Revenge Against Texas Will Be Sweet

I can now see New York City governmental leaders, Wall Street, corporations, and more entities fighting back against Texas’s misguided political missiles as busses with immigrants arrive in New York City and it’s a good thing that the bus didn’t’ crash on the way putting the lives of people in jeopardy or worse (thinking about whether the rights of those people were violated even as they agreed or consented and the possibility of Texas State liability in the matter). Thousands have already arrived in our nation’s capital. I would have required those people to wear masks on the bus. Texas deserves to be taught a lesson right how! Keep in mind that the former CEO and President of the G.E.D. told me several years ago that the education of the Hispanic community in Texas is inadequate as he toured Texas. That’s a lot to think about. Read on! There is more to share with our nation.

New York City’s recent history in this century has been defined symbolically most by the attack on 9/11. Donald Trump used that attack in his defense of New York values against Texas Ted Cruz in the debates in 2016. And in his presentation to the world, Trump showed just what kind of “loser” he was at that moment even though Rudy Giuliani was jumping for joy. New York City and its suburbs are much more than Trump presented and those “values” are coming out right now as Governor Abbott has sent the first bus load of immigrants to the city.

Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat whose has conservative elements, has spoken out that New York will take care of the humanitarian needs of the people arriving. That kind of help is needed and very often during the Trump years that kind of help was prohibited from use, either just before those immigrants arrived at the border or just after their arrival. Humanitarianism! Showing one’s humanity to another! It’s in The Bible! Christian Nationalists reject it just as they rejected help for Jews in the Holocaust years. And we just learned that Viktor Orbán of Hungary says that he is a great Christian as he denies rights and comforts to immigrants in Europe. The Nazis did that to the Jews throughout Europe back in those days largely because the Jews had no ally to call upon.

This is what I see happening. Elections are coming soon. They are months away, but the clock is ticking fast. Abbott’s attack on New York City which followed his even larger attack on our nation’s capital will be answered. And keep in mind that symbolically the 1/6 attack on our capital in 2020 was not planned by immigrants crossing the border. Republicans did the work to overthrow the results of the election. I see New York City and its surrounding suburbs sending real Americans, patriotic Americans, to keep our nation safer by sending short term workers to Texas and other states to canvass for the change that our nation needed back in 2016. The recent jobs report showing “huge” gains of more than 500,000 jobs in a month is exactly what our people wanted as the tide changed from Trump to Biden during and after May 2020. Trump had no plan and his pollsters knew that, but they were not paid to inform the general public about it. So now people all over the United States know that Trump was told to expect defeat and the latest report, even from his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is that the Trump’s were packing their bags and ready to leave office. And the party of business (Republican) that I spent decades hearing about has morphed against corporations in favor of small business, at least that is what we see. The attack on Disney was uncalled for as well.

I can see 1,000 new paid “volunteers” going to Texas, Florida, Arizona, and other states to undo the so much wrong being perpetrated by government officials. And I can see telephone calling centers being set up to support those efforts. Keep in mind that we recognize good things like Kansas overturning abortion bans. Keep in mind that we take note of, strong note, of Governor DeSantis’s removal of Andrew Warren for his statement (free speech) to not prosecute abortion cases. We just saw a case in New York City where the district attorney would not prosecute a man put in jail who killed another man. Yes the man was arrested and put in jail for what happened. Yes the man was set free on bail. And yes the man is now free because the D.A. decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to obtain a conviction. And in making that statement, the D.A. was thinking of a jury that will fair and free of bias that would make that determination. Our nation has been full of the opposite throughout its history and people woke up to that. Did I just write “woke” to make a point?

The busload of immigrants coming to New York City, it has been reported, contained mostly Venezuelans. I am assuming that those people came here to escape the oppression of communism. Isn’t the work of fixing the problem the work of our nation? I learned this expression from a friend who rose to the rank of vice-minister of El Salvador and I did G.E.D. roundtables with him and others in New York City, Long Island and Coral Gables, Florida. “Cuándo los Estados Unidos tiene un resfriado, América Latina tiene pulmonía.” That essentially means that Latin America suffers the consequences more than the United States when the latter’s economy is suffering from high unemployment, recession, depression. And that is what took place during the pandemic as we tried to save lives in Jesus’s name and in the name of state governments that felt the same way.

I have read the extensive reporting on Abbott’s actions and I say “hey Abbott” and thinking about just how Abbott could have sent those people to the destination of their choice. Many of those people would have felt more at home among their compatriots in Florida instead of New York City. And on that note, it’s time for Venezuelans in Florida to say “hey Abbott and DeSantis” what are you guys doing? And for all those other immigrants who crossed our border from the nations of the world including the Ukraine, India, African nations, and more, it’s time to learn from the experience of Jews as they fled where they lived to find a haven which did not exist. The Nazis, under a plan by Adolf Eichmann, wanted the Jews to end up in only one place which was Palestine where there would be no guarantee of safety. And the nations of Europe would not allow Jews in across their borders. The final result soon became The Final Solution and the death of six million Jews. And students on campuses have to learn about that and I can be contacted to explain more to any university that wishes to reach out to me. I am waiting for Chancellor Felix Matos of CUNY to respond to material that I recently sent him and I call upon the mayor and the City Council to take notice of that. And there is more to talk about. Education matters! And I have made it known to the mayor of New York City and the Archdiocese of Norwich, Connecticut that I am willing and able to help the immigrants arriving from the border.

