COVID-19 and Condoms

“The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment, and silence.”


And I have asked in my article (s) Would Hitler have injected COVID-19 into Jews to make them sick and die? And Floridians should smell the death caused by its politicians who controlled policies and legislation in that state. The Poison Garden that I wrote to Miami-Dade school board members has not resulted in a single reply.

Although this article is not about the silence of Miami-Dade school board members, there are lessons here for all. Sting articulated things in Poland where his words were translated into Polish by an actor, son of a famous actor. The silence must never happen, and I have been telling people that stronger messaging is needed and so is action. I await the best actions from that school board to teach the children sex education.

There is an article about super avoiders of COVID-19 based on research from Australia where about 4 million people are known to have tested positive for the virus. There are leading factors including mask wearing, social distancing, lack of interferon, some other viral infection people have had, luck (lady luck), carrying a mutation that others do not have (one percent of descendants of Northern Europeans are immune to HIV infections something that has been known for 30 years), the CO2 level, and other genetic reasons. All these things and more have been and are being studied to prevent serious illness and death. Of course there are lots of other things being studied. The article described a scientist whose wife, friends, and associates all got COVID-19, but he didn’t. That isn’t until he got it. He had been in cars with people and in bed with his wife as she was confined to the house.

I think that here we have a perfect Segway into condoms and contraception. This is not an Australian story since it originates in Florida where the governor, his legislature, and supporters are fighting back against sex education, particularly content, textbooks, and parental rights. I watched as a Miami-Dade school board member discussed the issue on television and it hurt my feelings and my intelligence. It may take 6 months to straighten out the problems caused by inaccuracies and unfair parental involvement, among other things. I hope that there will be no threats against the school board members during this time period since the subject is extremely volatile.

I do have an objection though, a strong one. There was talk about pregnancy, but what about venereal disease. Floridians have to read my article about Fiorello LaGuardia and I can now forecast that we can achieve more together in Florida against DeSantis as much more critical things can take place. I have written to the members of the Miami-Dade school board. And yesterday I did receive an email response from Dr. Felix Matos of the City University of New York. And I thank him for contacting me and I hope that I can show him some important things to educate people about anti-semitism.

Oh my objection. Students should not be held back from taking sex education and for the reasons already stated. I did not hear that from the board member on television and perhaps I might have dropped my guard on television or not been properly prepared. What I would like to see from the board right now is a statement that there are plans to teach sex education in spite of DeSantis. Ask the governor to adopt ten children born to mothers that had to choose giving birth. Do the same for all those others on television. They have the money! And let them adopt children indiscriminately if you know what I mean. Come to think of it Donald Trump is one of the richest men in America so let him adopt 45. And thinking more about this, maybe DeSantis who expects to become president should adopt 47, 48, or more depending on election results. And in this nation of God, Nationalism, Conservative Values, and Family, I can make up a new law for those afficionados that would put the burden on them instead of on those wanting a woman’s right to choose.

I can tell the Miami-Dade school board that when the first bilingual program was mandated by government (the courts), there were no books for those children who were largely Puerto Rican, but also coming from the Dominican Republic in larger numbers. I was there and I want all members of the school board to be there imagining what it was like for everyone. And we taught social studies and religious freedom including how Roger Williams and others had to flee into places that grew to be colonies because there was religious intolerance in the founding of this nation that had to be eradicated (and it wasn’t even after 1776).

On that note these important lessons should be shared with the students and parents in Miami-Dade and elsewhere. DeSantis has just sacked an elected prosecutor over his stance on prosecuting abortion cases. I hope to connect that prosecutor, Andrew Warren, near Tampa with Rabbi Barry Silver who is getting increasing support for his case against the governor. You see religious freedom matters!

I have recently read an article in The Washington Examiner where a Jewish organization leader tried to diminish the ADL for becoming “woke” instead of only concentrating on Jewish matters. Being “woke” is good news when the facts are presented right. I also spoke with Chris Mancini asking him which church the sheriff of Broward County attended at the time that he led a group or mob in a lynching of a Black man in the 1930s. Christian nationalism in those days was well on its more to taking away the rights of Blacks, Jews, and Catholics. Think more deeply about the recent comment of Viktor Orbán of Hungary who is on the tour with Trump and Trump’s acolytes. They are promoting Christian Nationalism and we are supposed to have one nation under God and with liberty and justice for all. Did you see the word all? Even Maryland had to be set up as a colony for Catholics to have freedom of worship. And to that woman who had her article published in the “Examiner” I can tell you that Jews (Benjamin Disraeli, Catholics (Daniel O’Connell of Ireland), and African Americans (Frederick Douglas) have united and will continue to unite for social justice here and around the world.

