Lee Zeldin is Unfit to be Governor of New York

The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhdar's Revenge

“I went through kindergarten to 12th grade, college, law school and four years of active duty without experiencing anti-Semitism at all—not once.”

                                      Lee Zeldin

That was 2017 when Zeldin spoke. I have been a mixed community on Long Island for almost 30 years and I have not experienced an act of anti-semitism. In the city things were different, particularly on the Lower East Side where I lived until 1968. Jews on Long Island are experiencing a rise in anti-semitism and I am trying to do things to help reduce the hate. There is a lot to learn in my new article.

Lee Zeldin is unfit to be the governor of Nee York State. What is the case for this bold statement? He supports Jews at the City University of New York in what I will call Jewish Lives Matter, but on the other hand he has not done anything that I have noticed to stop the tide of threats that have been made by school board officials across our nation that have propelled Republicans into office. And I noticed as the world now knows that a man slipped past his security as Zeldin was speaking on the campaign trail. I referenced the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in Israel and sent this information across the United and to Israel. The press was calling what happened an “assassination” and that led me to think deeply. Zeldin’s security could be said to be “no security” in more dangerous times in America just as his claim is that CUNY or the City University of New York did nothing to help protect Jews on campus. And it’s the same thing with masks during COVID-19 where the word was put out that masks do nothing or nada. The City University could have done more and more people could have worn masks and continued to wear masks to keep people safer.

I can firmly agree with Zeldin and with City Council member Inna Vernikov that a man or woman who calls for violence against Israel and Jews should not be a speaker at CUNY. Can those two actually say that Black Lives Matter to crowd of 750,000 people in New York? I have been writing about Jewish Lives and Black Lives Matter for years and understand why I do that. Ask me! And school board members’ lives matter as we recall getting news of threats made against school board members in Virginia and other states. Israel has a right to exist and we hope that peaceful behavior will be accelerated there and here among people who make threats.

And by the way, years ago I had spoken with the professor at Bard College who was instrumental in writing that controversial definition (IHRA) of anti-semitism and he told me that he objected to the way it is being used today. Seek him out and find out more. I have contacted the office of Dr. Felix Matos Rodriguez and others at CUNY and nobody has written back or called. I presented a project that I believe will help change minds. And here I present history that has to be learned by all.

I had developed everything in this article before writing this paragraph. It started with ordering the book by Stanley G. Payne titled Franco and Hitler (2008). I wanted to learn more about the Spanish Civil War that I had already written about in Jewish Business News. It paid off almost immediately. Hitler gave the least help to Spain over three years of war, Italy gave the most and the Soviet Union supported the efforts of the Republicans and others. His concern during those years was economic and not political. The Soviet Union had a strong political presence in Spain at that time. Germany needed those natural resources including the minerals to help develop German power under Hitler, including the military that would soon take over vast areas of Europe.

The history that I have read can be presented to CUNY students, students everywhere on campuses and high schools, “students” in The White House, and others across our nation and the world. BDS or Boycott Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel has been on my mind a long time. Let’s learn now from history together. History matters to all of US and we learned about The Treaty of Versailles after the first world war ended, but what would have happened had there been no victory, no Versailles to make decisions. What if there had been instead The Treaty of Berlin? What if?

Hitler liked the idea of Islam’s “holy war” and detested the Spanish Catholic Church. I have written many times about how fascists in America have targeted Catholics and others during those days as I learned lots from Hitler in Los Angeles. Hitler considered Christianity decadent (along with jazz and other things) because of its “love oriented” ideals. That’s the Jesus that I have written about since the early days of the pandemic. What did he want? Germany to win and to conquer. It makes me think even now of Trump, Viktor Orban of Hungary who has been at a recent event with Donald Trump and who seems to be the darling of his biggest supporters, and their accomplices in neighborhoods near you that wish to diminish the rights of people. Orban just spoke out about his race politics where intermarriage will be verboten or prohibited. Trump gave hints about dictatorship in The White House, but right now he is stepping up the pace although our nation’s neighborhoods are largely asleep. Their media has told you to concentrate on one giant thing and that is inflation and not to be concerned about January 6, 2021 since it was nothing (to them) and Repugnicans have been talking about taking revenge for the January 6th Commission beyond what you are witnessing The future is stormy or worse.