President Biden can take action by providing all those immigrants with protection or TPS and if they choose to go back to Texas or any of the states that I have mentioned here or failed to mention they will know that they can find employment anywhere in the United States. The inhospitable conduct of Texas and the people there who provoked the action there can be dealt with by procedures that have been in place. And those immigrants will also be able to set up businesses as others have been able to do in the past, pay their taxes, and live amongst US. They will even be able to become citizens in the future based on existing laws and regulations and vote Republican if they desire to. That is what freedom is about.

On that note, I can point out to you that I spoke to a man in a cell phone call who came to America and who achieved amnesty under President Reagan. He went into business and later represented important businessmen as a spokesperson. He recently tried to become mayor of New York City and he is a Republican. The conversation that day was friendly, but my readers know that I do not tolerate repugnant positions and policies and I do not call all Republicans Repugnicans.

And thinking about 9/11, history will show us that Democrats took out two men who caused the attack on 9/11. Revenge is expected right now and that will not be sweet at all to US. Revenge is called for in the case of Governor Abbott and others. So get ready to rumble!

And as soon as I wrote that last sentence, news on my telephone was Republican congressman who voted to impeach Trump wins primary, CNN projects. Is that another “stolen” election, Donald? And I noticed some good news as well for Biden vs. Trump-DeSantis. But I also know that there are polls and polls. Some polls are much better than others.

This article was actually complete until there was news coming from the See Crap or Speak Crap where Donald Trump spoke, no longer calling his opposition Marxist Communists he chose to say or read and say socialist fascists. That is the Kremlin-like CPAC moment where pages are taken from Putin’s book. Trump has been consistently on Putin’s side since whenever. I guess that makes me a “fascist” too.

I also thought of bringing this up to my new readers across the United States to support my own position about Repugnican mask choice politics. First this: Cough

Posted  November 30, 2021 

In Soviet prisons prisoners were not allowed to cough freely. This took place in Special Purpose Prisons. “One could get into a punishment cell for coughing,” Solzhenitsyn wrote. The prison staff spoke and told the men and women to cover their heads with a blanket when coughing.

As soon as I saw this I knew that I had to share it with Trump’s supporters. That is a difficult thing for me to do since I really don’t know anyone to share it with and I hope you get this point.

And there is more about those misdemeanors. Noise that one’s shoes made while walking around the cell was called “rebellious” and had its punishment which was typically twenty more days of incarceration. Pacing back and forth due to no heat in extreme cold in prison could land you five days.

And how about this? Mask Mandate or Freedom

Posted January 12, 2022 

“After all there must be a regular turnover, to make room for the new intake.”

          Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As my readers know, I read, I learn, and I share. I have my eye on New York City right now and I am ready to “Accuse” people there, but nobody listens to me. Now I can turn to last night’s reading in bed of The Gulag.

The tortures and the deaths were immensely diverse. And women were often raped after their treatment. And then killed. And there were always new intakes.

Communism is a subject that we could learn more about, I guess if people really want to know.

Let me provide a warmup activity first.  The Gulag has few machines if any and work was done by hand just as it had been done thousands of years ago. And this was after World War II. Keep in mind that we are told that capitalism is more efficient than communism and works better for everyone. I am not declaring that an untruth, but we have to keep everything into context and keep things real.

Spaask was a place where only insane person would want to go. It had a huge population of invalid prisoners who were just small steps from being terminated. The commandant of Spaask was Chechev, not to be confused with Chekhov (`Anton). Among those invalids were men and/or women who had lost one arm. Since people did get hurt working hard jobs in mines, cutting down trees, and other dangerous jobs, they had to be transported away from the work area. I did not say hospital because their fate was not that good. So Checkev devised a system of work for that situation which was normal for the living conditions. All that was needed were two invalids with right arms and two with left arms and the problem was solved. Just like doing a math problem in a middle school class! And we say that the Soviets were inefficient?

Now we can turn to the Chechev-Chizhevsky connection. The latter was a biophysicist. Chizchevsky set up a laboratory in Spaask, but with empty benches or workstations. He took worthless materials and created an antisilicosis mask for the workers. Copper mining was the hardest and worst job for the prisoners and people in power really didn’t care about them.

Now that you know all of that, it is time to put all of this into context and perhaps your own “common sense” or intelligence caused that light bulb to go on in your head about what was written earlier. This is what Solzhenitsyn wrote. “They’ve always worked without masks; why complicate things? After all, there must be a regular turnover, to make room for the new intake.” Or in other words, there is no problem putting those men to sleep before their time was really up and they went down into the copper mines without masks.

And this is from the American Lung Association about the lung disease. “Silicosis is a type of pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica, a common mineral found in sand, quartz and many other types of rock. Silicosis mainly affects workers exposed to silica dust in jobs such as construction and mining. Over time, exposure to silica particles causes scarring in the lungs, which can harm your ability to breathe.” Do you object to the science?

I could write more right now thinking about Donald Trump and the visit that the secret service made to his doctor on his behalf to cart out his medical records. What about it?