John Legend Please Speak to Your Wife

“For the SS Man, one principle must apply absolutely: we must be honest, decent, loyal, and comradely to members of our own blood, and to no one else. What happens to the Russians, the Czechs, is totally indifferent to me. Whatever is available to us in good blood of our type, we will take for […]

The Lucky Ones

As early as 2002, I was making news in Spanish newspapers (Haitian also) calling, for example, la marcha del millón hispanos por el GED or a million-man march to earn a diploma. My campaign did not contain any of the hate against anyone including the immigrants as I wrote that it doesn’t matter if a […]

Teachers Across Our Nation Must Fight Back Now

Teachers are probably doing a much better job than they know and is being announced in our media. This is a great moment to share information with our nation. Texas and Florida are epicenters for enlightenment. A deputy commissioner of education gave me inside information when the first Common Core test was given in New […]

Revenge Against Texas Will Be Sweet

I can now see New York City governmental leaders, Wall Street, corporations, and more entities fighting back against Texas’s misguided political missiles as busses with immigrants arrive in New York City and it’s a good thing that the bus didn’t’ crash on the way putting the lives of people in jeopardy or worse (thinking about […]

COVID-19 and Condoms

“The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment, and silence.”                                           Sting And I have asked in my article (s) Would Hitler have injected COVID-19 into Jews to make them sick and die? And Floridians should smell the death caused by its politicians […]