Bible that was missed by Trump and DeSantis as they promoted the family values of the immigrants which does attract the attention of the most conservative supporters. Hispanics are divided like other ethnic groups in Florida.

What should we look for. I think the Supreme Court will have to decide finally that the Old Testament holds the answer to where abortion should be decided since we are a nation that firmly believes in religious freedom. The Amish once won a case where their children would only have to remain in school until they were 14 years of age. And in the Old Testament (the Religious Constitution) it is written that an abortion is possible when the life of the mother is at risk. Just about all articles published nationally never contain this important information and we say that the truth shall set you free. Would Governor DeSantis ever tell his constituents this? I strongly doubt it.

And in the firing of Andrew Warren who only spoke up in saying that he would not prosecute abortion cases, Governor DeSantis failed to recognize that the Supreme Court upheld many decades ago the right of elected officials to free speech. That was what Warren was doing, but DeSantis took it upon himself to show his supporters that he was going to fight for them. DeSantis is overmatched by historical decisions of the Supreme Court and his legislature has the right to remain silent about all this since the legislature went along with him. I undid in 2001 the work of the legislature and Governor Jeb Bush and I can help do it again right now.

I believe that Charlie Crist is the person the people can go to. I have helped Florida before, and I know that Florida needs lots of educational improvements. Immigrants have to speak English more quickly. The children of immigrants have to progress better as well as their parents earning educational credentials at the same time. African Americans around the state want justice and justice comes slowly with conservatives in power and increasing the educational attainment of African Americans is a must. DeSantis talks about world class schools in Florida, but with people far behind those world class schools are a myth to far too many. Comparing improvements to schools that have been locked down is not enough and the lots of votes can be obtained to turn the victory to Crist.

President Biden has the plan of action that is needed and our nation’s newspapers are not even covering it. Just imagine the Titanic, which sunk a century ago. Republicans will not support the lifeboats that students need right now in schools all over Florida. Tutors to help students progress now. Instead of that Republicans say let’s build a stronger ship called the charter school, a place where remediation will lift up your children who failed in their schools. The remediation can take place in neighborhood schools right now with the cooperation of Republicans, but the Republicans would lose a major talking point that has contributed to their success. Latinos seem to favor charter schools right now, but all that would change when the children get great tutoring, and the shift will take place away from the Republicans. Spanish news media should cover that! It’s politics as usual.

And keeping in mind that quote from a Lutheran pastor during the Holocaust who spoke out when others didn’t, maybe you have not noticed that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have not spoken out about the anti-Semitism of Kanye West nor was there a word about Candace Owens who felt that the West comments were honest. Owens spoke about just how Hitler was a good leader before he set out to control other lands and she said those things in Congress sitting next to a well-known Zionist leader who favored Trump because he favored Israel. Trump is being exposed more and more and now it’s DeSantis’s turn, although it is doubtful that there are as many human body cameras on the governor to witness and expose everything (whistleblowers). Not speaking out should diminish the Jewish vote for DeSantis next month. And not speaking out stirs the pot of anti-Semitism even if there are no known attacks on Jews at this time.

And as those immigrants move to Florida, we hope that the people will not follow the lead of Ron DeSantis. Those immigrants should be received well under Christian law and the law of the land. Every place in the United States must be a sanctuary for those immigrants. Our nation deports immigrants when it is called for. Remember that it Mitt Romney who helped stir the pot against the immigrants when he said that millions of people should “self-deport” and from there things got worse under Trump. And there is no wall between Georgia and Florida as people travel freely.

And in Florida, health officials are pushing back against the claims of the Surgeon General of Florida about COVID-19 vaccinations. Just weeks ago, it seemed that Charlie Crist was in the lead in the governor’s race as the handling of COVID-19 by Governor DeSantis was still a hot issue. We should never forget what the governor and a bunch of neo-fascists have done to spread illness and death, especially in Red states which became the dead states. Even now in Florida, pediatric viral infections have been surging and mucous is invading the lungs of children at a high rate. It has been written that removing masks and letting down the guard have contributed to these infections. Do we pray to do more to protect our nation’s children?