DeSantis Banned or Not Banned?

I have published lots of articles where I mention Ron DeSantis. He is a Repugnican to me. Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen of the Tikvah Foundation along with the Jewish Leadership Conference are upset about their talks breaking off for their event. I agree with this point. Clear, accurate statements should be made by the Jewish Heritage Museum about what has taken place. In my experience as a teacher, two of the sites that I had been teaching in were closed and I suspect that there was a vendetta against me (Astoria and South Jamaica locations). The threat had been made to me well before the first site had been shut down by an assistant principal. And the guest speakers of that Jewish Leadership Conference can learn about who I am by clicking on this link. I was very concerned about terrorism by the mid-1980s and I took action to help. Click here to find out more.

Then there is the talk about banning DeSantis from the property. A statement was issued by the museum that the governor is free to attend events there. People have been banned from places including by airlines for their actions, either related to COVID-19 or some other violations. I guess we have to give praise to those newspapers and media that wrote the word “reportedly” in relation to the “ban.” I do approve of cancelling people when things are fair and accurate. I wrote a long time ago that I would not allow Donald Trump in my home.

There are some important facts to consider and DeSantis does have a record of supporting Jews and Israel. I have repeatedly mentioned how Jews have been divided throughout history or on both sides of an issue. We learned about Judah Benjamin when we studied or read about Jewish history. He was the Secretary of State of the Confederacy. We learned about Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister of England who went around England with Frederick Douglas after the Civil War in support of African Americans. I can hear those words “Hello Mother Hello Father here I am in Camp Granada. And that song writer also wrote “Won’t you come home, Disraeli. Won’t you come home. Come home to Queen Victoria.” We loved Allan Sherman for his work and I hope that Floridians my age can actually remember these things. I would suggest that in senior citizen homes down in Florida that the staff play the original recording of the song to put people in a much better mood since Music and Memory are important.

And the lake had alligators and the head coach wanted no sissies in camp. And thinking of The Poison Garden (Florida), someone got poison ivy. The Poison Garden is about lynching of Black people which any pre-teen can easily understand in or out of school. Nobody can stop the spread of Critical Race Theory.

And we loved Disney (attacked by DeSantis over its opposition to his legislation against gays) too. With love of Disney, history, and the Jews in mind, I now turn to certain events that surfaced in the politics of Florida under Ron DeSantis as I have done before. Anti-Semitism! Am I accusing DeSantis? No! I would have to show proof, right? You will learn later about a US Senator from Texas that doesn’t really comply with this.

Get the picture. Donald Trump is on the throne (not the Queen of England) and DeSantis is one of his major supporters or commanders. Trump did not wish to be dethroned. The Miami Herald was involved as it provided Sunday inserts for months that had anti-Semitic material. The person who supplied the material was a Trump supporter in Florida, a Cuban. That man had an association with The Proud Boys who were aligned with Trump and others who had not taken an oath to defend the Constitution and others had taken that oath but that didn’t matter anymore. And that was revealed in the Fall of 2020 before Trump’s fall in November. Pollsters who know have reported that the fall took place because Trump had no plan for COVID-19 and his numbers started to slip.

I was very, very concerned about that anti-Semitism, especially since Florida places third in the number of Jewish people. I have been in some of those communities, walked past the Chabad, had kosher food, had conversations, and I went back again and again. I wrote about my concerns, and I noticed that Trump said nothing. I noticed also in my research that DeSantis said nothing. Silence! Silence! Silence! They were in power and they said nothing as though what had taken place was okay.

The material provided to the Miami Herald was en español or in Spanish. The Latino vote went up for Trump and I want to know the effect of those inserts. Then I learned just days ago which seems like only minutes that 45 percent of Jews gave 45 their vote. Does that mean that the Jewish vote helped empower anti-Semitism? Not so, but just looking at it makes me cringe. Yes Jews are divided.

