Please Answer: Letter for Faith and Freedom Coalition

Dear Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Conference)

Would Hitler have used “herd immunity” to make Jews (Romas, homosexuals, teachers, religious opposition, Black people, and others) sick, causing them to die because of COVID-19?

Now that we have evidence that Putin has attacked and destroyed much of Ukraine and knowing that Donald J. Trump helped the Putin cause against President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people which led to the attack, which American president past or present would be Putin’s choice to lead our nation (I say our nation knowing what to expect from that) if Russia and China precipitate an uprising here? These are the choices: Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Donald Trump? And if Trump had succeeded even for a week back in January 2021, do you not think that there would have been or could have been violence taking place all over our nation as a result of the coup? And that could embolden our enemies even more.

This is the leadership of the Faith and Freedom Coalition

Timothy Head

Jon D. Harbison

Patrick D. Purtill, Jr.

Dave Louden

Joy Creasman

Sebastian Lazcano

And this was the lineup of guest speakers at the recent Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN)

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R)

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R)

Rona McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA)

Herschel Walker, U.S. Senate Candidate for Georgia

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Barry Loudermilk (R-GA)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)

Seth Dillon, Babylon Bee CEO

Todd Starnes, Radio Host

And Donald Trump was there and he would not even answer a question about his favorite quote from The Bible. He learned a lesson from his appearance with Bill O’Reilly when he quoted “An Eye for An Eye” several years ago.

And with that said, I add a quote from my work over the last few years.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”

                                                  Quran Surah verse 32

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed.

I have also written since 2020 that what was just read here also includes patriotism since soldiers in war practice the same principle of saving lives. Trump was responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and needed a refresher course on The Bible.

This letter is signed virtually.

This letter is going to the Senate of the United States and the media asking for stronger messaging. And The White House!

People across America in the 1930s were trying to take over and bring fascism here people can do a search of Hitler in Los Angeles. Pearl Harbor prevented that from happening. Who would have been the choice to work alongside Hitler? Roosevelt, Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh?

This letter is badly needed since The Freedom and Faith Coalition uses so much religious content on its website.  The “Coalition” tolerates so much wickedness taking place in this nation. The recent comparison of the House January 6 Committee investigation with the Reichstag fire and the takeover of Germany by Hitler is just the latest. The takeover of our government was attempted by Trump on that day in 2021. Be patriotic! Freedom of speech and silence are often far from patriotic. I pointed out in 2020 that to sing The Marseillaise (or any patriotic American song) in a church service in Nazi occupied France would have drawn attention and resulted in the capture of people resisting the Nazis causing their deaths at the hands of war criminals.

We needed someone strong to save lives and we got another Trump bankruptcy under the Republican banner. And during those years, Trump diminished the work of Jesus! And he had a supporting cast of characters! And isn’t it interesting that Sean Feucht provided the music for the Faith and Freedom Conference?

People Getting Feucht: Kapo-esque

Posted by Administrator January 3, 2021

At least in Los Angeles there was resistance to the evangelical, Sean Feucht. Jesus is about Saving Lives but singing has become more important. I can recall a pastor that I met in Yonkers who was blocked from entering a community in Baltimore years ago. He must have fell far short of what the community felt it needed in order to progress. If those people ever resolved the matter, I do not know. Sean Feucht has the right of assembly, but he is probably causing people to get sick in the name of Donald Jesus Trump. I noticed that in Los Angeles in The Row community that Feucht went to that the people did say that Jesus was about Saving Lives. And we need a resolution to all of this based on Jesus Saves Lives since the White House and his faith based people largely screwed things up in mid-March). This is a period of great danger across America and our leadership has Feucht the people badly and in Jesus name.

And that is where I wrote this three days before the coup attempt.

And of particular concern is that we see The Proud Boys attacking police, diminishing the “law and order” posture of Trump and Republicans. Mussolini came to power through men like that. “His attitudes were highly theatrical, his opinions were contradictory, his facts were often wrong, and his attacks were frequently malicious and misdirected; but his words were so dramatic, his metaphors so apt and striking, his vigorous, repetitive gestures so extraordinarily effective, that he rarely failed to impose his mood,” Britannica explains to US. Trump has had his most demonstrable training which is similar in the White House. During those days in Italy, left wing governments were prevented from taking power and there was broad support for nationalism and anti-Bolshevism (communism and socialism today). And this is what Mussolini declared in 1922 during a crisis “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” Responding to his oratory the assembled Fascists excitedly took up the cry, shouting in unison “Roma! Roma! Roma!” All appeared eager to march. And now our eyes turn to Washington, C.! Washington, D.C.!, Washington, D.C.! in the next week or more before Inauguration Day. Italy was in crisis and about four days later King Victor Emmanuel III wrote to Mussolini and Mussolini was soon given dictatorial powers in 1922 and preceded Adolf Hitler’s taking over of Germany by about a decade.