I should tell my readers that I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rudy Crew who was the NYC School Chancellor and later Superintendent of Miami-Dade. He recognized me perhaps from my collaborations with those schools. What he mentioned that stuck with me is this. Common Core is just a test! And I have been spreading the world and will continue to spread the word about the inside information that I found out about the implementing of the first Common Core test in NY State. The students failed because they did not know the basics. Maybe Miami-Dade can learn something from that?

Okay here is my last article where I mention the important work of Fiorello LaGuardia who arrested a member of the moral majority in the military as he made sure that Americans would not become infected with venereal disease in Rome, Italy. Later the U.S. Army top brass agreed with everything he did. Maybe DeSantis should peal potatoes right now instead of being where he is?

A bottle of white, a bottle of red, just click on the link here to read about LaGuardia. Spread the word about keeping people healthy and safe. Don’t spread the diseases and vote against people who have done that.

And more Floridians are learning about my efforts to help them which started in 2001.  I am providing them with information that they should know about. A must read for Floridians! Click here!

And remember this. We had M.A.G.A. as Donald Trump set an example for tens of millions not to wear masks. Then we had Keep America Great and his answer there was to speak to communities of his supporters where people were dying in large numbers asking them to get vaccinated to save their lives (and his party), and now there are over 1 million dead (over 6 million dead worldwide). That number of all numbers in the world should make us think of The Holocaust. Trump should be declared The G.L.O.A.T. or Greatest Loser of All Time. There should be immense rallies against Trump and DeSantis everywhere instead of complacency. This will take intensive, intelligent resistance in communities across Florida and in other similar states.

This article was ready to be published until I read Professor Alan Singer’s article in The Daily Kos which is titled Florida’s Un-Civic Literacy Program which details the work of Governor Ron DeSantis including the stipend that he is about to pay to thousands of teachers ($2,500) to be trained in the new civics. Professor Singer points out that the key to success for students is well known and he lists the ways that students can get involved in communities. There are fears throughout Florida that the plan is to activate Christian Nationalism the way that telephones have to be activated. And there is danger in that!

Singer’s article provoked me to think about the spike in crime all over the United States and I made suggestions long before the pandemic. I often think of the failure of our nation’s churches and schools. Here are a few things that DeSantis can think about.

In this country of Judeo-Christian values which goes back to The Founding Fathers and before, we see that members of church organizations are being accused and even brought into court over sexual improprieties including rape.

Florida could list the last church attended by people who commit crimes (all types that are publicized).

And that list could also include members of the DeSantis Administration who do not tell the truth since telling the truth is an integral part of The Bible.

This article is about COVID-19 and DeSantis should publicize his role more clearly in the deaths of over 75,000 Floridians and the serious illnesses of others resulting from the virus.

I am taking a momentary break here to ask people to think about this. A conversation that I had months ago with an employee of the Department of Education of New York City went this way. When I started my work after 2000, New York State was one of the worst states for the delivery of GED diplomas (especially to African Americans (2008 was the first year where supporting data was presented). That employee stated to me that (he or she) was “sure” things have gotten better. I can address this important topic for Florida right here.  In 2013 which is the last year of published records, Floridians can learn that Florida was 25th in the nation for delivery of diplomas to its people and a “plantation state” for delivery to African Americans (the bottom ten in the nation). The Hispanic gap is much smaller, but it reflects pretty much Florida’s overall position right in the middle of the 50 states and that is not good. And I can tell you that I sent a report about how New York is among the worst states in the nation which was written a couple of years after the publishing of those bad statistics. Things were not the way people at the Department of Education knew or thought they were.

The Poison Garden play about the lynching of Black people in Florida in the 1930s had the smell of death and today I sense that there is a smell in Florida among school personnel and people elected there to serve and that smell seems to be coming not from the “Garden” but from the underwear worn by people connected with the schools.

Professor Singer and I spoke and he wants it known to all that “DeSantis is a scary guy.” Singer fears for our nation. Students should know this, and I am in the process of sharing this with the Miami Herald since the lesson about abortion in America is a lesson about “religious freedom.” And Rabbi Barry Silver and others in Florida are fighting for the rights that appear in The Torah for women to have abortions. And the precedes Jesus! It’s time to back DeSantis in a corner and deal with him. If I had DeSantis next to me I would tell him that he is no Fiorello LaGuardia and that Mussolini would have destroyed those condoms with Hitler’s support so that American soldiers would get sick and die. LaGuardia was fit for duty and DeSantis is unfit.

Even though I write that DeSantis is unfit, I would not hesitate to do a conference call to get DeSantis off the path he is on now and lead him on the straight path to expunge all that legislation affecting schools, gays, and people fighting for true religious freedom. He could learn some important lessons about patriotism as well in the process.