Taking Ron DeSantis’ Pulse

“Let us be clear: Should its vague language be interpreted in any way that causes harm to a single child, teacher or family, we will lead legal action against the State of Florida to challenge this bigoted legislation,”

 local LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida

The new law is to take effect on July 1.

Governor Ron DeSantis orders the flags raised at half-staff to support this vision of helping gay and lesbian constituents in Florida. And he did take action in signing a law last year in remembrance of the 2016 Pulse Massacre. I will remind my readers of this. Hitler marched in Austria in 1938 and stopped in his hometown of Linz. Hitler was not German. Hitler put Jews, Black people, homosexuals, and Roma into concentration camps, and we know that right wing media commentators have been spoken out against all these groups.

The LGBTQ community has been singled out and are fearful of their rights being trampled on. It has been reported that schools have removed books, but also gay pride stickers and posters are prohibited (verboten in German). Achtung! Free speech has taken a hit with that news. Can you imagine, for example, “say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud” being banned? Of course, it would never have been spoken at all in white schools in segregated Florida. Free speech is more than speech. It’s the burning of the flag (Supreme Court), the way one dresses (because of sexual orientation or religion), and freedom from fear. I know that Repugnicans are showing their fighting spirit to their base and this is just one example of a growing list that included the election was stolen and that the attack on The Capitol was just a minor thing. Do you now feel DeSantis’ pulse more?

This law is heading toward bankruptcy along with the new abortion legislation which clearly violates religious rights (life begins at birth). This effort is being spearheaded by Rabbi Barry Silver of Boynton Beach, Florida. We look forward to his success in this important matter of women having the right to choose and you know that I recently wrote about abortions in one of my articles in The Force 2020 DDT.

I recently pointed out that a Democrat running for governor found the Florida law “reasonable.” And I learned that he retracted his statement or apologized. It is time for Floridians to recognize the harm done and spread the word across our nation.

Getting back to Linz, Hitler visited a Jewish doctor in Linz. That doctor’s sign outside his office had just been desecrated and upon hearing that, Hitler ordered the gestapo to clean off the sign. You see there was a personal tie to that doctor since he was the doctor who cared for Hitler’s mother as she was struggling with cancer. Hitler had Jewish friends around him in those days. These facts surely are not taught in history or social studies classes. And these lessons apply today to our politics.

Tucker Carlson, Ron DeSantis, Roma people seeking asylum, gays, and Black Lives Matter are all mixed together as the media has reported. Should DeSantis be trusted? I think not and I know that he has made many mistakes. I am sure that you could also point to the good things that the most-evil public officials are doing. Germans loved Hitler and his efforts advanced quickly into Austria and the United States. And it all started with diminishing the rights of Jews and others in Germany. Black people living there thought that they could join the Hitler youth because they, like their friends, were “German.” Those youth quickly learned that they had to sit in the back of the bus. So we need stronger messaging from all to fight the tyranny created by new laws to diminish the community. We don’t need another Nuremberg in America so we should demand the repeal of all such laws. Such freedom of speech should be sent down the drain and keep trouble away from an already oppressed group.

And if that is not enough, we can make the point about communism. I am thinking of kulaks, gulags, and a government overstepping its human right. From De Santis to DeStalin, I have written more than a few times about the similarity of American and Communist behavior and most recently in writing about the Wilmington Massacre in 1898. Putin, Trump, Stalin, and others show the same pulse to harm people.

Let this be a wake-up call to Americans to fight back. It has been reported that Brandon Wolf, fighting for his civil rights after surviving that horrific massacre in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando in 2016, wants everyone to know that DeSantis has “declared war” in Florida against the LGBTQ community and that kind of action makes people less safe all over America.

I know that we are all divided. And here is one more lesson to share in a nation that is pushed to stop or erase communism. Stalin before his death was diminishing Jews in the Communist Party and had some killed. This is how the Trump and DeSantis knowingly or unknowingly use their power to destroy the freedom of others who oppose them.

Trump and DeSantis have brought US a new version of America First. And I learned yesterday by doing research about one of the founding fathers of America First that I will share. The most famous man in the world at that time was Charles Lindbergh which was due to his achievement in flight and his child who was kidnapped and murdered. He had a commission in the United States military and was rebuked by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lindbergh was known for his racism and anti-semitism. In addition, Lindbergh was very isolationist. So this was September 1941 just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. And keep in mind that Lindbergh’s anti-Communism was based on his feeling that it would destroy America’s racial strength.

Now we can move to 1954 and it must be said that Lindbergh was more than just a racist and had many accomplishments. President Dwight D. Eisenhower restored his commission as a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. I must add that Eisenhower, history has shown, was kind of sympathetic about the rape of women in Europe by Russian soldiers as he knew that American soldiers, in much smaller numbers, were doing the same thing. I guess for lack of a better word, this was called unity or politics where it seemed that people had forgotten or didn’t seem to care that much.

I can tell you this from my recollections in 1954. I was learning about the hate caused by people. I remember an uncle who told me that the Japanese fought “dirty” by using kamikaze pilots and he and others mentioned Lindbergh, but for the most part I was kept in the dark about the hate messages of Lindbergh and I guess you can call that education. I guess! I guess. That was the pulse of a nation bent on holding the truth back and today we see the pulse of Ron DeSantis who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

The truth cannot be held back!  We must desatanize Florida and our nation. DeSantis’s support of Israel is not enough and he is on the road to repeating bad history from the holy book of Hitler. And the timing of the Florida legislation that was passed and the recent attempt to commit violence against the LGBTQ community may be thousands of miles away (Idaho), but laws stimulate action and action stimulates laws and more action. Everything possible must be done now to diminish the danger caused by DeSantis.

Before finishing up this article, I noticed that Repugnicans in Pennsylvania and their supporters are comparing the January 6 Committee investigation to the Reichstag fire and Hitler’s take over of Germany. There currently is no dictatorship or anything resembling it in our nation, except state politics that needs to be changed. I read about Jesus would have bought an AR-15 rifle to defend himself. So Christians know just how badly Jesus was diminished by that Repugnican statement. This is free speech at work in America and it should stop. Hitler, I have told my readers, was coming to the United States thanks to those who opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt and Biden is no Hitler. There are numerous comparisons of Trump to Hitler by leading historians, but Repugnicans have purposely diminished the historians during the 45 years.

Even yesterday and this morning, I was reading the important comments of a historian that students should pay attention to.  Ruth Ben-Ghiat provided content to an article on the internet that got my attention. She has written about powerful men in history and knows that the same elements are there today.  Read and research more. High school or even earlier is an appropriate age to learn about “Ours is the age of the strongman, of heads of state who damage or destroy democracy and use masculinity as a tool of political legitimacy. Such rulers now govern Russia, Turkey, Brazil, the United States….” We thank Ben-Ghiat for this contribution. I am open to discussing this in a school in Florida with Ron DeSantis present (somewhere but not near me).