The White House and the Next Pandemic

I am just dropping a note here to say that I have part of the solution to prevent the massive number of deaths that we have just experienced with COVID-19. And I ask this question. Does Joe Biden wish to follow the “science” of Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis? Our nation might be in that position soon as the clock ticks away to 2024. Keep in mind that Ron DeSantis might be the next president unless all Americans learn about the total picture facing this divided nation and the things that what we have just learned about Trump are all lies. And I place the emphasis on “all.” I have the plan to keep the deaths much lower during the next pandemic or even if the COVID-19 turns much more destructive than it has been (I see a major documentary in the works coming). I call upon The White House and even the governors across America to find out more.

Let me now take The White House, all of the United States, and the world back to my work where I cited Trump’s lack of patriotism based on things that I have learned about World War II and maybe a bit of World War I. I am going back to a century ago to make my case.

American soldiers apparently were not too interested in the amazing historic sites of Rome, Italy. Why? There were “red light” districts to contend with. This was the land that gave us Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale, Virna Lisi, and millions of other beautiful women. And the United States military wanted to prevent our soldiers from engaging in morally corrupt activities. At least that is what the senior medical officer in charge felt. And those activities would have led to the transmission of disease and worse.

It’s interesting what happened at that point. An officer who disagreed had the senior medical officer arrested. That American was from New York City and he consulted, before taking action with another medical officer who was from who was from Wichita Falls, Texas, First Lieutenant Oliver Kiel. I put down this history thinking about two Repugnicans who have done their share to undermine the health of people across our nation who were from New York and Texas. And thinking about the one other man whose name propels US to think about Ron DeSantis who has led Florida to lots of deaths by COVID-19. Florida is in italics for a reason as you will soon see.

The American who took this action had been called “dago” during those days, was a Republican, favored helping immigrants everywhere who were not getting help from Republicans and Democrats everywhere. He was “progressive” and wore that on his sleeve.

Getting back to that situation in Europe under the pressures of World War I, the U.S. Army Surgeon General Major Meritt W. Ireland ordered the captain to G.H.Q. or General Headquarters to resolve this dispute. When asked an important question about why the medical officer was arrested, the captain replied “He refused to permit us to send our mobile prophylaxis station to Rome.” General Ireland arched his eyebrows asking, “What in blazes is that?” Ireland asked if the mobile station was successful and the captain fired back “Entirely so, sir.” And the general was provided with a report.

There are two more things to know. First that the general already was thinking about expanding the idea for the “mobile station” throughout A.E.F. and congratulated the captain. The second thing is that the general offered to transfer the medical officer who had been arrested and Captain Fiorello LaGuardia agreed with the assessment. It is time to transfer those two Repugnicans elsewhere that I previously mentioned.

Let me focus for a moment on abstinence which was overturned by military headquarters. Total abstinence would have been awesome since nobody would have been affected and come to think of it nobody would have been raped by an American soldier. What was the equivalent at that time to what was called “herd immunity” during our recent pandemic? Those men may have been offered a choice by the military, but a choice that surely did not take into account the high level of infection and the higher the level of infection the weaker our military would have been or was. This is the patriotism that I referred to back in 2020 and it is the patriotism that is missing from this nation and from much of the world.

LaGuardia was an American and a Republican who stuck up for Jews and African-Americans as well as immigrants who were exploited including children (see more later). He wanted to create his own platform and not conform to some of the worst of his Republican Party. Trump and others on the other hand were giving US no such thing. There has no halo around Trump-Pence nor will there be a halo around DeSantis and whoever. Come to think of it there was no halo around the Founding Fathers because there was no halo in the Constitution. Was there? There was nothing moral in the Constitution!

Fiorello, the “Little Flower” comes from Italian just as Florida in Spanish tells Us that that state is covered with flowers. Most Italians may have forgotten those days in America which were immortalized in song by Bobby Darin.

The song was about a nine-years old girl who did her best so survive after her parents had died. She lived in poverty in America and Bobby Darin’s lyrics should be a wakeup call to all immigrants who have come to America just to survive.  Annie did not survive the cold storm where she lived as the cold invaded her living space and she froze to death while making those flowers and crying. And Bobby Darin sang this


Annie was a victim of child labor in America and you can read in history books how Italian families became a very cheap labor source for making artificial flowers. The song Artificial Flowers was on the hit album Mack the Knife in 1961.