Governor Abbott Just Like Goebbels Adolf

“Better the Waffle House than the White House for y’all.”


It should be clear to most people who know history just want my intent is here. Governor Abbot just crossed a line which made me think of blood libels against Jews, Jim Crow White Supremacy Justice, other criminal trials where the prosecution held back important evidence and their cases were pure lies, and the countless efforts in jobs and neighborhoods where people have lied against others. All of this and the Bible which calls for people to tell the truth are on my mind.

This is about what governors have done to immigrants, transporting them against their wishes across the United States. I wrote this at the beginning of my article about Governor DeSantis.

The title that I chose does seem even odd to me as I look again at Goebbels Adolf. Could that be a kind of code inciting freedom? And what about the rest? Didn’t Romeo and Juliet give US West Side Story and wasn’t there lots of hate to conquer back then?

Ron DeSantis For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

Posted September 15, 2022

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

And while reading about Hitler’s takeover of Czechoslovakia, I read about immigrants fleeing from that country. And they were fleeing a Nazi Pandemic which we could surely call a German Pandemic.

Departure Prague 1938. Train halts in Germany for five hours and nerves were on edge where adults and children see the Nazis with their terrifying rifles and bayonets. Passing through Germany and its cities into Belgium. Then Holland. Then there was a ferry crossing and finally to Liverpool Street Station by train, arriving in London which was the place these immigrants wanted to go. Even the Nazis on this occasion did not stop them from getting to where they wanted to go.

That true story was written by a woman who had to live through those moments escaping in time from the grip of the Nazis. The Department of State should know just who wrote that. Her father became the voice of freedom in two languages giving hope to people in Europe (Czechs and Serbians).

I had already called the office of Tommy Gonzalez, the city manager of El Paso, Texas on Friday when I watched the O’Rourke-Abbott Debate which looked like a courtroom setting more than most other debates and the lie was told there that the sending out of the immigrants was the same by both the city manager and his team and by the governor. No! No! No!

Abbott could have made some comment about communists ruling America and that would have changed that moment in the debate, but to directly lie in order to win votes reveals just who shallow Abbott’s knowledge of history is and what his focus should really be.

I also wrote in the first year of COVID-19 this.

MI6 in London was working closely with men and women who attended Christmas Eve Catholic services in France Vichy France.  At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask.

who save lives in battle.

And I have emphasized that we should not do patriotic things under those conditions to put lives in danger, including the playing of the national anthem. I found in my reading this information that occurred in Prague where a lesson was learned during the resistance there. This took place on National Day October 1939 when there was a huge “anti-occupation rally.”  Angry Nazis fired their rifles and killed a young man, a medical student.  Later at his funeral, friends sang the national anthem and there were shouts of patriotic slogans ringing out in the streets. The news got back to Hitler. Nine students who were not even involved in the demonstrations were lined up against a wall and shot and killed. The Nazis detained 1,800 students and tortured many boys and abused girls. Hitler shut down the colleges and universities for the duration of the war.

And in my last article, I highlighted to my readers that we should be watching Donald Trump.

From Berchtesgarden to Mar-A-Lago-September 30

Posted September 30, 2022

And with all this said and as Hurricane Ian has swept through Florida, let’s keep our eyes on two things. Didn’t Trump of Mar-A-Lago fame say that Putin would be bombed by him if he took the actions that Putin has taken? The time may be here to launch an attack on Putin from Mar-A-Lago? And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? I know he is actively raising funds for himself. Floridians should know by now two things: Trump’s pollster knew that Trump had failed in his handing on the COVID-19 pandemic because they saw that Biden was rising because of Build Back Better when Trump’s campaign had nothing. And now Charlie Crist has taken the lead in the governor’s race because, again, pollsters with more precise data have revealed that Floridians are making a difference recognizing that DeSantis permitted tens of thousands of people to die by his handling of the pandemic.

And it’s there! And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? The man who was president and who claims that he still is president who is a “genius” or so he says, went to Michigan where he called out his love to Floridians and spoke about that “big one” hurricane. He made it known that he loves the people of Florida and that they are in his prayers. What kind of Build Back Better or Make Florida Great Again is that from a man who claims to be the president? Can we expect such a statement from Trump or not? He could have stayed in Florida making breakfasts for community people with the governor instead of going out to campaign. He could even have taken the time to shoot paper towels at those people the way he did that in Puerto Rico where the people loved him for not quickly providing the island with the money that it needed after Hurricane Maria.

Again we should think deeply about that last paragraph. I chose not to mention the name of the restaurant, but I declare it here. The Waffle House needs new employees and it should be the law of the land that Trump and DeSantis work there and never get close to the White House. Nikki Haley has a new book out and she should be working in a Waffle House in South Carolina. I held back briefly a bit of important information that I read about in the book about the life of Emile Zolá.

For my readers outside the United States and others who do not know or remember well the history of the colonies under England, here we go. There was a Stamp Act that the colonists protested before declaring independence and going to war. France had its Stamp Act under Emperor Louis Napoleon which was a way of getting rid of press critical of his government, the greater the criticism the higher was the tax on the newspaper or newspaper. I wrote about the youth in Virginia who walked out of school to protest the actions of the governor of Virginia and this is only the beginning of the school year. I do not see the students of Florida sitting back all year and going along with Governor DeSantis and his Mom 4 Liberty (developed by Repugnicans). Trump is his speech in Michigan spoke about the opposition diminishing America’s freedom (we went through this even when Bush was president after 9-11). This is a moment in time when Plymouth Rock has fallen again on Black people and all of US who want out students to learn, learn, learn without the restrictions posed by the DeSantis Administration and his supporters in the state legislature. This is a real Stamp Act moment as we want all this news about current events to take place in the classroom as well. Latinos should be discussing just what an obstruction of justice DeSantis involved himself in. And the word should spread into New York State where Lee Zeldin wants to be governor of the Empire State. There is a Waffle House waiting for Lee Zeldin and the arrangements can be made.

Directions. Taking the New Jersey Thruway past Philadelphia going South and crossing into Delaware is the first Waffle House that I used to see on my trips. Our nation needs hard working individuals like Zeldin to fill those jobs. And as members of the Long Island Loud Majority and journalists for The New York Post keep writing about people leaving New York City, I repeat that there are jobs waiting for people in those states. Better the Waffle House than the White House for y’all.

The pandemic is still affecting voting polls in Florida where Charlie Crist has taken the lead. DeSantis won in 2018 by a slim margin and those 80,000 deaths due to COVID-19 and the mishandling of it are resonating against Repugnican propaganda. Texas 91,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

Wear a mask next time, Jesus Saves Lives! And I notice that it has been reported that a warden and his brother (a warden and his brother) were involved in a shooting where one immigrant was killed and one was wounded. Since Governor Abbott has been “protecting” immigrants by sending them to sanctuary cities, I wish to see a statement within the next few days from that governor and the others including Mr. MAGA (he was Magoo in one of my articles in Jewish Business News) calling for all Americans to protect the immigrants. No immigrant comes here to be shot down on anywhere in our nation without cause! The warden had been fired from his job before the reported killing of the immigrant and will be facing manslaughter charges. We need a statement from Abbott right now!

In addition, I would like to see The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, The National Review, and other such media present some or all my ideas in this article to their readers. I just noticed that The Washington Examiner had an article about immigrant children, and it didn’t mention just how Trump separated families. There is no reason to grant Trump so much amnesty through amnesia (or was that done intentionally?).

Hitler had his Waffen SS which killed people and we need a Waffle House USA to prevent people from killing our democracy! And people like Trump gave US “Better Hitler than Roosevelt.”