Fast forward to Putin and Ukraine. Yes there are Jews on both sides of that war. Israel was slow to react to Putin’s aggression and began to catch up. A powerful Russian made that Hitler had Jewish blood comment and that Jews are the worst anti-Semites. I have heard the latter before or Anti-Semite and Jew expression. Then we read that Putin apologized to Israel and then we learned from the Kremlin that Putin did not apologize to Israel. Back to square one?

Putin has committed crimes against a sovereign state by his aggressive politics and just yesterday we learned that Trump had information processed about a missile attack against sovereign Mexico. And his son Donald Jr. has not spoken out against his father. Honor thy father to an extreme? Or honor thy extreme father? So there it was Donald Trump, Jr. backing his father and later we found out that the things cited in the new book about Trump were called “fake” news by Trump and he called its author a “lightweight.”

Latinos se engañan con Trump. Latinos are deceiving themselves. Here we have revelations about a Trump blockade against Cuba (to free Cuba) and military action against Venezuela and Trump called that “fake” news. All of us know Trump’s desire to get the Latino vote and here I refer to Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida in huge numbers. His calling “fake” news is a denial of his desire to free those countries of oppression. I have warned those communities previously in The Force 2020. Trump’s defense of himself was repeating what he had accomplished and never touched upon the specifics affecting the nations of Latin America cited in the book. We have to hold him accountable and demand that he speak directly to the accusations instead of waste our time.

Trump’s “no comment” about these important matters can be the result of just being too stupid to answer, wishing not to lie on camera or in print about these things, or a combination of both. He may come up with an answer soon after speaking to others to get the kind of help needed.

How the Republicans Can Easily Defeat the Taliban

Posted by Administrator September 13, 2021

Cuba and Venezuela will be next as Republicans take us on to victory in Afghanistan. And the United States will once again be the Home of the Free and the Brave.

And today I went back to articles written well before 2022 to search for Cuba and Venezuela and look what I came up with.

Bob Marley: Chai for Life

Posted by Administrator August 4, 2019 

Ambassador Friedman just made big news about giving Israel the green light to annex “some” of Gaza. I have read about Hitler annexing some land. Look where that got us Adolph (I mean Donald of course). I hope that Russia doesn’t try to annex Alaska by appealing to Putin’s new ally.

And what could Putin give US in this neo-Realpolitic moment? Cuba? Venezuela? Trump doesn’t even treat Puerto Rico right and Puerto Ricans have been Americans long before the Israelis arrived on our shores. And after 60 years of communism in Cuba and very little change taking place there, the Trump genius has been sleeping on the job (but now in an act far short of genius he is stopping cruise ships there as though either an epidemic or war is imminent).

I am asking the Hispanic/Latino community that I care a lot about to have a national discussion. Learn from the work of the Committees of Correspondence that we teach to students in our schools. Have a national discussion about everything that matters. In September of 2020, Biden announced The Latino Fair Shot. What percentage of Latinos know? I would suggest that the White House as part of this effort bring Latinos together to talk about this right now. As you can see in my article, I was concerned about Putin and his annexation schemes and I placed Trump in partnership with Putin. Trump, by calling Esper’s information “fake” news, did not fight hard enough for the freedom of Cuba and Venezuela but he won huge amounts of votes in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere, I dunno). This is the moment for all groups to also join together in Florida to have the great discussion because they have been deceived. And this can be done at the state level as well.

Russia is on my mind. What will the book say about Trump’s hostile plan concerning Putin and Russia? That is what we have to know right now. Did Trump have anything approaching the ideas put forth in the book about Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela? How exactly was Trump showing his muscle and delusional strength in those days in the White House.

War is not the answer. There is an incredible fusion of humanity in that Chai around Bob Marley’s neck as if it is teaching us a lesson that we are not going to get from the White House.

