The Emile Zolá Trial

Today President Emmanuel Macron is well aware that conditions in France are highly similar to France from 1894-1906 and even beyond that. Conspiracy led to protests all over France and its colonies. Hatred was set on fire that was to last even until today. Death to the Jews and Down with the Jews!

Where is the journalist or writer today that can arouse such passion to address social injustice?  People are being attacked for being Muslim, homosexual, communist, socialist, woke, for advocating abortions (articles by Christians almost never mention the categories of permissible abortions in the Old Testament), teachers who wish to teach things that are historical that others disagree with and are therefore capable they say of making people feel blame or bad about themselves), and other things being acted into law in states around the United States.

Take a look at the Trial of Emile Zolá and take some moments to liberate your minds even though there may be mothers who wish to fight only for their own liberties. Perhaps, I can collaborate with the best journalists in our nation to bring about the “Zolá Effect” that helped divide France and saved it from itself. Perhaps some readers in Washington, D.C. will pass this on to President Emmanuel Macron so that he can express his own feelings and perhaps his gratitude. And perhaps that president will say “oui” that the United States is in the middle of our own Affair (L’Affaire in French) which school children know about because it is required history. I knew that we were in trouble in 2015 because of Donald Trump and even much more powerful Jews knew we were in trouble because they noticed that Trump was fueling the United States of America the way that Hitler fueled Germany. And he had much more to work with because Hitler’s votes were small compared to the huge votes that Trump got.

I must share something very important with my readers right now about Hitler and communism. I have been waiting for more than a month. When I read about Hitler and Franco and shared information, I held back and I feel that this is the moment to share something powerful that I learned. It applies so well to the United States because of the indiscriminate attempts by Repugnicans to persuade voters to their side by mentioning a great communist conspiracy among elected officials and their voters that just not exist.

Hitler either wrote or said that if he had known that there so so few communists in Spain at the time of Franco and the Spanish Civil War that he would not have attacked it.

“If Zolá had been acquitted that day, none of us would have left alive.”

George Clemenceau (Prime Minister)

There was a list of 100 witnesses to call.

General Billot- not authorized to answer the summons

Casimir-Perier- Constitutional responsibilities would impose on him to be silent

Paty du Clam- bound by professional secrecy

Blanche de Commings- got a doctor’s note to relieve him of attending the trial

Lebrun Renault- professional duty to remain silent

Major Ravary- decided not to appear

Major Esterhazy (the real traitor) feared Zolá’s attempt to reverse his (Esterhazy’s) acquittal in court

General Boisdeffre- could not provide useful details (he was involved in the conspiracy against Captain Alfred Dreyfus (a Jew selected by the conspiracists to be the traitor)

Labori  Zolá’s lawyer insisted – all the witnesses are permitted “to rise above the law”

Madame Dreyfus- not permitted to speak by the judge

Emile Zolá- speaks about the attacks on his property and life as he mentions the “gutter” press

Labori asks about how this trial can obtain the truth

Delegorgue (the judge) – “it doesn’t concern me” is his reply to that

General Mercier- testified that in his possession were documents that if revealed could lead to war (with Germany)*

*that document was a forgery which he helped to produce

I would like to see President Biden and President Emmanuel Macron come together to make a joint statement, a much stronger statement than has ever been heard before. Let them read my article about Harris Faulkner and her misstatement about the “roundup” of Jews during the pandemic (as I report the news of July 17, 1942 as 9,000 police rounded up 26,000 Jews in Paris known as the Rafle du Vel D’Hiv (Vel D’Hiv Roundup in English). Have you clicked on the article just now? Down with that kind of Fox News!

In January 1898 Zolá wrote two letters Lettre a la jeunesse (to youth) and Lettre a la France (to France and its people).

Amazingly this article was interrupted by a call from the Republican National Committee in which the Republicans agreed with Joe Biden when he said that “these are dark days.” Incroyable! Unbelievable!

“France, is that you there (now thinking of USA), being taken in by a most obvious lie, joining the mob of criminals against some honest people, panicking under the stupid pretext that the Army is being insulted (the call that I got was about the F.B.I. insulting Donald Trump)—that there are plots afoot to sell you out to the enemy? …Today anti-Semitism is a tactic…to lead people back to the altars. What a triumph, if a religious war could be unleashed (today a civil war)!

France (The USA) must come to its senses, restore justice and self-respect, put an end to the mockery in of justice in the military courts (today put an end to just how the Trump team has mocked US all along), stop their secret sessions and the withholding of important documents (from Trump’s closet). What folly to think that one can prevent history from being written (I called for whistleblowers against Trump in Jewish Business News in Israel and the people who were there just keep coming forward to tell what happened). It will be written, and those responsible will be duly named and recorded, no matter how small their role.”

I now know so many things about Emile Zolá that I should have known for more than 50 years. I read that Cervantes was one of his three favorite authors (along with Shakespeare and Dante). And without even knowing that I wrote Quijote and Zolá years ago. Americans and Frenchmen can learn more about that in The Force 2020 DDT.

So you see in conclusion that history was a guide as the French Army conspired against Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew who was totally loyal to his nation. And on the other hand you see that Donald Trump was loyal to most of his supporters and a great danger to himself, his family, and the nation. We should not confuse things here and not allow Trumpists to confuse what I have endeavored to do here, portraying both historical events (The Dreyfus Affair and January 6, 2021).

The anniversary of the death of Emile Zolá will be in two days. His home is in Médans, France, but he is in my home on Long Island as I write, think, and fight for justice in our nation.