I thought that I had enough to share right there, but my instincts made me check the index of Payne’s book. I searched “Catholicism.” Wow! Within minutes there were things that must go into our schools right now. That is if the Moms4Liberty will allow it. The Catholic Church in Spain had an eye on fascism and its racist symbols while much or most of the community was cooperating with Hitler or working toward a common end of removing “communism.”

I have seen one of the major debates about BDS and Israel between Allan Dershowitz and Cornell West. Dershowitz declared himself the winner since a couple of undecides moved over to support Israel. The was talk about the colonization of Israel by Europeans under the name neo-colonialism. But there was nothing like what you are going to see here.

I will not provide the information in depth here since I must return to earlier chapters to read.

Morocco was considered an extension of Spain and its history

“Privately” there was talk of the annexation of Portugal

Franco had a wish list that was presented to Hitler that included the western Sahara, much of Eastern Nigeria, Cameroon and other lands

Equatorial Guinea had been German and Hitler clearly wanted it back

Reducing Frances’s African empire

Can you now imagine an armistice in 1918 followed by The Treaty of Berlin that I made up earlier?

And today across the United States there is much more talking about the Christian nationalists doing more to diminish Jews and others. Trump is applying the heat to that through his participation internationally with world leaders taking people down a road that we have seen before in the 1930s. He wants to execute drug dealers and that kind of action will only open the door to more things from the past          . Ask former drug dealers who have reestablished their lives around faith and good deeds about that issue. I have been with them over the course of my campaign to help America.

These talks were as pure as the talks of American imperialism and/or “manifest destiny.”

I have been sharing this thought with people I know in recent weeks and that is what would have happened if Britain, France, the United States, Italy, and Russia would have lost World War I. One answer was that there would have been no Hitler. Maybe! Germans could easily have bought into Hitler’s ideas without having him in the seat of power. Trump could be replaced now by DeSantis.

The State of Israel and the Balfour Declaration has two sides. We know that. And people are taking sides in BDS today. History matters! Could you imagine what Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire might have done to make the world their own. I can. What would have been the fate of Jews, African Americans, and people in colonial America back then? And once Hitler’s influence had grown sufficiently, how would Mein Kampf play out? He hated Christianity! And the Jews never had the power that Christianity accomplished from Constantinople and Rome.

The more we read right now, the more we will read that Christian Nationalism is not the Christianity of Jesus. Point by point is being made in articles. One that I just read is that Jesus cared for the sick and the poor. These are articles that must go viral for a good reason. It is time for people to read Quijote and Zolá. I am offering ideas to improve life on campus across the United States and going nowhere. It is time for new alliances on campus around the world. Did you click on Quijote and Zolá?

I would consider myself unfit if I did not write about something that is classically me or moi. Edouard Drumont is someone that people should learn about for “all time.” He depicted the great Emile Zolá and well-known Jews as gorillas and more as he had “freedom of speech.” Drumont’s writings and the racist cartoons he used generated hate in France against Jews which led to the trial of the 19th century and what is known as “The Dreyfus Affair.” This was a great injustice against a Jew that divided France. The violence that broke out and the feelings that lasted over a century have recently been documented again in France by President Emmanuel Macron as he helped open the Dreyfus Museum in the home of Emile Zolá. The president recognized then what I knew back in 2015 and which I noticed in the Trump campaign. Zeldin was backing Trump without seeing the parallels which have played out into July 2022 as leakers are coming forth just as they did in the 1890s to expose the truth. In Trump’s case the leakers have been large in number and now that man feels “persecuted” by this informal prosecution. Zeldin! Zeldin! Zeldin! We, the people, were Dreyfus under Trump. And for me there are limits on free speech and I will not fight to the death for your right to free speech anywhere including CUNY.