We were divided over Trump and his wall that Mexico was going to pay for. Unfinished Trump symphony! Netanyahu spoke out in support of Trump and then backed off after hearing Mexican Jewish voices speak out against the wall. When will Abrams and Cohen, the Tikvah Fund, and the Jewish Leadership Conference back off, particularly since their leadership is not really good or great leadership. I also state unequivocally that I would not trust them on my side. So where do they go? To Russia with Love and Trump for his support of Putin?

Under this surface where Trump still gets lots of support. Pence seems ready now to mend the fence with Trump. I wrote about that kind of thing just weeks ago. Power is what they want and they will get that power united together. I learned a couple of years ago from a Trump supporter this. He does not pay attention to the “stupid” things that Trump says. The policies matter!  And Repugnicans do not care because they have POWER.

But with this latest revelation by someone that Trump appointed, we have learned that the Mexican missile attack by US was sent up to be evaluated and possibly to be acted upon. It was crushed by Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense. And with Putin and his aggression in mind and thinking about all of Latin America and not just Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, just how much respect for sovereignty did Trump have for countries like Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador all along? An attack on one could result on other attacks once the door is opened to that. Diplomacy is that complicated.

And Putin is driving a wedge between US and Latin America with misinformation that even has people like Marco Rubio concerned. Why? China is around US. And who helped to empower Putin in the previous White House? Yes it was Trump and Ukrainians, Poles, and others are now paying much more attention and Biden is providing the help financially and the commitment to Zelensky that Trump could not see as he was blinded, telling Ukraine back then to work things out with Putin. Who else wishes to pay for Trump’s mistakes?

Trump has made the claim that if he had been president when the attack took place against Ukraine, he would have made a phone call to Putin to stop the attack (Trump’s B.S.). If he had really been a strong president for US, no phone call would have been needed to Putin. And even while Trump was in the White House, he was playing havoc with Zelensky and the Ukraine and his call about Hunter Biden might have been perfect without any reference to that man. Ukraine needed help without strings attached.

And the drug cartel in Mexico that Trump had on his mind in the White House can be handled in other ways, especially as there is cooperation by both countries in this matter. Maybe President Lopez-Obrador can get Donald Trump and Jr. to just go over there (nobody will know) and with their combined strength they can talk the cartel leaders to give up. That is what strong men can do! I’m not that “strong” so I will just continue to write.

I have been reading about the “remarkable Jewish Renaissance (in Florida)” which, to me, is another way of saying don’t worry about the anti-Semitism and hate. More should have been done back in September of 2020 by Trump when the anti-Semitism was revealed. There was silence!

And DeSantis wants Holocaust studies all over his state now, not Critical Race Theory. I made some calls last week to people teaching the Holocaust to say that the statistics worldwide show us that after all the years of Holocaust study, both formally and informally, people do not know about it or do not care about it. Flipping Repugnican ideas on them, I could say that the people care about bread and butter issues. We need Holocaust studies, we need to know all about Critical Race Theory, we need other weapons to fight hate.

I have proposed bringing the Alfred Dreyfus Museum in the home of Emile Zolá into the United States through Zoom. The Dreyfus Trial was the trial of the 19th Century. The O.J. Simpson Trial was the trial of the 20th Century. So far, the George Floyd Trial has been the trial of the 21st Century. We need to know more to make a better world or Tikkum Olam. This is the time to contact me so we can develop the plan. And people in cities can learn about the hate that was directed toward Alfred Dreyfus and the Jewish people in Paris and throughout France.

And there is another trial in the motion picture The Music Box that is riveting and highly educational that I propose for this high purpose. I wrote about that in Jewish Business News in Israel almost four years ago.

