Murder She Wrote

“Boys started scrambling onto the tanks and obstructing the observation slits…The boys scattered and the tanks moved on.”                                Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn We have seen a Russian tank crush a vehicle in the Ukraine. Read on. That quote comes from the final chapter of “The Gulag and the title of that final chapter is The Law […]

Telling the Story that I Believe

What you will now read was not the beginning of this article. The real beginning will be mentioned later. I had to find this this morning to share again. I would mandate (thinking of mask and vaccine mandates) that the Republican Convention to nominate the candidate of that party be held this year. Right now […]

Bruce Blakeman of Nassau County

When Steve Levy, Suffolk County Executive, was creating strong opposition to our immigrant communities on Long Island, Martin Danenberg was fighting locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for The People as Profesor del Consulado de El Salvador and as “El Quijote del GED.” Tom Suozzi, when he was Nassau County executive asked me if I was […]


Spot+Identify is where the name comes from. The controversy does show that the company Spotify needed help from Neil Young and others to spot and identify a major problem. If you find time, go do a Google search of Texaco and Jewish Business News or use the name Martin Danenberg in your search. People in […]