I would hate to see an Edouard Drumont speak at CUNY. What I do see are far right speakers gaining acceptance by Zeldin and his cohorts all over our nation. Zeldin is unfit to be governor. Both the faculty and the students should learn more so that everyone feels protected. And on that note the students at CUNY can find out that my writing started with the Arab-Israeli conflict back in the 1980s. I call upon those men, women, and young students to open the book The Sacred Oath. This history goes back to the late 1920s at a time when Jim Crow provoked hostility to Black Americans who wanted to be free. And I have shared with my readers in Israel and around the world knowledge of the book My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me to open up eyes and minds of students in universities everywhere. There were Black people in concentration camps  who were the victims of Nazi hate but the story of the “Grandfather” is a must read for our entire nation.

Also Black Americans can find out about the anti-semitic and racist efforts that took place before the Election of 2020 where Radio Caracol in Florida was involved by providing sixteen minutes of how a dictatorship of Jews and Blacks would result from a Biden victory. Biden lost Florida badly in that election. The radio station and the Miami Herald apologized for its participation in this matter, but it has also been reported that the effort has not stopped to spread anti-semitism and racism in the communities.  This is what I wrote back then.

Miami Anti-Semitism: Waiting for Trump’s Action

Several months of spreading anti-Semitism in Miami. Waiting for Trump to address the issue. The Latino community has been reading anti-Semitic material from the Spanish newspaper Libre since January and the people responsible for that distribution at the Miami Herald had no idea what was going on. Great news! In a large city with so […]

And you can see the date here September 26, 2020 when it was posted on The Force 2020 DDT.

And here is documentation of The Dreyfus Affair with a new twist In France as Macron observed that the immigrants were being treated as the French treated the Jews at the time of “The Affair.” And here in America the list is long detailing the mistreatment by Trump.

Lee Zeldin is Jewish. I am Jewish. His security team made a big mistake by allowing that man on the stage who was arrested for attacking Zeldin. I am warning the American people right now that the Zeldins and others like him will go along with Trump if and when Trump obtains the nomination in 2024. This is not a cult as people will conclude. What it really is are millions of people who are co-equal particles of cement holding themselves together to share power and probably at all costs. They needed Trump just the way that the German people needed Hitler in the 1930s. And keep in mind that I have written more than once that Hitler had Jewish friends around him prior to 1938 and Kristallnacht. And Lee Zeldin fought hard to keep Trump in office and is considered Trump’s “pointman.” And the people of the State of New York will be finding out more about the ties of elected officials to the “Oath Keepers” and the “Long Island Loud Majority.”

I have had conversations with Long Island Loud Majority supporters and walked away from them. I had posted ideas and articles on the FACEBOOK of that group and corresponded by email. My article about the Critical Race Theory Caravan was dedicated to the organization and its position on that subject. Lee Zeldin has nurtured the organization and helped boost them to appeared with them in Nassau County where they chanted their “no mask mandate” with County Executive Bruce Blakeman as though it were a Christmas carol. Saving lives, I have repeatedly written, is supreme in the Judeo-Christian tradition and Hitler would have injected Jews with COVID-19. But these people have marched to a different drum and they should pay for it. They have lost my trust and I hope that they all get cancelled for what I have written here. They marched for von Drump!

One of those Long Island Loud Majority members had told me just how he was reading lots about “Marxism” each night and I made a mental note of that. Many of my articles address the peculiarity of the politics and greed of people that are common in both our history and the Soviet Union. So let US tell the complete truth in our schools and outside our schools. While Ukrainians were being slaughtered, African Americans were being lynched and diminished in America. That is what those New York supporters of Trump do here and others do it across our nation.

Right now they are pushing as they always do “vouchers” and “charter schools” even after Joe Biden has announced the need for 250,000 tutors to help all children that have fallen behind in the pandemic. We must demand bipartisan action on that. Repugnicans know the risk of supporting that as they try to destroy teacher unions. They are also now using veterans as a shield to promote hiring veterans with only a high diploma to teach in some states. This should remind the world of how all our enemies and the enemies of our allies could put children in front of themselves in order to prevent themselves from being defeated. Repugnicans are good at destroying this nation!

Have you noticed that I did not mention that Israel is a democracy and our ally?