Kavanaugh’s Music Box: Grand Finale

By Martin Danenberg Published October 1, 2018

The Music Box mentioned in the title starred Jessica Lange and it took place in Chicago. This was a story growing out of the Holocaust. Jessica Lange is a lawyer who defends her own father who was accused of crimes. She, naturally, did not believe what others said about her father. He tells her that he was a farmer in his youth who joined the military-gendarmes as a clerk. She goes to visit Magda Tibor in Budapest, Hungary. The trial was already over and there was time for her to get the truth, something that Trump himself is not very good at. The Chicago Police had sent Magda Tibor the possessions of her brother who had been killed in an accident. Among the possessions was a simple pawn ticket.

The Music Box is a must see.

And as there is a storm of protest right now over 6 justices and a leaked memo, I turn once more to the Music Box since the article bears his name. Democrats and some Republicans are slamming the justices over the flip-flop and calling them liars.

War Criminal! Justice Department Releases Atrocity Photos.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

It ain’t over till it’s over (Yogi Berra NY Yankees great).

And so it is with great stories (true and fiction). Perhaps you have seen the movie “Twelve Angry Men” still considered one of the best movies ever made. A jury seems ready to find a Puerto Rico guilty of murder and through time and the right questions asked in the jury room the Puerto Rican is set free. Latino Lives Matter. Whether it is following a particular explosive case in the news or a trial or investigation, we need time and people to ask the right questions. Sometimes we need more time than a week, which you know is the time that Trump has set aside for the Kavanaugh investigation by the F.B.I. I can imagine Yogi Berra saying that the F.B.I. would need more time just to warm in the bullpen.

You can see just how there was fusion, a Holocaust criminal and an American defending himself as he is about to assume the important position of Supreme Court Justice.

I wrote in that article “We fight for the truth and the right people have to do the investigating. I doubt that this has registered on many of those who support and oppose Kavanaugh. Trump will be seen in the video of the Dreyfus Affair, but never mentioned. Pay careful attention.

And while DeSantis has done some good things, a Poison Garden is showing US hate for others. Check out my previous articles citing The Poison Garden which is Florida. I would say there is your “renaissance,” but the hate has always been there.

And I saw one of the math problems related to race which has been presented as Critical Race Theory brought to you by Marxism and I saw a problem written in a way that would highlight to students who learn that there are jobs outside of the schools where statistics are used that way. So the problem to me was racial but not racist and promoted learning well. The teachers could point out that there are jobs waiting everywhere for that. Even the Anti-Defamation League fighting against hate presents those kinds of materials often where statistics are presented.

And is there room in the DeSantis legislation for White people who blame African Americans? On my first trip to Myrtle Beach after I retired, I recall a man blaming integration for the drop in standards (I guess he meant in South Carolina). Blame! Are parents going to be blamed for that kind of talk (Whites) and will parents be fined (or taken away from their children for pointing blame). Yes I am concerned about blame by all people and I know it would be great to have schools and workplaces where there is peace, but the legislation seems arbitrary and capricious to me. It also seems based on only one item and that is Critical Race Theory. What about the other side? What about Black voices that wish to be heard? And those school board meetings where threats are made.

And I wrote this in The Force 2020 DDT


Posted by Administrator May 31, 2020 

And in addition to everything that is going on, Trump appears ready to bring US back to a time when we experienced the Kent State Massacre instead of taking fast decisive action to help (control is another thing). Yes I know the F.B.I. was involved before the escalation of violence in Minneapolis, but the White House had other options such as sending a team of experts in to bring attention to the positive role that a leader could provide

This week in 2022, we have also learned that Trump was calling for deadly force against the protestors after George Floyd was killed. And that link to DeSantis and The Poison Garden should concern US all.

Even as I finish this article, the breaking news is Trump’s similarity to Putin and how Trump’s failure to overthrow our elected government has to be factored into the attack on Ukrainian. And how many times have I and others referenced Hitler and other dictators in articles. Probably thousands or more!

I felt that I had to do more research and I found something new. Captain Alfred Dreyfus had been interrogated by an army officer named Major du Paty de Clam. That was before various trials and a horrible prison experience (four and a half years in hell). After more than a decade, Dreyfus was exonerated, he was promoted, and served in World War I for France.

