Biden Shakes the World: Our Democracy is Being Poisoned

And in Florida, there is a “Poison Garden” that has been exposed many times and the antidote may be close at hand. Florida leads the nation in hate groups. We’ve seen the shootings, the groups in communities preaching hate, the anti-Semitism, the stand your ground that is often no more than a man with a gun deciding who is going to die, and the legislation of hate as well reminding me of Hitler’s Germany. And the antidote may be the new play “The Poison Garden” by Chris Mancini.

This is the world we live in, again. Hitler had Jewish blood is the new attempt at mass misinformation. I read that and I can see Repugnicans plotting to produce the idea that Stalin had Jewish blood to tighten a political noose around the necks of liberals and progressives (socialists and communists to Repugnicans and many Republicans). I can see it coming! Republicans have been plotting and they continue to do so. And the silence of the people who voted for them is heard just by reading a poll in America. And after all the harm done by Trump, he is still their best president and choice. And Florida is about to explode because of hate and unsuspecting peoples are going to get caught in the middle. Why? They live in “The Poison Garden.”

And this is just in from Florida to share with the people of Florida (and our nation). ”Florida will soon be “DeSantisized.“ The extremist now occupying the Florida Governor’s mansion has gone too far with the Stop Woke Act and Don’t Say Gay law and open carry law and abortion rights are his next target. That will trigger a massive Democratic voter turnout in the coming midterm elections that will put Dems in control of the Governor’s mansion and elect a Democrat to take Marco Rubio’s seat in the US Senate as the pendulum of history swings back to moderate Republican extremism around the country.” This comes from Chris Mancini, former federal prosecutor and lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale.

Victimizing people and Disney are not what our nation needs. I know from studying history that there have been companies that needed to be cancelled, but revenge against Disney cannot stand in our nation. DeSantis not Disney will fall. And legislators will be held accountable as well. The tide can turn even in a poison garden.

DeSantis and his conservative backers are walking on the same path that others have walked down. Hitler, Stalin, and Putin come to mind. Teachers, people at work, community people, and others are not going to allow the recent legislation to continue that restricts the freedom of people at school and at their jobs. DeSantis has diminished all these people just the way dictators diminished people in the past. Freedom of speech and expression of ideas will prevail over DeSantis. They cannot be stopped by tactics that we see being accomplished by Putin in Russia as he spreads misinformation and prevents the truth.

What Germany experienced from 1933-1945 started with hateful expressions and laws. And in the 1930s, Florida, the Poison Garden was lynching Black people whose crime was being Black. We blame Hitler. We blame the people who created the Poison Garden.

Reparations are now moving forward because of Tulsa’s Massacre. And there were other massacres in North Carolina and Texas, the latter was just in the news. I have been calling for students to learn much more about history for years by reading sources that have not been provided in our schools. Reparations in Broward County will be moving forward in the Poison Garden. Current events matter and even children can learn more. A child seven years of age just held up an urgent sign about freedom. Where? It was a Ukrainian child fleeing oppression. We need to hold up signs of freedom right now in the Poison Garden where people live. I can see Mickey Mouse and Cinderella holding up signs.

And by the way, a student in South Carolina who wanted to be free to go on a school trip to Estonia (3 weeks) was just denied that right by a federal judge because that youth participated in the January 6, 2021 attack on The Capitol. The judge ruled stating that (although the student has not made a plea of guilty and we presume innocence) “a very, very serious action that threatened the security of this country,” and “Let’s not forget that.” The youth, Elias Irizarry, was wearing the red Make America Great Again hat at the time the mob broke a window and entered. Another man was just sentenced and he, among other things, shouted out “Civil War 2.”  And the red sweatshirt was worn by someone in the photo presented in an article that I found.

Both men went to the same high school and were in the Marine ROTC at school. Photos were taken at a very historic section of The Capitol, The Capitol Crypt, where there are 13 statues of the 13 original colonies. Elliot Bishai faces one year in prison and a fine of $100,000 for his actions. He and Irizarry were “fingered” by people who knew them at school.

It came to mind that our nation or even South Carolina should have new laws to prevent Trump’s supporters (the biggest threat of all) from doing what they do in the name of patriotism, thinking about new laws related to the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Based on the work of the Founding Fathers, it appears to me, that both are possible under the Constitution. Conservatives should lead this effort to create this wall of protection for our government. I had to use some critical thinking skills for this article!