Trumpism and Critical Race Theory

I have noticed the errors of people in state government for the last twenty years or more. It started with Florida at the time of Jeb Bush (1999-2002). I helped straighten things out for the benefit of the people of Florida. Then I began to acquire immense knowledge in my education field and in 2006 […]

Shestakov: Introducing a Russian Dissident

I strongly suggest that the New York City Council and Department of Education of that city invite Andrei Shestakov to speak about his life experiences. He lives in Siberia and has worked there as a police officer working with juveniles and as a history teacher. In this day of First Amendment battles in the United […]


“Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do.”                                      John Lennon Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine! But Lennon was talking about peace and not war or Putin. Now Imagine if Hitler had developed the atomic bomb before the United States did. Imagine all the people that would have died that way. And for my purpose here […]

The Silence

I could start this article anywhere from A-Z to make my point. Yesterday was a more active day than most days in recent memory, particularly since I received a call from a mother in Suffolk County whose daughter needs to earn her G.E.D. I told the mother her daughter should be able to access preparation […]

A Jane Fonda Moment and Other Moments

Jane Fonda came into my head this morning. She visited soldiers in North Vietnam (Hanoi) and her life was never the same after that. It was a time of war. And now is a time of war. And the names Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens come to mind. There are Americans in Russia. Steven Seagal […]