In 1908 Dreyfus was shot by a would-be assassin as he brought the ashes of Emile Zolá to the Pantheon in Paris to be buried. The man who shot him was found innocent due to insanity.

And here is what was new to me.

Later in history, the son of du Paty, Charles du Paty, was appointed by the Vichy government of France to be the commissioner of Jewish affairs. That job was to enforce Nazi racial theory in France, pauperizing the Jews, and deporting them to camps. One of those Jews had been a Resistance fighter helping Jewish children to hide. That woman, Madeline Dreyfus, was the daughter of Alfred Dreyfus and she was gassed in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1944.

The truth about those events is taught in the schools of France to all students. There the military had claimed any evidence against them as fake news. Just as we have seen Donald Trump do the same thing over and over and over again.

Emile Zolá wrote the article that defended Captain Alfred Dreyfus and the title of my book bears the title of that same article. J’ACCUSE!

I thought I was done with this article, but I decided not to write another article immediately about Ron DeSantis whose legislation is taking away the rights of people in The Poison Garden. This part comes from a writer who worked for the White House and writes for the conservative Heritage Foundation as a “senior fellow.” It was July 2020 and it wasn’t quite over as I wrote earlier. New York-Florida deaths at that time were 3,872 per million people-276 per million people. Florida looked great and the sun was shining as usual. I looked at a map of the USA in those days and I saw the potential for the plague to come into Florida through its neighboring states and through the policies of Trump-DeSantis. Today Florida ranks with the worst nations for deaths caused by COVID-19.

 I wrote about how Mark Levin was praising DeSantis back in the Spring of 2021 which people should look at. I spent a week in Florida and noticed problems there by Fernandina Beach, problems that had the potential to cause lots of deaths and illness because of the Delta variant. And the deaths took place. There is lots of material to absorb in The Force 2020 DDT where I would suggest a search of Florida, DeSantis, and DeSanctis where more than a dozen articles will come up.

Death in the Holocaust, death in America caused by COVID-19, death in the Ukraine caused by Putin, and death of Black men at the hands of police and civilians are always on my mind now. The hate, the politics, the economics add up to social injustices. Of course, we don’t refer to The Holocaust as The Holocaust of Social Injustice. In France when Dreyfus finally won after over a decade, the newspapers wrote Justice Triomphe which should be clear to all who know English or French. Repugnicans have their own language and what I just wrote could easily be termed by them as “Marxism.”

And the next time that there is a pandemic, our nation should focus more on the chief tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and that is all about saving lives. Much of our nation missed that as many fought for freedom or constitutionality or both. Patriotism is linked to saving lives more than what neo-patriots are willing to tell you. Let’s form a faith-based initiative for that. And I just heard Donald Trump state (not for the first -+time) that he is the savior of all religions in America. I hope that Joe Biden picks all this up to straighten things out since the Constitution is not the Bible and people spoke about opening up churches demanding their constitutional rights instead of saving more lives. One million deaths and counting!

And finally, Ted Cruz is talking about things that inflame me and should inflame you as well. He is blaming the “leak” on some “liberal” law clerk at the Supreme Court.

In the Dreyfus Affair, Dreyfus’s defense against the Military of France and its people aroused by hate against the Jews would not have been possible except for one man who was anti-Semitic but who believed in the honor of the military and the quest for truth. So here it’s the attack on liberals in the press instead of Jews. I read that a reporter took the position that I am implying or more specifically that it could have been a conservative who changed his mind and leaked the memo. And I have been writing since 2018 that we need people who leak information like that, and the man mentioned, Colonel Picquart, was one of the greatest leakers of all time. Cruz wants the leaker to go to jail for a long time. And here we are in the battle to save our democracy. Could it be that the leaker was Justice Kavanaugh? What do you think? I think that I should apply for the job investigating just who the leaker is.