The Afghanistan Evacuation Success and Bail in Texas

Here were my thoughts just as the evacuation was taking place.

Retreat from Afghanistan

Posted by Administrator August 26, 2021

I was reading again about the Iron Curtain but Afghanistan was also on my mind. What I read calls to mind, both things past and present that we should think about. First is that foreign policy should be bipartisan (if it can be). With that said it must be said that in January 2021 Joe Biden was handed by 45 an agreement to leave that country. It’s not as if Biden created the policy on his own or even with 45 in a bipartisan effort. And Biden could have chosen to stay and fight, which he did not. But Trump told US that he was there to win. Didn’t he? Call Hannity to find out if that was a promise kept by Trump.

As you know from all events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and school massacres, there are evacuation plans that civil defense requires of all natural and manmade disasters. So there must have been a plan in place that went along with Trump’s agreement with the Taliban or was his agreement actually “Come Mister Taliban Talime bananas,” or something like that? Where is the beef? We have heard 45 say that his evacuation would have been better. After knowing about his life before 2017 and his disastrous handling of things, he would have needed a bunch of bankruptcy lawyers to handle the situation in Afghanistan. His supporters know that, but they go along anyway for the sake of their party power. The fact that he did not win does not matter. Alabama yesterday on to Mississippi next week to campaign about nothing great is the theme. And in the Oval Office there should be a record of his evacuation plan. In the song about the bananas, there was a deadly tarantula to be reckoned with. And Afghanistan has had its tarantulas for decades with no bunches of seven feet of bananas.

Now in January of 2022, I can share with you what was on my mind back in August 2021 as I wrote about Trump. Keep in mind that he just said that Russia owns Germany which shows the level of his unpreparedness, the same level of unpreparedness that Roosevelt had at Yalta as he handed Eastern Europe to Stalin. And here is one more statement that I wrote about Afghanistan on August 26, 2021 knowing what Biden was facing “A lot of worse things could have gone wrong with the diplomatic decision to leave by Trump. That is clear to me. What also seems very clear is that the Taliban want US out and want to hear US out as the C.I.A. has just conducted a top-level talk with the Taliban leadership.”

So what was I thinking and why was I holding back? The news yesterday in Iraq was that rockets hit two planes at the airport and now that the very same thoughts I had about the evacuation are known throughout the world, I can write about it. Passions have to be cooled down and Trump failed. Biden’s evacuation was amazing and badly needed since the timing was right for it. And these rocket and drone strikes in Iraq have targeted Americans. And do you read anywhere that the rockets were intercepted by the genius of Donald Trump, savior of America?

And in Texas (Harris County) right now, there is great discussion of how bail has contributed to hundreds of murders in that state. Research was done by an anti-crime group which has been brought to the attention of Governor Abbott, the Republican in charge of that state right now.

So we learn that there is a serious relationship between bail and people out on bail that commit murder. The information goes back a year ago and cites 90 murders linked to bail bond. The problem probably is not really about the bail since the very same people could have easily killed someone without ever having had a single felony.

I cite a medical study about cancer that I read about a couple of years ago. The study linked cancer to drinking coffee. Most of US would probably have had cancer already and I just had my 5 A.M. dose. What the study did not take into consideration at all was that lots of coffee drinkers are smokers of cigarettes. The study lost its steam and you have probably never heard about it. It was a form of misinformation like so much that goes on.

What the article does not mention at all, although it calls for bipartisan support is this. Since 1995 all the governors of Texas have been Republican. And we see the power of Republicans as their governors have enacted policies that are killing people during COVID-19 in the name of freedom. And I object to those policies strongly. More could have been done to prevent some or many of those killings. Think about it George W. Bush 1995-2000, Rick Perry 2000-2015, George Abbott 2015 to 2022. Sleeping on the job?

If things continue to slide down in Texas, the Republicans can always reach out to a handy tool that they have used to try to debunk the truth of the Election of 2020 and the Biden victory. Fraud is a felony and we noticed that a grand jury has been convened there to discuss Donald Trump and his supporters.

I can picture this soon in Texas. There will be fraudulent material produced and signed by Andrew Cuomo related to bail for everyone. New York is the bail reform target that cops and others say has contributed to the uptick in crime the last two years. I repeat that a Democrat was not governor of Texas over the last 2 years. Fraud and misinformation require roto router or away goes trouble down the drain. What we are going to get is a lot of misinformation in Texas.

Most of the murders were by shooting (there were several stabbings, a strangulation, some DWI deaths included, an unknown or so, assault, and other vehicle related one such as road rage and thrown out the door of the vehicle). Does that all matter when the key thing is tough law and order over education which is the place where the failure began in the first place. That education could be moral or secular or a combination of both.